33 Awesome Gifts for Truck Drivers

Truck drivers are an essential part of our lives, whether we realize it or not. They are responsible for nationwide transport of everything from necessities such as food and clothing to iPads and cars. Without truck drivers, life as we know it would, at the very least, be much less convenient. Consider one of theses awesome gifts for truck drivers for the loved one in your life that holds this important job.

There are countless products available to buy as a gift that any truck driver is sure to love and appreciate. Truckers are always looking for new and unique ways to spruce up their trucks, and you would be surprised how many gift options you have to give to a truck driver.

Whether you personally know them or not, consider giving a local truck driver one of the following gifts to show your support and thanks for all their hard work. These gifts can be given for special occasions, holidays, birthdays, or just because. Read on to see our list of awesome and best gifts for truck drivers.

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33 Awesome Gifts for Truck Drivers

When it comes to choosing the best gift for a truck driver, you have several options. Practical, useful and comfort items are always a good bet, as they spend hours on end on the road. A funny, thoughtful gift is always welcomed to brighten up a truck driver’s day, or you could get them something for their truck itself.

We’ve broken down our gift ideas for truck drivers into a few different categories: accessories, small appliances and electronics, tools and kits, personal items, and more.


These truck accessories will help make life a little easier and lift the spirits of a truck driver, making for great gifts.

A lot of times, truck drivers don’t have the time or the luxury to sit down in a nice restaurant to eat their meals and snacks throughout the day. When it comes to gifts for truck drivers, this detachable steering wheel tray is a wonderful present for a trucker.

The tray allows the truck driver to eat any meal while on the road or stationed at a rest stop. When the truck is at a stop, the driver can also use the tray to work on a laptop or take notes, or even read a book. 

This lightweight tray is easily stored when it is not being used. It is also very affordable and available on Amazon!

Organizers that attach to the back or front of a car seat are often advertised to parents with children. However, these organizers also make great gifts for truck drivers who would find equal use out of them. 

The attachable seat pouches are perfect for eliminating clutter and keeping the inside of the truck clean and neat. With different sized pouches, it could hold almost anything a truck driver could take on the road. 

Attaching the organizer to the empty passenger seat next to the truck driver allows for them to easily and safely reach for their food, snacks, and any other belongings they may bring along!

Since it is dangerous for any driver to look down at their phone while driving, a phone mount is a safer option for phone use on the road. Amazon sells tons of adjustable phone mounts that are suitable for any size or model of cell phone. 

Many phone mounts on the market also offer anti-shake stabilizing technology, so the phone won’t shake too much on even the bumpiest of surfaces. Phone mounts are a perfect gift for the trucker who frequently uses their phone to get directions. 

Amazon also offers a great selection of seats made for truckers. Long hours and long days of sitting behind the steering wheel can cause a great amount of discomfort and aches on the human body. 

When it comes to gifts for truck drivers, a memory foam seat cushion is the perfect solution to curbing the pain of sitting too much. This particular cushion is designed to comfortably mold to the human body, making the truck driver’s job way more enjoyable!

Personal Items

Gifts for truck drivers don’t just have to be for their trucks specifically. With these personal gift items, you’re sure to find something that your gift recipient will love.

When driving during the day, the sun can create blinding glares that threaten the safety of truck drivers and those around them. A pair of polarized sunglasses from Amazon is a great way to almost eliminate these glares, making driving in the light of day much easier and more pleasant. 

Polarized sunglasses are different from any old pair of sunglasses because they are specifically designed for refracting harsh glares. They also offer more protection from UVA and UVB rays. 

There are tons of truck driver themed mugs with hilarious quotes and photos printed on them. An example of this is from Amazon, where you can find a mug that lists the ‘nutritional facts’ and ingredients of a truck driver. 

This is the perfect gift for most any driver since almost all of them love their caffeine and take a great deal of pride in their line of work. You can even find personalized to-go mugs and canisters that they can drink from while behind the wheel!

Another great gift for a truck driver is a personalized t-shirt with a hilarious quote or catchphrase printed on it. Amazon sells a great shirt in several different colors that say, “I don’t have road rage, you’re just an idiot.”

This is also a humorous display of truck driver sentiments while also poking fun at their infamous road rage.

Truck drivers often have to drive for hours on end under the hard heat of the sun. The sun’s UV rays cause painful sunburn and accelerate signs of aging like wrinkles and sunspots. Too much sun exposure over a long time can also lead to skin growths and skin cancer.

A cap is, therefore, a great addition to the truckers’ wardrobe for many reasons. The cap will protect them from sunburn and block out harsh sun rays that make it difficult to see clearly on the road. 

There are tons of inexpensive options for baseball caps available on the market. If they are avid sports fans, there is almost definitely a cap with their favorite teams’ logo or mascot. There are also inexpensive packs of baseball caps that come in a multitude of colors and other options available on Amazon.

