50 Glorious Game of Thrones Gifts

Even though the series has wrapped, Game of Thrones remains a cultural icon from the 2010s. An entire generation of fans was created, bringing geek and pop culture together into a harmony unlike any other. Because of this culture melding, there has become a colossal industry for gifts and collectibles relating to television series and books. Get them a great gift commemorating one of their favorite characters. Whether it’s an anniversary gift, or to put under the Christmas tree, you can’t go wrong with one of these Game of Thrones gift.

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50 Glorious Game of Thrones Gifts

Whether it is for a birthday, Christmas, Hannukkah, anniversary, or just because, we have the quintessential guide to Game of Thrones Gifts. We are making sure that you rock the perfect gift and enter that party with the confidence of a Khalessi.

Kings and Queens of The Kitchen

Whether they are cooking for an army of rapacious children, a renegade group of friends, or are just a solitary knight; these gifts will spice up any Game of Thrones fan’s kitchen. 

The official cookbook of the Game of Thrones series. A Feast Of Ice And Fire features favorites such as “The Wall Rack Of Lamb” and “King’s Landing Lemon Cakes.” Filled from cover to cover with mouthwatering delights with a Westeros theme, it is an excellent present for anyone new in the kitchen or even a seasoning veteran. 

Cake molds were made for bakers and entertainers and can allow for Game of Thrones fans to eat their favorite House Icons. The Direwolf Cake Mold is the perfect gift for a Stark baker, while a split household may find peace with these dragon and wolf shaped cookie stamps. For the genuinely diligent in the kitchen, a silicone mold set offers far more creative uses.

Dinner Is Coming

Riffing off of the words of House Stark “Winter is Coming,” there is no better way to inform everyone of the inevitability of a delicious meal. These items share a similar design to the Stark Direwolf and the catchphrase “Dinner is Coming.”

Laser engraved and long-lasting, for stirring up trouble. 

Made with a beautiful pattern of the Stark Direwolf and text etched into the non-cutting side. 

With a one size fits all design, it can excite any chef or BBQ King. 

Make sure that guests know their “Drink Is Coming” with an all-natural cork coaster.

Whether they are on the go or just relaxing at home with a book, these mugs and teacups will make your giftee’s heart warm.

This mug features all 16 of the great house sigils wrapped around its stainless steel frame. Perfect for hot or cold beverages, it is a hefty 30oz by the international travel brand Tervis.

Made to resemble the Iron Throne, this mug is a hefty 1.2 pounds of steel. It has a removable stainless steel insert for easy cleaning of the inside without damaging the beautiful exterior.

This teacup has been made to resemble an authentic Medieval style, then pressed with the symbol of the Khalessi. It is a lovely gift for her coming in a set of two, which allows for an extra or a combo gift for a couple. 

Game of Thrones fans can all quote, “I drink, and I know things,” a line famously delivered by Peter Dinklage in his portrayal of Tyrion Lannister. Making a great gift for them, these beverage holders are some of the most unique and fun items on Amazon. 

Give the gift of solid pewter with a massive 22oz traditional stein. Made for mead or any other fine beverage, it is a cup that is second only to the drinking horn in terms of uniqueness. 

Unique in every respect, each ale horn is 100% natural, and no two will be alike. Laser-etched to bear the Stark direwolf and beautifully treated. It is an elegant display piece and a functional drink holder. 

Numerous glasses, cups, mugs, and beer cozies bear the iconic line from Lord Tyrion Lannister, the patriarch of House Lannister. However, this one stands above the rest, as it takes a simple black silhouette along with the elegant lettering of the font used in the show and pairs them on a 16oz cup and identical shot glass.

Each of these four two ozs shot glasses has a print of one of the four major houses: the Starks, Targeryans, Baratheons, and Lannisters. 

When the Khalessi has a birthday or just because, these are some of the essential gifts to keep your princess pleased.

Elegant and uncomplicated, this bag is a lovely gift for a Game of Thrones fan. Spacious and well crafted, it will last a long time and comes with a metal charm, shaped to resemble the Hand of the King emblem from the show. 

Whether she is a mother of children that act like dragons or a hoard of cats, this tumbler is an excellent addition to any Game of Thrones moms. This design is available in 20oz and 30oz stainless steel, plastic, or even a water bottle.

These are Beautifully designed makeup brushes that bear the crests of many of the iconic designs from the TV series. They are available in antique silver, brushed rose gold, and antique brass colors to match nearly taste or theme.

While the Funko Pop style may not be for everyone, those who enjoy it can go crazy for new collectibles. This wonderfully crafted vinyl figure features both the Khalessi and Drogon, already posed and ready for display. 

For those who are not into the Funko Pop aesthetic, there is a fantastic model of Daenerys and Drogon. These figures are on a limited run and will become collectors’ items once the HBO store stock has run dry.

Warm, comfortable, and soft socks are the perfect addition to any stocking or Game of Thrones-themed gift basket. These cute socks feature quotes directly from the show and have varied designs for a unique pair each day.

Light up their life with a set of three dragon egg candles. Rendered with incredible detail and precision, they will want a real fire breathing lizard to come out of them. While they do have a long burn time, these are best as a display item as the design is said to warp after the first light. 

Get this while you can because once it sells out, there’s no telling when it will be back. There’s a lot of time in between restocks, kind of like those GoT books we know and love, right? This palette combines the slightly medieval, mostly magical, design that Game of Thrones fans are accustomed to, along with the color payoff and pigmentation that Urban Decay fans expect from their products.

This extra comfy short-sleeved t-shirt features the four main house sigils from the show. It comes in an assortment of colors, so you can customize it to fit any wardrobe. 

