36 Best Ring Bearer Gifts

36 Fool-Proof Best Ring Bearer Gifts

Every person that takes part in your wedding is important, but the ring bearer has an indefinitely crucial role in protecting, carrying, and delivering the ring to the bride and groom. You can make the moment memorable with a gift from the heart to the ring bearer to ask them to participate or as a thank you for a job well done in your wedding.

Keep reading to find 36 of the fool-proof best ring bearer gifts that will make the protector of the rings in your wedding as happy as can be. These gifts range between asking gifts, keepsake gifts, and gifts to give a ring bearer that is a little older than the traditional age limit.

For the little one who is part of the wedding party, who will have the important task of carrying the wedding rings, we’re excited about which present you chose that are perfect for little boys. Some of these would also work for a flower girl.

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Asking Gifts For Ring Bearer

There is no better way to ask someone you love to be the ring bearer of your wedding than by doing it with a gift. So, here are some fun ways to ask the little one in your life to be a part of your big day.

This ring bearer gift is so fun. The ring pop box is a paper box wrapped in an elegant bow and encased in a sheer bag. Once the package is unwrapped, it can be opened simply by releasing the bow and exposing the ring pop inside, along with a message requesting the recipient to be your ring bearer. on your big day

Little kids love feeling important, and nothing says, “You’re important,” more than being the security guard for the most significant item in the wedding: the ring.

Ask your ring bearer to join you in your ceremony with this cute ring security kit, consisting of these items:

  • Ring security badge
  • Sunglasses
  • Fake earpiece
  • Secret mission card

The secret mission card included in the kit will ask the recipient if they will be your ring bearer.

What isn’t there to love about a confetti popper? It is fun, full of bright colors, and represents celebration—the perfect way to get the little one in your life on board with the big task of being the ring bearer in your wedding.

 Ask the question in a unique and exciting way by gifting your ring bearer this confetti popper which has a customized label for the ring bearer, bride, and grooms’ names.

The quickest way to a child’s heart is through their stomach (or so they say.) So, why not ask your ring bearer in mind if they are willing to take on the job with a giant box of candy bars?

 You can customize the lid of this box full of KitKat Bars to say whatever you want, and this ring bearer gift will surely entice the recipient to oblige the offer with the love of chocolate.

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A cookie is worth a thousand words. Well… maybe not, but they are a great way to request someone you really care about to be the ring bearer in your upcoming wedding.

 These delicious cookies can be customized with specific names and wedding colors to make your request more personal and a more aesthetic photo to add to your wedding scrapbook.


If you are looking to be a bit more creative and interested in gifting your soon-to-be ring bearer with a unique, one-of-a-kind present, take a look at our list of unique ideas for ring bearer gifts, and see if any of these ideas speak to you.

Let your ring bearer feel like a superhero for the day with this personalized, embroidered “security” cape.

 This is a soft hand-made, satin cape made specifically for the boy or girl tasked to protect the rings at your wedding.

These customized nightlights come in an array of designs with the ability to personalize them with professional engravings.

 This is a unique way to thank the ring bearer in your wedding for a job well done.

These customizable yo-yo’s offer one or two-sided engravings with your special messages or pictures carved into the wood.

 Giving a thank you gift that can double as a fun way to spend the day is an awesome way to surprise the ring bearer of your wedding.

 Bubbles are great for all occasions, and can be fun for all ages to play with. That’s why we feel this customized pewter bubble wand would be the ultimate gift.

 You get not only this beautiful heart-shaped bubble wand, but also the option of having a name up to 20 characters engraved into the handle. That makes this ring bearer gift more personal.

We all know and love the familiar “You Are My Sunshine” song, with or without the lyrics attached. This song is sentimental to so many people, making this engraved, hand-cranked wooden music box a great way to tell him how much you care about them.

No matter how old they are, kids dream about becoming ninjas at one stage of their lives or another. If you are asking that special ninja in your life, gifting them with this personalized “Ring bearer by day, ninja by night” t-shirt would be a great way to do it.

 This tee is made from soft cotton and eco-friendly ink, and is custom-made by hand.

Rugged Gifts for Ring Bearers

Kids love the outdoors, exploring, and, well, just being kids. That’s why we decided to add some rugged outdoor gifts to our list of the best gifts for ring bearers. You can’t go wrong when giving the gift of fun and adventure.

Don’t let him get lost before your wedding day. Thank them with a perfectly personalized engraved compass. This gift would be perfect for the little one with the interest of playing pirates.

 This compass is made to look antique and is crafted from brass and leather, guaranteed to make your special someone extremely happy.

Help your ring bearer never feel scared in the dark ever again. This personalized flashlight is perfect for outdoor camping adventures, playing hide and seek at night, or reading their favorite books under the covers.

 These flashlights are handmade and can be customized with any color, name, or design you choose.

Does your ring bearer need somewhere safe to store the rings until their big moment? Or maybe they need a place to store their compass, notebooks, and survival supplies. There is no better way to do this than with a custom fanny pack.

 These canvas fanny packs are customized with names, colors, and designs, and will fit any child perfectly with the adjustable straps, making them hands free at all times to do all of the things busy little ones do.

Keep your little camper cozy and warm while waiting for the Wedding festivities to start. This personalized nap mat is great for lounging around and staying warm. It will keep them from complaining and may even get them to nap while the rest of the party is busy.

 This nap mat comes with an attached pillow and is hand made with a variety of fabrics, letter fonts, and designs to choose from.

Give your ring bearer a personalized water bottle that won’t only help keep them hydrated during a day of play but personalize it so they can remember how important they are to you and your family every time they use it.

