28 Amazing Gifts for In-laws

Marriages are wonderful because they add to our family. Whether you’re looking for Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, or a unique gift for anniversaries, or just because, consider one of these amazing gifts for inlaws that is sure to impress them with the best gift. If you might also be interested in these gifts for a sister in law and daughter in law

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28 Amazing Gifts for Inlaws

Need to come up with some gifts for inlaws? What about something that will impress your no-nonsense father-in-law. Maybe you already have a headache just thinking about it. No worries! Check out our list of 28 gift ideas for any type of in-laws and any occasion!

Sentimental Gifts for InLaws

Your in-laws are truly a part of your family, and giving them a gift to remind them of that is an excellent way to get in their good graces. These gifts for in laws will help you share and form new memories with your in-laws.  

If you live far from your in-laws or have kids, then the Skylight Digital Picture Frame is sure to delight your in-laws. With a Skylight, you can instantly send pictures to their house creating a constantly updated slideshow of memories.

At $160 you can get the Skylight frame and have the ability to send as many pictures of their grandkids as they can desire to your in-laws. In addition, for a yearly subscription, Skylight will also allow you to send videos and messages. This gift is the perfect way to stay in touch with your in-laws from anywhere.

If you want are searching for a memorable gift that will bring everyone closer, then StoryWorth has the option for you. Sign your in-laws up for StoryWorth, and they will receive an email once a week for a year asking them questions about their life that they answer with stories.

At the end of the year, you will have a collection of stories to which you can add pictures and then print them into a bound back. Preserve your in-law’s memories and experiences with this unforgettable gift.

Remind your in-laws of all the people who love them with this family tree poster! This poster is beautifully designed and holds enough blank spaces to record up to six generations. Let your in-laws record their history for their grandkids and great-grandkids to come.

This gift is a great way to spark stories and encourage your family to learn about each other and add to their home decor!

When it comes to personalized jewelry, the options can be overwhelming. Luckily this birthstone necklace from Mignon and Mignon is a wonderful selection for any necklace wearing in-law.

Whether it has her kids or grandkids, this necklace can also become a touching family tree necklace with the birthstones and initials of each child. Whatever her age this necklace will go with anything and anyone!

Chances are if you have a lot of people to remember and shop for, your father-in-law and mother-in-law have even more. You can help ease the stress and create a cute keepsake with this Days to Remember Board.

Costing around $20, these boards allow your in-laws to see at a glance the birthdays, anniversaries, and other special events for each month. If you want something more customized you can easily find these boards on websites with more customization options.

Practical Gifts for In-Laws

Nothing tells your in-laws that you get them than a handy gift that they will actually use. Your in-laws are sure to think of you with a smile every time they use one of these practical gifts.

If your in-laws are more practical gift-givers, then this emergency car kit is sure to impress them with your responsibility and concern. This affordable this kit has 125 pieces of equipment to keep your in-laws safe in any kind of roadside emergency.

Give yourself and your in-laws peace of mind with this useful gift choice.

If your mother-in-law is the type of person who likes to run a tight ship but is also able to do less as she gets older, then a robot vacuum will make her day.

The Roomba from iRobot is a quality choice that will keep her house clean and save your mother-in-law from having to sweep and mop. Give your mother-in-law the gift of time off and a clean house, and you are sure to become her favorite.

This 7 in 1 kitchen gadget is perfect for in-laws that like to cook and for in-laws that want to make cooking easier. The Instapot is an electric pressure cooker, sterilizer, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, saute, yogurt maker, and warmer.

The Instapot not only makes serving up delicious meals easy, but it also saves space by acting as 7 different appliances in one. This is a gift your in-laws will definitely find themselves using again and again.

Over his lifetime, your father-in-law may have gathered quite a collection of tools for various projects, and if he is one of the many men who have allowed that collection to spread in various areas, then this tool tower from Rubbermaid will help him get things contained again.

For $75, this caddy will help your father-in-law organize his garage so that he can find things better and store his equipment safely. Besides your mother-in-law will likely thank you too for helping clear the clutter in the garage!

If your in-laws like to garden, then this gift will quickly become something they cannot live without. This ten-piece gardening set from Inno Stage comes with a stool, a storage bag, six gardening tools, gloves, and even a knee pad for around $90.

Sturdy enough to be used by your father-in-law as well as your mother-in-law, this set will help them continue doing what they love without hurting their back and knees.

It is a universal truth that women suffer from a lack of pockets. While purses offer a ton of storage, they make it difficult to quickly access often-used items like your phone. Now there is a solution to this problem: the travel scarf.

For the camper or hiker father-in-law, this 35 piece survival kit comes with everything they need to face the great outdoors.

This kit has everything from a knife, fishing gear, an emergency blanket, fire starters, first aid supplies, and plenty more, and it all comes in a case that is only 6.6 X 4.3 x 1.9 inches. For $45 you can set him for his next adventure.

If you think 35 pieces is overkill, check out this 11 piece kit for a less extensive option.

Even with rapidly advancing technology wallets remain as relevant as they ever were. However, though the purpose of the wallet has not changed, they have gotten slimmer and more practical. Help your father-in-law trade in his old chunky wallet for this slim one from Travando.

If your father-in-law is handy and likes to do projects around the house this rotary tool kit from Dremel will be an excellent addition to their tool collection.

This $100 comes with 4 attachments and 34 accessories. Whether it be cutting, sanding, engraving, or something else, this is a tool that can be used on a variety of projects. They will thank you for this useful little power tool.