Perfect Game of Thrones Gifts for Him

Game of Thrones gifts for him can be tricky as everyone has a different personality. With unique whiskey, apparel, and well-crafted accessories, you are sure to find something he will love from this collection of gifts. 

Specially branded, this blended whiskey features the famous Johnnie Walker bottle shape and logo upon a white and blue facade that reacts to the cold when placed in a freezer. Delicious blended whiskey is only available in the White Walker label; this makes a high-class GOT fan’s high-class gift. 

Bearing the icon of the Lannister lion, this wallet is available in both red and black themes. Fantastic for giving cash or as a hint to replace their broken wallet, this is a superb year-round present.

Made from a zinc alloy, this king bottle opener is forged to keep its shape and last. No longer will your friend, brother, or father need to stumble for a bottle opener when they are the Hand of the King.

Keeping his legs warm, these pants are the perfect example of sleeping stylishly. PJ pants are a year-round gift that can be appreciated by nearly any personality.

A replica of the blade Jon Snow uses in the show, this replica is an extremely powerful piece of memorabilia. As it has a limited run, it may not be possible to find one in a few years; however, the HBO store does still have a few hundred in stock as of this writing. If the actual steel sword is a bit much, there is a well-crafted foam replica blade. 

Pairing wonderfully with the Longclaw Sword is this Stark Infantry Shield, also on the HBO shop. This hefty 12-pound shield is made of rolled steel, excellent for mounting on the wall or taking into battle. 

For this gift, the box itself is a work of art. Housing a 3d art piece representing events from the Game of Thrones series, the entire collection is housed in beautiful artistic cases that are unique for each season. The Game of Thrones Complete Collection is an excellent capstone for anyone who has yet to collect the seasons on the discs. 

While the discs are not housed in such an ornate case, the complete series is excellent for the binge-watcher. As HBO requires a monthly premium for their streaming services, purchasing the entire Game of Thrones series can save your Game of Thrones lover from an unnecessary subscription. 

Many forget that the famous television series began as a collection of novels. While the series has yet to have its conclusion written, something that may depart from the show, the entire collection currently includes 

A Game of Thrones, A Clash of Kings, A Storm of Swords, A Feast of Crows, A Dance with Dragons. The books make an exceptional gift for any reader who is a fan of the series and has yet to jump into the novelizations.

Rocking the freshest Game of Thrones clothes are a fantastic way for your friends to flex their fandom. 

Representing the Starks, Lannisters, and Targeryans, this unisex hoodie makes an excellent gift for any time of the year. Wrapping this up and placing it beneath the tree can be a great way to warm up Christmas or other winter holidays. 

A double reference that only real Game of Thrones lovers will understand Arya’s Hot Pies T-Shirt even if its design is a bit eccentric. Despite the morbidity of the humor, it perfectly encapsulates an entire character in a single item. 

For Hodor fans, there is a T-shirt featuring some of his most famous lines. A great addition to the Arya shirt is just as funny and meant to be understood by those in the know.

The HBO store features several jogger-style pants, each featuring one of the series’s noble houses. Comfortable and breathable, these stylish joggers are an awesome gift for anyone who needs some relaxation clothes. The pair featured here are the Targaryen and have the iconic red and black design with the name printed along the leg alongside a crest.

Spacious and stylish, this large backpack comes with a built-in media pocket for holding a laptop or tablet. This bag is excellent for the GOT fan on the go or a student who needs to heave their things between classes and dorms. 

Featuring the three large houses, these gaiters protect from dust, allergens, and bacteria in the air. It is a functional gift that is equal parts beautiful and useful.

Game of Thrones is well known for its iconic and sweeping fantastical locales. These 3D puzzles are a fun gift for anyone who is crafty and enjoys a building challenge.

Features the Red Keep and the lower city. It is the largest 3D puzzle for Game of Thrones.

An icon since the first episode, the Winterfell Keep is easily constructed by those new to the hobby and is moderately sized.

A round puzzle, with accompanying stand, there is a 6″ and 9″ version available for purchase. This puzzle features both traditional style maps from both continents featured in the series.

Made to resemble the eggs that were given to Dany in the first season, this is a collection of three small 80 piece puzzles.

A very in-depth strategy game, this massive game is not for the faint-hearted. Made for those who want to explore the political intrigue further, you will make alliances and crush your enemies. Games average about 3 hours and are intended for 3-6 players. 

For even greater fun, you can consider the Mother of Dragons expansion pack that adds even more to this already massive game. 

A bit less intense than the official board game, the GOT Monopoly is no less competitive. This game is a premium board featuring six metal pieces to move across territories from the series.

Regal Home Decor

Ensuring that the walls display your passion is half the fun of decorating, and Game of Thrones has no end to decor items. Help cover the barren walls and spruce up your friends and family’s living space with something they will be proud to display.

You can purchase these as a set of five, with each representing a different house, or get them individually if the person you are gifting it to only has a love for one family. These are large banners at 61″ in length and 17″ wide, the five of them can comfortably dominate an entire wall.

Taking up the same space as an average portrait painting, this map is similar to other items featured on this list. You can’t go wrong as the contrasting colors match nearly any room decor and fit anywhere like an office, bedroom, or living room. 

This doorstop is very blatantly referencing the scene of the giant Hodor’s last stand. Another gift with rather morbid humor, it is a funny gift that comes with a functional purpose, unlike many other gag gifts. There are dozens of doorstops printed similarly, with this one being our favorite for style and price.

Some might see this as unnecessary, but a true fan will want to sneak a little GoT in wherever they can… including the shower. This dragon spouts water out of its mouth and comes in a variety of colors.

Other Great Game of Thrones Gifts