Especially in colder weather or when they work in the cold hours of the night time, truckers definitely would appreciate a pair of gloves. Gloves are a great way to keep the blood in your fingers pumping, allowing hands to stay warm despite cold outside temperatures. 

Some kinds of gloves are insulated for extra warmth and made with stylish materials such as leather. You even get the option with some gloves that come with electric heating capabilities to keep the fingers extra toasty. 

Some even come with special material on the tips of the fingers, so you are able to use your phone still while wearing them. 

Yeti offers a wide selection of portable mugs and tumblers in many different sizes and colors. It is known for being one of the best manufacturers of portable containers, keeping liquids at perfect hot or cold temperatures even after long periods of time. 

Not only will they keep your drink nice and hot or nice and cold, but Yeti products are also extremely durable and long-lasting. Made of stainless steel, it is also double-walled with insulation to ensure it keeps your drink at just the right temperature.  

Electric blankets are perfect for truck drivers who have to work during cold spells of weather and climate. These blankets are rechargeable on the go and will warm its user up instantly.

Despite its name, camping towels are a great thing to have in the cab of a truck. If a trucker is in a particularly hot climate, they may sweat a great deal and be able to wipe away their perspiration. They also come in handy if there is some kind of spill in the cab, for when they may need a quick clean up along the way. 

Portable and collapsible mattresses are available in many different versions on Amazon. 

Since truckers sometimes have to spend nights along the road at rest stops, a mattress provides a great deal of comfort they wouldn’t otherwise have throughout their sleep.

Finally, a compact pillow from Amazon is a great gift for a trucker to receive. They can use it along the road as a neck, shoulder, or back pillow. They can also use it to take a quick nap or rest easy during the nights along the road.

Small Appliances and Electronics

Give the gift of comfort and convenience with this selection of small appliances and electronics. We chose the following products because they’re practical, thoughtful, and are sure to be appreciated as gifts for truck drivers.

Truck drivers spend most of the day sitting behind the wheel. This sedentary lifestyle can cause aches and pains for many drivers. Therefore a portable massager is a fantastic gift to give truckers!

Some messages also come with heating capabilities, which has great relaxing and healing benefits alongside a good massage. The warmth of the massager would also be super helpful to warm up truck drivers who drive through colder climates for extended periods of time. 

These massagers can come in a variety of colors, patterns, and sizes. Be sure to get one that can be charged on the road using the cigar lighter socket. That way, the receiver of the gift can use it to relax and warm up any time of the day for an unlimited amount of time!

A cordless handheld vacuum is a perfect gift for a neat truck driver who likes to keep his seat and dashboard extra clean and a great complement to a car trash can. There are many different models at different price points available. 

It is best to get a cordless one with tons of battery life, so your gift is easy to use and has long term use. If it runs out of battery, you can simply plug the device into the truck’s cigar lighter plug. Be sure to make sure the vacuum you gift to a trucker has this car changeable feature!

Flashlights are an absolute necessity for truck drivers who run the risk of breaking down after the sun has gone down. Trucks and their loaders sometimes also have mechanical issues that can be fixed along the road by an experienced truck driver. However, if they are unable to see it during the nighttime then they are out of luck. 

However, flashlights are often overlooked when truckers go on the job. Remind them how much you care for their safety with the gift of flashlights. 

While they eat meals so frequently on the road, truck drivers will often miss a nice hot meal. When it comes to gifts for truck drivers, a portable oven allows them to eat their food warm while still getting their job done.

Portable ovens also sometimes include chargers that can be used using a cigar lighter port. This way, they don’t have to pull over and search for an outlet to enjoy a hot meal. This present is literally giving the trucker the gift of a hot meal, which they are sure to treasure. 

A dashcam is an ideal present for a trucker who enjoys photography or making videos. It would also be a great gift for any truck driver who wants to capture their views along the road. 

Many dash cams like the one linked above have features including high definition resolution, night vision, and super easy designs for non-techies to use. 

They also come with built-in sensors that automatically detect shaking or turbulence along the road, which locks and saves the recording in even the extreme event of an accident or collision. 

A Garmin Navigator system is perfect for the trucker who does not use or have a cell phone to navigate their routes. Garmins are super user-friendly devices that get truck drivers where they need to go seamlessly. 

These devices are easy to read, as well. Users are guided via a programmed voice through landmarks, traffic lights, and buildings. It’s nearly impossible to get lost on a route while using a Garmin!

Many older trucks never came with or no longer have functioning radios within their Cab. And if a truck driver also doesn’t have a cellular phone to listen to music or podcasts through, they are out of luck and have to ride in silence. 

