42 Awesome “The Office” Gifts

There are few pop culture shows as iconic and frequently watched as “The Office”. This hysterical sitcom has had nine gut-busting seasons and amassed quite the devoted following of The Office fans. If you’re searching for the most iconic and unique “The Office” gifts for the Steve Carell fan in you’re life, you’ve come to the right place. 

Read on for our top gift selections, all relating to this innovative and charming series. These gifts are perfect for The Office Secret Santa Gifts, birthdays, Christmas, a funny present for your boss, or just to mark a special occasion for a loved one like a friendiversary. 

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"The Office" Gifts Ideas

Purchasing a gift about “The Office” is a great way to add some humor to any present. The show is filled with unforgettable characters such as Michael Scott, Dwight Schrute, and Jim Halpert, who get up to all sorts of office shenanigans and toss some of the most quotable lines. 

Using all of these elements to our advantage, we’ve chosen 40 gifts for “The Office” fans they will undoubtedly enjoy for their uniqueness and humor. 

This list includes gifts for family and friends, anyone’s personal office space, ones that will impress even the most passionate fan, and some that are just plain funny and unique. 

"The Office" Gifts for Friends and Family

Whether you’re looking for gift ideas for your bestie on their birthday, your siblings for Christmas, or your parents just because you want to, these The Office gifts are sure to earn you the Dundee award for #1 Gift Giver. 

This gift inspired by The Office puts a humorous twist on a common piece of office supplies, the notebook. Now your fan can create their own diabolical plan with Dwight instead of doing their own boring job. It’s the perfect gift to congratulate someone on their new job or help them get a little more organized with their thoughts. 

This gift is a great stocking stuffer for Christmas. It can include 10-50 The Office stickers depending on your preference. They’re perfect for a friend or sibling to decorate laptops, folders, or even cars. The stickers are all stylistically unique and include some of the show’s best phrases. 

If Cards Against Humanity had a The Office version, it’d be this. With 180 cards, this game is the perfect gift for one of your family members or a close friend on Christmas or their birthday. No doubt you’ll spend hours laughing at the absurd The Office-inspired card combinations. Feel free to pair this gift with the next gift on our list to raise the game’s stakes. 

A night of drinking just isn’t complete until you take a shot from a “Prison Mike” shot glass. These four The Office shot glasses are a perfect gift for parents or friends that enjoy a hard drink and a quality party. 

Another highly versatile gift on our list is this beautiful skinny tumbler with high-quality prints of The Office’s best quotes. You’ll recognize fan favorites like “False Fact,” “Everybody Stay Calm!” and the classic, “Dwight, you ignorant slut.” 

You can even personalize the tumbler by adding The Office fan’s name. For those of you trying to keep it PG, this seller also has a “no curse words” option. 

Babies deserve some The Office love too! Okay, maybe this gift is more for the parents, but it’s still a quality option. If you have a die-hard The Office fan who just had a child, consider gifting them these for a baby shower present or the baby’s birthday. There are five total options decorated with adorable The Office quotes, and they’re all handmade and machine washable.  

Don’t be fooled by its size; this small gift will pack a big punch with any fan of The Office. This ironic Michael Scott bottle opener depicts one of his most favored lines, “Do you think doing alcohol is cool? It’s sure to get a laugh at parties and is a great stocking stuffer or “just because” gift.  

The recipe for Kevin’s famous chili is no longer a secret. This cutting board details all of Kevin’s golden advice for making a chili that’s been passed down from Malones for generations and is guaranteed to bring everyone together. Don’t be fooled by what the board says, though; if you want to make legit The Office chili, then the carpet is not optional.

"The Office" Gifts for Your Office Space

Where better to put a gift from The Office than in an office? These gift ideas from the show will look perfect in any office space, whether it’s for your boss, a friend, or even your parents. They’re also a great way to add a little humor to an otherwise boring or even stressful atmosphere.

This adorable Dwight sign is just the motivational boost anyone would need to start their workday. The sign is small enough to fit on any office desk or nearby shelf and is a positive reminder to your favorite The Office fan that they can do anything. 

Definitely, a unique choice for a gift to any fan of The Office is this Dunder Mifflin pen. On the outside, it looks like any other functional pen, just labeled with The Office’s company name in a sleek silver and black design. However, there’s more to this gift than meets the eye. 

The pen also doubles as a flashlight that display’s Dwight’s pervert poster. A great way to lighten the mood in any office setting. 

