49 Best Fortnite Gifts | Gamer-Approved Fortnite Presents

Giving the perfect gift always comes with a certain level of pressure, but if you’re shopping for gifts for a Fortnite fan, we’ve got you covered. There’s Fortnite presents  available, whether you’re buying presents for:

  • A birthday
  • Anniversary
  • Christmas
  • Wedding
  • Or just about any other occasion

Instead of spending time scouring the internet for gifts for Fortnite lovers, stick around. We have tons of gamer-approved Fortnite gifts right here. Just keep reading.

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49 Best Gifts for Fortnite Gamers

Fortnite is a game with a following that spans quite the age group. Fans young and old get a kick out of the survival game that challenges their problem-solving and critical thinking skills. For the younger set, there’s lots of building to be done, along with a certain level of ridiculousness built into the game. For the older crowd, it’s generally the social interactions and competitive aspects that make the game appealing.

But all ages can agree that once someone starts playing Fortnite, it’s hard to stop. So use this infatuation to your advantage and hop on the Fortnite train with a special gift for your Fortnite fan.

Everyone needs a mask these days. Here’s a stash of three, fortnite edition, made to fit children. Having a set of three masks is especially handy. When you misplace one or leave one in the car, you have a backup. If you have kids, or just know kids, you know how important it is to have a backup… of everything they own. This includes masks. 

These classic-cut, lace-up high tops got a Fortnite makeover. For those Fortnite lovers that double as fashionistas (and fashionistos), these shoes are the ultimate statement piece. These also come in quite a variety of colors.

If you know, you know. Only fans of the game will understand the meaning behind this brightly colored t-shirt, but that’s how you can tell the real Fortnite fans from the fakes. If you’re gifting this shirt, you’ll have the choice between black or white. But both have the same neon Fortnite llama on the front.

If you want options, this gift with the fortnite logo has plenty of them for you! This graphic tee comes in just about every color, so there’s bound to be one in your Fortnite-loving-lady’s favorite color. The inclusive sizing, XXS to 5XL, makes it easy to find a shirt to fit anybody.

The infamous Rabbit Raider is a Fortnite skin that looks like a bunny, only wearing a mask from a horror movie and carrying Easter Egg grenades. Awww. This t-shirt features the Rabbit Raider in all of its glory, complete with adorable (but not really) bunny ears.

This men’s or women’s shirt features that adorable looting llama again. He’s quite the fan favorite. It’s casual and comfy enough to be worn while gaming and cute enough to wear in public. 

Underwear might seem like the most boring gift of all time, but Fortnite underwear is a wardrobe staple for anyone that considers themselves a true Fortnite fan. The only downfall is they can’t use their Fortnite gift to prove their fandom.


Underwear might seem like the most boring gift of all time, but Fortnite underwear is a wardrobe staple for anyone that considers themselves a true Fortnite fan. The only downfall is they can’t use their Fortnite gift to prove their fandom.

Do you know a Fortnite fan that’s notorious for losing things? Help them keep track of their watch with this unique watchband! Nobody will lose their watch if this band is attached.  Number one, it has their name on it, so if it does get misplaced, there’s no question to whom it belongs. And number two, who could lose a watch that looks this awesome?

Gifts for Fortnite Lovers that Like to Accessorize

Up next, we have a complete list of accessories for Fortnite fans, whether it’s the perfect accessories to complete any outfit or the kind of accessories that are actually useful. They’re all right here.

True Fortnite fans can carry their gear in one of these Fortnite character-inspired backpacks. There are five designs to choose from. Although the backpack is practical, the design is a little more in-your-face than some Fortnite fans might appreciate.

If you think the receiver of your backpack gift would like something a little more understated, try one of these Fortnite backpacks:

The backpack is great for bringing gaming supplies to a friends’ house.

AirPods are easy to lose but expensive to replace. Give your Fortnite-loving friend the gift of keeping track of their AirPods with this case. The design is bright and hard to miss, making it easier to keep track of those tiny little things. And, the neck strap helps ensure the case never strays too far.

Fanny packs, excuse me, I mean waist bags, are very on-trend right now. This Fortnite version is great for Fortnite fans that appreciate trends or for those that just like being practical and keeping track of their belongings.

Because shoes need accessories, too, this pack of 10 shoe charms includes some of the most popular Fortnite skins, depicted in a more cartoony fashion. They can also clip onto other things besides shoes, so you can get creative with where you put them.

Here’s an accessory for the game itself! This bundle includes two Joy-Cons, both inspired by different Fortnite elements. This includes the adorable Peely. But the part that makes this an extra incredible gift card for 500 V-bucks. The V-bucks alone make this game a fantastic Fortnite gift.

Fortnite Gifts for the Home

For the big-time Fortnite fans, there’s no better way to display their love of the game other than letting it spill out into the home. We have gifts to go in gaming dens and beyond. Whether it’s a gift for the living room or bedroom, we have plenty of gift ideas for Fortnite fans to keep the home looking good.

Throw pillows are an essential part of home décor. Why not add a little Fortnite to the couch? This is also a great gift for a young Fortnite enthusiast to keep in their bedroom. The crochet hamburger pillow isn’t just adorable. It’s a comfy place to rest an elbow while holding a gaming controller.

This isn’t the most practical lamp for someone to use while they’re doing homework or finishing up a late-night spreadsheet for work, given that it changes colors. But it sure does look cool! It would be great in a tween or teen’s bedroom as a decoration.

Edible gifts are always a great choice when you’re unsure of which direction to go. Not to mention, nobody has to worry about where they’ll keep this gift when they get it. They’re cookies! These are going to be eaten right away! The real issue is not eating them all at once.

