26 Must-Have Cigar Gifts

There is a wide selection of unique cigar gifts available online that are sure to impress any cigar smoker or collector you gift them to. 

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26 Must-Have Cigar Gifts

Cigar smokers usually pull out their finest cigars on special occasions such as birthdays, holidays, special events, and anniversaries. After a long day, they want to relax in their favorite armchair with a nice glass of bourbon and cigar. The following cigar gifts will satisfy the cigar lover in your life. 

Cigar Ashtrays make great cigar gifts

Ashtrays are something every cigar smoker needs, and it can be a great accent piece to their favorite smoking room or even their office. 

Rather than buying a boring mono-toned ashtray, here are some unique and cool cigar ashtrays you can purchase instead to provide ease of use and a personal touch.

This sleek and artistic cigar ashtray depicts tobacco leaves ornately wrapping around the four cigar platforms. This strong and durable piece would serve any cigar lover well while they read a book and recline on their patio.

This cool cigar ashtray is sure to put a smile on your face and impress your friends. A great conversation starter, this unique cigar ashtray is shaped in the head of a monkey. When you place the cigar in its holder and close the head, smoke will come out of the nostrils for a touch of hilarity. 

For the classy smoker that loves a cigar in one hand and a bourbon, whisky, or scotch in the other. This is the perfect gift. The sturdy wood exudes simplicity and natural beauty. This gift would look great sitting on the family bar. 

Cigar Lighters are great cigar gifts

There’s nothing worse than flicking a lighter over and over again with a frustrating lack of results. Lighters should be consistently effective, but don’t settle for the ones offered in the grocery store checkout line. 

Not only do you want your cigar lighter to work every time, but you also want them to be unique and reflect the personality of the cigar smoker. 

This sleek solid metal single-torch cigar lighter is not only elegant, but it comes with a free monogram. Inscribe your dad’s initials or write a heartfelt message to your mom. 

This lighter is refillable, and the flame level is adjustable so that the recipient won’t need any lighter but this stylish gift.

Another butane lighter with double jet action that is wind resistant and has an adjustable flame. This cool cigar lighter also comes with a cigar puncher and an elegant gift box for protection and discretion. 

If you’re looking to gift someone a more aesthetically antique or steampunk lighter, this is the choice for you. 

This reusable cigar lighter is as practical as it is captivating. It is wrapped in leather and decorated with a working watch mechanism. You’ll never go back to cheap plastic lighters again.

Cigar Holders are unique cigar gifts

Sometimes you don’t have enough hands to keep a hold of your cigar, or you don’t want to keep it between your fingers at all times. Here are some exceptional cigar holders that make excellent cigar gifts for the social butterfly. 

Nothing goes better with a quality cigar than a stiff drink, so why not hold them both snuggly in one hand? 

Not only is this glass elegant, but it is comfortable to hold. Perfect for social gatherings where you are constantly on the move. 

This holder is perfect for gifting any cigar connoisseur that loves to indulge while teeing off. This unique cigar holder fits right into any golf cart tee mount. You don’t need to hold it between your lips or fingers when you’re swinging for that hole-in-one or calculating the perfect green putt. 

And when you’re not at the cart, stick it in the ground. The magnetic mount and sturdy material will keep your expensive cigars upright and safe.

Sometimes, the best cigar gifts are the simplest and most convenient ones. This humble cigar stand is compact and easily portable so that it can be packed away and brought anywhere at a whim. 

It is heavyweight for stability, and the felt bottom ensures it does not damage any surfaces. This product also comes in black, silver, or gold for a touch of personal preference. 

Cigar Humidors are thoughtful cigar gifts

Humidors are humidity-controlled rooms or boxes designed to store plants or objects for smoking, such as cigarettes, cigars, cannabis, or pipe-tobacco. 

A high-quality humidor can be an exceptional gift, especially to someone that collects rare or expensive cigars that need to be preserved for that special occasion. 

This is often a pricier gift, but it can be oh so worth seein

This gorgeously handmade cedar wood humidor is perfect for someone passionate about collecting and storing cigars without taking up a lot of space. 

