37 Absolute Best Gifts for Artists

It’s time to get that artist in your life a gift that’s just as creative as them. Whether you need an artsy gift for their birthday, anniversary, graduation, or holiday, we guarantee you’ll find an excellent idea or two in the extensive list below of best gifts for artists.

Read on for 37 of the absolute best gifts for artists. We have a wide selection that fits various artistic types and mediums, including painters, drawers, sculptors. There are also sections for digital artists and photographers, and our final section is dedicated to nurturing that artistic spirit in kids and adolescents, so they follow this passion to adulthood.

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37 Absolute Best Gifts for Artists

When choosing a gift for an artist, there are two approaches you can take: creativity or functionality.

The first option means you’ll focus on finding a gift that is just as creative as the artists and accurately reflects their passion for this profession or hobby.

The second option means you’ll gift your artists’ tools of their trade to support their artistic endeavors. Art isn’t cheap. It requires a vast amount of equipment to create a piece, and then even more if you want to preserve, sell, or show it to others.

By giving your artists a functional gift, you’re not only supporting their craft, but you’re also saving them money.

These are the two approaches we have taken for the gifts listed below. Each category is split into popular types of artistry, and within each, we’ve selected both creative and functional gifts for your choosing.

We’re confident any artists would be over the moon for any of these artsy gifts, so let’s get started!

Gifts for Artists Who Paint

If the recipient you’re picturing is always the person who gets too close to artwork in museums with paint permanently speckled on their hands and jeans, then congratulations, you’ve got a painter.

These highly creative individuals love to absorb and analyze the world in an endless search for the next painting inspiration. So, give them some inspiration of your own through one of these artsy gifts that are sure to broaden their artistic horizons and give them endless joy.

Most painters who’ve been pursuing their passion are likely to already have an easel, but few will have one like this.

Made from lightweight and durable aluminum alloy materials, this easel is highly portable and perfect for any painter that likes to work out in the world. They can use it to paint in a public space and sell their work, or they can use it for an easy display anywhere.

While a hefty, wooden easel is great, this will give them countless more possibilities for painting locations and allow them to set up wherever inspiration hits.

Provide a little more order to your painter’s artistic chaos by gifting them one of these beautiful, wooden paintbrush holders. The stand will let your painter hold 26 of their finest paintbrushes and tools in perfectly fitted holes. There are also two larger sections for bigger tools like scissors or a small vial of water for rinsing. You can have your painter’s name engraved into the wood or a heartfelt message or quote for a personal touch.

Give your painter artwork they can wear with these famous painting earrings. Each comes with a set of three paintings, “The Mona Lisa,” “Vincent van Gogh’s Self Portrait,” and “Girl With a Pearl Earring.” If you know for a fact that your painter loves one of these paintings or artists, this is the gift for them.

The earrings are made of lightweight stainless steel and can be placed on either hooks, studs, or even clips. They’re perfectly sized to not be encumbering and perfect for parties, art showings, or a day at the museum.

Functionality doesn’t have to come at the cost of personality, and no piece of painting equipment demonstrates this better than this floral paint palette.

The piece is made from resin and real pressed flowers with a whimsical sprinkling of gold or rose gold flecks. You can choose from a series of floral colors to suit your painter’s tastes or even opt for their birthday flower or color. Personally, we think this is the perfect summer or springtime gift suitable for Mother’s Day, Easter, or even a late Valentine’s Day gift.

If your painter likes to dress with an artistic flair (which is highly likely), we suggest spicing up their wardrobe with these famous painting socks. Similar to the earrings, this is a much more versatile gift option that they can wear practically anytime, anywhere.

These crew socks come with four pairs depicting:

  • “The Mona Lisa”
  • “The Scream”
  • “Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I” (a.k.a The Woman/Lady in Gold)
  • “The Starry Sky”

All of which are cherished works in the art community and have inspired countless painters to create something just as beautiful and impactful. Now, with your help, your painter can own a little piece of these paintings to remind them of their passion daily.

This 88-piece art set is ideal for the painter who’s just getting started and doesn’t have a lot of high-quality equipment yet. As we said, painting is a pricy pursuit, and most won’t invest too heavily into it until they know they are going to stick with the hobby, which is why this gift is perfect for getting them started.

The set includes all the essentials to help a new or returning painter explore their art. Within a high-quality, wooden storage case, you’ll find:

  • 2 Sketching Pads
  • 4 Drawing Boards
  • 10 Artist Brushes
  • 12 Sketching Pencils
  • 1 Putty Eraser
  • 1 Wooden Sharpener
  • 8 Acrylic Paints
  • 1 Plastic Palette
  • 12 Watercolor Cakes
  • 28 Watercolor Pencils
  • 8 Oil Pastels

Quite the hefty list for something that doesn’t even come close to breaking the bank. This gift is highly affordable and will help any painter find the style and medium that best suits them.