If you like the idea of an edible gift and you want to go with cookies, but you’d like to try a different style, try one of these alternative options:

These tiny speakers are just 2″ tall, but they still produce enough sound to amplify tunes. And they’re pretty cute. For the younger Fortnite lovers, these are perfect for keeping in a bedroom. They also come with a strap so they can be properly anchored to a backpack.

There are a few different characters to choose from, including:

  • Beef Boss
  • Black Knight
  • Cuddle Team Leader
  • DJ Yonder
  • Ghoul Trooper
  • Llama
  • Peely
  • Raven
  • Rex
  • Santa
  • Skull Trooper
  • Snowman 

If you’re the parent of a gamer that wants to jazz up their bedroom or play space, you might be hesitant to let them have free reign over the décor since some of it isn’t exactly the most… how shall we put this… adult-friendly?

Instead of letting your kiddos’ Fortnite obsession take away from the aesthetic of your home, help them create their own space with this wallcovering. It’s classy and removable. That’s a parenting win!

A snuggly blanket is absolutely necessary for a gaming room or bedroom. This one is extra fuzzy. Perfect for those days when it’s too cold to go outside, and staying indoors to play Fortnite is the only activity that makes sense. This blanket is 40×50″ and features a pop-art design of everyone’s favorite, the Loot Llama!

Had enough of the Loot Llama? This(Jay Franco Fortnite Emotes )blanket has the same fuzz factor, just a less loud design.


Any young Fortnite fan would love to have this sheet set in their bedroom. And you can gift it knowing that the pattern isn’t too flashy, so parents won’t be too offended if it doesn’t match the bedroom. Plus, sheets aren’t exactly a focal point in most bedrooms. This is also a great sheet set for a day bed or futon in a gaming room.

Novelty Fortnite Gifts

These are, you know, the kind of things nobody actually needs, but they’re still must-haves nonetheless. These are a few of our favorite original ideas that will take any Fornite lovers’ gear collection to the next level.

Are you seeing a theme here? Marshmello is clearly a fan favorite with Fortnite players. Here’s a unique spin on the traditional stickers or decals in holograph form. Slap this image of Marshmello “droppin'” on just about anything.

Who doesn’t love a NERF gun? Nobody, that’s who. Even non-Fortnite fans would get a kick out of this gift. It’s fun to use in the house, using a pillow for target practice. But a little fair warning… the rockets that come with this are soft but big. They can also travel further than expected, so it’s not meant to use to shoot at humans that interrupt your gaming.

Just to be clear, these are not toys… unless you want them to be. Serious Fortnite lovers can display these fortnite action figures in their gaming den or elsewhere in the home where they love to play their favorite fortnite video game. But chances are, if you give this as a gift to a younger Fortnite fan, they will be used as toys. Just don’t call them toys when you gift them to a grown-up Fortnite player.


We know what you’re thinking, “This guy again?!” But he’s just so cute and hard to resist. This llama stuffy is probably a better gift for a younger Fortnite fan. Although there are grown-ups out there that appreciate a cute and cuddly stuffed animal, so gift accordingly.

If you’re over the Loot Llama, you might want to go with the Peely stuffy for a gift. All Fortnite lovers get a kick out of the dancing banana, so giving this present is sure to make anyone smile. It’s also just 8″ tall, so it’s not a huge offensive stuffed animal that’s going to take up major real estate in someone’s home.

Staying hydrated is essential. Whether it’s a long gaming session or just a trip to the mailbox, bringing water is always important. These custom Fortnite water bottles are perfect for making sure that H2O is never too far away.

With the option to personalize, you can add a name to the water bottle. This is especially handy for those little Fortnite fans or for anyone that’s known to leave their belongings scattered about town.

Balloons are no longer just for kids’ birthday parties. They’re required for just about any event, including parties for grown-ups! And unless you’ve been keeping your eyes closed when you open your social media accounts, chances are you’ve seen a balloon bouquet or one of those extra fancy balloon garlands.

These balloons are perfect for creating either of those balloon decorations, and they make a great gift. Not to mention, kind of like the cookies, this isn’t a gift that lasts forever, so the recipient (or the parents of the recipient) don’t have to worry about where they’ll put this when the party’s over. It’ll eventually deflate, and, at that point, storage isn’t even an issue.

In the actual game, this “keg” is known as a Chug Jug. And now it’s ready to make its way from the game to the tub. For the Fortnite fan that games too hard, a relaxing bath is a perfect way to unwind after a long day at the tv. Adding a foaming bath bomb really ups the level of relaxation and Fortnite fandom.

Fortnite fans are very familiar with the “Take the L” saying and the dance that goes along with it. In fact, even those that don’t play Fortnite have probably seen someone doing the “Take the L” dance. This sticker is a great gift for Fortnite fans to use to mark their belongings.

Here’s a fun and engaging gift for Fornite fans that love all games, not just video games. Jenga is a fun party game, but it’s also entertaining to play with just a couple of people.

This, however, is also a fantastic collector’s item for those Fornite lovers that just like to display their collection of Fortnite goods.

Coloring books are a gift for all ages, one that the whole Fortnite loving family can enjoy! Add some fancy colored pencils or crayons to make it extra special.

Have you been invited to a Fortnite-themed party? Or just a party for a Fortnite fan? Gift the Loot Llama Pinata! You can also help out the host by letting them know you’re bringing a pinata, literally knocking out one of the party activities. The host will appreciate having one less thing to plan.

Did you know there’s an official Fortnite seal? Well, there is. And it’s on this book. That’s how you know it’s the real deal. And when you give it as a gift, the recipient will know it’s an official Fortnite resource, too. This book has everything Fortnite players need to know about chapter one.

Hint… don’t gift this to someone you play Fortnite with. They’ll know more about the game and win every time you battle.

Other Fortnite Gift Ideas