43 Best Birthday Gift for Brother

Are you sitting at home wondering, “What should I get my brother for his birthday?” Wonder no more. We have the perfect list of ideas for the best birthday gift for brother of all shapes and sizes. 

Whether you are looking for a funny or unique gift, we have you covered. Read on to find out the best birthday gift ideas for brothers. 

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Best Gifts for Your Brother's Birthday He'll Love

Not all brothers are the same. That is why we have broken up our list into seven different categories to help make your search much more manageable. From brother-in-law gifts to creative 21st birthday gift ideas for him, we have you covered. 

Birthday Gift for Brother from Sister

If you find yourself searching for gifts for brothers from sisters, then this is the category for you. Here are the perfect bro birthday gifts for your favorite brother. 

Featuring the words “The Best Brother in the world,” this high-quality beer pint glass is a great way to show your brother how you feel about them. It can hold 16 oz of whatever type of beer they enjoy and is dishwasher safe, making it an easy glass to care for. With its durability and wide mouth, this glass is sure to be their new favorite thing to drink beer from, or any sort of drink. 

If you are looking for brother bday gifts that they will use every day, this is the one. Made from high-quality leather, this beautifully engraved wallet features a heartfelt message to “my beloved brother,” from “your sister.” With a minimalist yet stylish design, he can carry all of his cards and bills in one place. The best part is it has RFID blocking, so he can worry less knowing his cards are safe within his wallet. 

Is your brother your hero? Let them know by giving them this gift box that details out how they are your hero. The box includes a personalized wooden plaque that you can say up to 18 different sentiments on, along with a long list of goodies including:

  • Field Trip Cracked Pepper Turkey Stick 
  • KUJU coffee
  • RTIC can cooler 
  • Wonderful Pistachios 

All the presents come packaged in a unique box “for heroes” to make it easier for you to give to your brother. 

Are you looking for a simple brother bday gift that he can put on his desk or hang on his wall? Why not give him a picture of the two of you! This beautiful, wooden picture frame features the words “first my brother, forever my friend” in large text on the left side of the frame. You can place a cute 4″x6″ picture of you and him on the left side of this 8″x10″ plaque-like frame for him to admire all day long. 

Celebrate his birthday week with seven gifts for seven days! Neither of you knows what will be in the box, except that the presents are all cruelty-free and useful.

In addition to the seven wrapped gifts, he will also get some additional treats like tea bags or sweets. The creators of the box will also write a handwritten note for him of whatever you want them to, making this a very thoughtful and fun gift. 

Give your brother a beautiful, digitally made portrait of the two of you with linked arms walking off. You can add your own writing to go above the two of you or keep the original text that says, “the greatest gift our parents gave us was each other.” Feel free to add more of your siblings into the picture if you have them, or maybe even your parents! 

Personalized Birthday Gift for Brother

Are you looking for something a bit more personalized for your brother? If so, we have a few ideas for you. Whether you are looking for engraved bracelets for men, personalized men’s leather bracelets, or any other type of personalized birthday gifts for brothers, we have you covered. 

As one of the best-engraved men’s bracelets to give your brother, this silicone wristband features the words, “Brother, There is no better friend than a brother and there is no better brother than you.” With an allergy-friendly and very comfortable design, this wristband will look and feel amazing on him. Plus, it is waterproof, so he never has to worry about taking it off. 

Make your brother’s bday gift something that he can use every day in the kitchen with this all-natural bamboo cutting board. Custom-engraved on sustainably sourced bamboo, this 9” by 12” cutting board is strong yet won’t dull knife blades. The board features a beautiful poem for your brother with images to go with it engraved to the right of it. He will love the beautiful sentiment and practicality of this gift. 

If you are looking for personalized men’s leather bracelets, this unique, laser engraved bracelet is exactly what you need. Made from black leather, you can engrave any message you want on the stainless-steel plaque. With a flexible, hidden safety clasp lock and a comfortable design, he can wear this trendy wristband for almost any occasion. 

