27 Awesome Chemistry Gifts

It’s time to show that smarty pants chemist in your life that you know a thing or two about chemistry. You might not be able to read every element on the periodic table, but you can give them amazing, albeit nerdy, chemistry gifts suitable for nearly any occasion. 

Whether you’re shopping for Christmas, a birthday, graduation, or a celebration, we have 25 chemistry-inspired gifts that are sure to spark a reaction of two. Even a simple chemistry merchandise can be turned into a gift. 

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25 Scientifically Best Chemistry Gifts

Finding creative and useful chemistry gifts can be tricky, which is why we’ve gone to extensive lengths to find 25 chemistry gift ideas that are scientifically proven to please. 

These gifts are conveniently categorized by common recipients, such as chemists, chemistry teachers, chemistry majors, or just someone who just has a nerdy passion for the subject. 

Because one of the most common components of chemistry gifts is the periodic table, we have an entire section dedicated to them. 

Our gifts cover a wide range of topics from humorous to functional to decorative and more. That way, there’s a little bit of something for everyone. 

Gifts for Chemists

Might as well start with the hardest individuals to shop for. It can be extremely daunting to buy a genuine chemist a gift that pertains to their career. 

On the one hand, you want to find something that reflects their love for this science, but you don’t want to make a fool of yourself with your limited knowledge of the subject. 

Fear not; these gift ideas have all received the stamp of approval from real chemists nationwide and will undoubtedly please yours. 

This stunning and rustic chemist sign would be the perfect gift to that individual who just graduated with their chemistry career or started a new chemistry job. The sign can be personalized to include their name and another message, perhaps their college or work company. It also depicts a classic golden beaker and some fun chemistry quips like “Never lick the spoon.” 

Give any chemist’s office or personal space some molecular structure with this serotonin molecule shelf. The size and design are perfect for holding their many books and sciency knick-knacks and will leave them feeling happy and balanced. 

Let them test their chemistry skills in the kitchen with this highly innovative and popular cookbook by J. Kenji López-Alt. “The Food Lab” combines the wonders of science with the world of cooking to create amazing culinary masterpieces in a highly modern and scientific way. 

These scientific and mathematical masterpieces might not be a chemistry-specific present, but any science or math nerd would love to have their own Klein bottle. Not only are these bottles a great piece of décor and an easy conversation starter, but their a mathematical wonder as closed, non-orientable, boundary-free manifolds.

Add a little charm to any chemistry office or living space with this illuminated chemistry station. The station includes two chemistry beakers that have been turned into a fully functional light. You can move and light each beaker separately to create the perfect science ambiance. 

Gifts for Chemistry Majors

Going to college for a degree is difficult on its own without adding chemistry into the mix. There is a significant amount of material chemistry majors have to learn and apply before they can walk the stage with their degree in hand. Make the process a little more fun and easy with some of these chemistry-inspired gifts. 

These fun chemistry stickers demonstrate that chemistry doesn’t always have to be serious facts and equations. Any college student can use this vast collection to decorate their laptop, school bags, living space, and more for a daily dose of humor. 

Pleasure and motivation can be difficult to find in a college setting, especially in the same room. Luckily, you can give your chemistry major an extra boost of both with this cool dopamine neon sign. 

Every chemistry major needs a quality journal for notes (or twelve). Help them keep all of that mind-boggling information straight on the crisp pages of this lined notebook. The black hardcover is decorated with golden symbols and common chemistry figures that are perfect for its purpose. 

After a long week of classes and stress-inducing tests, give your chemistry major student some comfort with this fluffy and humorous chemistry blanket.

Who says science can’t be stylish? The creators of this chemistry-inspired backpack beg to differ. Now your chemistry student can easily carry all of their school necessities in one of the coolest backpacks on campus.  

Gifts for Chemistry Teachers

Someone should give chemistry teachers an award. Or better yet, a chemistry-inspired gift. These ideas are perfect for decorating any chemistry teacher’s classroom, and some can even add a touch of chemistry charm to their home. 

This personalized teacher’s desk sign is fantastic for any chemistry classroom. You can add your favorite chemistry teacher’s name underneath the “Teacher” label created from elements on the periodic table. 

