27 Cool Steampunk Gifts

Is your friend or family member obsessed with the 19th-century steam movement? Do they have a desire for discovery and adventure? If so, steampunk gifts may be the perfect present for them!


Whether you need a gift for their birthday, Christmas, or just because, we have the perfect gift for your steampunk-loving friend. Read on to find out the best steampunk gifts to give for any occasion. 

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25 Neat Gift Ideas For The Steampunk Fans

To help make your decision on what to get easier, we have broken down our 25 gifts into different categories. From practical gifts they can use to gifts for their home, we have you covered. 

Best Steampunk Gifts for Men

Are you looking for the perfect steampunk gift for him? Whether it be for your anniversary or any other occasion, he is sure to love any one of these perfect gifts. 

These handmade one-of-a-kind cufflinks are made from early-mid-20th century wind-up watch parts. They are the perfect gift to complete his look whenever he needs to dress up!

With hand-sewn pages aged with coffee, this steampunk journal is a durable and wonderful gift for him. The intricate design is sure to make him smile, along with the charmed tab that will guarantee he never loses his page when recording his thoughts or sketches. 

Choose from a variety of colors that you think he will like so that he can stand out in the crowd with his ultra-light, vintage, round sunglasses. Made from high-quality materials, these polarized glasses are perfect for a multitude of activities such as:

  • Driving
  • Fishing
  • Golfing
  • Running

Perfect for his man cave or wherever he keeps his drink, this handmade alcohol dispenser is an excellent gift for adult beverage lovers. All he has to do is place the bottle into the pipe and turn the handle to have it pour out when he wants it! Spouts come in three different styles:

  • Brass chrome
  • Brass
  • Brass old style

This bar art fits most 1-liter screw caps and wine bottles, making it suitable for most alcohol drinkers. 

Top Steampunk Gifts for Her

Does she have a love for steampunk but, you are not sure what to get her? No problem, these gifts encompass a range of styles and tastes to guarantee an option she will love. 

These beautiful, handmade gloves are perfect for everyday wear or cosplay. Intricately designed with golden lace, she is sure to get lots of compliments wearing these out!

Steampunk Gifts

This glowing, Victorian style locket pendant has various colors to choose from for the light that shines through. She can quickly turn on and off the battery-powered light when she is wearing it or just wants to set it out for decoration. 

With a stylish shoulder strap, this handmade, brown leather bag features a steampunk-style clock and a plethora of pockets to store anything she wants to carry around. About the size of an iPad, this small purse-like bag is the perfect gift for any steampunk-loving girl

As an intricate hat with non-removable goggles, she can wear it to her next cosplay event or even when she goes out! Complete with different gears and chains, this top hat features an old-fashioned clock on the very front of it. If she loves steampunk, she is guaranteed to love this unique hat. 

These handmade pins consist of a variety of clockwork materials, including:

  • Clock hands
  • Gears
  • Spinning arrows

Every pin is different, making this gift very unique for her. Consisting of a brass pin finding with copper and silver tones, she can stick these pins just about anywhere!

Give her something to hold all her steampunk trinkets in with this intricate jewelry box. Featuring a compass in the center surrounded by gears and pipes, this box exemplifies an affinity for adventure. With gold and copper coloring and a green interior, she will love this simple yet exciting gift. 

Steampunk Gifts for Their Home

Does your friend/family member have steampunk stuff decorating their home? If so, why not add to their collection with some of these great gift ideas any steampunk fan is sure to love. 

Featuring original Tesla patent art prints, these real cork coasters are the perfect addition to any room in their home where they enjoy a drink. 

Why not get them a hand-painted skull detective coffee mug to go with their Tesla patent coasters? This unique mug is made with a stainless-steel liner and designed to look like a skull detective operated by steampunk technology. 

Complete their room with a flowerpot that looks like the roots from the plant within have escaped to the outside. Made to look like metal being held together with rivets, this flowerpot is uniquely decorated by hand.

Steampunk their bathroom with this grinning cyborg toilet paper holder. Sculpted and hand-painted to look like a robot with gears, this unique gift is created from cold cast resin and comes with a metal mounting plate on the back. 

Bring some steampunk to their living room with this durable pillowcase featuring “The Grand Imperial” airship. As an environmentally friendly gift, you can feel good about giving this machine-washable case to your friend or family member! 

As a simple yet extraordinary gift, this custom fabricated lamp is designed to bring attention to itself. Complete with a complimentary Edison LED Bulb and a solid copper finish, they won’t ever want to turn the light off. 

Practical Steampunk Gifts

Are you looking to give some steampunk stuff that can be used all the time? Consider some of these unique steampunk gifts that your friend/family member will be able to use in their daily life! 

If you are looking for the perfect steampunk watch, this is it. Featuring an old railway and skeleton design, this mechanical watch doesn’t require batteries. With Arabic numeral engravings and a beautiful glass back, they can use this watch in their everyday lives to feel like they are using steampunk technology. 

Beautifully hand-painted and cast in bronze resin, this steampunk clock looks like an octopus wearing an old-fashioned diving suit. 

These easy-to-snap-on phone cases come in a variety of steampunk-style gear designs. They are made to fit most iPhones and Galaxy’s out of a durable material that is sure to last. 

Make their phone easier to hold with this vintage clock gadget pop socket. It will stick to most phones and can be easily removed and repositioned!

You can choose from a variety of face masks, including:

  • Clock
  • Gears
  • Skull

They are perfect to wear out and about for your steampunk-loving friend. 

Collectible Steampunk Gifts

Would your friend or family member be more interested in a collectible item instead? If so, consider one of these great gifts. 

Made from solid brass, this unique sundial is perfectly handcrafted to put a smile on any steampunk collector’s face. 

Made from antique brass, this 5-piece set consists of:

  • Compass
  • Sextant
  • Telegraph 
  • Telescope
  • Theodolite

Filled with information on everything steampunk, this illustrated guide is the perfect gift for anyone who loves the science fiction world of airships and mad scientists. 

With a primarily silver and gold coloring, this 6-barrel pistol collectible features an intricate steampunk design with bronze accents. It is perfect for setting on a mantle or shelf for display. 

Other Victorian Style Gift Ideas

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Final Thoughts on Gift Ideas for Steampunk Lovers

We hope you were able to find the perfect gift for the victorian era fan to add to their punk rock attitude. Steampunk evokes the imaginary and adventurous side of their fans. From the perfect accessory to add to their steampunk costume or steampunk outfit, they will be appreciative of your personal touch in adding to their love of steampunk history.