39 Funny and Weird Gifts

Are you tired of getting normal gifts for your friends and loved ones that they probably won’t remember you got them? Why not get them weird gifts that are sure to make them smile. Sometimes the strangest gifts are the best ones. 

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Best Funny and Weird Gifts

If you are looking for weird gift ideas for your friends and family members who enjoy a good laugh or those who already have everything, we can help. We’ve compiled a list of the weirdest gifts to give someone that are perfect for any occasion. These unique, funny gifts are sure to make anyone smile. 

Weird Birthday Gifts That Are Sure to Make Them Smile

Birthdays are full of fun, so why not get funny gifts for your friends that are sure to make their day that much more memorable. These weird presents are sure to put a smile on their face, no matter who the birthday person is. 

What’s better than a little potty humor on your birthday! These urinal shot glasses are a funny gift that is sure to get a smile. This present comes with two dishwasher safe urinal shaped shot glasses that are fun to use for just about anyone 21 years old and up. 

Sticking with the theme of shot glasses, here’s a great gift for anyone that loves golf and alcohol. This gift comes with six shot glasses and a miniature felt putting green. It is sure to be broken out every time they have a night in.

Looking for a gift suited for a cat lover or any animal lover? These socks with cat hair or other animal print will have the birthday person looking like they have animal feet. Choose from a variety of prints for this practical gift including:

  • Dog paws
  • Tiger paws
  • Cat paws
  • Pig hooves
  • Zebra hooves

Is the birthday girl or boy obsessed with roast beef? Do they wish they could just bathe in French Dip? This is the perfect unique gift for them. 

These bath salts make a roast beef colored bath that smells like brown sugar and fig. This gift is funny yet therapeutic and can be great for both men and women. They can sit down and relax away their stress by soaking in a roast beef bath.

Do you have a sushi loving friend who could benefit from some cool new socks? Why not give them a sushi sock box! 

This gift comes with socks that are oriented and folded to look like different types of sushi. The socks are placed in what appears to be a large sushi box. They even come with fabric soy sauce bottles and fabric wasabi. 

You can choose from a variety of sushi styled socks including:

  • Salmon
  • Tuna
  • octopus nigiri
  • tam ago omelet
  • Butterfish
  • Maki

These 80% cotton socks are comfortable and stylish. Anyone can enjoy these funny socks.

If you know someone who loves growing their own vegetables, and enjoys weird gifts, this present is perfect for them.

This gift box comes with everything they need to grow weird colored vegetables in their home. The vegetables include:

  • Purple carrots
  • Striped tomatoes
  • Red Brussel sprouts
  • Yellow courgettes
  • Multi-colored swiss charred

All seeds are 100% non-GMO and come with growing tips to ensure success. Maybe they will invite you over for a weird colored dinner after they are all grown!

It turns out that snail mucus is great for the skin. You could buy your friend snails to crawl all over their face or settle for some snail cream.

Once your friend gets past the fact that they are rubbing snail mucus all over their face, they are sure to enjoy the benefits of it. This birthday gift has multiple benefits including:

  • Delays skin aging
  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Restores health of skin

Not only is it a weird gift, but also a very useful one that will have them smiling and feeling younger on their birthday. 

Weird Christmas Gifts to Give This Season

Christmas is all about giving weird presents to your loved ones, right? Why not make this holiday one to remember with unique gifts that will have them laughing Christmas morning? From potty humor to finger covers, we’ve got a few great ideas for you. 

We decided to start our Christmas list off with potty humor, because why not? This gift is great for anyone who enjoys a nice game of golf, but who also loves spending a good amount of time in the bathroom. 

If their golf game has gone down the toilet lately, this is great to help them improve their game. It comes with everything they need to practice their putting. Including two golf balls, so they don’t have to interrupt their business to retrieve one that may roll away. 

Maybe golf isn’t their thing, but fishing is! This gift allows your fisherman, or fisherwoman, to enjoy fishing while they go. It comes with:

  • Matt
  • Rod
  • Fish
  • Bowl
  • Do not disturb sign

The other great thing about this gift and the golf putter one, you can set them up anywhere to enjoy at times when you’re not in the bathroom. They are fun for people of all ages. 

Now we are going to switch gears to something she might like. If your friend or loved one loves wine and a good laugh, this wine pourer is the perfect gift.

Shaped like a “perky” man, this pourer attaches to most bottles of wine. It allows the alcohol to flow through the front of the man and out of his rear for a fun serving experience. 

He’s a reliable man who will perform time and time again to keep your friend happy as they drink their wine. Essentially, you are buying your friend a perfect little man. 

This unique gift allows for your loved one to enjoy a sauna in the comfort of their home. While they might look like a Wallee shaped robot when inside it, they will also be receiving multiple health benefits including:

  • Weight loss
  • Improved skin tone
  • Relief from stiffness and joint pain
  • Increased circulation
  • More restful sleep
  • Reduced stress
  • Increased overall energy levels

This completely portable gift comes with handheld controls and their very own chair. This strange gift may look funny, but it will have your loved one feeling relaxed in no time.