The standard clocks they have in schools are so boring! Spice things up for your favorite chemistry teacher with this imaginative clock that depicts common science tools and symbols like molecules, a microscope, a test tube apparatus, and more.  You can even have their name added for a personal touch.

Being a scientist can be dirty work, so help your chemistry teacher sterilize in style with this chemistry flask soap dispenser. They can keep it in their classroom for quick use before a class experiment, or it can become a new fixture by their kitchen or bathroom sink at home. 

Decorative towels are always a great gift, especially when they have as much scientific personality as these ones. Depicting a humorous line, these towels would look great in any chemistry teacher’s kitchen.  

Help your favorite chemistry teacher wind down from a long day at school with this “Sweet Dreams” melatonin molecule candle. The soothing white tea scent is perfect for unwinding and preparing for a good night’s sleep. 

Periodic Table Gifts

When you search for chemistry gifts, there’s always a flood of ideas all centered around the periodic table. Therefore, instead of sprinkling these amazing gift ideas over several categories, we figured we put them all here for your convenience. 

To be honest, this gift is kind of double-dipping since it would work just as perfectly in the “gifts for chemistry majors” section. This clever little two-pack of pens each hides a small paper with the entire periodic table you can pull out from the pen’s interior. Great for a quick “reminder” on your next periodic table test. 

This is a really cool and innovative gift you could realistically give to anyone who enjoys chemistry. The clear acrylic block depicts the entire periodic table and within each element is a physical sample. Of course, those too unstable or unsafe to be included have a fitting hazard sign instead. 

Get the party started with this Beryllium (Be) and Erbium (Er) bottle opener. You can use it for any beverage, really, but we find it best suited for those in the beer category. 
Gifts for Chemist

The height of chemistry-inspired fashion is right here in this pair of periodic table shoes. Hands-down, this is undoubtedly the most stylish way to add a sciency touch to any outfit. The colors are vibrant, the material is durable, and the design is all-around amazing.

Science puns are always appreciated in presents, and this pyrex dish has one of the best you can find. Not only does it depict the entire periodic table, but it also announces loud and clear that “Dinner is on the table.”

Fun Gift ideas for Chemistry Nerds

You don’t have to be a chemistry teacher, student, or dedicated chemist to love the subject. Some science nerds just love chemistry, and we want to support this love with some exceptional chemistry-inspired gifts. Here are our top choices. 

Nothing goes better with a cold, refreshing glass of whiskey than these elegant molecules decorated whiskey glasses. This two-set of 10 oz tumblers is artfully etched with some humorous molecule combination that perfectly describes any whiskey fragrance, like “flowery aroma.”

This fun science kit will give you all the tools you need to create a thriving terrarium within two classic chemistry beakers. Each kit comes with:

  • 100ml and 250ml beaker
  • 1 type of gravel/substrate 
  • 2 types of accent stones
  • 2 types of colored preserved moss
  • Choice of 2 air plant OR 2 artificial plant

What better disguise for your trusty flask than within the safe, cozy pages of “Chemistry 101.” No one is going to question its presence, and it certainly won’t be the first place your sneaky roommate looks for your precious whiskey stash. 

This card game is perfect for a group of chemistry lovers to test their knowledge and science skills for a fun-filled evening. Follow the rules of the four basic card categories to fulfill the goal of the game. A unique trait with Chemistry Fluxx is that no two games are alike.

Every chemistry nerd needs that one punny shirt, and we strongly recommend you gift them this one. We never thought we’d see the day that someone could cleverly combine chemistry equipment with lyrics from Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back,” but the day has arrived, and it’d be an absolute shame not to pounce on the opportunity. 

Other Chemistry Gifts for The Chemistry Fan

Final Thoughts on Gift Ideas for the Chemistry Lover

Whether you’re shopping for a science lover, for chemistry students, a science teacher for a birthday gift, or another occasion, we hope you were able to find the perfect gift. We listed tons of ideas that will add to their chemistry lab. You can even put a few gifts together in an elegant gift box.

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This site uses affiliate links, and we may earn a small commission when you use the links and make a purchase at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting our website.