Best gift for brother

Handmade from natural wood and a genuine leather band, this elegant watch is a great way to show your brother how much you love him. You can choose from various pre-written phrases or write your own to make it truly unique for your brother. 


The watch comes in a beautiful 1.7” diameter case, and it has a length of 9.6”. It has genuine Japanese quartz movement and a stainless steel clasp. He will have everyone in the room envying his stylish new accessory. 

If you are not looking for custom men’s bracelets, we still have you covered with this handmade, personalized brass compass. You can engrave the compass on the:

  • Bottom
  • Front
  • Inside

The front of the compass can also have images engraved onto it as well. So, if your brother loves the mountains or has a favorite fishing hole, you can get an image of whatever you like engraved on the front. The beautiful compass comes with a brown leather pouch that can have up to 5 letters engraved onto it as well. 

Birthday Gift for Brother Who Has Everything

Are you looking for unique gifts for brothers who seem to have it all? Well, look no further. These exciting gifts for brother’s birthday celebrations are sure to have him smiling when he opens them up. 

If you are looking for good birthday gifts for brothers who are hard to shop for, this roman numeral pocket watch can be the light at the end of the tunnel. Featuring a beautifully written message for your brother, this black, zinc alloy watch comes with a:

  • Neck chain
  • Pocket chain
  • Quality gift box

He can carry it around with him wherever he goes or simply display it in his house.

What are the chances your brother has a crate full of 5 bacon-flavored snacks? With this bacon crate, he can. 

Within his crate, he gets fantastic bacon snacks that he can enjoy throughout the day, like:

  • Bourbon Bacon Seasoning Grinder
  • Old Fashioned Maple Bacon Jerky
  • Sir Francis Bacon Peanut Brittle

All bacon products come sealed in a “man crate” that he has to crack open with the included crowbar. You will get a laugh out of him trying to figure out how to get the crate open, so really, it is a gift for both of you. 

Does your brother love to bike? Make his biking experience more exciting with these LED bicycle wheel lights that come in a variety of colors. Not only will he look cooler at night, but he will also be much safer from the visibility he will gain by having bright lights on his wheels. 

These LED lights are super easy to install and will fit almost any bike and model. Plus, they are great for brothers of all ages! 

If you are looking for brother birthday gifts that will make his friends jealous, this is it. Made from authentic ox-horn, this handmade mug is treated with a non-toxic lacquer on the interior to ensure it meets all health standards. He can drink his favorite beer and then slam it down on the table like an authentic Viking!

He can use this unique mug to watch Game of Thrones or simply tap into ancient traditions at any event that lets you bring your own mug. 

The best birthday gift for brothers who have winter birthdays is this double-sided USB hand warmer. With three temperature controls, it is perfect for men who enjoy doing things outside in the colder months, such as:

A single charge can last from 4-8 hours of battery life, making this a practical yet unique gift for his birthday. 

One of our favorite gifts for a brother’s bday celebration is this beer can chicken roaster in the shape of a motorcycle. If he loves cooking chicken, he is going to love cooking it with his fun new stand. 


All he has to do is place a 12 oz can with about ¼ of beer within it inside the holder. Then he places his seasoned chicken on top of the can and puts it in the oven or on the grill. We promise it will be the hit of any backyard barbecue with his moist, beer-roasted chicken. 

Funny Birthday Gift for Brother

These funny gifts for brothers who enjoy a good laugh are sure to make this birthday the best one yet. Your jokester brother will get a kick out of these silly gifts, and so will you! So, why not fill his birthday with smiles and laughs this year with one of these awesome gifts?

Does your brother spend way too much time in the bathroom when you are trying to get ready in the morning? Give him this funny yet functional toilet timer to shorten up his toilet time. 

The sand timer features a silhouette of a man sitting on the toilet and playing on his phone. The sand appears to run out of his stomach into the toilet bowl for 5 minutes. Once it is done, he just has to rotate it 360-degrees to reset it instantly. 

