42 Best Lord of the Rings Gifts

Chances are, there’s someone in your life who is absolutely obsessed with the Lord of the Rings books or movies. If you need help choosing Lord of the Rings gifts for one of these people, check out some of the best and most unique gifts for Lord of the Rings fans!

 Not quite sure what your fantasy enthusiast friend would like to receive as a gift? Don’t stress – just keep reading to find some of the perfect Lord of the Rings gift ideas!

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42 Uniquely Best Lord of the Rings Gifts

Most people are at least familiar with the Lord of the Rings film and book series, but there is a huge population of individuals, young and old, who love this franchise! You probably know at least one LOTR enthusiast, and there’s a variety of occasions that call for gift giving. It might be a birthday, anniversary, winter holiday, or Valentine’s day. No matter what occasion you need to buy a gift for, here are some of the best Lord of the Rings gifts to consider.

Lord of the Rings Jewelry

Maybe your loved one likes to wear a lot of jewelry! In that case, you might want to consider gifting them some LOTR-themed jewelry. Here are a few suggestions.

Every Lord of the Rings fan is familiar with The One Ring – a central element to the Lord of the Rings series. Now, imagine the look on your friend or family member’s face when they open your gift and see that they are now in possession of this famous ring!

Forbidden Body Jewelry’s version of The One Ring is made from high-quality stainless steel and features a yellow gold IP plating. The Elvish inscription is laser-etched onto both the inside and outside of the band, and it’s available in ring sizes 5-12.

A tiny ring is relatively easy to lose, so you might want to opt for a replica of The One Ring on a necklace chain if your loved one tends to misplace things! This officially licensed bronze ring is plated with 24k gold and hangs on a 24” gold-plated chain. You can choose between black, plain gold, or red etching to suit your loved one’s tastes. This beautiful necklace includes a satin jewelry pouch and a card of authenticity that proves the ring’s power.

This brooch, sold by the well-known retailer of popular movie prop replicas The Noble Collection, is an exact reproduction of the brooch worn by the members of The Fellowship of the Ring in the LOTR movies. It features handcrafted sterling silver and green enameling, and in the movies and books, symbolizes the bond of those individuals entrusted with saving Middle Earth.

This symbol of immortal love is perfect for Valentine’s Day and one of the best Lord of the Rings gifts for him or her! This beautiful piece of art is officially authorized by Warner Brothers, meaning it’s an excellent replica of the pendant used in the movies.

Maybe your loved one isn’t a fan of wearing jewelry but would still love to have a replica of The One Ring that they can keep on display! This version of The One Ring is housed in a translucent display case, made from stainless steel, and can be removed and replaced at any time. Keep the ring safe, and keep it on display for all to see!

Lord of the Rings Gifts Home Decor

Some Lord of the Rings-themed home decor will make the perfect housewarming gift! Whether you have a friend who just moved into a new apartment or a family member who just bought their first home, check out some of these excellent decor options.

What LOTR fan wouldn’t want a map of Middle Earth in their living room?! This high-definition map is printed on a Giclee canvas and features waterproof, UV-resistant ink. It’s available in four different sizes and even includes a hook for easy hanging! 

This doormat is available in three different sizes and extra sturdy for outdoor use. If you’ve noticed that your loved one could use a new doormat, one more suited to the LOTR fan lifestyle, this one featuring a quote from The Fellowship of the Ring is perfect.

A set of candles is an excellent choice for anyone who just moved into a new space. This set of three 4 oz candles comes packed in a single box, ready for gifting. It features three different scents, all inspired by different places in the LOTR series: Rivendell, Misty Mountains, and Lothlorien. Each candle is made from natural soy wax and has an approximate burn time of 30 hours.

Perhaps this doormat is more in tune with your loved one’s tastes! This doormat is available in three different sizes and offers the additional bonus of being made from eco-friendly coconut fibers! It’s easy to clean and stain-resistant but still recommended for use on something like a covered porch.

This handcrafted wooden clock features all of the Hobbit meal times from the Lord of the Rings series! It’s made from Baltic birch, wood stained, and painted emerald green. The size and engraving on the clock can even be personalized to make the gift even more special. Whoever you gift it to will love checking the clock and seeing what Hobbit meal it’s time for!

These bookends don’t just look great; they’re also incredibly durable and strong enough to hold up all of the Lord of the Rings books easily! They’re made from alloy steel and painted black, and feature non-skid pads at the bottom to ensure they don’t slip.

Everyone loves Monopoly, and this Lord of the Rings edition of the game is the perfect gift for fans of all ages. You can play as nine different characters from the books and movies, and one of the goals is to control The One Ring and gain its special powers! Be careful, though – the longer a player has the ring, the more dangerous it can become. 

This cookbook is full of recipes based on the historic vision of the Shire, and the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys cooking! It features recipes from each of the six meals of the Hobbit day and even includes vegetarian/vegan, gluten-free, and paleo-friendly recipes. 

This encyclopedia is chock-full of the history and mythology that inspired Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings universe. It includes an A-Z dictionary of the battles, history, heroes, and beasts of Middle Earth, accompanied by illustrations throughout, and an appendix that includes the three primary legends that inspired his creations. This is the perfect gift for anyone who wants to learn everything about Middle Earth and the legends that inspired the series!

This encyclopedia is chock-full of the history and mythology that inspired Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings universe. It includes an A-Z dictionary of the battles, history, heroes, and beasts of Middle Earth, accompanied by illustrations throughout, and an appendix that includes the three primary legends that inspired his creations. This is the perfect gift for anyone who wants to learn everything about Middle Earth and the legends that inspired the series!

