47 Best Gifts for Grandpa

What do you get for the guy who has it all? That is the million-dollar question when it comes to coming up with the best gifts for grandpa. Whether it be his birthday, Father’s Day, Christmas, or something just because it can be difficult to find the perfect gift for the perfect guy. 

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47 Original Best Gifts for Grandpa

This list will give you a perfect, comprehensive breakdown of several options that are certain to make Grandpa break out laughing, or into a chuckle, or at least make him blow air out of his nose.

Funny Grandpa T-Shirts

Grandpa loves to relax – and he has earned that right! These funny t-shirts will fit his personality perfectly as they combine his two favorite things, comfort and comedy. These make the best christmas gift ideas and a nice complement to their grandpa cap.

Nothing can describe a Grandpa better. He’s a man, he’s a myth, and he’s a bad influence. Of course, he’s a legend as well. The word “grand” is in his name. This is a great gift to get for Grandpa on his birthday or Father’s Day to remind him of what makes him so special.

This is a great gift for any Grandpa out there that loves to hunt. We’ve already established that Grandpa is a bad influence, so it goes without saying that he is going to get a kick out of the NSFW pun that the t-shirt features.

Everyone knows that Grandpas always take pride in keeping their lawn in tip-top shape. This shirt will remind Grandpa, and the grass, who’s boss. This way, he can look stylish each week when he’s out there kicking grass and taking names.

This is the perfect throwback t-shirt to give Grandpa during Christmas this year. The sleek, Top Gun-inspired design will make Grandpa feel even more confident as one bad motor scooter, even if he is on a motor scooter. He will also get that reference. If you order this soon, the t-shirt will get here in time for Christmas as well.

Grandpa may hold this family together, but behind every great grandpa is loads and loads of duct tape. It does not matter what the problem is. He can probably use some duct tape to fix it. Whether it be a leaky pipe, broken furniture, or a son-in-law that just keeps trying to tell him that duct tape is not going to be a good permanent fix. 

Some elbow grease and duct tape can take care of that problem real quick. This Father’s Day, get the world’s best problem solver this t-shirt about the world’s best problem solver.

Dad’s may like to act like they are the king of the grill, but the fact of the matter is that every Dad has a Dad, even though you may know him as Grandpa. 

In 2021, Father’s Day is on June 20th, so this makes a perfect gift that Grandpa can wear for the Fourth of July festivities. It will allow him to remind everyone who is really the boss as he supervises your Dad on the grill, also known as doing all the work.

Everyone say it together: Grandpa is just a super Dad. So, as a result, they love a good dad joke. This t-shirt will scratch that itch for them, especially if they are avid fishermen for things other than compliments. 

They will gladly use this one to get out of work, lawn or otherwise, and go enjoy a day out on the lake fishing. This is another one that is a good gift for Father’s Day for Grandpa to enjoy throughout the summer.

This is a good gift to give to Grandpa if he is going through any sort of medical procedure to get those joints back to good as new. They have seen a lot of wear and tear in their time, so sometimes they just need to get replaced for a newer model. 

This t-shirt will make Grandpa laugh while he is recovering and serve as an explanation if he has to walk with a limp for a little bit.

Being a Grandpa is hard work! Not only do you have to have all the answers, but you also have to know how to fix everything and do it all with the pressure of always being the funniest person in the room. 

So, any Grandpa is not really retired…they are just a Professional Grandpa full-time. This gift makes a great gift for a retirement party or birthday for the old man.

Even if Grandpa is getting older, that does not mean that he does not want to show off the guns. He still works hard to look good for Grandma, and this tank top will give him a great shirt to wear at the gym to remind the young punks who he is.

This is a great t-shirt for Grandpa, plus it gives you some of the credit that you deserve. The truth is that grandparents love spending time with their grandkids, and he will love this shirt. 