What’s a morning in the office without your classic cup of coffee? But don’t just set your steaming beverage anywhere! Gift your super fan of The Office with these beautifully crafted wooden coasters engraved with The Office’s most favored characters and quotes. 

These coasters are all handmade from quality wood and laser engraved for a clear and precise image. 

This gift inspired by The Office puts a humorous twist on a common piece of office supplies, the notebook. Now your fan can create their own diabolical plan with Dwight instead of doing their own boring job. It’s the perfect gift to congratulate someone on their new job or help them get a little more organized with their thoughts. 

Help your fan of The Office add a little flair to their office space with this dunder Mifflin employees simple piece of décor. These wooden signs come in eight variations and depict the absolute best lines from the show. Choose your fan’s favorite, and we guarantee it’ll brighten their mood every day they walk into work.  

Any desk job can have its boring moments, but don’t give up. Michael Scott is here to remind you that you can get through this because “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” This is another great gift for a fan who’s started a new job or needs a little personal touch to their dull office space. 

Help your fan of The Office add some humor to the monotonous days passing by with this amusing calendar. Not only is it fully functional, but it also depicts an entertaining collage of the show’s characters in all their comical glory. Now your fan can look forward to the coming months so they can see what lies ahead on the next page. 

A nice, simple gift you can gift as a stocking stuffer or in addition to others on this list is The Office lanyard shown here. A present like this is a great way to help your fan keep track of their work keys or keycard while adding a personal touch to their everyday attire. 

"The Office" Gifts for the Ultimate Fan

Alright, we’re entering some serious territory here. Anyone that has a die-hard fan of The Office in their life knows that these people eat, sleep, and breathe this show. They might have even gifted themselves some of the items listed here. 

But don’t worry. We guarantee that no fan has utterly unique gifts in this category and will be ecstatic to add them to their collection of The Office memorabilia. 

Any ultimate The Office fan worth their title will remember the heartfelt moment when Michael became the most loveable boss for purchasing Pam’s watercolor painting of the Dunder Mifflin office. Now, you can recreate this magical moment by gifting this high-quality wall art recreation to your beloved fan. 

Every fan of The Office wants to visit Schrute Farm’s Bed & Breakfast and stay in the irrigation room. Although you can’t gift them this experience, you can give them this comfortable and stylish T-shirt so they can at least pretend they’d been there. 

The walls of any supreme fan of The Office just aren’t complete without a portrait of the world’s best boss. This beautifully crafted portrait of Michael Scott would go perfectly over your friend’s bed or in their bathroom. 

You could even gift it to your own boss so they can have a constant reminder of The Office-sized shoes they need to fill. 

We guarantee this poster is one of those gifts that only a legitimate fan of The Office can enjoy. The chart depicts Dwight’s emergency management flow of who is in charge of whom in the office and where weakness and menstrual cycles lie. 

It’s a great addition to any collection of The Office memorabilia, and next year you can even pair it with the emergency disaster mode overlay, giving Dwight full authority.  

The Office gifts

These handmade cotton towels are beyond adorable and clearly depict where your fan’s loyalties lie in any kitchen or bathroom space. After all, who wouldn’t want to dry their hands on a “Save Bandit” towel? There are eight possible design choices, and each depicts a memorable moment in the show any fan would love. 

If the decorative towels weren’t cute enough, this “You are everything” picture frame is sure to melt your heart. Pam and Jim are one of the ultimate show couples everyone aspires to have, and this quote definitely sealed that standard. Gift your favorite “The Office” loving couple some of their magic with this quoted picture frame. It’s a fantastic wedding or anniversary gift you can even personalize with another quote, their names, or their wedding date. 

Okay, so this poster might only be a print of the original autographs, but the ultimate fan won’t care. This is definitely a collectible piece of The Office memorabilia any fan would want on their wall. The poster depicts all of the core cast members and their unique signatures underneath next to a print version of their name for easy identification.

Your passionate The Office fan will never watch another episode again without this comfy and comical throw blanket. The blanket depicts the show’s iconic sign and their most memorable character, Michael Scott, surrounded by some of his best lines. The blanket is so unique they could even hang it on the wall as a tapestry. 

Funny "The Office" Gifts

The humor in The Office is unlike any other show in creation, and these The Office TV Show gifts perfectly capture all of the show’s best quotes and moments for any fan to enjoy. Some of these The Office gift ideas are fully functional, and others are just downright silly.  

