34 Wonderful 30 Year Anniversary Gifts

A couple’s 30-year anniversary is a monumental milestone that should be celebrated. And what better way is there to commemorate the occasion than with a thoughtful 30 Year anniversary gift?

In the case of the 30th anniversary, the traditional stone is a pearl, but many gift-givers will resort to the more modern stone choice of diamonds. These stones come in handy when buying gifts because the most common present for a 30th anniversary is diamond jewellery such as a diamond ring. If you are wanting to go the pear route, you might want to consider getting a pearl pendant, some pearl earrings, pearl studs or a mother of pearl dial watch.

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34 Wonderful Pearl 30 Pearl Anniversary Gift Options

An interesting fact about anniversaries is that they are similar to birthday months in the sense that they each have their own traditional stones, flowers, and colors. 

In the case of the 30th anniversary, the traditional stone is a pearl, but many gift-givers will resort to the more modern stone choice of diamonds. These stones come in handy when buying gifts because the most common present for a 30th anniversary is jewelry. 

In addition to buying your loved ones something that sparkles, you can also utilize the occasion’s traditional flower, the lily, or traditional color of green to help you find the perfect present. 

To help, we’ve made sure these elements are incorporated in at least one gift for every category, so there’s no doubt what the event it’s meant for. 

30 Year Anniversary Gifts for Parents

Most people will get their earliest practice with 30th-anniversary gifts when shopping for their parents. These gifts are often extremely personal as the whole family gets involved in showing their love and appreciation for their parents as well as their respect for their marriage through a wonderful 30th-anniversary gift. 

There’s no mistaking the occasion with this freestanding number 30 table decoration. Mark your parent’s marital achievement by personalizing this gift with a photo-filled collage of their best moments as a couple. Or, if you want to be a bit more inclusive, add pictures of the whole family. 

Show your parents how far they’ve come with this “Now and Then” art canvas. If you know where their wedding pictures are, use the best one as the predominant image and then pair it with the most recent picture you have of them. Bonus points if you can get them to pose in the same way they did on their wedding day. 

You can personalize the image with the date they were married and the current date, along with their names and a “30th-anniversary” label. 

This beautiful tree elegantly incorporates the traditional pearls of the 30-year anniversary with a nickel silver wire and a white marble base for a stunning home decoration piece. This is a clever way to incorporate pearls into your gift without simply giving your parents some pearl jewelry. 

The piece’s craftsmanship is stunning and will look fantastic on your parent’s mantel, bookshelf, or as a centerpiece to their dining room table. 

On their anniversaries, one thing parents love to do is reflect on all the things they’ve achieved together during their marriage, most importantly their children. With this charming wood family tree chart, you can show your parents how far your family has come and the present they helped create. 

Each chart is made from real wood and can be hung on the wall or displayed elsewhere in the home. You have the option of showing 2-6 generations all centered around your family’s name. If your parents have grandchildren from you or a sibling, we highly recommend you include them as the most recent generation to show how much your family has grown, all thanks to their marriage. 

If you want to get your parents a more practical gift for their 30th anniversary, this scratch-off poster is the ideal gift. Filled with 100 new and exciting date ideas, this poster will help your parents keep their relationship interesting for months or even years to come. 

Typically, by 30 years, all of the kids have moved out, so you want to make sure your parents aren’t settling into a life of boring monotony without you. This poster is the perfect boost to get them out in the world and trying things they never thought they would, like riding a horse-drawn carriage or taking a boxing class.

A great way to rejuvenate your parent’s 30-year-old dish set is with some extravagant mother of pearl placemats, coasters, and napkin rings. This is another clever way to incorporate the traditional pearls without going all out for actual pearls. 

You have the option of either buying these elements separately, or you can purchase them in sets where they can come in square, hexagon, or crack round patterns. The material will compliment nearly any dish set perfectly and create a sophisticated aesthetic. 

For those of you who want to get your parents a touching 30th-anniversary present, they’ll use it without breaking the bank. We highly recommend you choose this green glass flower vase. 

Green is the traditional color of the 30-year mark, and it looks exquisite on this golden-rimmed vase. The simple design is perfect to be used year-round, and the strong, durable materials guarantee it’ll last for countless anniversaries to come. For an additional personal flair, fill this vase with fresh lilies when you present it to your parents to further honor the occasion. 