Trivial Pursuit is a great way to test your knowledge on any subject, and this Collector’s Edition is dedicated to Lord of the Rings trivia! With nearly 1,800 questions on various topics, it’s the perfect test of knowledge for any die-hard LOTR fan. Plus, this special edition of the game includes a replica of The One Ring!

Lord of the Rings Blankets

It’s always exciting for a fan to receive a big, cozy Lord of the Rings blanket! Some blankets can double as wall hangings, and others are perfect for a LOTR movie marathon. Blankets make excellent gifts, especially during the cold winter months. Here are a few blankets that will keep any Lord of the Rings fan warm and comfy!

This throw blanket features a partial map of Middle Earth and colorful fringe edges. It’s made from 100% polyester fibers and can easily double as a wall hanging if you’d prefer! It measures 4’x5’, the perfect size to drape on the wall or across the back of a couch.

Maybe the person you’re buying for is more of a fan of the Lord of the Rings books than the movies! In that case, this blanket that depicts the cover of The Fellowship of the Ring book would be perfect. It’s available in two sizes and made from polyester with a plush, Sherpa material backside.
Lord of the ring gifts

Perhaps you’d like a Middle Earth blanket but want something plusher than the tapestry throw blanket. In that case, this velvety, spill-proof throw blanket is perfect! It’s made from comfortable, breathable microfiber and has both moisture and wrinkle resistance. In addition, it’s available in three different sizes, making it perfect for LOTR fans of any age.

Lord of the Rings Gifts Figures & Other Collectibles

Some people have an entire shelf dedicated to collectible figurines from their favorite movies. If that sounds like your loved one, consider giving them one of these Lord of the Rings collectibles!

Funko Pops are always a fan favorite, and if your friend’s favorite LOTR character is Aragon, this one is perfect! It stands 3.75” tall and even comes complete with his signature Anduril!

This sword is great for LOTR superfans! It’s handmade from acrylic resin and an incredibly accurate copy of the sword used in the actual film. It features a 39” stainless steel blade, but it is for display purposes only – not a real sword.

Perhaps you’d like to move away from traditional Funko Pops and go with something a bit more original! This Gandalf Pop looks just like any other but features Gwaihir for a unique look. This is perfect for a LOTR fan who already has a Pops collection from the movie but still wants to expand their collection.

This Witch King statue was created by the popular Weta Workshop and is a great starter item for their collection! There are many Mini Epic figurines you can collect, and they’re all made from sturdy material and include all the fine details that fans love.

Warner Brothers officially licenses this set of coins as an authentic prop replica. They look very similar to the coins used in the movies, and the set even includes a wooden display case for safekeeping.

This is another unique Funko Pop that’s perfect for any collector. It stands 6” tall, over 2” taller than most Funko Pops, and even includes Balrog’s flaming whip, as seen in the movie! The detailing is excellent, and it’s the perfect addition to any Funko Pop collection.

This finely-crafted Gollum figure was created by Noble Toys and is an officially licensed collectible. This figure is unique because the base is removable, and you can bend it to pose in different directions! It even includes Gollum’s well-known fish accessory.

If you know a fan who hasn’t yet started their Funko Pop collection, this Gandalf Pop is the perfect first piece! It even includes his signature staff and sword, as seen in the movies.

This Ringwraith statue was crafted by the same artists who worked on the Lord of the Rings movies as part of an exclusive movie replica line! It’s very sturdy, weighing almost a full pound, and is carefully crafted with detailed, hand-painted resin.

Miscellaneous Lord of the Rings Merchandise

Still haven’t seen anything that jumps out at you? Don’t worry! Here are a few miscellaneous ideas that just might be perfect for the fan in your life.

This laser-engraved and cut wooden music box features a spinning Eye of Mordor attachment and can be hand-cranked to play the Lord of the Ring theme song! To add an extra layer of exclusivity, it can even be customized just for the person it’s being bought for.

This wooden mug includes a stainless steel insert to hold up to 22 oz of any beverage you choose and features a copper label with the symbol of Aragon printed on it! Any fan who uses this mug will feel just like they’re at a Middle Earth pub.

This handmade, round, leather bag is inspired by the Round Door of Bag End! Each bag is made to order, so you can be sure you’re getting a one-of-a-kind gift for the LOTR fan in your life when you purchase it.

This handmade, hand-sewn, and hand-dyed/painted leather bag is available in two different sizes, with or without a divider, and in either brown or black. There’s a Tengwar script underneath the flap that translates to “Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost,” the famous line from the movie! It includes an adjustable and detachable shoulder strap and makes an absolutely beautiful gift.

If you know someone who likes to cosplay or LARP, when it comes to the lord of the rings clothing, this Witch King set might be perfect! It includes boot covers, gloves, forearms, sewable shoulders, a mask (plus assembly kit), and the Witch King’s signature mace.

Any Lord of the Rings fan would love to have a personalized mug with their name written in Elvish, which is precisely what you’ll get with this! You can choose between stainless steel and white ceramic material depending on your loved one’s preferences, and the look on their face when they open it will be priceless.

This Tree of Life pocket lighter would make a great stocking stuffer! It’s a genuine Zippo lighter, meaning it’s windproof and refillable, and it’s available in your choice of antique brass or silver.

This compass is perfect for a LOTR fan who loves exploring. It features a “Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost” inscription on the top and is made with a brass base and copper dial. It even includes a leather carrying case!

Other LOTR Gifts