30 Best Gifts for Movie Lovers

Watching movies is one of the most popular hobbies on the planet. Luckily, this means there are plenty of different gifts for movie lovers available that are perfect for the movie lovers in your life.

Below you’ll find a list of 30 of the best gifts available for movie lovers. Whether you’re looking for some personalized home decor or a way for your favorite movie-loving friend or family member to commemorate their journey through cinema, there is something on this list for just about everyone.

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30 Best Gifts for the Movie Buff

Viewing Accessories for Movie Lovers

Some of the best gifts you can get for movie lovers are accessories designed to enhance the movie viewing experience. Gifts such as popcorn and snacks can make a movie night at home feel more like a night out at the theater. With just a few viewing accessories, movie lovers can get the best experiences of the movie theater in the comfort of their own living room.

For movie lovers who are tired of the same old pre-packaged popcorn packets, this popcorn kit offers a trio of fancy popcorn kernels along with five different types of gourmet seasoning. With a kit like this, the movie lover in your life will have a sophisticated snack to go along with whatever film they decide to watch.

Microwave popcorn is all well and good, but nothing beats the taste of air-popped popcorn when it comes time to watch a movie at home. Gift the movie lover in your life the gift of popcorn with that true movie theater flavor by giving them a hot air popcorn-making machine.

For some variety from the usual movie popcorn, this movie night gift bundle offers a wide variety of candy, cookies, and enough other snacks to share with the entire family. This gift bundle is the perfect way for making that movie premiere at the house extra special. Plenty of options to choose from means there’s bound to be a snack for everybody.

These reusable plastic popcorn containers have a modern aesthetic and they’re the perfect choice for dedicating to movie night. Putting microwave popcorn in a plastic container can help prevent oil from your popcorn from getting on your furniture or clothing, and it’s also a good way to serve traditional kettle corn too.

For those movie lovers who take their movie-watching seriously, a movie-watching journal can be the perfect accessory to keep close at hand to make notes on the movie they’re watching. Along with allowing users to rate the movies they watch, it also lets them write a review. This is the perfect gift for the inner movie critic in all of us. 

Clothing for Movie Lovers

Most movie lovers wear their love of movies on their sleeves. These clothing options for the movie lover in your life let them wear that love literally. From pins and patches to socks and tee-shirts, there are plenty of movie-themed clothing choices to choose from.

Giving movie-themed clothing may mean you’ll need to know exactly what kind of movies a person likes, but that’s part of the reason why these gifts are so charming.

Enamel pins are a great choice for gifting a movie lover since they act like an inconspicuous way to tell the world about some of your favorite films. This I Love Horror Movies pin is perfect for the horror cinephile you know, but there are plenty of other enamel movie-themed pins on the market to choose from. Pick a pin from your friend or family member’s favorite movie.

Graphic Tee-shirts representing your movie lover’s favorite film are also a great option for a gift. These tee-shirts are as diverse as the movies they represent, so you’ll have to know a little bit about the type of movies your movie lover likes to find one that speaks to them. This E.T. shirt is from a classic movie that is beloved around the world.

Movie socks are the perfect clothing accessory for movie lovers who want to express their love for movies even if they’re required to wear formal clothing. These socks are the perfect way to insert a little whimsy into a movie lover’s business attire.

Along with tee-shirts representing a movie lover’s favorite film, you also have the choice to pick out a tee-shirt that references a movie lover’s love for movies in general. This Eat Popcorn Watch Movies Ignore the World Tee-Shirt is a fun gift for movie lovers who love all movies indiscriminately.

Pajamas are a great gift for movie lovers, because who doesn’t like sitting around in your favorite pajamas watching your favorite movie? These Iron Man loungewear pajama pants are a good gift for people who want to be comfortable for movie night and look good while they’re at it. There are tons of other movie-themed pajamas out there for people who aren’t Marvel fans.

Like enamel pins, embroidery patches are a great way for movie lovers to discreetly express their love for their favorite films. If you give this gift along with a denim jacket, the movie lover can fill the rest of the jacket with patches of other films they enjoy too. This classic Jurassic Park iron-on patch is the perfect patch to get them started. 

Books for Movie Lovers

Many movie lovers are book lovers too, and these movie-themed books are a great meeting point between the two hobbies. Whether your movie lover wants a book to learn more about the history of film or they just want to make cocktails based on their favorite movie, there’s a book on this list to suit a wide variety of literary tastes.

Giving a movie lover books about movie making and other movie reference books is one way to help movie lovers take their cinematic hobby to the next level. Who knows? You may inspire the next Stephen Spielberg!

Vanity Fair’s Hollywood is a beautiful coffee book table that features plenty of essays, caricatures, and lavish illustrations that condenses eighty-seven years of Vanity Fair’s coverage of Hollywood antics into one reference.

For movie lovers who are as interested in the history of moviemaking as they are in the films themselves, The Story of Hollywood: An Illustrated History features over eight hundred vintage photographs documenting the rise of American cinema over the 20th century. 

This book for drinking movie lovers teaches them how to create some cocktails commemorating the most classic movies in cinematic history. It also contains other interesting marginalia such as drinking games, food recipes, and illustrations.

Another book for movie lovers who are as interested in the process of making films as they are in watching the end results, this book Letters from Hollywood features 135 letters and memos between some of the most famous actors, producers, writers, and directors in cinematic history. These letters are organized in chronological order and feature helpful annotations for reference.