Is your brother lucky to have you as a sibling? If so, get them this mug that features the words, “Being my brother is really the only gift you need.” 

He is sure to get a laugh out of this hand-made ceramic mug that holds up to 15 oz. He can easily care for it by washing it in the dishwasher, so you don’t have to worry about him staining your beautiful gift. 

Give your brother the gift of a good laugh with this 20 oz insulated, stainless steel tumbler that says, “Sorry, No Hablo Fuctardo.” Not only will it make them smile, but it is also practical with its ability to keep hot liquids warm for over 5 hours and cold liquids cool for around 9 hours. 

It even comes with stainless steel straws and a brush to ensure thorough cleaning. 

Bring some life into his house with these funny and unique coasters that are sure to leave his guests smiling. This set of six coasters includes three different sayings written on the liquid-absorbent stone backed with non-slip cork. 

The three different sayings are:

  • “(Please) Don’t stain my table D**chebag” 
  • “Be considerate b*tches”
  • “Don’t f*ck up the table (please)”

The set comes with a metal holder to add to the sophisticated yet fun look these coasters will bring to his home. 

Birthday Gift for Brother Turning 21

If you are looking for 21st birthday gifts for him to enjoy, we have you covered. From gifts that will help him celebrate the day to gifts that he can continue to use afterward, there is sure to be something on this list your brother will love. 

Have him celebrating his 21st birthday the right way with a beer helmet. This fun, red beer helmet will fit any head size securely with its adjustable helmet strap. The helmet can hold two cans simultaneously, with shut-off valves for each straw connected to the cans so that he doesn’t have any of his beverage dripping all over him as he parties the night away.  

Everybody needs a shot glass on their 21st birthday. Why not give them a fun one that features the image of the number 20 plus a middle finger to represent being 21? 

The high-quality shot glass is dishwasher safe and great for drinking from or putting out for display. Your brother will get a good kick out of it, and so will his friends as they celebrate the day most kids are waiting for. 

Now that he is 21, he is going to need a bottle opener at his formal events! Why not give him one that easily clips onto his tie but still has him looking like the stylish young man he is. 

This handmade stainless steel tie clip is the definition of “business in the front, party in the back.” His friends will be so jealous of his practical yet elegant gift. 

What 21-year-old boy wouldn’t love their very own flask? Accompanied by two stainless steel shot glasses and a funnel, this engraved flask features the words “Happy 21st Birthday.” The 7 oz flask is both durable and reusable but needs to be hand washed. 

With his new flask and shot glasses, he will be ready for all the future parties he is sure to attend now that he is finally legal! 

You can choose from a variety of colors for this personalized birthday hoodie. The front features the words “Limited 2000 Edition,” and the back can have your brother’s name above the number 21. 

These machine-washable hoodies are both stylish and comfortable. He will be able to show off his age and feel cool doing it every time he wears this awesome hoodie his sibling gave him. 

To commemorate his birthday for years to come, you can give him this personalized pocket knife that comes in a customized wooden box. The laser-engraved, stainless steel Elk Ridge Burl wood handle knife is super strong and sharp. You can engrave up to 8 characters on it. 

The wooden box comes in two different colors and says “Happy 21st” along with your brother’s name. If you would like it to say something else, just let them know, and they can accommodate up to 30 characters. 

Birthday Gifts for Younger Brother

If you are looking for great gifts for little brothers, we have the perfect present ideas for you. We have ideas for kids, teens, and those that are older, but not quite as old as you!

No matter their age, everyone loves snacks. Get your little brother with a sweet tooth a box of 15 different 3 oz bagged snacks for them to enjoy all by themselves! Different snacks in the box include:

  • Mini Chips Ahoy
  • Nutter Butter Bites
  • Oreo Mini

Your brother can take his goodies anywhere he wants, like on movie nights or road trips. He can also just binge them all that night; his choice!

