30 Wonderful Gifts for 70th Birthday

Birthdays come around once a year and are undoubtedly special occasions when you get to celebrate your loved one’s life. But what should you get someone who has lived for 70 years? With plenty of life left to live, this article will help you find the best gifts for their 70th birthday they’re sure to use for many years to come. 

These 30 gifts are perfect for any individual who enjoys living life fully and has a sense of humor about getting older. Of course, every one of them is chosen to demonstrate your affection for them on this extraordinary day. 

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30 Wise Best Gifts for 70th Birthday

With nearly a lifetime of birthdays behind them, it can be challenging to find that loved one a unique, heartfelt, or useful present for their 70th birthday that they don’t already have. Fortunately, we have a wide selection of options just for you. 

Below, you will find 30 of the best gift ideas for someone’s 70th birthday. Our gifts are split into convenient categories so you can find that perfect present faster and easier than ever. 

Useful 70th Birthday Gift Ideas

There’s no doubt that some things get tougher as you age. Simple tasks become a chore that can really wear on your loved one daily. At 70, they need a gift that will make their day-to-day routines a little easier and more enjoyable. So, we’ve chosen our top picks for the most useful and convenient gifts to do just that. 

After walking thousands of miles throughout their life, it’s time to give their 70-year-old feet a nice, comfortable rest with these fuzzy and super supportive sneakers. 

Humor and convenience make an exceptional pair, and no gift demonstrates that better than this fun makeup bag that reminds them aging only makes them more perfect.

Circulation decreases as people age, so your loved one might find that by the age of 70, they’re constantly battling the cold. Help them keep toasty warm all day long with this beautiful and cozy Sherpa throw blanket. 

Let’s face it. Even in our youth, holding a cellphone or tablet at eye level all the time gets tiring. Now you can eliminate this chore by gifting your 70-year-old loved one this adjustable electronics stand. It’s excellent for holding devices when they’re watching shows, reading a recipe, or video chatting with family and friends.

Lots of aches and pains come with the territory of aging, but this massage and trigger cane can relieve all of them in seconds. It might look simple, but this is one of the most effective tools for Fibromyalgia and age-related pain. 

Keeping the house at a toasty 70 degrees in the winter can be costly, but making a real fire is a ton of work, especially at 70. This electric fireplace is a great gift that will keep them warm without breaking the bank. It’s also conveniently sized for portability and a great aesthetic piece.

Fun 70 Year Old Gift Ideas

You’re never too old to have a little fun! These gift options for your loved one’s 70th birthday focus on either adding a bit of humor to their life or giving them a fun experience or showpiece for their home to commemorate the occasion. 

The days of losing their glasses or leaving them on the bedside table are behind them. Once you’ve gifted them this mustachio glasses holder, they’ll be reluctant to ever remove their spectacles from the stand. 

This poster is a fun piece of wall art that gives them a glimpse into the past and what was going on in the world at their birth year. Interesting categories include radio and television, what things cost then, and most important events. 

Candles are great gifts for relaxation and aesthetics. But this candle is especially fantastic because it provides a daily dose of inspiration by reminding your 70-year-old loved one that they’ve “still got it!” 

It’s never too late to learn about your family lineage and roots. Ancestry has become a prominent name because of their insightful DNA test that will tell them where their family origins lie, and their online account will depict personal ancestral records they’ve never seen before.  

Give them a fun and creative outlet with this do-it-yourself memoir book that will help them record a lifetime of hard-earned wisdom, life-changing mistakes, and unforgettable memories. 

Gardening is a fantastic hobby, but growing your precious crops and flowers outdoors can be tricky to protect and maintain. With this hydroponic garden, they can grow the most amazing herbs, vegetables, fruits, and more from the comfort of the indoors. 

Classy 70th Birthday Gifts

If your 70-year-old loved one has a taste for the finer things, consider gifting them one of these exceptionally classy options for their birthday. 

