58 Best Gifts for 14-year-old Boys

Purchasing a Christmas or birthday gift for a teenage boy can often present a daunting task. You do not want to disappoint but can quickly be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of advertisements in magazines and online. Gifts for 14-year-old boys that may be a hit with one kid could easily fall flat if given to another. 

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58 Best Gifts for 14-year-old Boys

It can be embarrassing to be the one that orders the wrong thing for the party. Worry no longer, as we have compiled a list of the top gifts for 14-year-old boys. You might also want to consider this list of funny gifts. 

Tabletop Games make terrific gifts for 14-year-old boys

Initially designed in the 1970s, Dungeons, and Dragons (D&D) has had a resurgence in past years. 

With tabletop gaming’s rise, several products have become cornerstones. Promoting creativity, team building, and storytelling skills in a role-playing game can offer strong reinforcement for fourteen-year-old boys. 

Contains everything you need to start a D&D game. It is a great place to begin, including dice, a pre-made adventure, and rules for play.

Set in the Star Wars universe, this game for 14+ is perfect for the sci-fi fan. Made for 3-5 players, it is a beginner module perfect for those new to the hobby.

The oldest and most extensive of all trading card games. Buying boosters and creating a perfect deck is a pastime many boys have enjoyed for decades.

A less serious card game than Magic, Keyforge has an entirely made playable deck in each pack. With a two-player starter deck, each box is unique and offers a combination of cards no other player will have.

Taking place in the Lord of The Rings world, this tabletop game includes cards, maps, and miniature figure tokens. Taking the adventure into the heart of Tolkien’s mythology, the game is not about winning but the experience along the way.

Glorious Gifts for 14-year-old boys who are Video Gamers

With the recent release of the Sony PS5 and Xbox Series X, there has been a buzz in acquiring one of these powerful machines. If you can successfully purchase one from a retailer, you will be the hero of the holidays. However, due to limited quantities, these gaming machines have been hard to come by. 

The release of the next-generation consoles has by no means outdated the last generation. The Sony PS4 is still going to be developed for several years, with the PS4 Pro offering substantial performance alongside the Xbox One X. 

Some alternative gaming devices include:

Released a few years ago, the Nintendo Switch is still going strong. With an extensive library of games, including Zelda and Pokemon, it is a fun and moderately priced portable console. 

Super Mario Allstars is a recent release that has a limited time before it is no longer available. After March 31, 2021, the game will not be able to be purchased from Nintendo.

This is A fully capable Virtual Reality (VR) headset. The Oculus Quest 2 does not require a PC or gaming set up to use.

Playstation also offers a VR capable headset compatible with their PS4 and PS5 consoles.

Connects directly to the TV and allows for play using a controller or wireless mouse and Keyboard. This device requires a computer with a steam account to be running and connected to the internet.

Gaming Keyboard or Mouse

For the PC gamer, you cannot go wrong with a keyboard or mouse. The Corsair K65 is a mechanical keyboard that includes color-changing lights behind the keys.

This reasonably priced wireless mouse that is comfortable and functional without the expense of other more advanced mice.

Gaming desk chairs are a new craze, with racer style chairs being the most common. Homall is well known on Amazon for the quality and style as displayed by their S-Racer chair.

Stylish and Portable Accessories

Taking a break from things with a screen, we have the wonderful world of cordless accessories. Once tethered by technology to a specific place, teenage boys can now take electronics anywhere with devices offering benefits like never before.

Bluetooth speakers can change the mood in nearly any situation. Pretty much every fourteen-year-old boy listens to music and can find a use for such a gift. This speaker from JBL has the additional benefit of being waterproof for the aspiring shower singer.

Portable chargers are essential for any teenager going on a trip or to a sporting event. Long bus rides can be a great place to ensure high battery life, and with this gift, your teen can be the savior of battery.

Lightweight, portable projectors can be a well-priced alternative for a television. Some offer media support and can be powered via a laptop rather than requiring a wall plug. This projector even has a speaker, delivering louder and higher quality sound than most phones will provide.

The All-new Amazon Echo is a speaker, assistant, and smart device in one. Allowing for voice-activated commands and Bluetooth connections, it is a handy gift for boys of any personality.

