32 Hilariously Funny Gifts for Men

Everyone has been there. You ask one of the men in your life what they want for their birthday or Christmas or dinner. Be it a significant other, a dad, or a brother. They always seem to have the same answer. Something along the lines of “I don’t know, I don’t care” or anything that is not helpful.  The following will give you a great list of funny gifts for men that will work for any occasion.

Be prepared for possibly having awkward family photos when your loved one with the bad dad jokes opens one of these gag gifts for men.

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32 Hilariously Funny Gifts for Men

To end the vicious “what do I get [insert man’s name here] for [said gift-giving occasion]” cycle, stick around. We have over 30 hilariously funny gifts for men coming right up. Warning, these gifts are only for those that like to laugh. 


Shopping for birthdays can be tough, especially if you are not getting any worthwhile suggestions. One thing that is always appreciated, however, is a gift that has some humor involved. Below are some examples of gifts that will surely get a laugh and some great funny gifts for men. 

This sash will work great for both a birthday or a retirement party. This would be perfect for the grandpa, dad, or a colleague. Giving this as a gift will prove to be timeless, as it will only become more and more true with every birthday that comes around from this point forward. It is certain to make whoever is receiving the gift stand out in a big way and will draw laughs when they are out and about. 

Another funny gift for any man who is getting up there in age. This specific one is for a 60-year old, but they do offer other customizable options for different ages. The toilet paper will also come with four different facial expressions for the poop emoji, so it will keep him laughing while he is unrolling.

This bell is a gift that will definitely make a man laugh when he opens it. The only concern will come from bell abuse. If ringing the bell always gets him a beer, who knows how he will end up abusing his power. 

It is recommended to proceed with caution if giving this gift, or to give it to someone who does not live in the same house as you.

This can serve as another funny gag gift for a man in your life who may be getting up there in age. If your dad, husband, brother, or boyfriend has a tendency to forget things, then you can get them these memory mints to help jog their memory. 

One added bonus is that there is nothing to be worried about if he gets offended and does not think that the gift is funny, as he will probably just forget what he is mad about anyway.

This is another one that, while definitely silly, has some seriously practical usage. If you live with a man who has a beard, you have surely dealt with some stray beard clippings around the bathroom at some point. 

Whether it be in the sink, on the counter, or on the floor, it is always less than ideal. This beard apron attaches to the mirror and allows him to trim his beard without worrying about making a mess.

The beer holster is a great gag gift that is sure to get much more use than expected. It is a funny look and will absolutely draw some laughs, but it also looks pretty useful. 

There are plenty of times when a man is standing with a beer and doesn’t have anywhere to put it. 

Think about all the stories he tells where he needs two hands to describe the fish he caught, or how far from the hole he put his tee shot, or something else that doesn’t really matter. Boom, there is the beer holster.

Nothing makes a better birthday gift than a little self-deprecation. This t-shirt will be the perfect addition to the wardrobe of the okayest brother ever. If his birthday is coming up, and you find yourself struggling to find unique gifts, just settle for this one. 

While we will admit that this shirt is not the best gift, it is definitely not the worst either. It is just an okay gift. Just like the funny guy your brother is!


Maybe you are also searching for the perfect gift that toes the line of showing him just how much he means to you while also making him laugh. Sense of humor is something that you surely connected on early in the relationship, so these gifts are a great way to remind him just how funny you are.

Have you been looking for the perfect gift for your husband for this Valentine’s Day? This Strongman Trophy Husband is a great gag gift to celebrate your anniversary or Valentine’s Day. 

The small trophy is a great addition to any mantle and will serve as a daily reminder as to why you fell in love with him in the first place: his devilish good looks.

These boxer briefs are a gift that may be a bit NSFW but are sure to get some big laughs when opened. The opportunities are endless as, once you upload a picture, they will be printed on the briefs. 

While this would certainly make a great Valentine’s Day or Anniversary gift for any man, there really are a lot of different creative directions that could be taken with these boxer briefs.

This one got a bit more popular when it was featured on The Bachelorette, but this will make a great gag gift to celebrate your anniversary. Picture this: you have set the stage and told him that you’re going to reenact your engagement, but the roles are reversed. 

You get down on one knee, pull out the ring box, and open it. What happens next? A fart is released from the box.

You get down on one knee, pull out the ring box, and open it. What happens next? A fart is released from the box. If he’s always telling fart jokes, this is guaranteed to make him laugh.

This mug is another great one to get any coffee or tea drinker this Valentine’s Day. It will serve as another daily reminder to him that no matter how hot his coffee is, you’ll always be hotter. 

There is absolutely no doubt that he’ll love it so much that he will end up taking it into the office with him as well.

This roll of toilet paper makes a great Valentine’s Day gift. If you find yourself struggling to put into words just how strongly you feel about him, let the toilet paper tell him. 

Any time either one of you uses the restroom, you’ll be reminded of your love. It’ll be just like you always dreamed about!

Father's Day Gifts for him

There is nothing that Dad’s love more than a good Dad joke. The only things that may come close are fishing and golfing. Well, with the gifts below, you can check off all three of those boxes in one fell swoop.

This one is pretty self-explanatory. It is the perfect gift for any man out there who loves to call “BS.” Similar to the famous easy button, they can now just press this button if they ever hear something that they don’t believe. With five unique phrases, it is certain to produce a good number of laughs.

