30 Best Gifts for Soccer Fans

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world, so it’s no surprise how many soccer fans are out there. If you know someone who enjoys playing or watching soccer, then you can show your support for their passion and love for them as a person through one of our amazing soccer gifts that are sure to score! When it comes time to buy gifts for soccer fans, we have over 30 options that are sure to please any fan, even the young soccer fan.

Whether it’s for an anniversary, birthday, Christmas, or any other special occasion – these soccer gifts provide hours of entertainment and fun.

If you’re looking for a fun gift, a thoughtful gift, a unique soccer gift, these great gift ideas are sure to give you tons of ideas on selecting the perfect gift.

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30 Absolute Best Gifts for Soccer Fans

Soccer fans are a unique group of people that have a special love for the game. They live and breathe it; they watch every match, can talk about it for hours on end, and always need to know what’s going on in the soccer world. As a result, they can be notoriously tough to shop for. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. 

We’ve compiled the best gifts out there for the soccer fan in your life. The gifts are split into several categories to ensure there is a little something for everyone. Young, old, athlete, or spectator, we’ve got a gift for all types of soccer lovers. 

Gifts for Soccer Fan

Soccer fans are a very passionate bunch. They bleed their team’s colors, and they wear them on the outside, too. Help your die-hard soccer fan show the world their passion for this universal sport with one of these soccer gift ideas. 

If your soccer lover doesn’t have a favorite team, help them still commemorate the occasion of game day with this T-shirt. 

These club flags are perfect for the soccer lover devoted to beloved teams like Chelsea, Manchester United, and FC Barcelona. They are a fantastic piece of artsy décor to match their other team memorabilia. 

We all know that soccer fan that loves the sport so much it’s practically a science for them. This soccer field diagram is a great piece of décor that also reflects their strategic soccer mindset. 

Sports can definitely be an occasion for fun get-togethers and socialization. With these soccer candy molds; any fan could make decadent chocolates or other treats for a pre-game feast or a post-victory celebration. 

Your soccer fan might never play on a professional team that wins the World Cup trophy, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have one of their own. This replica would look fantastic in any soccer lover’s man cave, office space, or adorning a home shelf. 

A fun, simple gift for your young female soccer lover. You can personalize this jewelry dish with your fan’s first initial, and it’ll hold her favorite trinkets, jewelry, sporty hair ties, and more. 

Most die-hard fans have some sort of official soccer jerseys, either on display or that they don when their team hits the field. However, few have one of these sleek and stylish tracksuits that will make your favorite Culés will feel like a member of the team. 

Of course, it’s always soccer time, but this snazzy soccer ball clock will help you keep track of the passing seconds between each match with this soccer ball alarm clock. It also functions as a night light, making it a great gift for younger fans. 

There are few puzzles as unique and fun to build as this 3D version of Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge Stadium. Without a doubt, any Chelsea fan needs this gift to build during half-time and decorate their home. 

Sometimes your soccer fan gets a little too passionate during game time. Help them relax through a stressful half with a squishy mini soccer ball.

Gifts for Soccer Players

As one of the most popular sports in the world, there’s no doubt you know a soccer player or two. The best gifts for soccer players are ones that will improve their game and make them feel like they’re playing the game at its highest level. Of course, you can also find some fun, personalized gifts that demonstrate their love and drive for the sport. 

Your soccer player will never miss a scoring opportunity again after a few soccer practice sessions on this target net. 

If you want a more personalized gift for your female soccer player, try this wall sticker. The sticker shows them in the middle of an impressive kick with their name labeled above. 

Rain or shine, the game goes on! But when you have to practice the next morning after a rainy match, you need your cleats to dry quickly. This electric shoe dryer and warmer gives you comfortable dry cleats in no time.  

Being a soccer player is hard work, which is certainly evident in the smell of determination and victory that wafts out of their cleats all the time. Luckily, these soccer ball deodorizers can help them keep their cleats smelling clean and fresh. 