Is your loved one tired of having cheesy fingers while they are their Cheetos? We have the perfect gift idea for you. 

These finger covers fit any fingers and are dishwasher safe. You can choose from a variety of colors when picking out these food grade silicone finger utensils. Then enjoy the confused look on your loved one’s face as they open this strange gift. 

For your burrito loving friends, why not get them a giant tortilla that they can wrap themselves up in? 

This super soft fleece allows your loved one to become the burrito by rolling up into. You can choose from a variety of sizes, depending on how big of a burrito they want to be. 

Looking for weird gifts for him? This might just be the best weird gift you can find. 

These shredder claws allow them to easily shred any type of meat. Your loved one will look like Wolverine as he clutches the stainless steel, sharp blades that wrap around his knuckles. 

Featured on BBQ Pitmasters, these shredders are the perfect gift for your manly man. Choose from a multitude of colors to make barbecuing that much more exciting. 

Ever look at a man and think to yourself, his beard needs decorating. Beardaments can make that happen.

This strange gift for your bearded loved one allows them to really get into the holiday season. You can choose from a variety of ornaments that will hang from their beard, including ones that light up!

You can even buy beard glitter to really spice up their look. Have your bearded man the talk of the neighborhood with this unique gift. 

Looking for a funny gift for your beverage loving friend? This canteen is worn under their clothes to look like a beer belly!

Afterall, who doesn’t want a beer belly? Your friend will be sipping from their beer belly canteen any hot or cold beverage they want. This easy to clean, custom shaped pouch is a great way for them to carry their drink in a relaxed way. 

This fun gift fits users up to 6’8 with a 40-inch waist. It’ll be one great conversation starter at the next sporting even or party they go to. 

If you’re on the search for weird gifts on amazon, this is a great find. 

Let your loved one walk around using their thumb and pinky to talk on the phone in public. They will look like the town crazy, but you must admit it is a cool concept. 

These Bluetooth gloves come with a microphone in the pinky and an earbud piece in the thumb. With touch screen compatibility, these warm gloves allow them to answer their phone without exposing their hands to the weather. 

They are also super easy to set up and come with a charging wire. This strange gift is the perfect Christmas present for anyone who enjoys a little fun in their day. 

Does your loved one suffer from cold hands? If so, this weird gift just might be perfect for them.

The USB heated mousepad will help keep their hands warm this holiday season as they work at their desks. As a giant mitten like product that fits their hand and mouse inside, your loved one is sure to turn heads when they use it.

The heater itself is separate from the mouses pad, so they can choose to use it or not. They simply plug the heater into their computer through the USB and the heat comes on. If they don’t want to use the heating function, the mousepad will still keep their hands warm due to its fuzzy nature. 

You can choose from an assortment of colors to best fit your loved one’s style. 

Moving to poop humor, this is a great stocking stuffer gift. This strange gift is perfect for anyone who enjoys a good laugh.

Even though it looks exactly like dog poop, it smells like roses. This oxymoronic gift is sure to get some weird looks followed by a good laugh. 

Sticking with the theme of a crappy Christmas, these poop shaped ornaments are sure to brighten anyone’s day. 

Anyone will get a good laugh out of poop emoji ornaments, making them a great weird gift to give this season. 

Weirdest Anniversary Gifts

Who says anniversaries have to be pure romance and no fun? These weird gift ideas are perfect for you and your loved one who enjoy getting funny gifts. Afterall, anniversaries are for celebrating the fun times, so why not give a funny gift. 

Looking to give your spouse a good laugh this anniversary? Why not give them a funny keychain they can carry around to remind them of you always. 

This black keychain comes with the words “Holy S***t we’re still married” on it. It’s in the shape of a movie reel to symbolize the recording of all of your memories together. 

This weird gift comes in its own gift box, making it a super easy and fun present to give to your loved one. When they open it, they are sure to smile and love it.

The best part is, this gift works for any anniversary, even your first one.

If you’re looking for a way to tell your man that he’s your rock, what better way than to give him a rock. This 16th anniversary gift is a unique gift he is sure to smile about when he opens it.

This solid metal rock ornament weighs 200 grams. It comes with a slip explaining the origin of the rock.  It has the word ‘You’ve Been My Rock For 16 Years’ engraved on the side. 

He put a rock on your finger all those years ago, now it’s time to put one in his hands. 

What better gift to give your spouse than socks with your face on them! These customizable socks are great for both men and women. 

Simply pick from a range of colors and sizes, then upload a picture of your face to be plastered all over the socks. 

You can also upload pictures of your animal’s face to put on the socks, but we all know your spouse would rather be walking around with your face keeping their toes warm. 

A candle may not sound like that strange of a gift, until you read what it says. This personalized soy candle comes with your spouse’s name printed at the top with the words “Thanks for putting up with my bullsh*t” printed underneath it. 