This is another gift that, while pretty funny, is also a surprisingly useful item. The toilet night light is motion-activated and will allow you to use the bathroom at night without having to turn on harsh bathroom lights. This is a great way to avoid pee on the seat as well, as there will not be any excuses with a toilet bowl completely lit up.

This one is a funny gift for any man who loves to fish but also spends a little bit too much time on the toilet. The Potty Fisher Game sets up in front of the toilet bowl and allows you to “go fishing” while using the toilet. This wouldn’t be a good one to pair with the toilet timer, but still a fun gift.

When it comes to gag gifts for men, this one is a hilarious gift for any of the guys out there with a beer belly. The dad bod has made a big-time comeback in recent years, but this fanny pack may set it back a couple of decades. 

It has an adjustable belt, this fanny pack can fit all shapes and sizes and is big enough to hold everything from a phone to a water bottle. This is another one that, while funny, will surely get more use than you’d expect.

This apron is definitely NSFW, but it is perfect for the man who loves to grill and is not afraid to be a little bit “in your face” about it. 

We have all seen Dad’s dominate grills at cookouts, but this will be an apron that he will love to break out whenever he finds himself grilling for an adult get together.

Similar to the Potty Fisher Game, the Toilet Putt Putt is a great fit for the avid golfer. Every golfer knows that the short game is what takes your golf game from good-to-great. 

With this gift, he’ll be able to work on his putting while on the toilet. He, along with his golf game, will thank you.

This is another one that will draw some laughs when it’s opened up. Sporting a big belly, bushy chest hair, and a blurred lower section, this grilling apron is downright disturbing. Depending on who is wearing it, it may even look a little bit too natural. 

If you’re looking for funny gifts for men, these socks are funny gift ideas for any guy who loves to kick his feet up and relax. With messages ranging from “If You Can Read This Bring Me Some Bacon” to “If You Can Read This Bring Me Pizza,” they make an amusing gift for a birthday or retirement party.

The plumbers’ crack is one of the many necessary evils in this world. It is something that many people put up with when dealing with a handyman. If you have someone in your life who suffers from plumbers’ crack, get them this “camouflage” to help them feel more confident when they are fixing things around the house. They are sure to have a good laugh. 

Funny Retirement Gifts for Men

When someone is retiring, they typically love to go off the grid and enjoy some well-earned time off. As per usual, it can be great to send them off with a good joke or or funny gag gifts that they may find useful in their retired lives.

This is a good one that any recent retiree will surely appreciate. After a long career of meetings and handing out business cards, allow them to add a more relaxed card to the Rolodex. This gift will surely draw a laugh out of any guy who is looking to retire and drop “off the grid.”

This funny coffee mug is a hilarious gift for any recent retiree and funny guy. Just because they are not going to work anymore doesn’t mean that they will stop drinking coffee. This mug gives them a good retired mug but still provides a great reminder of who is really the “boss.” 

These emergency underpants make a great gag gift. Especially if you are looking for a gift for someone who sometimes pees a little bit when they laugh too hard, these emergency underpants have several different size options and may actually prove to be fairly useful in the direst of circumstances.

While this is a funny gift for the fun Uncle or older brother who is not afraid to let loose at the family get-togethers, it also is a great retirement gift. Another common theme about people who are recently retired, they like to celebrate. 

Don’t be surprised if it becomes his designated party shirt, but you’ll be happy to have a heads up for the days when he decides to let loose. 

Funny Christmas Gifts for Men

These are some other great gifts that will surely make the men in your life chuckle. Most of them make great stocking stuffers during the Holiday season, but they can also make a great gift for just about any occasion, as long as the person receiving the gift has a good sense of humor. 

Every guy is looking for a way to make sure that they can save a slice of pizza for later. This will come in handy and will definitely encourage him to save some pizza for later. 

With a reusable seal, the pouch will actually keep the pizza safe and toasty. This is another one that will get some laughs but will definitely also get a lot of usages.

Simply put: poop jokes always get a laugh from the men, especially when dogs are involved. There’s something about a picture of a dog going number two that always seems to always be funny. This calendar is the perfect gag gift to bring to a White Elephant event this holiday season.  

If you’re looking for good gag gifts to give your Uncle that is fun to be around, then look no further than this shirt. It will serve two purposes, as it will make your Uncle have a good laugh while also poking fun at your Dad. It is the definition of a win-win.

This ninja t-shirt is a great gift for the man in your life who always has secretly, or not-so-secretly, wished that he was a ninja. 

The shirt has a design on the inside that will allow him to flip up the t-shirt and get into “disguise” if he is ever lucky enough to get someone to ask him about it.

Christmas day is coming up, and having an ugly sweater is a must-have piece of any holiday wardrobe. This sweater absolutely puts the emphasis on the ugly, and again, depending on who is wearing it, it might just make it look like they are not wearing a sweater at all.

This gift is a great gag gift for the outdoorsmen in your life. Anyone who talks about going on long hikes or camping trips and eating dehydrated meals will surely get a kick out of this dehydrated water. 

All you need to do is add water, and you will have 16 ounces of water! While funny, this will really hold water and will keep it cold, so it will definitely get some use.

This toilet timer is a great gift for any guy who may be spending a little bit too much time on the toilet, especially if you find yourself sharing the bathroom with him and sometimes find yourself without access. 

All you have to do is start the timer when they get into the bathroom to make sure that they’re all finished once the timer is finished. This is a great stocking stuffer or “just-because” gift.It might also be helpful to also have diffuser with essential oils running in the bathroom while he’s in there.