Every player loves a warm, fluffy blanket when they’re in the stands watching their favorite team or on the sidelines waiting to be subbed in. Of course, you want your gifts to be personal, which is why this blanket is perfect because you can decorate it with your soccer player’s name and favorite colors. 

Practice makes perfect, and these soccer cones let your soccer player perfect even the trickiest moves that’ll leave all their adversaries spinning. From dekes to fakes to basic dribbling, soccer cones are one of the best tools in a soccer player’s arsenal. 

The football flick is a fun, interactive tool you can give your younger soccer players for hours of entertainment and practice. It eliminates the need to chase after the ball after every shot and helps them practice skills like trapping until they’re a pro. 

Gifts for Soccer Coaches

Coaches are arguably the most influential individuals in any soccer player’s career. These caring men and women dedicate their time and resources to helping their players grow and thrive in this sport. Show your coach how much you appreciate their advice and support with one of these soccer-oriented gifts. 

Most coaches receive gifts when the season is over, and the team members will sadly go their separate ways. Make sure your coach remembers all the good times you had together with this coach’s sign decorated with each player’s unique signature. 

If you know your coach has plenty of wall art in their home or office, this wooden “soccer” sign is a great alternative. Each player can sign their name, and the piece will perfectly adorn any desk or shelf in your coach’s home or office space. 

Gifts for soccer fans

It’s no surprise that every soccer coach loves the sport. So, help them bring a little bit of their passion to work or any dress attire with this sleek soccer ball tie. 

Gifts for soccer fans

Make no mistake; soccer is a tactical sport filled with strategy and positional variation that can lead a team to victory or defeat. With this boogie board, your coach can visually detail all their genius plays for the team to see, which will surely lead to a win.

Show your coach how influential they are as a person and sport’s figure with this inspirational décor sign. It’s the perfect, simple gift for that coach in your life that doesn’t rely on team members.

Ah, the whistle. One of the telltale signs of a coach. If your favorite soccer coach needs a serious whistle upgrade or you just want them to start sparing their voice during practice, this personalized whistle would make a great gift.

Sometimes the best gifts for your soccer coach are the functional ones. There’s always that soccer field or two with one pitiful bench for a whole team of players, or worse, no seating at all. Help your coach stay prepared and keep their players well-rested with this portable, foldable team bench.

Soccer balls are by far the most essential pieces of equipment for a soccer match or practice session. They’re also incredibly hard to carry in large masses. With this heavy-duty mesh soccer bag, your coach can put a dozen or so soccer balls with ease. 


Everyone wants their gift to stand out and make a lasting impression long after the wrapping paper has been ripped off. We guarantee that no soccer-loving fan in your life has a soccer-related gift quite like these. 

Only the most enthusiastic and passionate soccer lovers can be seen using this soccer ball bathroom set. It’s a great family gift, ideal for any children’s bathroom. 

You’ve never seen a soccer bag quite like this one. If your soccer lover is a true FC Barcelona fan, then this gift is a “must have” for them. The bag can start in the shape of a soccer ball or extend to a full-on athletic bag. 

When your game moves on to overtime, instead of your soccer fan biting their nails, they can bite some freshly popped popcorn made from this unique soccer ball popcorn maker. 

Game time has never been more refreshing than with this Coca-Cola soccer ball cooler. It can keep five of your favorite drinks cold all the way from your pre-game/tailgating party to the post-game celebration. 

Not all soccer fans walk on two legs. Let your furry family member get in on the fun with this interactive ball toy. It’s a great gift to keep them busy while you’re watching your favorite team dominate the field. 

Final Thoughts On Gifts Those who Play Soccer or Simply Love their Soccer Ball

Soccer is a sport that has been around for thousands of years. It’s no surprise, then, that there are so many soccer-themed gifts on the market today! Whether you’re shopping for the soccer mom, the soccer star or the soccer enthusiast, we hope you were able to find an incredible soccer gift.