Gifts for Artists Who Draw

Brace yourself because we’re moving into drawing territory. This is the time to buy a gift for that friend that can’t go through one dinner outing without drawing on napkins or menus.

The one that always doodled utter masterpieces on their 15 cent school folders and blew everyone out of the water in art class just using their left pinky.

We’d like to give them a medal, but we’ll settle for some pretty awesome and highly useful gifts instead. Here are some of our top picks for that drawing artist in your life.

Drawing is arguably the most portable art. However, if you’re a die-hard drawing artist, you usually want to bring more than one pencil and piece of paper. With this leather sketchbook cover, your artists can bring all the tools they need anywhere they want with ease.

Within this leather cover, you can hold a sketchbook (maximum size of 8.5″ x 5.8″), at least three writing utensils and small tools can be placed into a covered pocket. There are even slots for business cards if your artist sells their work. Don’t forget to add a personalized label with their name.

Derwent is undoubtedly one of the best brands for quality graphite pencils and sells their sets at highly affordable rates. This 24-count set provides artists a wide range of pencils, from the hardest shade of 9B to the softest of 9H.

This set is perfect for the artist who prefers to create highly detailed graphite drawings and doesn’t want to rely on one pencil for all their light and dark shading needs. We recommend pairing this gift with a quality drawing pad for the ultimate birthday or Christmas present.

This wooden organizer lets your artist neatly place all their materials precisely how they like them. Long gone are the days of tossing markers in Tupperware containers. Now they can display them proudly in your gift where they’re easy to access and put away. The organizer has a built-in drawer for other common tools and even comes with a mini stand to hold your phone or a reference photo.

This book is ideal for that artist in your life who loves to draw but often needs a little help in terms of references or directions. The book provides a step-by-step process for each drawing that is easy to follow and yields some fantastic and unique results.

As opposed to other common “how-to” drawing books, Holmes’ work provides innovative, creative, and whimsical images and walks the user through the fundamental skills and techniques necessary to create them.

If your drawing artist has all the tools and equipment necessary for their craft and you want to provide a more creative gift, consider this set of da Vinci sketches.

These reproduction prints depict four elegant but unique women sketched by da Vinci himself and would easily add an element of charm and grace to any room. The artist could hang them together as a collage or scatter them throughout their home, office, or workspace as permanent fixtures of beauty and inspiration.

These moveable action figures are far more accurate and versatile than their classic wooden counterparts, rendering them any artist’s dream. If you know that your artist loves to draw people and characters frequently, this gift would be excellent for them.

Each set includes one male and female figure, various hand attachments your artist can swap out when needed, and a few select props for additional fun. Both figures come with their own stand to hold them in place as the artist moves their anatomical features to match the pose they have in mind and create a highly realistic image.

Gifts for Artists Who Sculpt

They may not be as common as artists who draw or paint, but sculptors are by no means less creative and deserve amazing gifts of their own.

It can be tricky finding amazing gifts for this unique artistic medium but don’t worry; we’ve chosen some exceptional artsy options to make the process easier for you.

Candles are a common gift idea, but few are as unique and creative as these ones depicting two of the most famous sculptures. Gift your favorite sculptor a replica of David’s bust and that statue of Venus to adorn their living or workspace.

These beautifully crafted candles will bring the charm and elegance of High Renaissance and Grecian art to any space and envelope in a welcoming aroma. Perfect for clearing the mind during a sculpting session or winding down from a long day.

There’s nothing better than a quality sculpting pun than perhaps placing it on a coffee mug for a dose of daily humor.

Any sculptor would love to receive this “Seize the Clay” mug to either hold their favorite hot beverages or perhaps repurpose it to hold their sculpting tools. The mug is made of sturdy ceramic, and the vibrant print is microwave and dishwasher safe for many uses to come.

You’d be surprised at the number of tools a sculptor needs to create one of their masterpieces. Thankfully, Arteza’s kit has nearly all of them for a ridiculously affordable price. This makes the set an ideal budget gift for any sculptor just getting started or in desperate need of additional tools.

The set comes with 42 tools perfect for carving, molding, and smoothing features into any clay piece with precision and ease. The stainless-steel tips ensure durability and an easy-clean, so these tools won’t be easily damaged or in need of replacement any time soon.