A Bluetooth Beanie is both a warm and stylish accessory but also incredibly versatile. No longer will they have to fiddle around with earbuds while it’s cold outside as the music comes right from the beanie.

If you want things to be a bit quieter than a speaker or a bright projector, you can instead consider a pair of Bluetooth headphones. Beats by Dre are the most well-known headphones and are lauded by listeners for their superior quality but come with a premium price tag. 

Significantly cheaper, without sacrificing much in the way of quality, Skull Candy is a well-regarded brand that performs excellently. The Air Pods are a safe bet for the Apple and iPhone lover, being the company’s standard. 


Essential Reads for Book Connesuirs

A true book worm can never have too many of their favorite reads. And for a 14-year-old boy, books can be integral décor pieces, too. Here are some must-haves for all avid readers.

The series is one that has established itself as transcending generations. Offering a fantastic tale, it is a story of friendship and heroism that spans seven lengthy tomes. The Harry Potter books and films continue to inspire a generation.

The is a young adult sci-fi series that introduces a dystopian theme along the same fantastic lines. It has a far more grounded storyline than that of other Teen Fiction, exploring the gray area of growing into adulthood.

Books such as  The Baking Cookbook For Teens  will teach a life skill while being fun and delicious. Or the uplifting stories within Shoot Your Shot: A Sport-Inspired Guide To Living Your Best Life can inspire your fourteen-year-old boy to find a new path or hobby, with only a subtle nudge in the right direction.

Gifting works such as World War One, A Definitive Visual History” is great for learning history, and they’re not dull textbooks. Instead, they teach our history through real images and visceral descriptions.

They show our story in a way that is interesting to consume. For more mature boys, the book Lone Survivor is a moving and authentic, real-life tale about loss and brotherhood.

Things That Roll Right into Their Heart

Skateboards, bikes, scooters, and the like are all ideal gifts for 14-year-old boys. As the need to get around is paramount for a teenager, and with a driver’s license not being available, presenting them with a new set of wheels can take them a long way.

While not quite the hoverboard of Back to the Future II, this is quite a unique present. It is intuitive to ride with two wheels and can quickly allow for a teenage boy to zip around. As with all the devices on this section of this list, this one does require a bit of practice to handle safely.

Electronic Skateboards and Scooters have radically changed the way kids get around. Charging them up and rolling around the neighborhood can be a freeing experience that allows for the beginnings of independence. The Boosted Board Brand and Segway both offer safe and reliable products you can ride with confidence.

Element Skateboards have existed in the skater scene for three decades. A new deck, trucks, or wheels can all be an excellent present for the skater in your life. If your fourteen-year-old does not skate but prefers a bike getting them, some wheel lights can spice up their ride. 

Those that are new to the hobby of skateboarding or just want to get around may want to have a longboard. You can find numerous high-quality boards on the Retrospec online store. Longboards are more comfortable to ride and can cruise for a more extended period without having to pump the board. They are perfect for the boy that wants a pleasant and comfortable ride.

Fly Above with A Drone

Drones have taken the world by storm, buzzing around and creating demand like never before. Professional filmmakers and amateur YouTubers alike are using small devices to create unique and dynamic videos. 

Flying in and fine-tuning, a sport fusing engineering and skill, has erupted as drone fliers make faster models than ever before.

This simple gadget is a great starter kit, optimized to be easy to use and function right out of the box. It is one of the lower-priced models but does not neglect quality. With a 1080p camera and app connectivity, it is easy to fly and provides a high-quality video stream.

A premium drone for those looking to enter the hobby in a big way,  armed with professional-grade cameras and finely tuned control, the Quadcopter is one of DJI’s lower-priced offerings. A much higher-end model than others offered at Amazon, it retails at just above 600$. For this reason, a DJI Drone is a cornerstone gift. For other products from them, their website is DJI.com.

Fun Fitness Finds for The Athlete

Getting gear for the athlete is like getting candy to a small child. Sports equipment can quickly get expensive, depending on their likes. Aiding them by providing an essential or quality of life application, the gift can go a long way to making their day. 

An essential need for nearly anyone who plays sports. As running is so fundamental, often shoes will become worn out, especially if they are of lower quality. The Downshifter 9  by Nike is an excellent shoe with rave reviews that come in various colors. 