Just like the travel scarf for your mother-in-law, this magnetic wristband from Rak is the amazing gift your father-in-law didn’t know he needed!

For only $20 this nifty device straps on like a bracelet to keep their screws, nails, bolts, and more within easy reach while working. They will thank you after the first time they don’t have to bend over to get a screw.

If your in-laws are the type who perpetually have a cup of coffee in their hand, then this is the perfect gift that they may not have even knew existed. This desktop mug warmer is a simple pad that will allow them to easily reheat their coffee, so they can always enjoy a hot cup!

This also works great with tea, hot chocolate, or other warm beverages. It is meant to be used with normal coffee cups and will not work as well with a thermos or especially thick cups.  

Classy Gifts for In-Laws

If your in-laws are a sophisticated pair with both charm and class, then they may be hard to impress. However, this list of classy gifts is sure to charm anyone with their taste and style.

Nothing tells you how much a man has it together more than the state of his shoes. Help your father-in-law look good and give off a sophisticated air with this shoe polish and care kit from Stone and Clark. 

This kit costs $30 and comes with 3 cases of shoe polish (neutral, black, and brown), 2 shine sponges, 2 brushes, buffing clothes, and a shoehorn. All of this fits in a small travel case for easy storage.

Maybe a wine cellar is out of reach, but you can still help your in-laws store their favorite wine in an ideal setting that will also add a touch of elegance to their home.

Is your mother-in-law a classy woman? Does she know her wines and always serve the best appetizers? A quality cheese board will speak to her soul.

This bamboo cheese board from Bambüsi will be a welcome addition to her next party. It comes with four utensils in a hidden drawer and with slots for the bread and crackers that go with any decent cheese plate.

Never underestimate the power of good smells. Any mother-in-law will appreciate a gift that gives their home a lovely atmosphere, and few things do that better than a good candle.

While there are a ton of candle options, a great brand for any occasion is Lulu Candles. These candles are soy (so they burn clean), long-lasting, and come in so many different scents and sizes that you are sure to find exactly what your in-law needs.

Want a gift that will walk the line between practical and luxurious? Cashmere socks are the answer!

Few things make us feel comfier than a good pair of socks, and cashmere socks are the pinnacle of sock luxury. For $50, you can choose from 13 different colors and treat your mother-in-law to the ultimate in sock luxury with a pair of cashmere socks from Scottish Wear. 

This is a gift that few people will buy for themselves, but they will almost certainly use. These make a great Christmas gift for the winter season and will leave your mother-in-law feeling loved and spoiled.

Speaking of relaxing, a hot cup of tea is an excellent way to do just that. If you want to offer something a little more decadent than tea bags, but with the same level of convenience, Tea Drops makes dissolvable tea drops for a quick environmentally friendly hot drink.

Tea Drops has three different sizes of sampler sets. The standard sampler comes with 8 drops to try and costs $15. The deluxe sampler has 25 drops and costs $34. The party pack comes with 15 drops and costs around $22.

With Tea Drops, your in-laws can relax or make a quick pick up me on the way to work. There are lots of flavors, and thus lots of occasions where this will be a welcome gift.


This last category is full of those gifts that your in-laws would never buy for themselves but will enjoy for a long time to come. Help them enjoy their hobbies, and find something different for the in-laws who already have everything!

Does your father-in-law have an adventurous spirit? Do they enjoy sharing random facts and watching documentaries? A National Geographic subscription is a fascinating gift that they can enjoy year-round.

For the father-in-law who likes to grill out, there is no better gift than the Fresh Jax set of 5 organic spice mixes.

This quality spice mix comes in six different flavors: All-Star BBQ, Grilling, Hot and Spicy, Keto, Seasoned Sea Salts, and Smoked Spices. Pick whichever one suits your in-law’s taste, and then enjoy the tasty results from this gift!

This indoor hydroponic garden from Aerogarden is both fun and functional. It grows herbs in just water. There is no messy soil, and the herbs grow faster! This thing is so advanced it even tells you when to add water and plant food.

This particular planter comes with 6 different herb seeds, but it can be used to grow things besides herbs as well. Now your in-laws can have fresh herbs and enjoy some indoor greenery!

Do your in-laws love to read? A Kindle Paperwhite is the perfect gift that will allow your in-laws to take their favorite hobby on the go! The paperwhite screen won’t hurt their eyes, and it is waterproof.

Now your in-laws can read by the pool, easily take a ton of books on trips, and have access to a ton of new titles at their fingertips. You can even preload some books on the Kindle for a gift that will keep them busy for a long time.

With our phones acting as cameras, most of us have taken to storing our memories digitally instead of pinning our favorite photos on the fridge, but this small printer from Kodak allows you to seamlessly do both. This is a great alternative to a digital photo frame.

Using Bluetooth and Zink (zero ink) technology this printer lets your in-laws easily make physical copies of any photos from their phone. Scrapping booking and making family albums suddenly got a lot easier!

Available for both men and women, a pair of memory foam slippers are the perfect gift to give your in-laws matching comfort. These slippers provide support, warmth, and comfort for their feet while lounging on their living room sofa.

The rubber soles mean that they can walk around in the house without fear of slipping, and they can be washed easily in the washing machine.  

Final Thoughts on Gifts for Your Mother in Law And Father In Law

Whether you were looking for Christmas gift ideas, a personalized gift, or a great gift with a personal touch, we hope you were able to find a holiday gift amongst the best gifts we listed in this article.

Get ready to create wonderful memories for the whole family.