30 Year Anniversary Gifts for In-laws

There’s no doubt in our mind that buying presents for the in-laws is the ultimate challenge. It can often seem like they already have everything, and you have something to prove with your present, so it has to be absolutely perfect. 

Fortunately, you can heave a sigh of relief because we’ve done all the hard work for you and listed some of the best gift ideas for your in-laws on the 30th anniversary. 

It’s a classic that never fails to please. Personalized cutting boards are a great way to celebrate an occasion with a gift the recipient can actually use. Sure, by now, your in-laws probably have several cutting boards. But we’d bet serious money that these boards are just as old as their marriage, if not older. 

Give them a much-needed upgrade with one of these maple, cherry, or walnut cutting boards that you can personalize with their names, their wedding date, and already comes with “30th Anniversary” and a flower décor. Choose a small board for decoration or hosting events, or opt for a larger board for daily kitchen needs. 

It’s certainly not the most traditional gift, but no one can deny the wow factor of these mother of pearl table lamps. There’s always that one room in your in-law’s house that doesn’t seem to have enough light or shelters a lamp that is desperately seeking retirement.

These lamps are a great way to fill a home need or enlighten your in-laws about their outdated lamps. You can buy a singular lamp for that dark corner, or you can purchase them in pairs, which function fantastically on matching bedside tables. 

Nothing goes better with celebrating an anniversary than a cold glass of wine or champagne, which is why these simple but stylish wine charms are the perfect gift for your in-laws.

Each charm incorporates traditional elements of the occasion, including pearls, diamonds, the number 30, and popular symbols of love. What’s even better is you can personalize the silver heart charm to have your in-law’s initials inscribed, or you can choose two hearts for each of their first names. 

If you’re ever at a loss for a gift, regardless of the occasion, we promise you can’t go wrong with a personalized table sign that depicts the recipient’s name(s). The 30th anniversary of your in-laws is no exception.

You’re sure to impress everyone with this anniversary sign that you can personalize with your in-law’s first names, their shared last name, and their wedding date. The sign is made from premium materials and is the perfect size to be front and center on an entry table. 

Okay, so this might seem like double-dipping, but hey, the in-laws need help getting out too sometimes. With this jar, you can make the date night fun and spontaneous to help prevent your in-laws from getting a little too comfortable with their couch. 

The jar is filled with 100 date ideas on color-coded pieces of paper. The categories include:

  • Staying in
  • Day out
  • Night out
  • Romantic
  • Lucky dip

This way, your in-laws always have date options at their fingertips, but they can still pick a category that best suits their interests at the time. 

This gift is an absolute genius and would pair perfectly without wine charms listing. For those of you who have in-laws that love hosting or drinking a glass (or bottle) or wine, this is that one gift they never knew they needed. 

Not only does this tray perfectly hold an entire bottle of wine and four standard wine glasses, but you can also customize the wood with your in-law’s family name and their anniversary date. We guarantee you’ll see them whip this nifty gift out at every possible opportunity for years. 

30 Year Anniversary Gifts for Friends

Regardless of whether you’ve known your friend for all thirty years, or you met them somewhere along the way, show the happy couple just how deeply you care for them and how special their 30th anniversary is with one of these adorable and personal gifts. 

There’s always space in a home for some quality wall art, especially one that’s as cute as this tandem bicycle print. “It’s Been One Sweet Ride” accurately sums up your friend’s relationship journey as they reach the 30-year mark. 

You can personalize this print by adding both of their names along with their anniversary date. Be sure to frame it after you’re purchased so the happy couple can hang it on their walls right away. 

Who doesn’t want a matching set of glasses for you and your favorite drinking buddy? These customizable stemless glasses are great for that couple that routinely enjoys a drink or two of their favorite libations. We can already see them sitting comfortably on the couch, drinks in hand while they chat and reminisce on all the highs and lows of the past 30 years. 

With 30 years of shared experiences, it can be difficult to remember them all clearly and how special each memory is. Give your friend and their partner the perfect reminder with this personalized scrapbook. 

This gift will have an unmatched impact if you can somehow give them a head start and include a few of their most memorable moments, like parties with friends or their wedding. The rest should be left to them as a fun and interactive gift to fill in and walk down memory lane together. 