Those in need of track shoes with spikes will find that these New Balance shoes are both affordable and well acclaimed for being light and comfortable.

Workout gear is essential for any teenager aspiring to be in varsity sports while in high school. Workout items like the Perfect Pushup or an Ab Roller are great for at-home fitness. For the more fanatical fitness buffs, something along the lines of an adjustable dumbbell can easily fit in a bedroom and offer a series of workouts.

Best Gifts for 14-year-old Boys

A versatile and durable watch can be beneficial and a gift that your fourteen-year-old may not expect they wanted. The Timex Ironman is one such watch. With features such as a stopwatch, long-lasting battery, water, and shock resistance, it will survive and do almost anything they throw at it. Besides having a functional gift, you can also take away any excuses about not being on time.

If they are looking for a new sport to play that gets them moving, Spikeball is a simple outdoor game. Including balls and net, the point is to spike the ball down (like volleyball) into the net and cause it to bounce away from your opponent. 

To spice up your boy’s basketball game, there is the Glowcity light-up basketball. Made from the same material as the NBA, these balls can be used by your teen just like a regular one, the added benefit being a soft glow for night games.

Hydration is essential, and getting your teen a water bottle may seem like a silly gift; however, some insulated bottles can be a game-changer. 

This bottle from Adidas keeps your water ice cold all day. Another great bottle is the Nalgene Tritan Wide Mouth, a bottle that is incredibly strong and large enough to carry up to 64OZ in their larger size.

Finally, if they are laid up at home or out of season, you can’t go wrong with the latest sports video game. Fifa 2021 and NBA 2k21 are the most recent releases for the soccer and basketball series’ respectively. 

For those who want to stay active, Nintendo now offers the Switch Ring Fit Adventure, which fuses a workout with a fantasy-themed game and has settings no matter the physical level of the user.

Stuff for A Sports Fan

Sports are everything for some 14-year-old boys. Here are some great gift options for the ultimate fan. 

Sports memorabilia is great for a stocking stuffer or as a centerpiece gift. Searching places like Amazon’s marketplace or eBay for signed gifts can be dangerous, and you should always make sure expensive memorabilia is authenticated.  

Fanatic’s Authentic is a reliable marketplace for signed gifts as they have exclusive signings and contracts directly with athletes.

For something less involved than the process of acquiring signed memorabilia, the miniature helmet is a great stocking stuffer. The team logo can be adjusted so that they can represent their favorite team.

A two-player strategy board and card game bring the excitement of game day right to the exciting sports enthusiast. Intended for football fans, it is a fast-paced tabletop game that is a welcome addition to any birthday or holiday.

You can always go for a team poster or player cutout for a bit of room decoration if you can find one for the team your fourteen-year-old likes. 

Canvas prints, like this one from ArtBones, are a substantial addition to any fourteen-year-old sports fan’s room. Winning Streak has a wide selection of banners made from real wool that can be made for almost every sports team.

A Tool for Every Occasion

It’s never too soon to start building a tool collection. Why not give a gift that’s both useful and fun?!

The Swiss Army Knife is a hallmark of becoming a young man. Filled with everything you could need in any situation, it is the perfect present for camping or a birthday. Victorinox is the standard for knives and the best to turn to for a quality stainless steel product that will stand the test of time. 

Surpassing the Swiss Army Knife in practicality by being significantly larger and having more modern uses. This multi-functionality beast comes with all the same tools and knives that its counterpart does. Along with an added set of pliers, it stands as a superior alternative to the traditional.

Whether they are into hunting, fishing, camping, or all of the above, you can’t go wrong with something to keep them safe. 

Containing a knife, compass, paracord, pitons, and a ton of other gear, this kit can be one of many essential gifts for 14-year-old boys. If you don’t want to purchase a pre-made one but would instead build your own, don’t forget to include a knife and matches, as they are two of the most essential survival tools.

LEGO gifts for 14-year-old boys

While LEGO may appeal to younger children, they have been releasing sets aimed at teens and adults for several years. Amazon’s Lego store has dozens of kits geared towards teens and young adults. With the ability to sort by interest, there is bound to be a kit that will suit your teenage boy. 

For the Star Wars fans, which is a relatively simple build that is only 760 pieces. It is an excellent introductory kit to get them back into LEGO.

