32 Best Gifts For Engineers

It can be challenging to find the right gift for your loved ones. Whether it be a birthday, an upcoming anniversary, Christmas, or some other gift-giving holiday, you want your gift to be thoughtful and kind. When you are looking for the best gifts for engineers, however, that is when you really have to put your brain to the test.

What makes a great gift idea and a fun gift for the engineer in your life? Usually, something that lets them utilize their incredible skills to build something fun. Shopping for engineering gifts doesn’t have to be a brain-teaser. We have compiled a list of the 32 best presents for engineers so that you know you will be getting your engineer gifts that they will definitely enjoy. 

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32 Best Gifts For Engineers

If you have been wondering what to get your beloved engineer for an upcoming holiday, consult this list for some fantastic ideas. Regardless of your engineer’s age, there is something for everybody on this list of the best gifts for engineers. Hopefully, you have found something on this list that will excite your recipient when they rip the wrapping paper off. 


This book is one of the best gifts for engineering students. It teaches the reader how engineering has evolved over time. Understanding the basic principles of engineering is a lot more fun when you see how they were applied to build amazingly massive constructions that have withstood the tests of time. 

By exploring how architects and engineers worked in tandem thousands of years ago to build wonders of the world like the pyramids in Egypt, the Great Wall of China, the Colosseum in Rome, and more, your engineer may just be inspired to build something of similar magnitude someday.

Whether this is one of many gifts for an engineer that evoke a feeling of nostalgia for the original book, published in 1988, or your loved one’s first introduction to the book, it is a fun read for engineers of all ages. As the title implies, the author delves into the inner workings of standard technology, including the ubiquitous Wi-Fi.

If you have been looking for gifts for your engineering student, The Way Things Work Now is a great place to start. The book is written so that even laypeople can understand the basic concepts. It also goes into a comprehensive explanation for each piece of technology. There is something for everyone in this novel. 

This is a different kind of gift for an engineer. This book presents a new type of framework for someone who is used to delving into a mechanism’s guts and fixing it. By showing life as a mechanism that you can improve by utilizing your attitude and perceptions as the tools. This novel gives a creative introduction to yoga and learning to reshape yourself. 

If you have been searching for Christmas gifts for engineers, this unusual book might be the right one for them. Just make sure that your recipient is open-minded, though, because otherwise, this gift might be wasted on them. 

Not all gifts for mechanical engineers have to be something for them to do all alone. This book gives tons of great ideas for projects that your outstanding engineer can embark on with the help of your little ones. Your kids have probably been curious about what Dad does at work all day, and these projects help them learn the basic principles of engineering.

This book provides countless ways for fathers and their children to bond over-engineering and building projects that everyone in the family can enjoy. One significant project is constructing a slip n’ slide, something that everyone can get a big kick out of when the summer rolls around, and you all are ready for a little water-based fun. 

First published in the Soviet Union in the 1950s, this book features puzzles that are both interesting to figure out and provide fascinating insights into living in Russia during the last 70 years. While some of these puzzles have likely made their way to the US, there are sure to be several new ones to tease your engineer’s brain. 

And, if you want to read the book when your loved one is done, don’t worry. None of the problems require very advanced mathematical skills. The puzzles are less about memorizing mathematical equations and more about applying the same logic and problem-solving skills that math enhances. 

This calendar gives your engineer a single puzzle per day. It’ll ensure that their brain is never off-duty, even on holidays. These puzzles were created by Mensa. The award-winning organization that strives to increase the intelligence of everyone and nurture genius in our society. It features all different types of puzzles like:

  • Anagrams
  • Code-breaking
  • Logic puzzles
  • Sequences
  • Word problems
  • And so much more!


If you have been wracking your brain for gift ideas for engineers, this train is a real treat. With over 400 pieces, your engineer will spend hours carefully assembling this model train made of wood. Don’t worry if you have a younger, budding engineer on your hands. This train comes with explicit instructions for engineers of all ages. 

The best part about this wooden train is that, once completely assembled, it will actually move! No need to worry about shoveling tiny amounts of coal in or dealing with steam, but it comes with railroad tracks that your train will choo-choo down. 

If you have been looking for funny gifts for engineers, this might be the gift you have been searching for. This adorable robot’s motor gives it the spinning and vibrating motions that make the pens attached draw. You never know what kind of drawing you will end up with these random movements.

The pen heights and angles are entirely adjustable. They’ll be able to make different types of drawings every time. It only requires one AA battery and is also easy to assemble out of the box. It is the perfect gift for a young engineer who wants to learn more about vibrations and how the world, and its robots, work. 

This unique kit has everything you need to build just about anything. On the list of gifts for mechanical engineers, this one is a great pick. The guide gives you instructions to build over 300 different contraptions. They are easy to follow, whether your engineer is young or old, experienced or just dipping their toes in the world of engineering. 

Some of the experiments included in this kit are:

  • A lie detector
  • A touch lamp that activates with two fingers
  • A photosensitive electronic organ
  • An AM radio
  • And so much more!

