36 Beautiful Japanese Gifts

Gift-giving is a delight for both the giver and receiver, no matter the occasion. In Japan, the act of gift-giving is deeply rooted in the country’s culture and history. Whether you are looking for a gift for a birthday, holiday, special occasion or event, anniversary, or just because, you’re sure to find a japanese inspired gift they’ll love.

The nice thing about gifts? They can be given at any time, for any reason. Japanese gifts are unique and can be given to those who one is close to in order to express indebtedness, love, respect, appreciation, gratitude, admiration, or thanks. Many of these gifts would be great for a daughter in law or sister in law. Read on to learn more about Japanese gift-giving and the best Japanese gifts to give.

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What are the Best Japanese Gifts?

The Japanese give three primary types of gifts to others: omiyage (including meibutsu), temiyage, and okaeshi. These are all traditional reasons for giving gifts to friends and family, and the meaning behind each type of gift is very important.


This type of gift is a souvenir from a trip that a gift-giver has taken. Omiyage gifts usually come in the form of snacks, alcohol, produce, or handicraft. There is also a different, more specific form of omiyage, called meibutsu.


A form of omiyage, meibutsu is a gift in the form of an edible delicacy from a specific city or region.


This is a gift given in Japan to friends and family when visiting their home. Often, gifts such as food, drinks, or unique products from the giver’s home city or country are given.


Often given at parties, weddings, or celebrations, okaeshi is a small, simple gift to express one’s thanks to the recipient.

Knowledge of specific Japanese tradition is not required to give a Japanese gift, however. There are nearly endless options for Japanese gifts to give to a friend, family member, coworker, or anyone else you care about.

To simplify the process of finding a good Japanese gift to give, we found 36 of the best Japanese gifts in multiple categories: home décor, accessories, plants, clothing, and more.

Home Decor

Spruce up the home of a friend or loved one while adding a traditional Japanese feel with these Japanese home décor gifts.

A cherry blossom tree artistically designed in Asian anime grows in the foreground of this decorative tapestry. At the same time, Mount Fuji sits below a red sun. Made of Polyester, this is a great Japanese gift.

It comes in four assorted sizes and is a comfortable, lightweight, and soft textile. It has versatility, beauty, and durability for an assortment of possible uses like a bedspread, wall hanging, curtain, beach towel, Christmas decal, etc.

This Red Berry, Thai vintage Sakura flower bedside table light or wood and paper floor lamp is handmade, modern Japanese décor. An easy-to-assemble product, this lamp creates a romantic and oriental ambiance, giving illumination to any space in any room.

Even better, it is designed to fit the US standard outlet. So, go and get the special people in your life this tremendous Japanese gift today.

Made by Silver Springs, this aesthetic tabletop fountain offers a source of calming Zen to any space. It has a three-tiered, illuminating waterfall and a spacious basin with organic river rocks, making it a perfect romantic and decorative piece.

The soothing sound of a flowing stream can destress and relax anyone, making it an ideal combination before a much-needed night of sleep. It can be one of the best Japanese gifts to give.

Made by Artera Home Store, this large, sixty-inch solid red and plum bamboo folding wall fan makes a thoughtful Japanese gift for the special person in your life. Made of high-quality and eco-friendly materials, this wall fan’s manufacturing and creation occur in Vietnam and with 100% natural bamboo. 

This fan’s uncomplicated design will compliment your home’s aesthetic decor style, whether oriental, rustic, or traditional. This decorating item is undoubtedly a cool Japanese gift.

These decorative throw pillow covers come in a set of four, all with different prints and patterns, including Fuji Mountain, Hokusai, The Great Wave of Kanagawa, and cherry blossoms. Made of breathable, environmentally friendly material, the high-quality fabric is thick, durable, and soft.

This set of Japanese throw pillow covers make a great Japanese gift for any occasion. And, if you want to make it even better, get them the pillows to go with the covers, giving them both beauty and comfort.

One of the best Japanese gifts is this cute kitty night lamp. Made from silicone, this lamp is not only portable, but it has multicolored lights in both breathing mode and standby mode. It also provides a brilliant, illuminating, ambient glow.

Touch sensor-controlled, this lamp, made by WoneNice, works a long time with a working time totaling over 10,000 hours. It makes a great Japanese gift for people of all ages and for any occasion.

The best decorations for the holidays, parties, a business, or a home may seem hard to come by, but not with this cherry blossom bonsai light. It is battery powered and has a plug-in adapter with a built-in timer. While the adapter is for indoor use only, this attractive decoration is for indoor or outdoor use which can make for a great outdoor garden art.

This cherry blossom bonsai light offers an appealing and gracious touch of décor for any space. It makes an excellent Japanese gift idea.