This epitome of craftsmanship is less than 9.3 inches long and 7.6 inches wide. It would fit perfectly on any bookshelf or in a desk drawer. The box can also hold up to 20-25 cigars, so it still has plenty of storage space for its small size.

An elegant addition to any dining room or family library, this glass-top cedar humidor with a walnut finish will catch the eye of any visitor purely for its artistry. 

The digital hygrometer ensures full control of the humidity within the box. The magnetic seal ensures that no outside elements affect your prized cigars. 

There is also an accessory drawer for you to fill with future gifts of lighters, punchers, or compact case.

Guaranteed to be a showstopper in any man cave, this 2-foot-tall electric humidor can store up to a whopping 300 cigars. This is not a gift for the faint-hearted but the most passionate cigar collectors and users.  

The container is large enough to hold all the cigars you will ever need without being completely cumbersome within a room. Personally, we think it would look great on a stand next to a pool table or dartboard. 

Cigar Punches make great little cigar gifts

A cigar punch is a cylindrical blade that cuts into the center cap of a cigar and removes it while keeping the cigar shoulder intact. 

These cutters will allow the smoker to have a more intense and tighter draw because the oils and smoke are coming from a smaller, more concentrated hole since the cigar shoulders are not cut. Cutters are simple tools that can range from small and sleek to quirky and intricate.

It’s always a plus to gift a cigar lover a cigar accessory with personality. This punch is decorated with ancient markings and covered in gold or an antique, but its functionality is anything but antique. 

This punch is equipped with a double drill and self-sharpening feature that ensures consistent precision and a clean cut every time.

This humorous cigar punch is a play on the nickname “bullet punch”. It is often used to refer to cigar punches due to the fine hole they create in a cigar. 

But this shell isn’t just for show. The punch houses in an authentic 44 magnum shell and features a stainless-steel blade that guarantees a clean and symmetrical cut. 

For a bonus, this punch is a keyring. When you gift it to your friend or family member, they can clip it on and take it everywhere for easy portability. 

There’s nothing wrong with keeping a gift small and simple. This silver pocket cigar punch is stainless steel, fully functional, and comes with a keyring, highly portable. 

Since it is a compact size of 1.8 inches, this punch is easy to conceal in a pocket for immediate use anywhere. We recommend this gift as a stocking stuffer for your father, this Christmas. 

Cigar Cutters are practical cigar gifts

How you cut your cigar can make a significant difference in the experience of smoking it. If it is cut poorly, the cigar could unravel or be difficult to drag. 

Straight or V-cut cigar cutters slightly alter the drag, amount of visible smoke, and potential flavor of the cigar when compared to a punch cut. In the end, the type of cutter an individual uses can just come down to preference. 

Here are some options for cigar cutters that would make optimal gifts.

This is a classy V-cut cigar cutter made entirely of stainless steel and spring-loaded for a clean cut. It is easy to operate with one hand, at its black paint with gold trim gives it an air of sophistication. 

The cutter comes in a beautiful gift box for your recipient and makes a wonderful “thank you” present for any employee’s hard work. 

Maybe your grandfather likes a more old-school look to their cigar cutter. This double-edged scissor cutter is a classic. It has a fixed blade that makes it comfortable and easy to hold and cut. 

The scissors are made of polished stainless steel for durability and ease, and the shearing ring has a diameter suitable for most cigar sizes. 

Nothing compliments a crisp cool morning of hunting better than a cigar and a view. This cigar cutter perfectly compliments any hunter’s personality. You can be sure they’re using it while they patiently wait in their perch or to celebrate their big score. 

The stainless-steel cutter is perfect for a reliable cut. The brown leather case with a stag bust is the perfect motivator. 

Cigar Cases are useful cigar gifts

When you don’t want your cigar stored in the humidor or sitting in the ashtray, you’ll want it stored in an easily portable cigar case. These cases are typically made of leather or stainless steel and potentially come with their humidor. 

Most cases can carry 1-3 cigars so you can indulge to your pleasure throughout the day and when you’re done, simply tuck the case away in your coat pocket or purse. 

This sleek cylindrical cigar case and humidor is a great gift for groomsmen, so you can all enjoy it at the reception. 

