39 Best White Elephant Gifts Everyone Will Fight For

If you are planning on playing White Elephant anytime soon, you may need ideas for great gifts to bring. This Yankee swap game makes for a fun and entertaining time, but sometimes you may not know what to buy. There are so many options, how do you know which one will be a hit or a miss? This is a list of some of the best White Elephant gifts for your next gift exchange.

Whether you are playing dirty Santa or white elephant for a birthday party, a Christmas celebration, or you just need some ideas on gifts to get for your significant other, look no further. 

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Best White Elephant Gift Ideas

White Elephant Gifts For Men

Men can be tough to buy gifts for. Add in a Yankee swap game, and it can get even tougher. How do you know if they will find this funny or not? It can quickly become stressful and overwhelming. Lucky for you, here is a list of great gifts to buy that will make any man happy.

When it comes to white elephant gifts everyone will love, any man, regardless if they are a dad or not, will find this mat funny. When you give this mat as a gift in your Yankee swap, you will be dubbed as the “dad joke master”. Be prepared to handle that title.

Do you know a man in your life who cannot seem to stay away from the grill? If so, this is a great present to buy. Those playing white elephant will be envying anyone who ends up with this large grill set. It comes with high-quality tools along with many different accessories. No one will blame you if you end up taking this gift back home.

When you have to go, you must go. But you should not have to go without some entertainment. A mini-golf game while you are doing your business is the perfect way to make the most of your potty time. Grab your favorite golf hat, best golf shoes, and you are off to a great start.

Any coffee lover in your life will thank you for this mug warmer gift from Amazon. Everyone hates when their favorite caffeinated beverage gets cold, and this gift is the perfect solution to that problem. If there are some non-coffee drinkers in the crowd, they will be happy to know this can also be used to warm up tea, hot cocoa, and cider. 

Every man, whether he is planning on becoming a father or not, needs to know a couple of good dad jokes to fulfill their role here on earth. This is why this book that is filled with dad jokes is the perfect gift for any guy you know. Not only are these jokes funny, but they are suitable for all ages. 

Here again, we have another alcohol-related Yankee swap gift idea. The neatest thing about this flask is that it does not appear to be a flask at all! You will be able to take this gift to the beach, the pool, and anywhere the sun shines. Get ready for a bright and boozy day whenever these mock sunscreen bottles are around!

A nice beard balm moisturizer is something that a hairy man will want to have around. Anyone without a beard does not realize how serious beard care can be. If there are men with even a little bit of facial hair in your white elephant party, they will be fighting over this gift all night.

Shower yourself or others with this beer holding gift that is proven to make people stay in the shower longer. Even if you are taking a shower directed by Satan himself, this holder will keep your beer at a cool temperature. What a convenient way to have some fun!

White Elephant Gifts For Women

Women can be easier to buy for than men, but that does not necessarily make the gift buying process any less stressful. Not only is the following list full of gifts that will appeal to women of every kind, but they are also useful white elephant gifts that will be helpful to almost anyone.

Every person who wears makeup wishes that they had a better way to organize their sponges and brushes. The sponge egg carton on Amazon does just that for your egg-shaped sponges! Receivers of this gift will be laughing at the egg carton until they realize that there are high-quality sponges inside.

Do you know a girl who considers their pet to be their child? When it comes to the dog lovers in your group, this is one of those white elephant gifts everyone will love The puppy planter that is a succulent holder is great for both a home and work environment. It comes in a wide variety of dog breeds, so Lassies of all kinds are represented. 

This new take on the classic frat party game will get those preparing to have a bachelorette party excited and ready for some fun. All you need is your favorite Prosecco, and the balls and cups are supplied. This is not only great for bachelorette parties but can be enjoyed anytime. This fun gift is sure to be popular at your white elephant party.

Any argument a person may have with you is truly “irrelephant”, and this fun cup is the perfect way to tell them that. It is sparkly, comes with a lid, and is stainless steel. Who would want anything more? No one. And if you disagree, look at the cup.

A diffuser that allows you to use your favorite scents and oils is all everyone is talking about right now. Unlike candles that have to be put out anytime, you leave your home, diffusers can be left unsupervised. With this diffuser from amazon, the receiver’s home will be left smelling amazing!

Getting your nails done is such a special treat that may not happen often due to how expensive it can become. But with a lamp that dries gel nails, using it will make you or the receiver of this Yankee swap gift feel like they are at a high-class salon. And it is under $25!

Almost any girl you meet will tell you that they are in love with bath bombs. They make for an excellent relaxation tool after a long week, and these handmade bath bombs on Amazon are no different. Coming in a variety of colors and scents, your white elephant players will be excited to see these.

Sloth fanatics all around will be feuding for a soft and cuddly sloth pillow like this one on Amazon. For a little under $20, you can have something that is not only huggable but also portable. If you give this as a gift for a white elephant game, prepare for the crowd to love you.

This gift is an excellent part of a bridesmaid basket for my wedding party. This inspiring bracelet is also great for any white elephant party where there are a few bad a** women playing. While it is dainty, it is also encouraging people to be their true selves. 

Selfies are something that allows you to have a cute picture of yourself and your friends after a fun night out. What ruins a good selfie, however, is bad lighting. To combat this, here is a great ring light sold on Amazon that enhances your selfies and makes them look so much better. Your pictures will never look the same.

