26 Absolute Best Yoga Gifts

Namaste gift-givers: it’s finally time to find the perfect gift for the yoga lover in your life that reflects their passion for this ancient mental, physical, and emotional practice. If you’re desperately searching for the ideal yoga gift for your yoga lover, we have 25 of the absolute best yoga gifts to choose from. These can be given for nearly any occasion, from birthdays and general celebrations to Christmas, graduations, and more. 

For many, yoga practice isn’t just something they do, it’s a spiritual journey, it’s just the thing that gives them positive energy, good vibes and is the best form of self-care.

With this gift guide, we’re confident you’ll find a great gift for that special someone.

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26 Absolute Best Yoga Gifts

The practices and disciplines of yoga date back several centuries, and yet, they’re still being used daily by avid yogis and yoga teachers worldwide. Not only is it an exceptional form of exercise, but it’s also a great way to relax and teach/learn mindfulness. 

The yoga gift ideas listed below will signify any yoga lover’s passion for this practice and help with their daily yoga pursuits. The gifts range from functional to decorative to purely educational, so there is a wide range of options to suit any individual. 

Additionally, gifts are separated into five easy categories to help you find the perfect yoga present that much faster. We detail exceptional options for both male and female yogis, as well as yoga moms, teachers, and students. 

Gifts for Yogis - Yoga Gifts for Women

Research shows that over 80 percent of all yogis, meaning yoga practitioners, are women. So, there’s a strong chance the individual you’re shopping for falls under this category. If they do, we’ve got you covered with our selection of yoga gifts guaranteed to please any recipient and have them itching for their mat. 

Proper, relaxed breathing is essential to any successful yoga session, and this elegant gold necklace is the perfect reminder of this. The “breathe” symbol will hang gracefully on her neck and serve as a life motto that a good, relaxing breath can do wonders, both in and out of the yoga studio. 

Sometimes the best gifts are the functional ones she’ll use almost daily. This simple but stylish tank top depicts the chakras down the spine and symbols the importance of keeping them aligned, balanced, and present in her daily mediations. 

They might not give you as much grip as normal non-slip yoga socks, but they’re definitely cuter! Any outfit, yoga or otherwise, immediately has an element of character and adorable charm, with these socks depicting avocados performing classic yoga poses. 

Creating yoga-infused pastries is simple with this mini yoga embossed rolling pin. Instead of cutting out a bunch of individual cookies, this pin lets your roll fun yoga poses onto any sheet of dough for a quick and easy treat. Perfect for a yoga party or post-session snack. 

Yoga Gifts for Men

They might not be the majority, but male yogis are certainly out there and just as passionate about this practice as the women. Give the male yogi in your life some well-deserved yoga-inspired gifts from our recommendations below. 

Give him a new challenge with his yoga training with this Indo yoga board. These boards are a relatively new tool in the yoga industry, as they fuse a common skateboard and surfing balance apparatus with yoga poses. A few sessions with this, and he’ll be as sturdy as a tree. 

Buddha is commonly associated with mediation and yoga and can serve as a fantastic piece of décor and inspiration in his yoga studio or room. This antique-styled statue is beautifully crafted and will add an element of balance and peace to any atmosphere. 

Few yoga books focus solely on male yogis and even fewer for those new to the practice. If you know someone that’s just starting their yoga path, get them this fun “How to” by Yoga Matt to get them started. 

Help him clear the energy in his yoga studio or room quickly with this divinely scented energy clearing smudge spray. The sage and cedarwood scent is perfect for helping him clear his mind, relax and enter a mindful state for his session with ease.  

This yoga typography T-shirt is great for everyday casual wear off the yoga mat. The shirt depicts a person in the classic yoga pose and is created from common yoga terminology like “vinyasa,” “shakti,” “mudra,” and more. Now he can subtly but proudly wear something in public that reflects his love for yoga.  

Yoga Gifts for Mom

Moms make up a huge number of the yogi population, so much so that there are even classes called “mom yoga” where they can bring their kids to join the fun. Many moms love yoga for its easy but effective exercise and relaxation benefits. If your mom, aunt, mother-in-law, or even grandmother is a yoga lover, these gifts are perfect for them. 

With all the chaos surrounding motherhood, give her some order in her yoga space with this simple but effective wall mount. The mount can hold up to three of her favorite yoga mat and/or rollers and comes with three hanger pegs for stretching bands, headbands, and other common articles of yoga equipment. 

Yoga mats are a very common gift for yoga lovers, but fewer yogis are given a comfortable and stylish meditation cushion such as this one. Meditation is certainly an important element of yoga, but it is even more relevant for mothers trying to wash away their daily stress. This cushion will give her a comfortable start to any successful meditation session. 