Sculptures can be created from all types of materials, and one of the most beautiful is natural wood. This wooden mushroom sculpture perfectly captures the material’s natural beauty and essence and would be an exceptional gift to decorate a sculptor’s home or work desk.

The décor is extremely detailed and looks as if you snatched it straight off the forest floor. Lively mushrooms protrude from a captivatingly shaped log, perfectly sized to accent any shelf, table, or other furniture.

For the sculptor who has an affinity for ceramic work on the side, you’re going to want to gift them a banding wheel. This tool can make any pottery work simple and adds an element of ease to sculpting as you can turn your piece around the wheel rather than swiveling around it yourself.

If you know your sculptor has yet to acquire one of these, we highly recommend gifting them AMACO’s turntable banding wheel. Although it might not be the most creative gift, we guarantee your sculptor will be grateful for the convenience.

A beautifully crafted sculpture does the world no good if it’s tucked away in your sculptor’s studio or in a dark closet. Give your artist the means to show their work front-and-center with pride on this black sculpture stand.

Made from premium, high-quality acrylic, this block is the perfect pedestal for your sculptor’s work and will give it an air of professionalism as it rests elegantly for all to see. The cube is small and light enough to be easily portable for showing their work in public, or they can simply keep it at home for their favorite piece.

Gifts for Digital Artists

Digital art is one of the newest art forms and seamlessly blends an artist’s innate skill and creativity with the innovations of modern technology. Of course, since technology is involved, this is often one of the most expensive art forms as it requires pricy tools.

Though most gift-givers won’t go out and buy their beloved digital artists a $600 tablet or laptop, there are some exceptional gifts you can give them to support their creations and expand their artistic capabilities.

These highly fashionable and functional two-fingered gloves prevent digital artists from making unwanted additions to their work with the side of their hands. If you’re digital art friend or loved one doesn’t have one of these already, they sorely need one to save them a world of frustration.

But don’t just get them any basic artist glove. This option comes in a creative cosmic design that will fuel any artist’s imagination. It’s made of comfortable, premium elastane fabric and provides a smooth digital art experience.

Just like painters need their easels, digital artists need their stands. If they’re lucky, their tablet or laptop of choice will come with its own stand, but if it doesn’t, you can provide them a much-needed gift with this tablet stand.

MAX SMART’s stand is compatible with most tablets and laptops and allows the digital artist to choose one of six angles that best suits their needs. It’s easily portable and professionally designed with features for structural support and heat ventilation to ensure the safety of the artist’s priciest and most prized equipment.

If you’re looking for a really special gift to give your digital artist, maybe as a graduation present, consider investing in HP ENVY’s All in One printer.

Every digital artist wants a high-quality printer that will do their work justice and allow them to print exceptional copies for sale, show, or their portfolios.

This printer will allow them to do just that. Not only does it print on high-resolution paper, but it also has convenient Bluetooth connectivity to be wireless and connect to their laptop or even cell phone for quick, easy prints.

A digital artist’s tablet must be protected at all costs! Make sure your artists’ equipment is safe in this stylish and personalized table cover and stand.

The front of the cover is decorated with an elegant initial letter of your choosing and adorned with flowers. Each cover is made of high-quality synthetic leather and can convert into a tablet stand for easy artwork on the go. 

Its slim, lightweight design renders it easily portable and convenient to leave on the tablet at all times for maximum protection.

One of the most common programs used by digital artists in Photoshop. However, it can be devilishly tricky to navigate if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

Luckily, this shortcut keyboard skin makes working on Photoshop a breeze for your digital artist. The skin is made from heat molded silicone for a perfect fit onto your keyboard and clearly labels all of the most commonly used Photoshop tool shortcuts.

Now your artists won’t have to Google where to find that specific tool they need, and when they’re done, they can easily remove the skin and store it elsewhere for future use.

As you can tell by the title, this book is suited for new digital artists who are getting the hang of their craft on the classic Photoshop program. It features established artists, such as Charlie Bowater, and will take them through the step-by-step process of creating highly realistic and impressive characters from scratch.

With enough practice, they’ll create characters of their own without the book’s help and use what they learn in future digital art projects.

Gifts for Photography Artists

Photography is one of the more tech-heavy art forms as it relies on the artist understanding their equipment and having exceptional editing skills in order to create a work of art.

The easiest gift to give a photographer is a swanky new camera, but since a professional camera lens can cost over a grand on its own, we’ve listed some more affordable but still highly useful and creative gift options instead.

Any photographer would be overjoyed to receive this vintage camera organizer. This gift will look amazing on their desk next to all their best photos and artistic tools. The charming piece is an easy eye-catcher and can hold basic office supplies like pencils, scissors, and rulers.