If your brother is between the ages of 3 and 10 years old, he will love a superhero cape. Give him the chance to live out his imagination with this set of 4 capes with masks that can be comfortably worn for long periods. 

Make their birthday one they won’t forget by throwing a cape on yourself and running around the house with them. The laughs and smiles are sure to stick with him for years to come. 

If your little brother is a typical gaming teenager, he will love this personalized, wooden headphone holder. The wooden holder looks like the silhouette of a head and has a wooden chair-like structure in front of it for their controller.

On the front of the head that the headphones rest on, you can get their name engraved in your font choice. If you know their player tag, you can use that in place of their name. 

Do you want to give your brother something more sentimental? Why not give him this wish bracelet meant for little brothers. This handmade bracelet is made from an eco-friendly hemp cord and is completely adjustable to fit any wrist size.

Have your brother make a wish when he ties it on, and then, when it falls off, his wish will be “on its way.” You can choose from a variety of cord colors to find the perfect one for his style. He is sure to love this small yet meaningful gift. 

Give your brother a gift that signifies your brotherly love for one another with these “Big bro” “Lil bro” necklaces. Get yourself the “Big bro” necklace which has those words on a genuine U.S. nickel. Get your brother the “Lil bro” necklace, which has those words on a real U.S. penny. 

You can choose from various chain types and can have his initials placed on the coin to add even more of a personal touch. 

Birthday Gifts for Brother-in-Law

We have the perfect gift for brothers-in-law of all shapes and sizes. Although they are not brothers by blood, they have married into your family and now deserve awesome birthday gifts because of it. Don’t fall short this birthday; get them an incredible gift from our fantastic list of ideas. 

One of the best gifts for brothers-in-law is a gift that lets them know just how much you enjoy having them in your family. This high-quality ceramic mug has the words “Nacho average brother in law” written on it with the picture of a sombrero. 

Not only is he going to get a good chuckle out of the gift, but he is also going to understand the affection you have for him. Not all brothers-in-law deserve such a wonderful, funny gift, you know! 

Can your sister be hard to handle sometimes? Do you feel the need to make your brother-in-law smile on his birthday at your sister’s expense? This is the gift idea for you. 

Printed on smooth, heavy cardstock, this 8” by 5.3” card is perfect for letting your brother-in-law know you are there for them. It features the words “Congratulations on surviving another year with my sister. Happy birthday!” This simple card is sure to make him smile and strengthen the bond between you and him. 

Does your brother-in-law love a good cocktail? Maybe you think he deserves a good drink for being with your sister. Either way, he will love this 5-piece cocktail shaker mix set that comes with a wooden storage box. 

You can get every aspect of the gift monogrammed with whatever you like, for example:

  • A picture
  • His initials
  • His logo

Handmade and ready to wow, this mixer set is sure to have your brother-in-law smiling when he opens it up. 

Is your brother-in-law more into grilling than cocktail drinking? No problem. This 20-piece, heavy-duty grill set has everything he needs to whip up a delicious dinner on the grill. 

Every aspect of the kit is strong and built to last. He can easily carry it around in the compact, lightweight case so that he can not only grill at his house but yours too! 

If you’re looking for something simple yet meaningful, give your brother-in-law this handmade penny keychain. The keychain says the words “best bro since” with the date on the penny next to the word “since.” You can choose the date of the penny to be when you first met your brother-in-law or the date he married into your family.

If you are looking for gifts for brother and sister-in-law, this piece is perfect. Give them the chance to enjoy a dancing flame in their outdoor or indoor space with this mini glass fireplace. They can enjoy the heat and even roast s’mores at their next gathering or romantic night in. 

Other Brother Gifts

Final Thoughts on Great Gift Ideas for the Brother in Your Life

These gift ideas for your favorite sibling can also work for the upcoming holiday season or for wedding gifts. You’ll be certain that the great gift you give them will make them really happy!