34 Best Beach Gifts | Beach Lover Gifts

The ocean is calling, and we must go, but not without a few great beach gifts. If you’re stumped on finding that perfect gift idea for the beach lover in your life, then look no further. We have an extensive list of great beach gifts you can give for any occasion, including birthdays, graduations, Christmas, or even an anniversary gift. 

Beach lovers would go crazy for one of these beach-themed gifts, so read on and end the extensive hunt for that beach gift now.  

This list includes everything from beach essentials, to some fun gifts and other suggestions that are sure to make your loved ones smile.

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34 Great Beach Gifts for Beach Lovers

There’s nothing quite like the beach’s salty breeze, warm sun, and roaring waves laid out in a picturesque scene while you lounge on the shore.

Yes, such beauty, adventure, and serenity are hard to capture, especially in a gift. 

That’s why we’ve scoured beyond the horizon to come back with 34 gift ideas that perfectly capture the essence of being at the beach. 

Not only are these gifts fantastic for any beach lover, but we’ve also added several other helpful categories for your convenience, such as gifts for beach vacations, beach athletes, beach bums, and many more. 

Gifts for Beach Lovers

There’s always that one person who will use any excuse they can concoct to get down to the beach. These passionate beach lovers always have a beach bag packed and ready to go, at least one cupboard shelf fully stocked with sunscreen and aloe, and a whole closet filled with beach towels. 

If this is an oddly accurate description of a close friend or family member, you might want to glance at these beach gift ideas that would suit and beach enthusiast. 

Offering beach jewelry makes such a great beach gift.

If your friend or family member practically lives at the beach, we guarantee they’ll enjoy the luxury and convenience of this shower tent. 

This beach gift idea is a great anniversary present to your partner, as it pairs the romantic image with the warmth and fragrance of her favorite beach candle. But the romance doesn’t stop there. When placed next to each other, the cutouts within each candle holder create a heart to represent your love for them.

Give your beach lover something that will remind them of their favorite place daily. 

Handcrafted, this resin-decorated charcuterie board is a great housewarming gift for the ocean lover.

If you know your beach lover needs some serious pampering for their birthday, gift them this beach-themed spa kit. 

Each item within the basket adheres to a marine life theme and will have the recipients utterly relaxed in no time.  

Gifts for Beach Vacations

Beaches are one of the most common vacation spots, and with no shortage of stunning locations, it’s really not a surprise that so many people grace these sandy shores year after year. 

Before your beach-goers head out for their trip, gift them one of these options to make sure they have the best vacation possible. 

No vacation is complete without some solid photos of every special moment you could capture. Gift your beach vacationers this starfish photo album so they have somewhere to keep their pictures safe the moment they’re printed. 

The sound of the ocean waves crashing against the shore is certainly music to the ears, but sometimes, you want real music. Of course, you can’t risk just any speakers on the sandy, wet beach terrain, which is why you need this waterproof Bluetooth speaker for your vacation relaxations. 

The necessity of a quality pair of water shoes can’t be stressed enough. That white, soft sand looks comforting and enticing until your feet realize it’s over 90 degrees. Buy these stylish water shoes to make sure your beach buddy doesn’t start their vacation on the wrong foot. 

Bring some of the beach home with you using this seashell collection bag. You never know what you’re going to find on the bottom of the ocean floor or buried in the sand, and this bag will ensure no one has to leave that unique and colorful shell behind. You might just find what you need to create the perfect sea glass necklaces.

Beaches are certainly synonymous with swimwear, but sometimes you don’t want to be that exposed all day or worry about constantly changing from swimwear to normal clothing. Luckily for the female beach-goer on vacation, this dilemma can be easily solved with this stylish beach cover-up. 

That beach sun can be brutal and even dangerous if you’re left exposed to it for too long. To keep all vacation members protected from the blazing sun, gift them this outdoor dual umbrella and gazebo. The masterful design allows you to choose either option to suit your needs while guaranteeing UV protection all day long.  

Gifts for Beach Athletes

The beach isn’t just for tanning and wading ankle-deep in the water; it’s also a place for athletes, sports, and good old-fashioned competition. These beach gift ideas include some of the most popular beach sports and equipment necessary for any athlete to keep the sweat pouring and the heart racing, both in the water and out.  

The world of sand sports is vast and competitive, but the most classic and popular option on the beach is undoubtedly volleyball. This set is the perfect gift for that athlete in your life that lives to push themselves to the physical edge and crush the competition. 

Included is a beach volleyball net with stakes, a volleyball, and a ball pump. Everything you need to dominate the beach.  

When you enter the realm of the ocean waves, surfing reigns supreme from beach athletes. This sport can be extremely tricky to get the hang of, which is why the best thing you can do is gift your beach athlete the best board. 

The Wavestorm 8′ surfboard is one of the best-selling boards in the U.S. and a great option for beginners. It’s made of quality materials and built with the proper dimensions and features to help newbie surfers get on that first wave in no time.

Another beach favorite if you have space is water polo. Although it can be a little difficult to keep these goals from drifting out to sea, once you have them anchored in the ocean floor, the games can begin. This water polo set comes with two goals, three balls, and a ball pump. The setup is simple, and it’s just the thing anyone can play the game with moderate swimming skills.     

If your beach athlete is a little more low-energy in their sports tastes, try gifting them this light-up frisbee. Because of its LED fixtures, you can throw it around from dawn till dusk and play anything from a simple game of catch to a competitive match of ultimate frisbee.  A perfect way to spend time on the beach after a swim. 

When you’re in and out of the water all day surfing the waves and running through the sand, the constant exposure to the sun and other elements can really take a toll on your skin. 