You should not be surprised if he uses it as a way to poke fun at your parents either, as he reminds them that his favorite people are the ones who call him Grandpa. Not the ones who call him Dad.

This is another one that will allow you to give yourself a boost of confidence as your grandpa’s favorite Granddaughter. As an added bonus, it can also give you a chance to poke fun at your siblings and cousins if Grandpa ever wears it at a family gathering.

Look no further if you are looking for the perfect retirement gift for your golf-loving grandpa. Outside of being a full-time Grandpa, he will surely be filling up his schedule with as many tee times as possible. When he is not on the golf course, he can wear this t-shirt to let people know where he wishes that he was. 

As someone with years and years of experience with being a dad, grandpas always have a leg up when it comes to dad jokes. This t-shirt contains a grandpa-level dad joke as it makes a pun using a bone in the leg. It is a real knee-slapper, which he will certainly say about it at some point.

Grandpa is not like those other grandpas; he is a cool grandpa! While those other lame grandpas are taking their midday naps, he is making the turn and playing at a great pace to make sure that he is home in time for his afternoon nap. Life is all about balance, and he has found a way to perfect that.

Sometimes Grandpa needs something to remind everyone that he is not old. He is classic, just like an old mustang or those sneakers from the 80’s that he refuses to get rid of. He is classic, and he has some character! Get him this t-shirt so he can wear it proudly and remind everyone how lucky they are to be spending time with him.

This t-shirt will serve as a great confidence booster for your grandpa when he wears it around in public. He already knows that he looks too young to be a grandpa, but that does not mean that he does not want to hear it from some other people and strangers. This t-shirt can act as that conversation starter for him.

If your grandpa is prone to be prone, this t-shirt will be a perfect warning to let those around him know that he is liable to nap at any given time. This Christmas, pairing this t-shirt with the socks that we mention later in the article will make the perfect gift for any grandpa who loves chaos. Is he napping? Or is he just resting his eyes? Is there really a difference? Only Grandpa truly knows, and that is just how he likes it.


Grandpa is going to need to drink some coffee to get his energy up before a long day of being the man. These mugs will turn his morning cup’o’joe into a morning cup’o’joke as well. These are some of the best Christmas gifts.

Ever wondered what really goes into creating that awesome man that you call your grandpa? Well, he certainly is not. He knows all of the reasons why he is great, but this mug will help him to explain it to everyone else without having to say a word. 

He is filled with 1000% pure unconditional love, 300% pride, and 0% wrong answers. Like I said, he already knew all of that, but now you can too.

What is a Grandpa? A super-Dad. This mug is a great gift for Father’s Day, Christmas, or as a way to break the news that your Dad is becoming a Grandpa. 

He will be able to enjoy a cup of coffee while reminding everyone that he was a great enough Dad to get the promotion to Grandpa. This is no small feat, so if he adds something special to his coffee, just sit back and allow him to celebrate accordingly. This is a great alternative if he’s not one who loves hand written notes. 

How is this not sold out? Is there anything that a Grandpa would find funnier? If you get Grandpa this mug for Christmas, you’re guaranteed to make him laugh and firmly cement yourself among one of the “cool grandkids,” which is the highest honor in his eyes. Just don’t be shocked if he laughs so hard that he actually lets one rip. 

Grandpa will find this one funny, but there is some serious truth to it. As someone who is frequently the eldest in the family, they have to balance being the wisest family member along with the funniest and best looking. 

This is no small task, but Grandpa executes it flawlessly and only reminds you of it on a daily or weekly basis. It wouldn’t hurt if he got a mug to remind you instead.

Finally, a candidate we can all get behind! Grandpa always has an answer for everything, so why not put him in charge and get this country back on track? 

While his campaign tagline of “Honest – Hardworking – Fun” may read like a game of two truths and a lie, at this point, I think we’d all settle for two out of three. Maybe even one out of three. As long as Grandpa stays fun, he’s got my vote!