Classic, tight-fitting yoga pants are certainly the typical choice when it comes to most practices, particularly the higher-energy styles. However, loose-fitted pants are great for slower yoga classes like restorative or yin. You can’t go wrong as they are super comfortable.

Incense burners are another common yoga gift, but flowing water can be a fantastic alternative for meditation, relaxation, and focus during a session. This tabletop fountain can easily fit anywhere your yoga mom practices and will create the perfect atmosphere for her session. 

Sometimes you need a little extra help when it comes to relieving and reducing stress, and these “stress less” cards will help her do just that. Each card has a unique and effective exercise to help promote positive mindfulness and restorative meditation. 

A yoga session can quickly go downhill if you’re constantly fighting with your hair to steer clear of your face. Luckily, these boho-styled yoga headbands are perfect for keeping her vision hair-free so she can focus on other important matters, like breathing, balance, and mindfulness. 

Gifts for Yoga Teachers

Some of the most passionate yogis in the world are those who have dedicated their lives to exploring and sharing the practice of yoga as professional teachers and instructors. Of course, when someone has made a career out of yoga, it can be difficult to find them a yoga gift they don’t already have. Fortunately, we have a few options we’re sure any yoga teacher would love and probably doesn’t have yet. 

There’s a great deal that goes into planning a yoga class for others so that this yoga sequence journal can be an exceptional tool to any yoga teacher, especially those starting their first sessions. The book provides blank boxes for yoga sequences on one side and a note section on the other for a fun and creative way to organize class content. 

Chakras are an essential teaching in most yoga practices, and this gift beautifully combines the importance of this practice with the common yoga symbol, the tree of life. The tree itself is made of wood and stone, while golden-wire branches stretch out and end in chakra-colored gem leaves. A gorgeous piece of décor for any living or yoga space. 

Not all yoga teachers use a trapeze swing in their training or classes, but gifting one can give them the opportunity to explore a new side of their passion. Not only can this piece of equipment help them with their poses and strength, but it’s also exceptional for relieving any pain they might have from a long day in the studio. 

Another great, simple gift to relieve some of your yoga teacher’s pain is this massage therapy ball set. These are created specifically for massage and physical therapy and can help your yoga instructor work out some deep, point-specific pains they might have in a matter of seconds. 

Everyone rushes to get their yoga enthusiast a carrying bag for their yoga mat, but yoga teachers carry much more than that to their classes and career seminars. Give them something they can use every day for easy organization and travel with this stunning backpack. Inside they can fit their books, notepads, laptop, and any other class essentials.

Gifts for Yoga Teaching Students

Most individuals that decide to be yoga instructors will go through yoga school and obtain their official certifications first. This process can be as rigorous and extensive as any other form of schooling, so we chose several yoga gifts for these future teachers to make the process more fun and easier. 

With this poster hanging on their walls, they’ll have all the asanas memorized and mastered in no time. Nearly 100 poses are artfully illustrated and labeled on this gift and can be purchased in various sizes to best suit your student’s home or yoga space. 

Don’t just get them a mat; get your yogi friend all the yoga props they would need. Inside an easily portable carrying bag, you’ll find:

  • 1 yoga mat
  • 2 yoga blocks
  • 1 yoga strap
  • 1 mat yoga towel
  • 1 microfiber towel

Everything is made of the highest quality materials and guaranteed to last them throughout their schooling years and beyond. If you decide to go with this set, you might also want to throw in a yoga mat spray which is always very handy to have on hand.


Once they complete their training and receive their official certification as a yoga instructor, they’ll be able to display their hard work proudly with this elegant diploma frame. The sophisticated design would look stunning in their future yoga studio office and will remind them of how far they’ve come in their career. 

You’d be surprised at how much a yoga student has to study and learn before they can officially earn their certification. With topics ranging from Sutras of Patanjali to dharma and karma and even anatomy and physiology, there’s a lot to remember, which is why they need a little fun added to the process with this “Romaine Calm” notebook. 

It’s quite possible this book is already on their curriculum, but if it isn’t, “The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali” is one of the most highly recommended books by certified yoga teachers, and it will undoubtedly enrich and expand your yoga students’ learning horizons. 

Final Thoughts on Gift Giving To Those Who Love Practicing Yoga

Whether the yoga lover in your life is a certified yoga instructor, loves to mix up their yoga practice between hot yoga class or a yoga routine that’s part of their cardio workouts, finding a thoughtful gift can be hard. We hope this list will make buying gifts relieve stress and bring you inner peace this holiday season or any other event you might be celebrating.