Whenever anyone makes a list of gifts for electrical engineers, there has to be an entry for drones. Engineers aren’t the only people who get a kick out of using drones, but they are the best people to understand what makes a drone really tick. Drones can be flown up with phones or cameras to take beautiful videos and pictures from high up in the clouds. 

This drone comes with its own camera. You and your engineer can take the best selfies ever. Plus, it automatically connects through WiFi to an app on a smartphone. It can be easily controlled, and the photos or videos can be seen in real-time. 

When your engineer is getting into the groove and hitting their stride at work, they would probably love nothing more than the ability to totally and completely focus on what they are doing, without the distracting noises from the world horning in. These noise-canceling earbuds by Bose are just the ticket to keeping out the world from your mind.

The best part about these headphones is that you don’t actually have to have any music or sound playing from them in order to activate their noise-canceling abilities. The design is made to sit comfortably in the ears so you can move your head around without dislodging them. 

This makes a great stocking stuffer or present for one night of Channukah because it is small and portable. It is made for children and adults over the age of 12. This brain teaser puzzle is one of those metal balls that you need to figure out how to take apart and then put back together. Depending on your engineer’s abilities, it can provide hours of fun or be something soothing.

It’s metal, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally dropping it or throwing it in frustration halfway through and breaking it into a ton of tiny pieces. This durable puzzle can withstand your frustrations and still remain intact, just waiting to be solved. 

The excellent gloves are equipped with bright LED lights. They are located conveniently over both the first finger and the thumb. They aim the light perfectly in front of your hands so that anyone wearing them can always see exactly what they are doing. No more desperately clutching a flashlight between your teeth or having a friend try to angle their phone just right.

They also come with batteries and a screwdriver. They’ll easily be able to replace them if one of the batteries burns out. The batteries are projected to work for 30 hours before they need to be replaced. These gloves can fit both men and women so that any engineer can benefit from this amazing gift.

The wooden pieces for this cool robot, named Orpheus, need to be assembled, which can lead to hours of fun for the whole family. The box inside of the robot is a cute music box that plays a short melody for whenever you need a quick pick-me-up or when you want to play with Orpheus. Once assembled, this fun toy provides a lot more amusement than your average model. 

A model kit makes a great gift for engineers, and this one is no exception. If you have been awed by the Golden Gate Bridge yourself or know that your beloved engineer has, this model will surely make a wonderful gift. The detailed instructions provided should be able to guide even a budding engineer through the process smoothly. 

When completed, the model should be about 13 inches long. It can be proudly displayed on a shelf afterward. The hours that your engineer will spend on building the bridge will be more than worth it. They’ll be able to show off the completed bridge to their fans and family. What a fun thing to post on your social media!

For an engineer looking for a model kit with some practical applications, this model kit allows your engineer to put together their very own tiny catapult. Keep in mind, it is made of wood. They won’t be sending anything very heavy flying through the air, but anything from pieces of cereal to beads is all fair game for this working catapult. 

The easy directions make this model kit perfect for engineers who have never put together a wooden kit or for kids who are whetting their appetite for engineering. Glue is included in the equipment, and the wooden pieces are ready for assembly right out of the box. 

This board game can incorporate the whole family into the love of engineering and pursuit of mathematical genius. Made for between two to four players, this board game combines both strategy and luck to make an unforgettable experience that is easy to learn and a fun game full of replay value. This educational game is also great for teachers and classroom settings.

Household Items

This survival knife definitely falls under the category of cool gifts for engineers. For the engineer who also enjoys hiking, spending a lot of time outside, or who simply wants something to put on their desk to impress the other engineers at work. The rosewood handle is engraved with the phrase “BADASS ENGINEER” to let everyone around them know.

The easy to use flip mechanism for this knife allows for one-handed opening and closing of the switch-blade so you won’t have to worry about fiddling with the knife or possibly allowing your engineer to hurt themself. 

Although not commonly thought of in a list of gifts for an engineer, a robot vacuum is actually the perfect gift. It is a fun gadget for engineers to have at their disposal. You can control it from your phone. An app allows you to monitor your vacuum’s progress and make sure that it doesn’t get stuck anywhere in your home.

The vacuum cleaner works best on hardwood floors without too many rugs and can snatch up and errant pet hair or dust while your loved one stays focused on their projects. For engineers who enjoy having cutting-edge technology to show off their mechanical know-how, a robotic vacuum cleaner is a cool gift that they are sure to appreciate. 

If you know that your engineer also loves taking apart certain foods and recombining them into a tasty meal, or is trying to do so, consider nurturing that other side of them. An engineer might receive plenty of customary mechanical engineering gifts, but if you want to stand out of the crowd, try giving your loved one something a little different.

However, just because they are cooking doesn’t mean they can’t brag about their engineering while they do so. The cutting board is engraved with the words “Engineer by day, Chef by night,”. Everyone will know exactly who is making their dinner. 