As the five elements of Feng Shui consist of wood, fire, earth, metal, and water, this breathtaking Feng Shui Desktop Gong satisfies your space’s need for both wood and metal. The element of wood in Feng Shui design promotes the power of creativity and expansion and growth, birth, strength, flexibility, and intuition.

Feng Shui promotes mental clarity and logic with metal incorporated into your space, creating a sense of organization, focus, and righteousness. When using metal in Feng Shui design, it is essential to use round or oval shapes and iron, aluminum, gold, or silver. Well, this Feng Shui Desktop Gong supplies all of that and more.

Your loved one will undoubtedly feel enlightened with these smiling and praying monks on their shelf or desk. As a three-inch, dark grey statute, this decoration certainly adds a touch of Japanese culture and history to any space.

With the purpose of guiding travelers and helping people tread down the right path, these make for an enlightening Japanese gift idea.

A great Japanese gift is a six-pack of red cherry flower white round Japanese paper lanterns. They make an extraordinary decoration for a home, wedding, or party. Easy to assemble, these paper lanterns have durable material and are simple to use. Best yet, they are as easy to take down and store for repeated use.

Situated in a mini-Zen garden, this Buddha statue includes incense and a tealight candle holder surrounded by various natural pebbles. This product brings a sense of relaxation and tranquillity to any space.

It makes a cool Japanese gift idea, and it can be used over and over with different types of incense. If you are looking to give a gift that can be used long term, look no further – and maybe pick up some extra incense.

Created with the Kanji character for “hope,” this herry blossom Geisha Japanese art is so breathtaking, it would complement any space.  Produced with archival quality Giclee print on ultra-premium luster photo paper, the prints are nothing short of top-notch quality.

For anyone who appreciates great artwork, this is an ideal Japanese gift, and it is something that can be put almost anywhere.

These fun peel-and-stick wall decals make a great Japanese gift. Each set comes with Asian characters meaning love, harmony, tranquility, and happiness. There are also stickers for a few pieces of bamboo. They are easy to apply to any smooth surface — just peel and stick. You can also remove the decals without leaving any sticky residue.

Let someone special in your life have a little Zen in their space with peel and stick wall decals, thereby letting you know you had the best Japanese gift idea.


With these unique, traditionally inspired Japanese accessories, you’re sure to find the perfect gift for anyone, including the Japan enthusiast in your life.

Made of 100% polyester, this reusable, washable, breathable, and windproof facemask has an improved production process with an exquisite design. This product has a comfortable fit and stylish functionality to avoid the effects of dust, wind, and the cold while outdoors, traveling, and more.

This facemask is one size fits all, and with such a beautiful design, it makes a cool Japanese gift idea that lets someone know you thought of them.

Stuffed with rabbit toys, this cute and creative throw pillow will undoubtedly catch a child’s eye and make a charming home decoration. The pillow comes with eight small stuffed plush bunny toys, making it perfect for playing, sleeping, or hugging.

It has bright colors and offers a surprise with all its stuffed bunny toys, making it an excellent Japanese gift idea. And, if bunnies are not their thing, it comes in chick, cat, and a mix of bear and bunnies.

Made of natural wood, this bamboo floor mat makes a perfect non-skid, water-repellent runner for the mudroom, kitchen, entryway, or hallway. Its modern, natural design complements any décor.

It comes in a variety of sizes to provide a functional and stylish addition to your space. This bamboo floor mat is a great Japanese gift idea for the special one you are thinking about.


With this selection of Japanese plants, you can give someone you care about a special, nature-inspired Japanese gift.

A great Japanese gift that symbolizes wealth, good luck, nobility, and accomplishment is this fake Bonsai tree, a perfect addition for a bookshelf, office desk, terrace, or windowsill. It can easily make its home in any room of the house, including the living room, bedroom, or bathroom. 

It is important to remember to open the box for this miniature topiary gently and read the packaging instructions carefully to correctly restore the tree’s beautiful shape. With dimensions at approximately 9 x 10”, this fake Bonsai tree does not require water, trimming, or sunlight.

These charming, long-stemmed plastic flowers made by Charmly add a fresh pop of color to any space. The language of plum blossom flowers promotes strength, elegance, and a noble and clear heart. The package consists of five artificial wintersweet flowers and has a total height of about 27.5 inches.

There are even several colors to choose from, and they make a perfect Japanese gift for any Japanese holiday or special occasion. Pick these up for anyone and for any occasion.


There are several Japanese clothing items for all ages that make perfect gifts. Here are a few of our recommendations.

This women’s, ¾ sleeve Japanese kimono would make the best Japanese gift for that special lady in your life. From retro to elegant, and traditional to open, this kimono comes in various designs and styles.