Choose from a list of different scents including:

  • Amber noir
  • Toasted pumpkin
  • Christmas tree
  • Apple harvest
  • Black sea
  • Moonlight path
  • Mahogany teakwood
  • Eucalyptus spearmint

This company also makes candles that say a multitude of other funny things that might fit your relationship well. Take a scroll through and pick the funniest candle to brighten up your spouse’s day. 

If you’re looking for a weird anniversary gift for your partner who may have to spend time away from you often, this is the best gift.

A head shaped pillow with your face on it for them to cuddle at night is the best weird gift you could give them. Simply upload a picture of your face and it will be printed on both sides of a comfortable pillow for them to use.

What says, “I love you to the moon and back,” better than buying your loved one a piece of the moon. 

You can pick from three different gift packages that offer a variety of gifts to go along with your moon acre. The different gift packages include things like:

  • Lunar deed with coordinates
  • A map of the moon that shows where your land is
  • Custom framing of moon deed
  • Registration with IAOHPE

If your love for them is out of this world, why not buy this strange gift to show them. Plus, if humans ever start settling on the moon, you will already have your own moon vacation home ready to start!

Strange Gifts for Special Occasions

Sometimes in life we need to buy gifts for a special occasion like a wedding, or an award ceremony. Don’t worry, we have weird gift ideas for those moments too. Any special occasion can be made better with unique funny gifts.

Did someone you know just land their first desk job? Maybe someone just had their first child and is now going to have much less quiet time. Possibly you know someone who finally won a trip around the world.

Any of these special occasions are great reasons to give someone an ostrich pillow. The pillow has a hole for them to put their head through and then three more holes for their face and hands. 

This super soft material helps block out the light and sound of their surrounding environment to promote a peaceful rest wherever they may be. They can use it in multiple scenarios.

  • At a desk
  • On an airplane
  • In a waiting room
  • On the couch

Like an ostrich that hides their head in the sand, let your friend celebrate their special occasion by hiding in their own pillow.

This is the perfect gift for someone hosting a dinner party. It’s also a great gift to give to your friend who just got married to someone who isn’t the best cook.

These miracle fruit tablets inhibit their taste receptors, making everything taste sweet for about 90 minutes. They work by using a protein known as Miraculin that is extracted from a specific fruit. When chewed, the tablets alter the shape of your taste buds which causes you to confuse sour for sweet. 

These tablets allow you to easily eat things you may not have liked before like:

  • Hot sauce
  • Lemons
  • Vinegar
  • Vegetables

Never worry about trying to force down something you don’t like again. These little tablets will turn most food sweet. This weird gift is perfect for all special occasions involving food. 

Weird Gifts to Give Just Because You Can

Sometimes you don’t need a reason to give a gift. Weird gifts are the best random gifts to receives. Here are a few of the weirdest gifts to give for no reason other than you want to. 

We all know someone who could benefit from a yodeling pickle. This strange gift is a 5.6-inch pickle with a button at the top and speakers at the bottom. 

Simply press the button and the pickle yodels to provide instant entertainment. 

Want to let someone know that you think they are ‘the sh*t.’ This unique gift allows you to give someone real moose poop in a clear glass jar. 

Don’t ask why anyone would need this but rather why would anyone not want this? This strange gift is sure to leave your friend confused and smiling. 

Do you think your friend deserves a treat? Why not get them a lollipop with insects inside? 

This lollipop pack comes in assorted flavors such as:

  • Banana
  • Apple
  • Blueberry
  • Watermelon
  • Grape
  • Orange
  • Strawberry

In each pack you get a variety of insects including:

  • Ant
  • Scorpion
  • Worm
  • Cricket

Your friend will be left disgusted yet intrigued as they discover how delicious these lollipops really are. 

If you know someone with a cat, this brush just might be the weirdest random gift you can give them.

This brush is designed to be held in their mouth as they brush their cat. It is supposed to simulate licking, without getting all that hair in their mouth. 

Cats love the silicone brush and the feeling of being close to their owner. Therefore, this gift isn’t just for your friend, but their cat as well. It will help them feel more bonded to one another, or so it claims.

It is made from food grade silicone, so you know it’s safe for your friend to put in their mouth if they want to try it out. Handing them this weird gift will have them laughing, or have you learning more things about how odd they truly are. 

We all know someone obsessed with pimple popping videos. For some, the act of popping a pimple is a great stress reliever. Why not give them a gift that will help relieve their stress in a way catered to them.

This pimple popping toy comes with 16 different pimples for your friend to pop. The pimples ooze out an all-natural pus that simulates real pimple pus. 

Once they’ve popped all the pimples, they can fill them back up from the bottle of pimple pus that comes with the gift. 

Your friend can enjoy countless hours of relaxing pimple popping. This strange gift is perfect for randomly making your friends day.

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Weird Gift Ideas Are Perfect for Any Occasion unusual gifts

We’ve given you some of the most unusual gifts to give for any occasion. Although we put them under different categories, almost all can be used for any sort of occasion. 

Whether you have to find a gag gift for someone who already has everything, you’re looking for odd gifts or an unusual gift that is a bit weird for a weird friend, or you’re looking to get a good laugh out of your lighthearted friends, these ideas will make the perfect present.