32 Cool Rick and Morty Gifts

Morty! Come on; you gotta come with me. It’s time to give everyone the best Rick and Morty gifts from our show! Th-they’ve been waiting for this moment for four seasons! You can’t mess this one up, Morty; the people need us. I’m going to need you to go deep into your tiny brain to find the best gift ideas. Dig way deep, Morty, so we can give them gift ideas for essentially any occasion and get back to our adventures.

Obviously, the best gift known to exist is that Mulan Szechuan Teriyaki dipping sauce, but that stuff is only for my series arch. So, we have to find these people something else. And they’re going to want options, Morty. You can’t just give them a few then call it a job well done like all the other slackers. Break the cycle, Morty. Rise above. 32 sounds good. Yeah, 32 of the best Rick and Morty gifts. Let’s do it!

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32 Adventurously Best Rick and Morty Gifts

Alright, so Rick Sanchez might not actually really be here to push Morty for all of those amazing gift ideas since they have 96 more adventures to go on. But don’t worry; we’re here for you.

Since its 2013 release, the clever, side-splitting animated sitcom of Rick and Morty has captured the attention and affection of viewers worldwide. The show has a unique artistic and comedic style, paired with imaginative characters and out-of-this-world settings.

No wonder it’s one of the most popular sitcoms today, which means you’re likely to have a fan or two in your life.

If that’s the case, you’ve come to the perfect place for unique, useful, and hilarious Rick and Morty gift ideas. We have a wide selection that includes memorabilia, attire, merchandise, and more, that you can gift for birthdays, holidays, celebrations, or just because you felt like it. They’re good for any occasion and will help any die-hard fan show the world what they’ve got and get Schwifty!

Rick and Morty Merchandise

One of the quickest ways to please a Rick and Morty fan with a series-related gift is to give them some classic merchandise. These gift ideas range from simple accessories to objects they can use daily or pull out on special occasions.

Of course, every one of them has that otherworldly Rick and Morty flare, so even non-fans know exactly what your gift is from.

If you’re looking for a simple and inexpensive gift for your Rick and Morty fan, maybe as a stocking stuffer or to supplement other presents, we recommend this artistically decorated lanyard. Capable of holding keys, ID cards, and other daily necessities, lanyards are a highly useful gift that can add a bit of personality to anyone’s work outfit, wallet, or purse.

This adorning Eyeholes Cereal pin would look great on your Rick and Morty fan’s jean jacket, backpack, or other pieces of common attire. Just make sure you warn them that the Eyehole Man might burst through a window at any moment if he catches them with a box of his precious eyeholes. But like Rick says, it’s worth the risk.

Nothing adds character to a person’s car like Rick wishing all passersby “Peace Among Worlds.” Of course, non-Rick-and-Morty fans might misconstrue Rick’s intentions in this decal peeker, but you two will know what the gesture really means.

It’s time to get Schwifty! This neon chest bag is a great gift for any friend or family member who loves to party almost as much as they love Rick and Morty. The bag can easily carry all of their party essentials like shot glasses, electronics, some sweet sunglasses, and more, so they can raise the posterior on the dance floor hands-free.

Sometimes one gift just isn’t enough. If you’re the type that prefers care packages over one gift choice, consider this Rick and Morty collectibles box. The gift box comes with five amazing collectibles, including:

  • A fleece throw blanket
  • An enamel collector pin featuring the iconic green portal
  • a red “Szechuan Dipping Sauce”-print cup
  • a garlic-scented Pickle Rick air freshener
  • A ceramic Mr. Meeseeks Box coin bank

All of which would be amazing gifts individually, but getting all five at once is an absolute no-brainer.

You know you’re a true fan when you have objects from your favorite television show decorating the shelves and tables of your home. Memorabilia is always a fantastic gift option, especially when you have a show as creative and fantastical as Rick and Morty. Now, you can gift your fan their favorite Rick Sanchez invention or galactic object of their own with one of these gift ideas.

Are you even a real Rick and Morty fan if you don’t have a replica portal gun? Don’t let people question your loved one’s passion for the show when they notice their collection is devoid of this essential piece. The portal gun is a fantastic piece of memorabilia they can use for décor, cosplaying, or lighting hallways as they search for a late-night alcoholic beverage that would make Rick proud.