This spellbinding and elegant candleholder goes along with the theme of the lily as the traditional flower of the 30-year anniversary. The beautiful metalwork twists and turns to create a delicate pair of Calla Lilies where you can nestle two small candles. Once lit, this whimsical candle holder will provide that cozy and romantic environment your favorite couple deserves on this special occasion. 

Not every gift has to be pricy or extravagant. If you can only get your friends a classic bottle of wine for their anniversary, spice it up a bit with this 30th-anniversary wine bag. 

The bag itself is a cotton burlap drawstring that will keep any standard bottle of wine snug and protected while clearly depicting what occasion it’s meant for. On the front of the bag is a depiction of a male and female couple surrounded by words of affection and 30th-anniversary milestones. 

There are few gifts you could give your friends on their 30th anniversary that are as unique as this one. Take creative gift-giving to a whole new level with this personalized 3D desk lamp that depicts the couple and their names in all their loving glory. 

The creators of these lamps will hand-draw the couple onto the lamp glass using a photo reference. It is then placed on a wooden stand connected to electric lights for display. This light is the perfect decoration for a bedside table or even one of their office desks. 

The traditional gift for a couple’s 30th anniversary is jewelry, which means you can be one step ahead of all the other gift-givers when you purchase this spectacular jewelry box for your female friend. 

This portable and compact jewelry box have two drawers and three levels to hold all the pearl and diamond jewelry she will undoubtedly receive for the occasion. It also comes in a tasteful shade of green, the anniversary’s traditional color. The box also comes with a lock so she can keep all that valuable jewelry safe and secure anywhere. 



Siblings have this uncanny way of often being your best friend and your biggest pain, but you love them regardless, and they should know how deep this affection goes on their 30th anniversary. Help your sibling celebrate this day with one of these heartfelt gifts. We’ve chosen a few options you can give to just your sibling or their partner as well. 

Give this enchanting crystal ornament to the happy couple so they can hang it somewhere in their home or save it for the Christmas tree come December. While they hang Santa’s and glass ball ornaments on the tree, this ornament will help signify the couple’s love for one another and how far they’ve come. The elegant, frosted script of their names and anniversary date will look radiant in front of the glittering lights. 

It might not be green in the color sense, but this mini flowering pot and plate will help your plant-loving sibling work on their green thumb. The pot is originally meant for small cacti, but you could easily fit a lily in there for the occasion. 

Additionally, you can customize the plate with text to commemorate their 30th anniversary, which pairs well with the mother of pearl material that both pieces are made from. If your sibling isn’t much for plants, no worries. They can use the plate for keys or small jewelry and the plate to hold a candle or small trinkets.   

For that sibling that loves to surround themselves in warm, soothing aromas, we have the 30th-anniversary candle. The candle has many scent options, so you can choose the one that best suits your sibling’s taste. A few options include lush lavender, cocoa butter comfort, and vanilla dream. 

The glass exterior of the candle is decorated with text that reads, “Still do after 30 years…Holding on to each other for life!” To this, you can add the couple’s names and their anniversary year. Candles are a great gift because they are affordable, you can place them nearly anywhere in the home, and they’re great for helping your sibling relax on this important day. 

Remember those personalized vows your sibling and their partner read at their wedding? Well, now’s the time to put those tear-jerking words to good use for your 30th-anniversary gift. This wedding vow canvas allows you to place these heartfelt words on either side of a watercolor portrait from the day they said, “I do.” 

All you have to do is send the creator your favorite picture of the couple together, the vows they each gave, and your preferred font. The result is a breathtaking and inspired gift your sibling is sure to cherish.  

Pearls and diamonds are the most common gems for a 30th-anniversary gift, but if these aren’t your sister’s style or you want something a little more original, we recommend these lovely Calla Lily earrings. 

The scrolling design on these silver or silver and gold earrings put a modern twist onto a classically traditional gift. These earrings are simple but elegant and are the perfect accessory to any outfit or occasion, whether it be a casual day around the house or date night with their partner.  

Help your sibling keep track of every timeless moment in their relationship with this wedding anniversary journal. Although it is provided as a 30th-anniversary gift, this journal allows the couple to fill in entries from their first anniversary all the way to the present and even into the future. 