This one is fairly self-explanatory, but it further embraces the spirit of Grandpa. Grandpa is the cool Dad who will let you get away with some things that maybe you could not get away with if your Dad was around. Get him this mug to remind him just how cool you think he is.

Anyone who has gone out golfing with Grandpa is familiar with the rules of old man golf. Of course, the first step of any successful golf game: swing. Following the swing, it’s important to remember that Grandpa is going to swear. 

At this point in his life, he probably is not frequenting Las Vegas, but the classic rule holds up in this instance. What happens on the course stays on the course. Get this mug for Grandpa’s birthday, so he does not have to keep explaining how he plays.

Grandpa is not here to argue! He has spent enough time living life and, of course, would not want to spend any time that he has left arguing. Even if it seems like he may be arguing, this mug will explain that that is simply not the case. He is merely explaining why he is right. There is no need to research what he is telling you because Grandpa is always right.

As we have already established, Grandpa’s love a good fart joke. This one offers them a new spin on an old classic. If they get this mug for Christmas or their Birthday, they will surely be waiting for the perfect opportunity to use it. But don’t call them Shirley. The second you ask them if they did the deed, they will just proudly display the mug and let it do the talking.

Another favorite staple of Grandpa’s vocabulary? Sarcastic comments. They have been around a long time, and they have perfected the delivery of a simple, sarcastic joke. 

If they are able to add this insulated tumbler to their arsenal, they will be able to take a nice long swig of it before they make their joke. You will know when the joke is coming, and you will be able to run, but you will not be able to hide.

Here is another mug that accurately encapsulates what makes Grandpa special. At first glance, it seems to be a really sweet mug with a nice message, encouraging the reader to have a great day. 

However, if you look long enough, you might see Grandpa take a sip and, if he does, you’ll see how the mug really feels with a clear middle finger on the bottom. 

This gives him all the power in the world, as he can simply show the kind message if he chooses. But, if he wants to, he can still choose to send a clear message to anyone who crosses him.

If Grandpa is among the many who enjoy watching Star Wars, then he is more than familiar with Yoda. Yoda has long been considered the “grandpa” of the Star Wars universe, as he somehow manages to be the wisest living being while also still having a little bit too much white ear hair. 

He will love this gift, so gift it to him this Christmas to make sure that every day starts with a little bit of the force. 

The Grandpa in your life has an answer for everything. Sure, it may not always be the answer that you want to hear. For that matter, it may not always be the answer that is, technically, correct; but it will be an answer, and there is something to be said for that. 

This mug will allow him to remind the world that he does, in fact, know everything when he is enjoying his morning cup of coffee before a long, hard day of having all the answers.

How many times has Grandpa complained about people always asking him for his skincare routine while he is just trying to enjoy a morning cup of coffee? This Christmas, give him the gift of rested vocal cords by letting this mug do the talking. The truth is it just took time, and he aged like a fine wine, so the real secret is patience.

Grandpa has spent most of his life working. When getting him a retirement gift, why not a mug that will say everything he has wanted to say for years? He does not want to. He does not have to, and no one can make him because he is retired! Well, that is, unless Grandma says so.

This whiskey glass and mini flask keychain is a great birthday gift for Grandpa. If he is ever complaining, he can just have some of his grandpa’s juice, and it will make him feel better. While it may be a lowball glass, it is for a high-class gentleman.

This mug is perfect for the working grandpa. The design of the mug has a putting hole at the bottom to go along with a golf club pen and mini golf ball. This is a perfect gift that will give your grandpa a chance to spend the rest of his time as a working man focusing on what really matters: his retirement golf game.

After giving him the tabletop golf mug, once his retirement party does come along, you can get him this handy mug that will keep him on schedule during his retirement. It is extremely helpful, as it reminds him of what he needs to accomplish each day, as well as breaking down what that will all add up to over the course of the week.  