 This personalized water bottle is made from BPA-free plastic and professional-grade vinyl material.

This ring bearer gift will keep all of their essential things together on the big day in a personalized canvas tote.

 This multi-purpose bag is easy to carry and, better yet, easier to clean after they use it, exploring the world and storing their treasures during the wedding and for years after. 

Keepsake Gifts Ideas for Ring Bearer

Sometimes, the best gifts you can give are those from the heart. Here is a list of some beautifully crafted creations you may want to consider purchasing for your ring bearer.

This made-to-order cross necklace is the perfect gift to give the child you choose to carry your rings down the aisle on your wedding day.

 It is a handmade stainless steel necklace and cross and can have a personalized message added to its box.

A piggy bank never goes out of style, especially when it is made specifically for him.

 This specific piggy bank is hand-made from organic oak wood and finished with food-safe Mineral Oil. It has a well-crafted design that will look great with any bedroom decor.

This hand-crafted charm pin is made to order and can say whatever you want to make your ring bearer feel special on your wedding day.

 This is a great gift to give that will last a lifetime and may become that “something old” at their own wedding one day.

This namesake bracelet comes in gemstones or beads and can be customized to match your wedding day colors.

 These bracelets are made to order and can come with a charm of your choice if you wish. They are simple yet elegant and great for them to flaunt on your special day.

Does he love music? This personalized wedding guitar pick could be just the gift you are looking for.

 It is a hand-made stainless steel guitar pick that offers the opportunity to engrave a special message or their name into one or both sides. Then, give them something they can cherish forever.

If he’s on the younger side, and you are having trouble finding them the perfect gift? This personalized wooden truck is not only beautiful but is made specifically for its receiver.

 You can choose from cherry wood or maple wood and coat it with organic jojoba oil or natural beeswax. It is sanded down for a smooth touch. This truck is an excellent fit for little hands.

Fun Ring Bearer Gifts

Are you looking for a ring bearer gift that will make the long wedding day go by without a hitch? Here is a list of some fun presents you can give your special little one to keep them busy all day long.

This activity set includes:

  •  Collectible limousine toy
  •  24 page coloring book and stickers
  •  Package of crayons
  • Mini-markers
  • Pencil
  • Novelty eraser
  • Create-a-card for the bride and groom kit
  • Package of 8 Wikki Stix

This is a great gift that is fun, practical, and will keep him and the other kids in the party busy for hours

Kids love playing with toy trucks and cars and they are easy to travel with and small enough to store anywhere. For those reasons, these personalized trucks are a great gift to give your ring bearer when asking them to be part of your special day.

 These vehicles are hand made from metal, plastic, and vinyl and can be customized to any color of your choice. You can also personalize these trucks to say whatever you want on the front, sides, back, and top.

For those little hockey lovers in your life, purchase them the gift of a beautifully engraved hockey stick that has their name and their title etched into the wood.

These light-weight hockey sticks can be used for decoration or even played with, making them a great gift.

This personalized soccer ball is a great gift idea for an athletic child and is sure to get you a huge smile.

 This hand-made leather soccer ball offers you the option of font and color for the message you would like added.

Here is an adorable stuffed elephant that is as soft as he is cute. You can personalize this animal with your ring bearer’s name or a message on the elephant’s ears through high-quality, heat-transferable vinyl material.

 You can choose from numerous accessories that are hand made and attached to your elephant to make it just as special as the child you are giving it to.

If they are interested in music and entertaining the guests of your wedding, this bamboo flute will make a fabulous musical gift to give.

 The flute is hand-crafted from authentic bamboo and is decorated with abstract graphics making it look amazing. You can also have your ring bearer’s name engraved into this flute with a beautiful music notes style font. 

Gifts for Ring Bearer Who Are a Little Bit Older

Contrary to many beliefs, ring bearers are not always younger children in the family. There are many times when teens are asked to take on this important task. Here is a list of great gifts to give older kids that are going to be the keeper of the rings in your wedding.

This faux-leather wallet has a great look for any teen, offering 3 slots on each flap and a large compartment underneath. When unfolded, the wallet is large enough to hold a full length bill.

 These wallets offer a large variety of designs and fonts so you can customize it to fit their personality.

Dog tag necklaces are great for engraving and can be worn by just about anyone. The specific dog tags offer an array of designs and can have your wedding date, your ring bearer’s name, or a message of appreciation scribed into the metal with any font you desire.

 This is a great way to give a gift even a teenager can appreciate. These dog tags can be worn around your neck, hung up in your car, or attached to a backpack or purse, making it a versatile and unique gift to give. 

A personal journal is a treasure to many. It gives you the freedom to scribble down your deepest and most personal thoughts in a secret and secure place.

 This leather journal is beautiful and has a natural, rustic look. It comes in different colored leathers and a tie string to hold the book closed.

 Add a message to the inside flap to make this journal personal and memorable for the ring bearer you are buying it for.

If your ring bearer is a reader, giving them a custom bookmark is a great way to say thank you for being present on such an important day.

 These custom bookmarks are made from genuine leather and come in many colors. You can give it blank or add your own message to let them know how much you care about them.

Tell you ring bearer that they are the best with this optical illusion lamp. This is a great gift to give a sports loving ring kid.

 This lamp comes with touch-control color changing lights and an easy to use remote. It’s the perfect size to fit in any room or space and will go with any decor.


An engraved pocket watch is a go-to gift for many. These watches are timeless and beautiful and, thanks to the option to personalize, they are the perfect gift to make your ring bearer feel utterly appreciated.

 These pocket watches are made from stainless steel and their gorgeous boxes are hand-crafted from wood. Choose the design you love and a message that comes from the heart.