There are sections where they can place pictures and record what they did, the most memorable moments of that year, and any advice or wisdom they learned or would’ve given their past selves. Who knows, maybe their kids and grandchildren will happen across the book one day and learn some valuable life lessons. 

Buying a piece of jewelry for men is tough in itself, but it becomes even harder when the traditional gem for the 30-year mark is a pearl. Of course, gems don’t have an ascribed gender, but there truly aren’t many options for pearl jewelry that the average guy would wear daily. Luckily, we found one. 

If your goal is to give your brother a pearl necklace for his anniversary, this is an exceptional option. A blue-green pearl (perfect colors for the occasion) hangs on brown leather string with a pearl bead ball and joint clasp. The simple design is perfect for daily use but still incorporates traditional elements of this important day. 


Of course, we couldn’t forget about anniversary gifts from the happy couple to each other on this momentous occasion. After 30 years together, you might feel like you’ve given your partner all the best gifts you could find for a lifetime. 

With so many holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions, it can be hard to find your partner that genuine gift that shows them you feel. Luckily, these gift ideas will help you convey that your love for them hasn’t waned an ounce since the day you two married. 

It might not be the most original gift idea, but if anyone is going to give her a beautiful string of pearls on this occasion, it should be you. 

This necklace is a slightly more modern take on the classic 1950s string of pearls, as it only includes three peals altogether. The box states the reasoning as “Three pearls for three decades of love and commitment,” which we think sums it up pretty nicely. 

You might want to get the tissues ready for this next one. You’d be hard-pressed to find any gift as creative, personal, and romantic as this love letter blanket. Literally wrap your beloved in your passionate words with this comfortable, 100% cotton blanket.

You can choose one of three sizes, and you can opt for the create to hand-weave the blanket with a basic handwriting font, or you can have them use your own handwriting instead. Once you’ve chosen your options, send them your personal love letter for the blanket. You can even add simple drawings if you want, preferably a heart or two. 

If your man isn’t a huge fan of jewelry, but you still want to give him a pearl-related gift for your 30th anniversary, try these mother of pearl cufflinks and tie clips. Both pieces are simple and classy and will provide the perfect fashion accent to any tux or work suit. 

Although this isn’t a gift your partner is likely to use often, he’ll be grateful to have this personal touch accessible when the rare occasion arises. 

Sound waves are a nifty modern gift that gives you the perfect opportunity to incorporate your relationship’s personal elements, namely your couple song. 

If you and your partner have a particular tune that reminds you of each other or a significant moment in your relationship, you can capture this song through its soundwave that is colorfully printed onto the acrylic block. 

Each soundwave is paired with a QR code that will allow your partner to hear the song by opening their Smartphone camera onto the code and following the instructions to download a playable link. 

If you don’t have a particular song for your relationship, you can record a personal message for your lover instead that will last for eternity and is always easily accessible to them through this gift.

Sometimes you just want to share a gift with your partner that is simple and sweet but still commemorates your anniversary. This “30 years and counting” keychain is a great example of such a gift. 

The keychain includes a nickel and a quarter from the year you two were married, as well as an additional charm stating the phrase previously mentioned. You can buy one keychain for your partner or a matching pair to share. You can also personalize them further by adding initials and a date. 

Give your relationship a little incentive for adventure with this personalized USA photo map. The framed map comes with a background image of all 50 states and then two borders placed in between the background and the frame. The goal is to fill in the map with pictures of you and your partner or your whole family when you visited each state. 

You can also personalize the map by adding your last name and the date your family or relationship was officially “established.” 

After 30 years, your original wedding bands might not fit like they used to or were never the ring of your dreams at the time of your marriage, maybe for financial reasons. Since the modern gem of the 30th anniversary is a diamond, this might be a great opportunity for you and your partner to find a ring set that better suits your needs and/or tastes. 

This is an impeccable white gold and diamond, his and her ring set that even allows you to add a personalized engraving on the inside of each ring to commemorate the occasion. Slipping these rings onto each other’s fingers when they arrive will undoubtedly feel like you’re renewing your vows all over again.  

Final Thoughts

These gifts could also work for diamond anniversary gifts. Celebrating these incredible milestones sure makes you want to enjoy life’s biggest moments.