This wine glass is the perfect gift to give any grandpa who has become a sommelier and appreciates a nice glass of wine. The glass will explain who he is, so he can focus on explaining the 5 S’s of proper wine tasting etiquette.

If you are looking for the best birthday gift for a grandpa who loves motorcycles almost as much as he loves napping, this mug makes a perfect choice. It offers a simple, straightforward explanation for why he snores so loud when taking a nap on the couch. The truth is, he is not really snoring. He is just dreaming that he is a motorcycle. 

The next section contains a variety of fun gifts that Grandpa is sure to enjoy. They make great Father’s Day gifts or even something to give to him “just cause.”

This gift will be a great addition to the keyring of any Grandpa who is mister “fix it.” There are no truer words than “If grandpa can’t fix it, no one can.” Well, at least there are no truer words in Grandpa’s eyes. This is another great idea to give to Grandpa for Father’s Day, although it might throw some shade on your father.

If you give this calendar to your grandpa, he will probably make a joke about not needing it because he already wrote the whole book on it. 

Rest assured, if you do give this to him, that it will only be a matter of time before he starts working some of these jokes and puns into his rotation. You will wish that you never gave it to him in no time, which means that it is the perfect gift.

Grandpas take ice cream seriously. Very seriously. Grandpas love tools. This year, for his birthday, get them a tool that they can use when they are stuffing their face with ice cream after another long day of being the funniest man alive. 

Sure, traditionally, it may be called a spoon, but that is not what Grandpa does to ice cream. Grandpa plows through ice cream, so get him this ice cream plow so he can do damage.

This gift is the epitome of irony. Grandpa always loves causing trouble and encourages their grandchildren to get into that mischief as well. 

However, that all seems to change when someone decides to get a little bit too wild and put their glass on Grandpa’s precious coffee table without a coaster. That makes this gift perfect for Christmas, as it can remind Grandpa that he is still cool and a rebel even if he sometimes has to enforce some rules.

Only the most elite, experienced, and savvy athletes dare to venture onto the pickleball court. If your grandpa is one of those select few, this pickleball journal is the perfect gift for him. It will give him a great, small, portable journal to keep track of his dominance on the court. Just do not get out there against him once he has this unless you want your humiliating defeat immortalized in his journal with a thorough description of how he dinked you to death.

If your grandpa loves fishing, this one will hit him right in the heartstrings. This year, for his birthday, get him a fishing lure that describes to him how much you truly do love him in a way that he can fully understand. 

This lure has an engraved message that says, “I Love You More Than You Love Fishing.” Every time he is out on the water, he will think of you just before he catches a prize-winning fish. Every grandkid’s dream.

Here is a great gift if your grandpa is a Rockstar in more ways than one. This pick makes a great gift for any guitar-playing grandfather and will give him the opportunity to think of you when he is rocking out. Plus, it has a pun.

With Christmas coming up, these socks are the perfect gift for your grandpa and will complete his outfit for Sunday afternoons. Grandpa can sit down to watch some football or golf, kick his feet up, and just rest his eyes. 

He is not asleep, and these socks will serve as confirmation for that, he just needs to rest his eyes a little bit, so no need to bother him for the next 30-45 minutes, no matter how loud he snores. Grandpa will thank you!

If your grandpa is retired, he likely has a lot of time on his hands. Get him this adult coloring book to give him something to do to pass the time besides golfing and napping. It is NSFW, so it is sure to make him chuckle as he is letting his inner kid loose and coloring in between the lines. He can even color outside of the lines if he wants to. There are no rules with adult coloring books.

Final Thoughts on Perfect Gifts for Grandpa From Family Members

Whether you’re looking for a sentimental gift, a personalized gift, the perfect Christmas gift, we hope you were able to find a gift idea for the holiday season coming up or the celebration you’re preparing for.

We’ve got gifts for the handy grandpa or for the sentimental grandpa to help you highlight some of your fondest childhood memories or family photos.

They have a life story that is worth celebrating!