Funko Pop! has made quite the name in the world of collectibles as they create figures from the world’s most popular television shows, movies, books, and more. When it comes to Rick and Morty, they have over 40 characters, but we highly recommend the Pickle Rick with Laser figurine. This character is iconic to the series and would be an amazing gift for any fan.

Be careful who you gift this to since we all know Mr. Meeseeks will go to any lengths to achieve your gift recipient’s request. In all seriousness, Mr. Meeseeks is another one of Rick and Morty’s best characters, as many related to his dark-humored catchphrase “Existence is Pain.” His box is a great addition to any collection, and this one is particularly useful with its coin saver design.

Any Rick and Morty fanatic would fall head over heels for this gift option. The Rick and Morty Character Guide is filled with artistic illustrations and concepts that walk the reader through the steps of how the show became the animated masterpiece it is today. It has everything from backstories to in-depth descriptions to jokes for an overall thrilling read.

A nice interactive Rick and Morty gift option would be this talking Pickle Rick figurine. Not only does it speak his classic catchphrases like “I turned myself into a pickle, Morty” and “I’m Pickle Rick!” but it also comes with a mini 48-page paperback book on the Pickle Rick character filled with information and illustrations.

A nice interactive Rick and Morty gift option would be this talking Pickle Rick figurine. Not only does it speak his classic catchphrases like “I turned myself into a pickle, Morty” and “I’m Pickle Rick!” but it also comes with a mini 48-page paperback book on the Pickle Rick character filled with information and illustrations.

Rick and Morty Attire

Some of the best gifts are the ones you can incorporate into your daily fashion and wear in public. The colorful, psychedelic art of Rick and Morty lends itself well to classic T-shirts and socks, but we have a few more unique attire gift options for you that your Rick and Morty fan can either wear every day or on that special fashion occasion.

Although Rick and Morty might not be suitable for all ages, if you find you have a die-hard fan that’s a little on the younger side, we recommend gifting them this Rick cosplay beanie. It’s a great statement piece for younger teens with a fun, whimsical charm.

If your Rick and Morty fan really likes to flaunt their passion for the show, you should definitely gift them this hoodie. The attire is decked out in colorful illustrations of what seems to be nearly every character on the show. However, they’re depicted in a style that perfectly combines the show’s cartoonish animation with its mature content that’s perfect for older teens and adults.

Rick and Morty is, of course, a comedy animated show, so if you want to capture some of that humor in a clothing gift, we’ve got you covered. These boxer briefs are a humorous gift to your boyfriend or husband as the “Planet Music” Cromulon judges demand he shows them what he has..

Those of you looking for that stellar gift to give your girlfriend or sister might want to take a glance at these customized, hand-painted press-on nails. These stunning pieces depict Rick, Morty, Mr. Meeseeks, and the show’s bright neon portal. The artistry is amazing, and they are easy to apply for a long-lasting look.

No one else on the block will have shoes as cool as these psychedelic Rick high-tops. You can gift them to your friend or family member with a particularly hipster style. They come in a black or white base and a colorful image of Rick at the wheel.

Rick and Morty Décor

A great Rick and Morty gift option is one that will become a permanent fixture in your recipient’s home.  . Each is a viable option for a housewarming present, a graduation present to adorn your college-bound teen’s new home, or just a random occasion, and can easily add that extra element of charm to any space.

There are tons of Rick and Morty wall art out there, but if you’re looking for something a little bigger and budget-friendly with just as much character, you’ll want this tapestry. It depicts Rick and Morty silhouetted in front of a colorful mushroom world and would look fantastic on their bedroom walls or over a living room sofa.

This vibrant Rick and Morty light is another great gift option, especially for a younger fan’s bedside table or amidst collectibles. Labeled with “Open your eyes, Morty,” the lamp portrays the show’s two main characters and can switch between seven or sixteen colors depending on your purchasing preference.

Few pieces of décor make an eye-catching statement about your home like an area rug, and this Rick rug certainly does the trick. Once you gift your Rick and Morty friend this vibrant and artistic rug, they’ll be ecstatic for the opportunity to show it off.


College dorms and young adult apartments are notorious for having limited space for people with limited furniture funds. To fill their needs, we suggest you gift your close friend or family member this inflatable portal ottoman. They’ll be sure to appreciate its airy comfort while they watch reruns of every season.