For more experienced builders, you can look at products such as this set. These more complex builds are beautiful and can become a decoration in and of themselves.

Chairs, Couches, And Other Seats

Furniture is another option for practical gift-giving that’s still exciting. But also, what 14-year-old boy doesn’t like lounging? Here are a few pieces for sitting that any teenage boy will be happy to have in their space.

Whether it dangles between two trees, inside a garage, or from hooks in the ceiling, a Hammock is always an excellent place to take a break. For a unique seat, there is the Hammock Chair, which any fourteen-year-old would love in their bedroom. 

Best Gifts for 14-year-old Boys

Comfortable and functional the beanbag chair is a must for any teen boy who wants to be lazy. Beanbags are no longer their rough and misshapen forms of the past, as memory foam has become the standard for inserts. 

Inflatable Chair and Ottoman

Made to be portable while maximizing comfort, the inflatable chair is perfect for when their friends come over. It can easily be stored when not in use, quickly deflating and folding up. 

Portable and easy to fold up, the indoor/outdoor camping chair is simple to pack up for trips. After a long day of being a teenage boy, there is no better feeling than collapsing and relaxing in your chair. Helping to facilitate this with a comfortable or stylish seat will go a long way to their heart.

Online Subscriptions

Subscribing has become a cornerstone of internet culture in recent decades. Whether it is for tv, movies, food, or even beard oil, it seems as if you can subscribe to anything these days. Some subscriptions that offer prepaid fees can be epic gifts for 14-year-old boys. Popular subscription services include:

Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, HBO

These platforms are popular video streaming services that offer some of the best programmings on the internet. Netflix has set the standard for streaming television, Hulu, and Disney + offer a combination deal when purchasing both simultaneously. 

HBO has long been a player in the premium cable market, and while their streaming is still coming along, being a bit janky,  it is functional, offering the same programming as the TV station.

Crunchyroll and Funimation

Crunchyroll and Funimation are both similar to Netflix but stream exclusively Japanese Anime, which has become increasingly popular in recent years.


Lootcrate has a gift crate for everyone. They have subscriptions for almost every pop-culture brand in existence. Those who have a bit of a sweet tooth will love the Candy Club, offering numerous mystery candies every month. 

The premier music streaming service. Spotify has apps on nearly any device, and a yearly subscription is inexpensive.

Removing ads and adding offline videos to a Youtube premium account supports both creators and your teen who watches them.

XBOX Live and Playstation Plus

Required for online play for the Xbox and Playstation, respectively, both offer up to 12-month subscription cards that can be added to an account.

Offers 9 PC games a month for a subscription fee of only 12$. It is the best video game deal available for personal computers.

Rapid Fire Gifts for 14-year-old boys

Let’s be honest, some people are just hard to buy gifts for. And teenagers are notoriously tricky in this department. Here are a few gift ideas for the 14 year old boy in your life . 

For when they just can’t be bothered to go to the kitchen… or maybe they’ve got a little bit of that teen ‘tude, and they’re just not coming out of their room. The minifridge can be essential for storing personal drinks, snacks. 

As they start their first jobs, teenage boys will need a place to keep their ID’s and bank cards. Timberland is well known for being both well priced and quality.

Unique and out of the box, Woodies, Schwood, and other brands like them stand out. They’re trendy, but not too trendy. 

Takes RC car racing to the next level. This gift uses track and competition vehicles that link to a smartphone for fast pace racing.

Not as violent as the title makes it seem, this game is wholesome family fun in a tiny red box. It’s a gift you can give but also enjoy. 

Labeling itself as the modern party game, Game of Phones is recommended for ages 14+. All you need is three people and their smartphones to play with the cards included. 

An extraordinary and unique gift that can be personalized with colors and lights. Not even the sneakiest of teens can get away with sneaking out while they’re wearing this.

Amazon has a plethora of gift cards available at their site. Don’t be afraid to ask the teen you are buying for what stores they enjoy. Purchasing a gift card is a more personalized way to gift cash.

Final Thoughts on Finding the Perfect Gift For Teen Boys

We hope you found a cool gift to gift the special teenage boy in your life. You can save this post for later when you’re looking for a great gift idea for the holiday season.