For an added touch, you can personalize this cigar case with each of their names to show you appreciate their support on this special occasion. This cigar case can hold up to 3 cigars and is less than 8-inches long, rendering it easy to store. 

One of many quality items created by AMANCY, this cigar case can hold up to 3 cigars, and it comes with a stainless-steel cigar cover. 

The brown leather exterior with cedar would lining is a classy look and optimal for cigar storage. This gift is perfect for your grandfather as he travels the world after retirement. 

If you know a cigar lover that wants to always keep at least one cigar on hand but doesn’t want to constantly smell like one, this is the perfect gift for them. 

This case is air-tight and smell-proof. Discretion is guaranteed, and their clothes will thank you. As one of the best cigar gifts, this case can hold up to 3 cigars. It has a built-in hygrometer & humidifier, a sturdy metal casing for protection, and an anti-slip grip. 

This gift is perfect for a night out at the bars, where your hands might be a little less nimble throughout the evening. 

Cigar Kits are excellent cigar gifts

Sometimes the best cigar gift is the one that has a little bit of everything to either get the hobby going or replace some outdated equipment. 

Cigar kits are a fantastic gift when you want to go the extra mile for your cigar lover. Not only are they great gifts as a bundle, but they can also be extremely cost-effective since you don’t have to buy each element separately. 

Cigar kits are great Christmas and birthday presents and truly show your love and affection for the recipient. 

A great gift for the constantly traveling cigar lover, this case is easily portable and can be packed away in a suitcase or slide under your car seat. This kit comes with practically everything you need to properly store and later enjoy your cigar. 

The case is a cedar wood humidor, and the kit comes with a humidifier, stainless-steel cutter, and a refillable double-flame lighter. Now all you need to do is fill it with your favorite cigars, and you’re good to go. 

A cigar by the beach as you watch the sunset sounds nice. Well, that is if you can keep the cigars dry. 

Don’t worry. This waterproof and shockproof humidor case will protect up to 20 of the most exquisite cigars you packed. The case can even float on the water should the tide come in a little quicker than expected. 

This case includes a stainless-steel cutter and a collapsible stand for when you want to just set your cigar on the sand and take in the view. 

For the cigar lover that always has to follow a drag with a sip of whiskey, this is the perfect holiday present. 

This kit hits the mark for two common indulgences that compliment each other perfectly. Included are two whiskey glasses with built-in cigar holders, eight granite chilling rocks, tongs, a cigar cutter, and a velvet storing pouch, all neatly tucked away in an elegant hand-crafted wooden box. 

The perfect gift for your boss as you share a drink and smoke over that upcoming promotion.

Luxury Cigar Gifts

For many, smoking a cigar is a luxury they can’t afford to partake infrequently. So, for this upcoming occasion, gift them a luxury cigar gift set.

These can range from 5-foot-tall humidor storage containers to all-inclusive sets that are guaranteed to provide them with everything they need for years to come. 

This cigar set goes all out in the most sophisticated way. Not only does this set have everything your cigar lover could ever need, but it also comes with a few things they might not have even known they wanted. 

The set includes a cigar Lighter (without fuel), a cigar puncher, two cigar cutters (Taiwan test cigar cutter and flat-mouth cigar cutter), a cigar stand, a cigar storage tube, a cigar ashtray, and a pure copper cigar holder. 

As if all the equipment wasn’t enough, they are all beautifully crafted from stainless steel and painted a sleek black with gold finishes. The epitome of elegance. 

A cigar and a show! This stainless-steel cigar cutter is spring-loaded as a true guillotine apparatus. Rest-assured it is as safe as it is refined. The built-in cigar holder and lock system ensure a swift and clean cut every time. 

This piece is the perfect gift to go on someone’s office desk, either at home or in a professional setting. 

Final Thoughts on Cigar Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Cigar Aficionado

Cigars often connote a sense of elegance and refinement. They are the perfect way to mark a special occasion or relax after a hard day. Now, you some of the best cigar accessories, cigar gift sets and all-around best cigar gifts for cigar lovers to mark these occasions and share in their passion. 

Whether it is something as small as a cigar punch or as large as a luxury set, these cigar gifts are sure to please anyone that enjoys the exceptional flavor of a quality cigar.