28 Best Man Cave Gifts for Him

The man cave is a hallowed place of refuge for the everyday gentleman after a long day at work. Whether it’s your husband, brother, dad, or friend, if he has a man cave, it’s his sanctuary, where he can put his feet up and enjoy a room that is just all him. That’s why man cave gifts can be perfect for birthdays, Christmas, housewarming parties, anniversaries, valentines, and even just because. 

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28 Unique Best Man Cave Gifts

Finding the perfect mancave gifts can be difficult, especially when you feel he may have everything. After all, how can you sort through all of the man cave stuff online? There is always one thing that could take the man cave over the top and make it perfect. Don’t despair: We have compiled a list of the best man cave gifts to help you with whatever sort of gentleman you have in your life.

Man Cave Gifts for the Home Bar

Tired of buying the same kind of bourbon or whiskey as a gift to restock your father, brother, or husband’s bar? While it’s never a bad thing to give their favorite liquor as a gift, it can wear over time and feel less personal. 

Bar gifts don’t have to be just another bottle of booze. With a little bit of creativity and searching for the next Christmas or anniversary, you can give top-notch man cave bar gifts!

Every classy gentleman appreciates a beautiful decanter, but gone are the days of monogrammed glass. Turn it up a notch with a beautifully etched globe decanter and glass whiskey set. 

This can be more than just a decanter in a room. It can also make an impression on guests and help with conversation. 

What bar wouldn’t be perfect without a bartender kit? This set has everything you need except the booze, giving your man the ability to shake (not stir) delicious cocktails for himself or entertaining. It also comes with a rustic crate stand for display or keeping all of the pieces in one centralized location on their bar. 

Good bourbon deserves good glasses. For the bourbon lover, a crystal bourbon glass set can provide them with a high-class way of enjoying their nightcap. 

Bourbon gifts don’t have to be ritzy or over the top. This simple crystal set allows the drinker to sip their drink without any distraction by intricate design or colors.  

Are you looking for the perfect gift for that whiskey drinking man in your life? This whiskey gift set comes with two glasses and granite rocks that are meant to be chilled. 

One of the most annoying things about using ice to cool whiskey is that it waters it down. With whiskey stones, you can cool your drink and not lose any flavor due to water. 

Take your bar gift ideas to the next level with a liquor dispenser. Shots in the man cave can be customary, and with a liquor dispenser, they can be dispersed quickly for any toast or game. 

It revolves smoothly to allow for easy access to whatever bottle is needed. The stainless steel looks great on any bar surface.

Yeti cups are all the rage now for their ability to keep cold drinks cold. Why not get one specially designed for keeping your whiskey? 

This double-walled glass prevents exterior heat from raising your whiskey’s temperature so you can enjoy a cooled alcoholic beverage while on the go. Whether sitting in your man cave or walking around the garage, you can take your drink with you.

Novelty Man Cave Gifts

When it comes to man cave gifts ideas, you can never go wrong with a funny or novelty gift. Sometimes little things can add to the room’s personality, and not all gifts have to be absolutely functional. In your life, the special man will get a laugh out of the following items and share them with their friends. 

Coasters can protect any surface from water damage, but they are an easy way to customize a man cave and give visitors a chuckle. These coasters are made from bamboo and are a great idea for a housewarming present. 

Whatever sort of saying might appeal best to your father or husband, there is sure to be a coaster for it! 

Everyone loves candles, but finding the right one to express yourself is critical. Let’s face it: Clean Linen isn’t exactly the smell of champions. 

Manly Indulgence Candles provide the perfect solution for the guy into candles but wants a heavier, more masculine smell. Some examples of the scents are the 5 O’Clock Shadow, made up of oakmoss, musk, and fresh fir, or Black Tuxedo, which is white musk, lavender, and cedarwood. 

Just a quick look at the fun names and amazing scents, and you are sure to find one that would be a hit with whoever you are shopping for. 

A man cave must have its own rules. Man cave signs are a great way to add a bit of fun to the room and express humor. You can get them designed in the metal press, prints, or wood to match the rest of the man cave’s design. 

These can be as simple as a sign proclaiming, “It’s always beer o’clock” or detailed humorous rules not to be broken in the man cave! Whichever you choose, you are sure to get a chuckle from your loved one.

Take signage to the next level with a custom personalized neon sign. A customized piece is a great way to show your family member you care and be a cool addition to their man cave. 

You can add their name or nickname to the piece for an extra touch. Neon lights brighten the room and give it that cool dive bar feels when the lights are out.  

A gift for the movie buff, the Christmas Story Leg Lamp can be a perfect Christmas gift for the home theater man cave. 

This piece is an iconic piece from the Christmas story film and highly recognizable to any who are into movie trivia or have seen the film. It can elicit a chuckle whenever they come home and turn on the light. 

Cool Gadgets for Man Cave

Every man cave needs cool gadgets and tech! Whether it’s just cool or has a function, giving the gift of tech can be great for man cave gift ideas.

Cool gadgets don’t have to be something out of the ordinary spectrum of use either. They can be an essential item to round out a room that maybe your loved one just didn’t realize they were missing and makes for great man cave gifts.

A mini-fridge is a great addition to any man cave, but what if it was also a vending machine? This vending machine has a cool retro Coca-Cola classic look and holds up to ten cans of soda. 

Push-button vending means that, after it is stocked, a quick push of the button delivers ice-cold soda pop to you and your guests!