Useful Rick and Morty Gifts

When you have a show that’s as genius-ly silly as Rick and Morty, it can be difficult to find gift ideas that your friend or family member can actually use. Plus, if your recipient has a particular preference for useful gifts, the searching process becomes doubly frustrating, which is why we’ve created this category for you. Here are our top Rick and Morty recommendations for gifts your fan can use daily.

It can be difficult to personalize one’s car with elements of their favorite show by luckily, your Rick and Morty fan can keep their car seats clean and cool with these Rick and Morty seat covers. The package includes two covers for a car’s front seats and can fit most car, truck, and SUV models.

Smartwatches are all the rage these days, and one of their best features is their ability to swap out bands. If your Rick and Morty fan already has the Smartwatch itself, you can gift them this Rick and Morty open portal band for more accessorizing options. It’s compatible with Apple watches and comes in a range of sizes to fit almost anyone’s wrist.

Another modern electronic trend nowadays is AirPods, and a fun way to accessorize these is to buy customizable and removable AirPod cases. Therefore, if your Rick and Morty fan has an AirPod case that needs some sprucing up, you can gift them this adventurous Rick and Morty case for a more personalized piece.

Beach towels are something that many people don’t realize they need until they’re just about to embark on a sandy expedition and rarely enjoy buying for themselves. But, with this Morty-themed beach towel, you can turn an occasional necessity into a frequently used accessory for any water-bound adventures. Your Rick and Morty fan might like it so much they use it for daily showers.

Your culinary whiz will love this Rick and Morty oven mitt while they’re testing out recipes for Strawberry Smiggles, Lil Bits, and the best of Shoney’s. Who knows? They might even be wearing it the day they crack the secret behind the world’s most amazing Szechuan sauce.

No matter how much your Rick and Morty fan loves the show, they’ll always enjoy a unique gift more. Something related to their favorite series that they are confident few to no other fan has. To ensure you can gift your Rick and Morty fan an unbeatably unique present, we’ve compiled several options below that are guaranteed to be the height of any occasion.

We guarantee your Rick and Morty fan hasn’t seen anything like the cards in this Get Schwifty deck. You can purchase different decks that provide a select number of cards, or you can purchase all 100 cards for a complete set. As they collect cards, they can create stronger decks to combat other Get Schwifty deck owners for a fun-filled game where every match is different.

It’s no surprise that Rick, Morty, Summer, and other beloved show characters are supporters of certain stimulants and hallucinogens. The best of which require a reliable lighter for the most effective and mind-blowing experience. That’s where your gift of this customized Rick and Morty electric lighter comes in. Its slim, windproof, and flameless design allows for an easy light up to 150 times per full charge.

This is a unique gift option for that quirky, outdoorsy friend in your life, or you can gift it to a younger Rick and Morty fan. Now they can experience the joy of being Pickle Rick while they lay all warm and cozy in this easily portable and highly comfortable Pickle Rick sleeping bag.

Candles are, and always have been, a classic gift option that is only increasing in popularity due to their customization options and therapeutic properties. Although “Existence is Pain” isn’t the cheeriest sentiment when your Rick and Morty fan is trying to relax from a long day, they can’t deny that Mr. Meeseeks understands their struggles.

One of the most iconic phrases of Rick and Morty paired with one of the most dangerous objects. This customized flask is either the perfect gift for that alcohol-loving, thrill-seeking fan in your life, or it’s the riskiest gift you ever gave them. Either way, it’s a fun choice.

In a generation where succulents reign supreme for apartment décor, you can up your gift-giving game by swapping out the boring plant gift with these Rick and Morty planters. The planters are a bust of both famed characters and made from durable concrete. If your fan is especially artistic, they could even make the planters a fun project by painting them.

Rick’s spaceship is probably the one thing every Rick and Morty fan would die to have. While our technology isn’t at the level of Rick Sanchez yet to make this dream a reality, you can still gift them a fun mini version with this spaceship USB light. It easily plugs into any USB laptop socket and will hover and glow next to your device for an out-of-this-world accessory.

Final Thoughts on Awesome Rick and Morty Merch

For those in your life who love a good Rick and Morty episode, we hope you loved the many Rick and Morty swag we listed in this article – from Rick and Morty socks, to cool Rick and Morty stickers, we hope you loved our coolest Rick and Morty gift options.