For that friend that needs to cover some specific smells in their car, gift them this “Prison Mike” air freshener. Your order comes with two fresheners in black ice and strawberry fragrances, and the prints are such high quality that they’ll make any car interior the shizzle, I mean, awesome. 

For those of you who want to get your loving fan of The Office a simple gift on a budget, feel free to buy this humorous Dwight birthday card to mark the occasion. The card is budget-friendly with a high-quality print on durable cardstock paper. 

You can write your own personal message on the other side and pair it with a gift card or small present like The Office stickers we mentioned previously. 

If you’re looking for a cute gift for your significant other on Valentine’s day or your anniversary, buy this Dwight “My hear only beets for you” keychain. It’s made of durable and stylish stainless steel that would look adorable on any key ring, lanyard, or wallet loop. 

This doormat is a great conversation starter before your fan’s guests even walk through the door. Made from high-quality and durable materials, this doormat plays with one of Michael Scott’s favorite comeback jokes. It’s a great housewarming gift for your friends or a congratulatory present to a sibling to decorate their new college dorm.  

These two mini-books filled with wise words from The Office would lift anyone’s spirits and makes a great gift for fans. Gift recipients can rip out the cards and hand them to anyone to add some much-needed humor to a tense situation. There’s even a blank page for your own personal addition. 

No one can look at this pillow without at least cracking a smile at its ridiculousness. The CPR scene is quite possibly The Office’s funniest and most famous scene that even non-watchers would recognize. This sequined pillow perfectly captures the scene’s hilarity as you flip up the sequins to reveal Dwight’s mannequin-covered face.

All of The Office’s episodes are unique, but there’s no doubt that season 7’s “Threat Level Midnight” holds a special place in all fan’s hearts. This high-quality, comedic movie poster of the memorable episode is a great gift to your boyfriend, brother, or dad to decorate any office, man cave, or home entertainment space. 

Help your fan protect their car from the glazing Scranton, Pennsylvania heat with this wacky sunshade. This functional feature will keep any car cool and depicts iconic characters, Michael, Dwight, and Jim, just chilling in the car. Not only will this gift please any fan, but it’ll also certainly earn a double-take or two. 

Unique "The Office" Gifts

Because it’s one of the most popular modern shows ever to air on television and streaming networks, there’s a plethora of memorabilia and The Office merchandise. Anyone could buy a replica Dundie award from their local Target, but we promise you won’t find these unique gifts anywhere but here. 

A quality show isn’t complete without a catchy theme song, and The Office has one of the catchiest. Now, you can gift this famous song to your favorite fan in this beautifully crafted wooden music box. You can also personalize the exterior with any show quote, message, or name you’d like for an added charm. 

Yeah, you read that right. This sudsy gift depicts one of the funniest moments on The Office where Jim gets up to any one of his Dwight teasing shenanigans and place’s the temperamental co-worker’s belongings in Jell-O. This fully functional bar of soap looks just like the show’s Jell-O trapped stapler and would be the perfect present for any fan.  

Guess Who goes to a whole new level with this The Office version of the game. This is a fantastic birthday, Christmas, or housewarming to any friend or family member and is a fun-filled twist on a classic board game. You can play a quick game at family reunions, bring on road trips, or just pull it out when an episode of The Office is on. 

If you want to give a gift relating to The Office to a younger individual to ease them into the show, this is a great way to start. Any kid would enjoy playing pretend while constructing the office located in the scranton business park and creating their show scenes with the included characters.

Poor, Kevin. This adorable but slightly heart-breaking pin depicts that fateful moment when Kevin’s epic chili took a tumble. The craftsmanship of the enamel pin is amazing and, any fan would love to clip this pin to their lanyard, backpack, or purse.

We’ve mentioned the impact of the famous CPR scene on The Office fandom. However, since it’s such a beloved scene, there is a wide variety of products that utilize it, but none like this. This adorable and slightly unsettling shirt depicts Dwight in all his first-aid glory and would perfectly suit that edgier fan in your life.  

Tons of people love the office, but maybe your intended fan is a little more low-key about it. If so, these minimal art prints of the characters would be perfect for them. You can choose their favorite character or multiple prints to create a colorful and highly personal collage for their home or bedroom. 

A huge trend among kids and fans of all kinds is collecting the absolutely adorable and creative vinyl figurines that are Funko Pops. Help your fan of The Office start or expand their collection with this set of three Funko figurines that include Jim, Michael, and Dwight. 

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