Some people swear by vinyl records. Others fully support streaming audio. Why not have it all? Victrola, known for their amazing record players, has a retro jukebox that allows for record playing, Bluetooth streaming, and CD or radio access! With LED lighting that can be set to match your room, this jukebox is perfect for the music-loving man cave. 

It’s a speaker that levitates! Mystify your dad, brother, or loved one for their birthday with this levitating Bluetooth speaker system. 

Using magnets, the orb hovers while using the Bluetooth connectivity to play music from any device. If you know someone who talks about how the Jetsons promised them flying cars, this is the perfect present. 

Grilling is the manliest of cooking methods, but let’s face it: if it’s cold outside or you are comfortable, why go out to fire up the grill? 

With the indoor/outdoor electric grill, now your special guy doesn’t have to leave their man cave to make a meal fit for a king. Simply plug it in and grill a steak! The surface also provides easy cleanup. 

Man Cave Accessories

Some accessories are essential when first setting up a man cave or really honing its style. When first building a man cave, unfortunately, some of the key details can go amiss and later be harder to work in. 

If you’re looking for a present for a father, husband, or another relative, consider man cave ideas to add to your gift list! Some of these accessories can help them find their sanctuary and can be a great start to their room design.

There is nothing compared to watching the best movies or the game with surround sound. It can really make you feel like you are there watching live. 

A quality surround sound system can be an excellent gift for any man, no matter what they are into during their downtime. From music to home theater shows, you are guaranteed to see them get used out of this!

Man cave games are essential to entertainment. If your loved one’s mancave has a bar set up, the addition of a pool table will not go amiss. 

Everyone knows the atmosphere: smoky bar, neon lights, pool tables, and chalk. Add to the aesthetic with a quality wood pool table! This system comes with all the parts you need to play a cool game of pool. 

An all-time classic man cave game, Darts can set wives on edge when thinking of distressed walls but are great fun when friends are over. 

Perfect for a housewarming, birthday, or anniversary gift, the professional dartboard has a classic look that will remind people of old gentlemen’s pubs. 

A TV is a must for a man cave, but a Smart TV can be just the upgrade needed to really make it a relaxation room. With insane streaming capability and voice navigation, say goodbye to the remote and hello to easy comfort! 

This smart TV works with both Alexa and Google to allow for simple integration of systems that may already be in the house. 

Every man has a life long quest to find the perfect chair to relax in with a beer after a long hard day. 

Why not give them the gift of the chair that has it all this anniversary? This recliner has two cupholders, side pockets, reclining and massage capability, and even has heating to keep your special man nice and comfortable while they relax. The only thing missing? A blanket for naps!

Whether the bar is old and worn down or the man cave just doesn’t have one yet, a bar set with storage can be a great man cave gift! 

These make a convenient way to store all of the drinks and mixing materials in one place for those coming over. 

There are a variety available on the market in different wood tones or styles to best suit the aesthetic of any man cave, whether it be a Jimmy Buffet vibe or a classy gentleman’s retreat. 

Last, and certainly never least, a bottle opener is always a great gift. People lose bottle openers all the time in various ways. Ensure they never lose theirs with a wall-mounted magnetic bottle opener. 

These can be screwed into the man cave wall, making one easy access point to pop an open beer. The magnetic area prevents caps from flying off into the ether, only to be found by your foot later in the dark!

Gifts for Cigar Lovers

Cigar smoking isn’t just a hobby: it can be a way of life and a ritual to wind down after a hard day’s work. 

If you know a cigar aficionado, you know they have a series of favorite cigars, a whole set of accessories, and, if they are particularly dapper, may even have a jacket for the activity. What gifts for cigar lovers are left in the world for you to give?

Ever sit with your friend as they grab a cigar only to find they have misplaced their cutter, cigar ashtrays, or another accessory? This compact cigar ashtray is a fantastic solution for the cigar lover who wants all of their gear in one place. 

It has slots to hold the cutter and punch and a removable stainless steel cigar ashtray. When done with their smoking session, this set folds up for convenient storage and travel!

Nothing is worse than sitting down to enjoy a cigar and a glass of your favorite liquor, only to suddenly need a third hand for your remote or phone. Free up the man’s other hand with this glass! The notch in the glass allows them to sip their whiskey comfortably while also holding their cigar. Now they can grab the remote and turn on their favorite show or game while they relax.

Help your male relative or friend store their cigars with class! A glass top humidor helps maintain cigars’ quality and is a great man cave gift idea for the cigar lover. 

With this, no matter how the outside temperature fluctuates, they can ensure their smokes are always at the perfect temperature and fresh. 

Ever have that moment where you are trying to recommend something to a friend but can’t quite remember it? A cigar dossier is a journal that helps a cigar aficionado keep track of which smokes he found the best. 

With this journal, they can track all of the brands they have tried and what made them love that particular one. 

Got a light? Cigar smokers can be very particular about the methodology of lighting a cigar and fall between matches or cigar lighters. If they favor butane lighters, give them one to remember. 

A triple torch cigar lighter looks cool and is a decent size, so they will always be able to find their lighter in their man cave come smoke time. 

A humidor for the more discrete gentleman, a humidor jar is a straightforward cigar holder that can be set anywhere within the man cave, allowing him to snag a cigar and hide the rest away. 

This jar will also keep them fresh and maintain the needed temperature to prevent dryness. These are perfect gifts for men who enjoy their smoking without being too showy. 

Final Thoughts

From a place to store their cold beer to add to their game room, to a personalized man cave decor, to something that lists the man cave rules, to a personalized barrel, you’ll help make their man space an inviting atmosphere, the man cave owner in your life will be overjoyed by your unique gift. We have something for all the man caves out there!