White Elephant Gifts For The Food Lovers

Whenever you walk away from a Yankee swap without a food-related gift, it can be a bit disappointing if you are a food lover. Sure, any other gift is great, but food makes it that much better. If you know a few foodies who will be in the gift swapping group, here are some excellent ideas. 

Many people in this world love everything about bacon. If they could, they would incorporate bacon into each of their meals! If someone in your white elephant group is on that level of bacon-loving, then these bacon mints are just what they need. 

This funny gag gift will make them laugh while they are secretly dying from the excitement on the inside.

Popcorn bags are frustrating. There always seems to be a ridiculous amount of kernels that do not get popped. With this silicone popcorn popper, there is no longer a concern for unpopped kernels. It comes with a lid and built-in handles that allow you to have the best popping experience. 

Take a regular-sized waffle maker, shrink it down into something portable, and here is the answer to all of your problems in life. Okay, maybe not all of them, but it is at least the answer to all of your waffle problems. This adorable gift will certainly be one of those  popular gifts.

Jerky lovers of all kinds know that it is an expensive buy these days. The snack comes from all kinds of sources, and you can buy a variety pack of jerky from Amazon that includes kangaroo, buffalo, and alligator jerky. 

Those who are playing white elephant will be trying to grab this gift all night. If you like jerky too, be sure to steal yourself a piece before you wrap the present up!

Hilariously named Fifty Shades of Chicken, this gives readers who loved the original series another reason to love the books and films. Readers of this book will find an assortment of ways that speak to their chicken-loving self. The fact that you can get this as an ebook or a hardcover copy makes it even better!

Everyone will need a cutting board at some point in their cooking career, even if it is only to chop up onions a time or two. And if that is the case, why not make it a Breaking Bad cutting board? It is made of bamboo and is the perfect size for any of your cutting board needs. 

Yes, you read that right. Bar-B-Que sauce as a white elephant gift. Anyone who loves a good BBQ will be grateful for this present, as it comes in an entire gallon. This is an excellent sauce that will make the recipient want to begin cooking as soon as they open it.

Have you ever written things down on a grocery list but end up forgetting to put them on the list? If that is you, then this grocery list on Amazon gives you pictures instead of lines for a list. This makes grocery shopping much easier for someone who does better with visual images. Wrap this gift up before you use it for yourself!

Get the best of both beer and hot sauce worlds when you buy this spiked gift. Anyone who has to have a cold beverage and a spicy meal will appreciate you for this white elephant gift. With three exciting flavors, the possibilities for adding these to recipes are endless!

White Elephant Gifts Useful For Everyone

Oftentimes when you play white elephant you will be seeing many hilarious gag gifts. Even though they are funny, they are not always the most useful. Check out this next category for some white elephant gifts that people will want to use immediately.

Traveling is great, but one of the most frustrating parts is how unorganized a wallet can become during or after the trip. This wallet comes with a variation of pockets and serves as a wonderful way to keep many things organized. You can also order it in different colors!

These organizable notes are much more than the average reminder. With this gift, you will be giving a pad full of notes that can be put into categories. What a helpful way to prioritize things! The society we are living in is chaotic, but that does not mean our brains have to be.

This product from Amazon is listed as a useful white elephant gift because it is. Everyone gets angry at work for many different reasons, and if this keeps you from hitting an actual person or punching a hole in the wall, then it is useful. Stay entertained and energized with this mini boxing set.

These table coasters can be used when you would like to get your point across without sounding like a horrible person. Be aware that these include profanity, so they are not exactly family-friendly, but they do make for a clear message. The coasters also say please, which automatically makes them not as rude. 

Avoid the frustration of tangled headphones with this awesome headphone yoyo. It keeps your headphones wrapped up properly without a knot in sight. Portable and easy to use, this gift will be wanted by everyone.

If anyone playing Yankee swap with you suffers from anxiety, be sure to consider buying this weighted blanket and giving it as your gift. Not only is the blanket super soft, but you can also buy it according to which weight you would prefer to have. The larger the person you are buying for is, the heavier the blanket will need to be. 

For those who find themselves watching Netflix much more than they would care to admit, this white elephant gift will be a game-changer. Instead of having to use your hands or try to prop up your phone, you can now connect your phone to this neck holder for an amazing hands-free experience!

There is not always the luxury available to play music out loud as you go to sleep, whether that be because of a roommate or cranky neighbor with thin walls. 

Regardless, many people enjoy sleeping with music playing, and the inventors of this headband with headphones sewn inside made this possible. This awesome accessory can also be used for running in the cold weather.

Everyone needs some kind of calendar to keep up with all of their important dates. Everyone also needs puppies in their life. Why not have both? 

You can with this calendar that is filled with dogs that are doing their business. If this were not great enough, what is even greater is that $1 is donated to a humane society every time this calendar is purchased. 

Do you or someone you know to struggle with drinking an adequate amount of water? This water bottle solves all of your problems! It gives you lines with different times labeled on each, so you know how much water needs to be drunk. 

Seeing the different lines is extremely motivational and helpful. Get your Yankee swap group on their way to a healthier lifestyle with this gift.

Other Great White Elephant Gift Ideas

Add in this cool pizza cutter features gadget.

Final Thoughts on Finding a Great Gift for Your White Elephant Gift Exchange

We hope you were able to find the perfect white elephant gift with our list. Whether it’s for a secret Santa gifts exchange or any other holiday party game, we’re confident you found the perfect gift.