This multitool knife definitely makes the list of best gifts for an engineering student. Because of the fourteen different capabilities in this one small knife. It is perfect for an engineer who likes to go camping, fishing, or hunting in their spare time and want something durable and functional that can fit in a small pouch or pocket and not weigh them down.

The best part about this knife is that it is excellent for occasional household repair. The combination of pliers, wrench, screwdriver, knife, bottle opener, and more mean that your engineer loved one can be like a boy scout: always prepared for whatever life may throw at you. 

You might not anticipate that gifts for civil engineers would include a magnet cube, but this is the strongest rare earth magnet. An excellent idea for a stocking stuffer or something to wrap in a small box underneath the Christmas tree. However, make sure your engineer knows not to let the cube be near a computer or other electronic device!

The strong magnetic field emitted from this cube is powerful enough to wipe the memory of an electronic device or otherwise fiddle with it. You should also keep it away from children because the pull strength is considerable, and someone could quickly end up with squished fingers. 

Most of the gifts listed so far have been aimed at architectural and basic engineering. If you are on the hunt for gifts for computer engineers, you can’t go wrong with a graphing calculator. Even if a calculator isn’t the most exciting gift you can buy someone, it is practical and useful, especially in the engineering field. 

Older graphing calculators are large and bulky. This one is sleek, and the screen allows for precise calculations to be displayed with high resolution and accuracy. This calculator also gives people the capability of generating lists, formulae, and visualizing the relations between multiple formulae. 

Regardless of what type of engineer your recipient may be, it is hard to go wrong with a lovely engraved pen and wooden case. Amazon offers a wide selection of different woods and colors to make sure you have something that will absolutely match your engineer’s style. Plus, the case will have their name on it, so no one else will ever sneak it away.

The set actually comes with two pens: a roller-ball pen and a ballpoint pen. If one runs out of ink or if your engineer prefers one kind of pen over the other, they are well-made, so you can easily switch out the ink cartridge and carry on using this pen for years to come. 

This isn’t just a fancy pen! This cool ballpoint pen also lets your beloved engineer measure things. It also works as a screwdriver, functions as a level on the fly, and has a stylus on the opposite end so that it can work on their iPad or phone too. The screwdriver part works for both flathead and Phillips screws. 

The screwdriver is cleverly hidden inside the stylus end. The tiny ruler is engraved along the body of the pen. The level is on the other side. Everything you need for a little bit of engineering on the run can be found in this handy-dandy pen. 

For the engineer who also enjoys interior decorating. These flasks cleverly label the salt and pepper as if they were elements on the periodic table of elements. However, for other people who may be curious, the names salt and pepper are listed underneath. The flasks are clear, so even those without any science background can quickly identify which is which. 

This is one of the gifts on this list that would be great even for people who aren’t engineers. Anyone who has a modicum of appreciation for science and Galileo is sure to get a kick out of this kooky thermometer. The liquids in each flask either rise or fall inside based on the surrounding air temperatures. 

Each liquid has been dyed a beautiful jewel-tone. The cherry wood case will blend in perfectly with any kind of decor to provide a unique and functional wall hanging inside your engineer’s home. 


This funny shirt lists many of the significant formulae and equations used commonly in engineering. When looking for mechanical engineering gifts, you might not be looking for something super expensive or complicated, but a t-shirt is a good idea for a gift, no matter who the recipient is. You just can’t go wrong with a t-shirt.

If your engineer enjoys staying active and going for long walks or runs, this watch is the perfect accessory to keep them company. Its GPS capabilities mean that no one wearing this watch will ever need to worry about getting lost, no matter how far afield they roam. It is also compatible with all smartphones and computers. 

There are other performance analyzing features in this watch to help you keep track of your training and show you if you are overdoing it or undergoing it. 

If your engineer spends a lot of time out and about with their various tools, a more practical gift might be the best way to go. It is a simple black, durable bag. This lightweight nylon bag is full of pockets that are appropriately sized for engineering equipment. Each pouch features shockproof foam that can cushion sensitive equipment.

However, this bag can also be used as a fundamental travel bag for people who want to keep their laptops, keys, iPads, and other needs in separate pouches. The adjustable strap can be fixed to work for an engineer of any height or removed altogether to let you carry the bag by hand.


Hopefully, your engineer will have a little more luck with their inventions than Tesla did with his. These pieces of wall art can provide more than a little bit of inspiration. They are also a warning to inventors everywhere: make sure to patent your technology before someone comes along and steals it!

On the bright side, these art pieces beautifully depict some of Tesla’s more innovative inventions and all of the tiny parts that went into the designs. 

If you are looking for something easy and simple to buy for your engineer, this art piece is it. Made with simple gold lettering on a white background, it is sure to match with any preexisting decor and add a fancy touch to any home. It lists pi out for quite a while before trailing off into tiny lettering at the lower right edge of the paper, and the frame complements the letting. 

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Final Thoughts On Gift Ideas For Engineers

If you have an engineer friend or family member, whether they are a computer engineer, an electrical engineer, chemical engineer, mechanical engineer, civil engineer, we hope you enjoyed these great gift ideas.