Quoting their favorite movies is one of the favorite pastimes of a true movie lover, and this reference book acts as an awesome repository of some of the best movie quotes in movie history. The quotes in this book range from the hilarious to the profound, but all of them are sure to keep any movie lover entertained for hours.

Home Decor for Movie Lovers

Nothing says movie lover quite like a movie-themed home. Help your favorite movie lover decorate their space with some decor that expresses their love of film or makes them more comfortable while they’re watching their favorite movie.

Movie-themed home decor can range from the obvious to the subtle. Keep a movie lover’s overall interior design in mind when you choose movie-themed decor to go in their house.

This director’s chair is a great gag gift for any movie lover who is also a bit pushy around the house. It also makes a good chair to go along with a small utility desk or to set up on the outdoor patio since it’s lightweight and portable. 

Movie-themed coffee cups are a good casual gift for someone you know likes the movies since it’s a good bet that they drink tea or coffee. This tongue-in-cheek coffee mug is a whimsical choice for movie lovers who also love the dogs of film.

Movie posters are a fun way for movie lovers to express their love of individual films. They also make a great themed decor for a bedroom or family room where a lot of films are watched. This set of Steven Spielberg movie posters is a stylish way to pay tribute to some of the best movies in all of film: Jaws, Indiana Jones, and Jurassic Park.

Movie night is a lot more cozy if you have a comfortable blanket to wrap up in, and this faux fur throw is perfect for movie marathons on those cold winter nights. With a soft blanket like this, the biggest threat to a movie lover is accidentally falling asleep in the middle of the film.

Another way a movie lover might express their love for a film in a more discreet way is to buy a themed welcome mat referencing it. This Harry Potter doormat is only one example of a movie-themed welcome mat that would be perfect for movie lovers.

Technology for Movie Lovers

As technology advances in the 21st century, movie lovers are able to enhance their film-watching experience more and more in their home theater. Here are a few technological upgrades that can help improve your movie lover’s next home theater experience.

With technological tools like projectors and easy-to-assemble large-scale screens, emulating the movie theater experience at home is getting easier and easier. Give the movie lover in your life one of these technologies to take their movie-watching to the next level.

For those movie lovers who don’t have a large screen TV, this mini overhead projector is another way to get your theater fix at the house. This projector is rated to run for 55,000 hours and is compatible with HDMI, VGA, USB, and AV ports.

It’s hard for movie lovers to enjoy their movies at full volume after everyone else in the household has gone to bed. These wireless Bluetooth-enabled headphones from Bose can keep the movie marathon going long into the night.

Along with setting up a good viewing screen, another way movie lovers can evoke the feeling of the movie theater at home is to set up some decent mood lighting. This colored floor lamp from Dengala has a touch-sensitive remote and features dimmable rainbow-colored lights that won’t overpower the action on the TV screen.


Other than the good lighting, another thing movie lovers might miss watching a movie at home instead of the theater is the sound quality. This sound bar helps make up some of the difference by offering adjustable surround sound capability as well as a wireless Bluetooth connection.

Blow-up projector screens are a good choice for movie lovers who want to show a movie to a large group or those who want to replicate the theater experience as closely as possible by making the screen as large as they can. This fourteen-foot screen greatly exceeds the size of any home television and comes with a convenient carry bag for portability.

Memorabilia for Movie Lovers

Remembering movies that you’ve watched and loved is a huge part of the movie-watching hobby. Memorabilia are gifts ideas that can help movie lovers commemorate the most special movie experiences in their lives. Here are a few ideas for memorabilia that a movie lover might appreciate. 

For movie lovers who want to keep track of which movies they’ve seen at the theater, a ticket stub organizer serves as a way to keep all of their movie ticket stubs in one convenient place. This organizer is also a great place to write down any specific memories of the movie-going trip or rate the film. 

This scratch-off bucket list movie poster is the perfect gift for a movie lover who wants to expose themselves to more classic films, but doesn’t know exactly where to start. The poster features 250 of the best movies ever made and is designed so the person watching can scratch off any movie that they’ve seen.

This personalized Hollywood Stars of Fame decor kit is a good way for movie lovers to either put themselves in the Hollywood stars or display some of their favorite stars on the Walk of Fame. This kit is also a great way for a movie lover to commemorate a trip to Hollywood back at home. 

For movie lovers who want to keep their ticket stubs from the movie theater but don’t want to go through the trouble to organize them, this ticket stub shadow box features the best of both worlds. Using the shadow box allows movie lovers to display their movie stubs in a way that looks good but still has an eclectic look.

To help your movie lover pay homage to one of their absolute favorite films, try to track down a signed movie poster reprint like this Avengers: Endgame cast signed poster. These reprints allow movie lovers to display a reproduction of the cast signatures of their favorite films at a fraction of the cost it would require to buy a real signed copy. 

This clapboard photo frame is perfect for commemorating your favorite group photo from a trip to the movie theater. The frame is made of a sturdy acrylic material and is a great decor accessory for movie-themed rooms.


Gifts for Movie Lovers Are Diverse

At the end of the day, the types of gifts that are best for movie lovers are just as diverse as the types of movies you’ll find on the Turner Classic Movies network, and there are gifts to fit every gift-buying budget too. But no matter if the movie lover in your life loves arthouse films or B horror flicks, is obsessed with an original motion picture soundtrack, the list above is sure to inspire a great gift that speaks to their love of the movies.

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