At first glance, this gift looks like a quality lens that would fit onto any Canon EOS or Nikon D7500. It isn’t until your photographer inspects it further that they’ll discover this incredibly detailed lens is actually a highly functional lidded coffee mug.

Now they can take their coffee-to-go on one of their early photoshoots and carry it around in style. This mug is a direct lens replica of the Lens EF 24-105mm and looks so close to the original that your photographer friend is likely to confuse it with their real lenses once or twice. It has a 13.5-ounce capacity and is guaranteed to keep their favorite drink warm for hours while they click away.

This gift is perfect for photographers that enjoy having the convenience of printing any picture from anywhere, just using their phone. Maybe they like to take and sell pictures in public, so they need an easily portable printer, or maybe they travel frequently and can’t get to a standard printer as often as they’d like.

For whatever reason, Kodak’s wireless mini printer is perfect for this job and an exceptional gift to your photographer friend or family member that is constantly on the road and on the go.

When it comes to photography, the camera is just the beginning of the equipment photographers need. In addition to this essential tool, they also need:

  • Multiple lenses for various distances
  • Cleaning materials
  • A tripod
  • Extra SD cards

Some might even bring their laptop or that portable printer you gave them last Christmas. With so many tools, they need an easy way to carry them wherever they go, which is why they need this K&F camera backpack.

Not only is this backpack extremely stylish, but it can also carry any equipment your photographer could need easily and comfortably.

If you want a truly unique gift to give your photography artist, choose this vintage camera lamp.

This lamp is made from a real, repurposed 1940’s camera with a side flash, which is a really uncommon design and something your photographer has probably never seen before. Of course, this camera isn’t just cool, but it’s a fully functional lamp as well that plugs into any basic outlet.

This gift is great as a conversation starter and accent piece in your photographer’s home, office, or studio.

Sometimes all you need is a simple but personal gift to show your photography artist how you feel. For those of you looking to do just that, this personalized camera strap is the ideal choice. The high-quality leather strap can be purchased in various colors and personalized with the photographer’s name or initials. Simple, functional, but thoughtful, nonetheless.

Photography is like any other art form in the sense that artist block is a very real occurrence and can leave your photography feeling uninspired.

Help keep your photographer constantly looking for that next great shot with this deck of photography idea cards.

The deck is filled with random objects and places, and concepts that your photography friend can use to get out of the slump and back into their passion. Some of the ideas are extremely mundane, like an egg, which can pose a huge artistic challenge, and some are a little more creative and abstract, like “unappreciated beauty.”

Gifts for Young Artists

Not all artists are full-grown professional adults with a vast array of tools and creations. The passion for art usually starts at a young age and needs to be protected and nurtured from the very beginning.

If you’ve got a young artist in your life, but them an outlet for their creativity and wild imagination with one of these artsy gift ideas.

It might be a little more structured than a blank sketchpad, but some young artists love the achievement of creating something impressive and beautiful from a simple paint by numbers.

This set comes with four canvases centered around the theme of “Sunset/Sunrise Hawaii.” The finished products are absolutely gorgeous, and the set comes with everything your young painter needs to be successful.

These canvases are moderately difficult and would pose a great artistic challenge to teen artists.

With this multi-colored polymer clay set, young artists have an array of pottery and sculpting possibilities at their fingertips. The set comes with 57 colors and 19 tools to create their own unique masterpieces. This is also a great gift for families with your children or babysitters looking for new crafts.

Aquabeads are an artistic classic for young, creatively inclined kits. It comes with 840 in 16 different colors so kids can create all sorts of magical creatures, realistic animals, and everyday objects. Once they’ve made the image of their choice, they simply spray water to seal the beads for an everlasting work of art.

Sketchpads are great, but most kids want something a little more exciting to draw on. This rainbow magic scratch paper is the perfect alternative to help kids draw creative and colorful pictures. The kit has 100 pieces of paper, a scratch tool, and even a stamp for smaller cutouts. Perfect for an Easter or Christmas gift.

You can help turn any young artist’s room into their very own studio by gifting them this dual-sided easel. One side has a chalkboard, and the reverse has a whiteboard for more artistic versatility. There’s a convenient section for storing makers and chalk on a shelf underneath the easel as well. This gift is easy to use, easy to clean, and perfect for endless hours of artistic expression.

Cameras are usually pricy tools, so it’s rare to see a kid with one. However, you can change that by gifting your picture passionate kid one of Seckton’s kid cameras. This HD camera is suitable for kids aged 3-9, fully functional, and made from the safest shockproof materials. Now your little photographer can capture the world as they see it.

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