Lightweight and safe for the washing machine, this kimono is perfect for someone to wear to the beach or even as pajamas. Give this great Japanese gift today, and don’t forget to look for a traditional folding fan for a complete look.

Made of a soft, breathable, and durable cotton and polyester blend with a side strap design, this ¾ sleeve length Sushi Chef Jacket makes for a practical and thoughtful Japanese gift. It can be worn by men and women and is great as a work uniform or for the Japanese cooking fan. Machine washable.

Keep in mind that this product is measured in Asian sizes, which run slightly smaller than US sizes. Check the size chart to make sure you order the correct size.

A Japanese-style, short kimono for men, this style features a drawstring tie in the front and comes in multiple colors with simple, classic designs. Able to be worn for any occasion, whether it be around the home or to go out. Pairs great with long sleeves in colder weather, and the short sleeves make it suitable for warmer weather, too.

Be sure to check the size chart before ordering. Hand or machine washable in cold water.

Most baby clothes are undoubtedly adorable, and this Cotrio Kimono Robe Newborn Bodysuit/Romper is no exception. Available in five designs and sizes from newborn to 24 months, this cotton, Japanese-inspired infant bodysuit is light, breathable, soft, and durable. 

A size chart is available for your ordering convenience with this infant bodysuit, and it is highly recommended that you check the size chart before ordering. Machine wash with a natural detergent in cold water and avoid long soaking times for best results in washing.

Food, Drinks, Dishes, and Utensils

It’s hard to go wrong with food or drinks as a gift, and in terms of Japanese food, candy and drinks, there are plenty of options. If you’re not sure of the taste preferences of your gift recipient, specialized dish sets and utensils are a good option, too.

Made by Hinomaru, this Ichigo sake set consists of one Tokkuri 5 fl oz bottle and a twin pair of two fluid ounce ochoko sake cups. Designed with high-quality porcelain via a reactive black ceramic glaze technique, these sake receptacles are dishwasher and microwave safe and come packed in a gift box.

The sake set makes an excellent Japanese gift idea, and it will be even better paired with some special sake.

Do you know someone with a sweet tooth, and need a fun gift idea for them? Look no further than this thirty-piece assortment of famous Japanese candy selected by Tonosama.

For over 400 years, Tonosama has reigned as the king of sweet Japanese candy, including Dagashi. Make someone memorable in your life smile with this perfect Japanese gift.

If your gift recipient is new to Japanese snacks box is ideal, offering multiple different items to try without breaking the bank.

Each box is guaranteed to come with at least one noodle product and one drink product. Curb those cravings with genuine Japanese foods in a wide variety with this snack box, which makes a great gift.



Put some pep into the step of the one you care about with Japan’s number-one canned coffee brand. This 12-pack of eight-ounce Boss coffee cans makes a great Japanese gift for coffee lovers. Plus, it’s keto-friendly, vegan, gluten and sugar-free, and contains no dairy. You can get Japanese green tea here.

Miscellaneous Japanese Gifts

Our remaining Japanese gift ideas fall into multiple categories.

As a fantastic office table accessory, this mini Zen garden kit comes complete with a bamboo tray, white sand, river pebbles and rocks, and rake tools. With the ability to compliment your décor, this Zen desk garden captures the Japanese concept of Kanso (simplicity) by contributing a graceful flow and touch of nature to your existing space.

It aids in relaxation and inspires mindfulness by fostering peaceful energy. Give this tremendous Japanese gift to help anyone relieve their stress.

Made by Dawhud Direct, this natural and decorative candle scape set will add a romantic touch to any space. The collection includes three adorned glass tealight candle holders surrounded by natural stones resting on a wooden foundation. 

Tealights come in the package for the three glass votives, having an elegant and personal feel, making them one of the best Japanese gifts.

Arit Estelleshows made these 10-pairs of reusable wooden chopsticks that are dishwasher safe and a perfect Japanese gift for Mother’s Day, a birthday, or a wedding. Made to be environmentally friendly, they are non-toxic, non-allergic, odorless, and purely natural.

While it is recommended to change them out every three months, it is a great way to introduce someone to a gift that they may end up getting for themself when the time comes.

Everyone can receive help from relaxation and stress relief. Nothing helps with that endeavor more than an aromatherapy candle gift set like this one.

Made by AharHora, this pack of aromatherapy scented candles has six fragrances from six countries. They have high-quality soy wax and are individually handmade. These candles would make the perfect Japanese gift for that particular person in your life.

Other Japan Inspired Gift Ideas

You can find traditional japanese fabric dividers here.

Final Thoughts on Japanese Gift Ideas

We hope you enjoyed these Japan inspired gift ideas.