37 Best Dirty Santa Gifts

The exchange of dirty Santa gifts, all of which are often impractical, means you will likely be keeping something horrible with a smile on your face. With gift stealing occurring the entire time if you happen to get one of the great gifts, watch out for those eyeing your opened gift and their temptation to steal your new gift.

With a little imagination, it is possible to find a unique gift or a hilarious gift to put under the Christmas tree for your annual gift exchange.

We have funny dirty Santa gifts, unique gifts, practical gifts and the perfect gift ideas for co-workers. This article will have you discover some great gift ideas that will be a big hit this holiday season for your many parties where you might be invited to partake in Dirty Santa gifts exchange or White Elephant gift exchange or even Yankee swap event.

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37 Incredible Gifts For Your Dirty Santa Party

This inflatable tube guy is one of the most fun dirty Santa gifts. Sure to delight everyone and be vigorously fought over. Enjoy the wacky wiggles and giggles!

Best Dirty Santa Gift

Journals make for great dirty Santa gift ideas. Journaling is a known meditative and healing pastime, but many never get around to making the investment.

For some, playing a secret Santa gift exchange means being able to bring a gag gift. Or perhaps you’re out of dirty Santa gift ideas. If that’s you, consider this literal back of (fake) Christmas-themed coal in a beautiful drawstring bag.

The Sweet Nessie spoon is one of a family of personality-infused spoon-like products all of which makes for a great dirty Santa gift idea.

Best Dirty Santa Gift

What it lacks in size, it will make up for with weight. Puzzle your family members at your holiday party with this stainless steel bar of universal usefulness.

This dirty Santa idea promises to rid your hand of odors in as little as thirty seconds of washing which makes this a useful and good dirty Santa gift.

Available in three different finishes, the glove holds all five infinity stones, for your particular Marvel fans at your Christmas party taking part in your dirty Santa game.

Supposedly, the design fits easily in your hand, but honestly, that is not the appeal of this product. Measuring just over three inches in length, Thanos’s glove will be the best present.

Everyone has that moment where they wish they could comment on someone’s spectacularly bad parking. Gift the gift of parking judgment to your friends and coworkers during your dirty Santa game. This has got to be one of the best dirty Santa gifts.

Best Dirty Santa Gift

These tools might not be the sexiest gift, but it is hard to argue with their usefulness.

Power-packed into a mini size of under four inches, this set of tools is a great last-minute gift.


A popular gift idea, this universally-appealing nightlight is likely to create a good laugh.

From the classic “A Christmas Story” movie, Ralphie’s leg lamp is memorialized in this 8-inch nightlight.

The perfect gift for the fidget-friendly! This mesmerizing aluminum alloy desk toy acts as a wonderful way to destress midday. It’s a perfect office gift.

With a simple twist, the sphere creates a convincing and calming effect of a floating helix.

Dirty Santa Gifts

The tedious task of cleaning the dishes is livened up with this adorable bedlike sponge holder.

Sponges are a universal need. With this white plastic bed, complete with pillows, the sponge has a convenient and cute place to stay at the side of the sink. This gift is sure to keep you under your spending limit.

The person who’s lucky enough to find out what’s hiding under this wrapped gift might be pleasantly surprised.

These five barbecue rubs make a great gift idea. Flavor packed with Cajun, Caribbean, Mexican, Southwest, and Memphis BBQ seasoning rubs, these five goodies will tempt everyone.

Best Dirty Santa Gift

Great exchange gifts are ones you never would buy yourself. Such is the case with this compact and colorful bullhorn. Incorporated with volume control and a built-in siren, this one-of-a-kind fun gift is sure to spark some interest with your friends.

Gag gifts are the best. Hit the nail directly on the head with this sarcastic and straightforward t-shirt. This plain and simple tee clearly states exactly what it is. Whether won by default or claimed, the winner is sure to feel the shirt relates. Remember to size up for universal wearability.

Dirty Santa Gifts

These LED toilet night lights are great because of their universal usability. Without worrying about sizing woes or home decor, these little items are sure to be useful no matter who gets them.

Not to mention, the additional safety factor of an LED toilet night light really shows you care.

One does not need to be a camping enthusiast to appreciate this great fun gift. With its slim profile, extreme portability, and easy setup, this hammock means lazy days of summer are always available.

Things may get messy! With “Drunk Stoned or Stupid”, the fun adult party game, be prepared to throw your friends under the bus and enjoy some hot tea. Guaranteed to cause embarrassment at your party and more than likely a few honest conversations.

Succulents make for a great present. Easy to care for, these fake succulents presenting beautifully in a crisp white planter will make the chore even easier. The varied plants are bedded amid stones creating a realistic, natural feel.

Dirty Santa Gifts

Getting them something relatable like this mug will be a mega-hit.

We all know the pain of worthless meetings. Eventually, you start adding up the hours of your life you have wasted. This popular coffee mug sends the message and expresses the pain beautifully.

Desktop vacuums are among the latest crazes, and it is no wonder.

Extremely useful, undeniably cute, always on hand, and cordless, these pragmatic personal vacuums make sure your desktop or countertop is always crumb-free. A fun co-worker gift exchange idea.

Playing dirty Santa means thinking about things you would not buy yourself. Give the gift of readiness in style with this wide array of colorful, windproof umbrellas.

Delight your Christmas party participants with this set of three flameless but flickering candles. These realistic wax-like candles come in different sizes and make a great Christmas gift.

The remote control allows for adjustments to brightness, flicker, and timers. They do require batteries, so be sure to pick some up.


Watch your friends fight over this fruit-infused water bottle! Simply slip the fruit or flavour enhancement of your choice in the center carrier and let the water become infused. 

This pillow will look impressive among the rest of the gifts, and with the right audience, is guaranteed to get a chuckle.

Drink in style with this beautiful set of hammered copper Moscow mule mugs. These stunning mugs of copper are said to perfectly compliment the ginger beer, vodka, and lime to enjoy your mule.

This warm bamboo cutting board and three bamboo utensils can be the ultimate kitchen addition.

One of the more unique ideas is this wood panel Star Wars art piece. Announce your allegiance to the rebellion! This wood panel art is a detailed drawing of the Millenium Falcon.

A backflow incense burner is designed to create a meditative stream of incense as it falls through its cascading levels.

There is no question that YETI is a recognizable and respected brand. Available in several colors, the YETI Rambler will not disappoint.

Who needs bartending skills when you have a shot dispenser! Designed for the included acrylic shot glasses, this ingenious design makes pouring shots easy, fun, and fast.

This set of four luxury candles makes perfect gifts. They are all-natural soy candles made with real aromas. Each of the candles is presented in beautiful hues of primary colors.

With the Chambong, the party never stops. Designed for easy consumption, these champagne glasses will make consuming champagne more interesting, though perhaps not as easy.

This handmade wooden clock is sure to be a useful and beautiful addition to any home it finds in the digital age.

Consider this Extra Soft Faux Fur Blanket. It is like hugging a cloud. Settle into the cuddly days of winter with this soft and furry queen-sized throw blanket. The 78 x 90-inch reversible throw is available in four warm colors and is adorned with shaggy fur of polyester.

Dirty Santa Gifts

If you’re looking for a health and wellness present, consider this salt lamp that will help reduce stress and ionize the air.

Become the ultimate host or hostess with this mega-cheese board and accompanying serving options.

Final Thoughts on Dirty Santa Gift Ideas

When it comes to Christmas, people love a good gift exchange game. This game can be a lot of fun, but it can also be tricky to come up with good dirty Santa gifts. If you were looking for some inspiration, we hope you found that our list of Dirty Santa gifts is sure to please everyone at the party!