Seven rings are a common jewelry design for someone’s 70th birthday to represent seven decades of life. This necklace beautifully melds the seven rings into one circle to represent the pieces that come together and create one life. Dangling in the middle is their birthstone for an added personal touch. 

It’s hard to find a wine lover something they don’t have. Most have glasses, stoppers, caddies, and more, but we guarantee they don’t have this. Ullo’s wine purifier ensures every glass is infused with the cleanest and most aromatic flavor possible. 

Every alcohol connoisseur wants their own mini-bar for mixology and unique cocktail concoctions. Now, you can gift them one of their own and personalize it with their name or a touching message. 

If you want a jewelry gift a little more specific to the occasion, this 70th birthday charm bracelet is a great option. You can personalize it with their first initial and birthstone, joined by celebratory charms like a birthday cake and a glass of wine. 

By 70, they’re well within their “golden years,” and as such, they should be living life to the fullest. One of the best ways to do this is by traveling the world, which is where this classy luggage set comes in. 

They’ll feel like the most elegant heir or heiress when they adorn their home with these sophisticatedly monogrammed hand towels. 

Heartfelt Gifts for 70 Year Old

Gifts are one of the easiest ways to convey how much you love someone through a physical object they can enjoy for years. These mementos listed here will be a constant reminder of how much they mean to you.

Give them a gift that can do a little bit of everything. With the Echo Show 8, not only can you stream some of your most memorable pictures electronically on the screen, but they can also use it for live video calling and messaging with friends and family. 

Help them make sure no birthday within the family is forgotten or uncelebrated with this personalized family birthday board. Below each month, they can hang hand-written labels of each person and their birth date. Great for an aesthetic wall piece and organization. 

Puzzles are a common hobby, but you can make this one much more special by making the complete image of a particular photo of you and your loved one or a memorable moment in your lives. 

Distance might make the heart grow fonder, but sometimes you just want to feel connected despite the miles apart. Next to a text or phone call, Filimin’s friendship lamp is the most personal and heartwarming way to show your loved one you’re thinking of them. 

Medications and supplements are common when getting up there, but you can finally give them pills they’ll enjoy with this bottle of capsule letters. Write your own personal messages to hide in each capsule so they have a little dose of love every day. 

If your 70-year-old loved one has kids or grandkids, consider gifting them this personalized pillow to decorate their home couch. It’ll depict their name or family title, like Nana, and list their kids’ or grandkids’ names below.

70th Birthday Party Gifts

There’s no better way to celebrate a birthday than with a party. In a way, it’s the best gift of all. But, a party needs decorations. Any number of these party gifts would make an exceptional contribution to the celebratory atmosphere everyone’s going for on this rare and memorable occasion. 

These sparkly, golden centerpieces would look fantastic placed within a flower vase, bowl, or even desserts like cupcakes. They’re a great way to give every table an extra festive flair. 

Party hats are a classic piece of personal décor for a birthday party. Make sure everyone is wearing one before the birthday guest enters the room for their big “surprise!”

Say it loud and proud with this decorative banner. Measuring nearly ten feet long, it’ll look amazing dangling on the wall of your party room or staked outside the venue. 

If you’re looking for a gift that has all the bells and whistles for minimal effort, we recommend this 70th birthday party set. It includes balloons, photoshoot props, plates, and so much more. 

This birthday certainly won’t be the last. So, if you want a reusable piece of décor, these mini chalkboards are a superb option. They’re great for assigned seating, labeling food items, and keeping the party area organized. 

It’s not a party without a bustling dance floor and some groovy music. We guarantee everyone will be on their feet and dancing the night away when you turn on these party lights for the perfect ambiance. 

Final Thoughts on Getting The Perfect Gift and Most Thoughtful Gift For Their 70th Birthday

It can be a challenge to find a unique gift for family members celebrating a milestone birthday who don’t need anything. From a personalized gift to a fun idea to add to a gift box, we hope you were able to find great ideas for the birthday girl or the birthday boy. Don’t forget to add a personal message – which is a great opportunity to go down memory lane.