Luckily a Satellite Radio, available on Amazon, is a great gift to give a truck driver to fill their days with music, talk shows, sports reports, and so much more. Some devices even come with large displays and great speakers, making the use of these radios even more enjoyable. 

Bluetooth headphones are another wonderful present for truck drivers. They can enjoy wireless music and radio while they work and drive. 

Many headphones also come with noise-blocking technology. This way, if the trucker is resting at a noisy and bustling rest stop, they can simply put on the headphones and have a nice nap.

Tools and Kits

These truck driver gifts are the perfect way to let someone know you care about them. They are useful in an emergency or problematic situation, and will definitely be appreciated.

A tool kit is another fabulous option to gift a truck driver. Not only are they generally affordable, but tool kits are also extremely useful on the road and off of it.

Who knows what kind of problems arise during a truck driver’s average day? Any kind of mechanical issue can break down for the trucker or anyone else they come across on the job. They will certainly be grateful they were given a tool kit that could help save the day!

A tactical wallet is another useful and stylish gift for a truck driver, whether they are male or female. Not only do these products perform all the duties of your average wallet, but they also come with a number of tools that may come in handy across a trucker’s travels.

Often these tools include mini knives, saws, rulers, and so much more. The tool part is even detachable, so it can even be used by a truck driver when they go through airport security when he or she goes on their well-deserved vacation.

First Aid Kits are a necessity for everyone, but particularly they are important for truck drivers to have on hand. Often, they are driving through remote places that may be far from a pharmacy or drugstore. Therefore, a first aid kit would be great since it is easily accessible to patch up a minor wound.


Our last selections for the best gifts for truck drivers fall into a few categories. If you’re still looking for that perfect gift for a truck driver, check out these recommendations.

If you know a truck driver who is an avid reader or even looking to get into listening to audiobooks, an Audible subscription is a great gift idea. Audible subscriptions offer members an unlimited amount of hours to listen to audiobooks included in the cost of the subscription.  

There are countless books on Audible from a vast number of genres. Any truck driver can listen and enjoy a good book on the road, at rest, on their off days, and any other time in between.

Lock boxes that are portable are another great item to consider gifting a trucker. A lot of the time, Truckers are resting at stops with important personal possessions, such as cash, wallets, or keys. 

Lockboxes take the worry away of their items being stolen. This way, they can sleep a bit easier along the road! 

Long hours of eating and drinking in the same spot for days on end can sometimes become pretty smelly. Air fresheners are a cheap and deliciously smelling gift for truck drivers to spruce up their Cab.

Say, for example, a truck driver eats a delicious but aromatic meal of curry. With a good air freshener, they don’t have to smell that meal for the next several days!

As mentioned before, truckers often have long hours and days to get to their destinations. Therefore a lot of the time, stop at Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts along the way to refuel with some caffeine and snacks. 

A Starbucks gift card or a Dunkin Donuts Gift Card is available to purchase for a trucker at any price. Despite what the latter’s chain phrase says, Truckers really do run on Dunkin. 

Cleaning gel is a wonderful invention that is similar to a sticky putty that can clean just about any dusty service. Inside cars and trucks especially, there are countless little cracks and crevices that collect dirt and dust that look pretty unsightly.

This cleaning gel is perfect for reaching into tight corners and cleaning out dirt and dust that would otherwise be hard to remove. These kinds of gels are available on Amazon and other retailers and are incredibly useful!

Yeti also makes great coolers to keep a large amount of food and drinks cold over extended periods of time. Whether it is used inside a truck or at a rest stop for a picnic with other truckers, any truck driver is sure to find that a Yeti Cooler comes in handy quite a bit. 

They can be a bit expensive, but they are a great long term investment that a truck driver could make use of for many years to come. The small Yeti coolers can be found a little cheaper than the larger ones.

A care pack full of delicious goodies is another great gift for truck drivers to enjoy on and off the road. There are tons of care packages available on Amazon and beyond. 

Cyber Sweetz makes pre-made care packages full of salty snacks and candy. This is truly a delicious gift any truck driver is guaranteed to enjoy!

As you may already know, truck drivers have super long shifts and routes to navigate. Sometimes deadlines, weather conditions, or many other factors make their routes more rushed, leaving them with no time at all to stop and relieve themselves. 

Emergency Urinals can be used by both men and women who have to go on the road without stopping their truck. The model linked above is collapsible and easily cleaned after use. One less thing for your truck driver to worry about! 

Final Thoughts on Truck Driver Gift Ideas

For your favorite truck driver, we hope you were able to find the perfect truck driver gift. Most truck drivers will be happy to receive one of these awesome gift ideas. It may be just what they need to add to their truck driving experience. We’re confident we showed you the best gift ideas to complement their big rig and make their next truck stop a smooth one.