If you have a beach athlete in your life that loves spending long hours pushing themselves to the limit, make sure their arms and chest are at least protected with this high-quality men’s rash guard shirt. 

Capture every wave, spike, and goal with the GoPro HERO8. This action camera is perfect for athletes as it shoots everything in ultra-HD and comes with a touchscreen and a 64 GB microchip. The underwater camera is also waterproof for maximum versatility and protection on the beach. Once you have it, we suggest using Burst Mode for that stellar in-action picture.

Gifts for Beach Bums

Some people just enjoy going to the beach so they can bask in the sun and listen to the waves. To support these beach lovers, we’ve chosen the perfect gifts that state their beach preferences loud and proud. 

Help them dress in style for their long day of doing nothing. The fabric is extremely comfortable and perfect for lounging on the shore with a nice ocean breeze in the air. 

Sitting on the beach is nice, but often it’s far from comfortable when you’re stuck in a shortened version of a lawn chair. Your beach bum deserves better, which is why we recommend you gift them this inflatable lounger air sofa. 

With a whisk through the wind, this lounger is instantly inflated and provides a comfy sofa and pillow that’ll give your beach bum 5-6 blissful hours of relaxation.    

If your family member tends to be a bit crabby when they go to the beach or on camping trips, this drawstring bag would be perfect for them. 

Maybe your beach bum enjoys a cold-hard drink or two while they’re basking in the sun. If this is the case, and they often have a snarky disposition, you should introduce them to their new best friend, the “Life is a Beach” flask.

This sleek gift is impressively designed with rust-resistant, specially formulated-grade stainless steel. The flask can hold 7 oz of cold, refreshing alcohol and comes with two shot glasses and a funnel so your beach bum can share.

This beach-themed gift is a great gift to adorn their home. 

It’s perfectly shaped to hold toilet paper, hand towels, and other bathroom toiletries but could realistically be used anywhere. 

Gifts for Beach Residents

It’s not uncommon for individuals who own beachfront residences to decorate their interior with beach-themed objects. Home décor is always a great gift idea, especially if it’s meant for a housewarming event. Here are some charming and homey beach décor gift options to help spice up and personalize any vacation, retirement, or family home, regardless of the occasion. 

Every beach house needs a family beach-themed sign. Personalize this thoughtful gift with the recipient’s name, the house location, and even the house’s name if they’ve been creative enough to give it one. 

This sign would look cute and welcoming on any porch or entryway wall. 

Use some of the beaches to decorate your home with these beaches in a bottle. These decorative bottles are filled with colored sand of your choosing, which is then topped with various-sized shells and corked shut. They are delicate and charming pieces you could place on a windowsill, shelf, or mantle for a little reminder of the seashore.  

This starfish area rug is the perfect match for the new homeowners who hate their cold, hard-wood floors but love the beach. The design of this rug is stylish but functional and depicts two large, blue starfish that boldly pop out amongst a grey and white background. 

The rug would look fantastic in any living room, bedroom, or even sunroom and provides that simple but trendy essence of ocean life. 

It’s not always about what decorations you have on the inside. For the beach-loving homeowner that seems to have their beach-oriented interior design on point, you can gift them this stunning jellyfish wind chime to decorate their deck or porch. 

Crafted with deep blues and shocking copper accents, this glass jellyfish will catch the eye of any passerby as they chime in the ocean breeze. 

Simple and sweet never disappoints, and this sentiment is easily achieved by gifting this wooden lighthouse décor. The ivory white, wooden lighthouse is decorated with a net, buoy, shells, and rope trimmings. It stands 14 inches tall and would make a charming statement piece on any entry table.

A beach home wouldn’t be complete without an element of nautical flair. Upon this aluminum wine cooler is depicted the iconic nautical symbol, the anchor. Within the silvery shining cooler, you can fit up to eight bottles of the best wine or champagne money can buy. At a mere 7.5 pounds, this cooler can be used home and beach parties alike.  

Beach Gifts for Families

Going to the beach is a great way to spend some quality family time. For those of you looking into beach gifts for a family, these are some of our top options. 

Picture frames are common beach gifts, but there’s nothing common about this frame. Shaped as a wooden beach chair, we love this adorable little frame.

Make sure the kids and parents have something to do when they’re in the car driving to the beach or sitting around the beach house on a bad weather day.

A great source of easy entertainment would be this seashore tic-tac-toe board. You can personalize the wood board with the family name, and it comes with five starfish and five sand dollars.  

Gift your loved ones this wonderful wicker beach picnic basket, so they always have sturdy cups, plates, and cutlery on hand.  

The easily portable basket comes with all the dishware essentials, a beach blanket as well as: 

  • A stainless-steel waiter’s corkscrew
  • salt & pepper shakers,
  • A cheeseboard 
  • 4 cotton napkins
  • A cutlery roll pouch
  • A picnic blanket

Everything fits neatly and easily into the basket, and all the materials are reusable.

One of the greatest joys as a kid is having the opportunity to express their creativity using beach sand and these sand molds. 

When they’re done playing in the sand, all of the pieces can be placed in its mesh beach bag for easy transportation.

If your beach-going family always brings a sizeable cooler that can keep all their refreshments cold on a beach day, advise them to pack some clean ice, sugar, and cream from now on because they’ll need it for their new ice cream ball. 

This gift is a great way to stay active on the beach. While you kick the ball around, maybe playing some beach soccer, it mixes all the materials to create some cold, creamy, delicious ice cream the family can share on a hot day. 

Final Thoughts on Great Beach Gifts For Beach Lovers

These are the best gifts for those friends and loved ones who are beach lovers and love spending time near the salt water. We hope you enjoyed these great gifts and found a great idea to put under the Christmas tree or for your next birthday gift. They are sure to love these beach lover gifts.