33 Best Housewarming Gifts for Men

Moving into a new home can be a momentous occasion in a person’s life. What better to mark this new chapter than with an awesome housewarming gift? We’ve got the ideal housewarming gift for the men in your life. Whether you’re looking for a personalized gift, a gift set, you’ll find the ideal gift with our compilation of the best housewarming gifts for men.

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Finding the Best Housewarming Gift for a Housewarming Party

With a plethora of options, don’t waste time picking the perfect gift by jumping around from store to store and site to site. These fabulous gifts can be easily searched and purchased through Amazon. So not only can you find the perfect present quickly, but it will arrive in his arms just as fast. 

Practical Housewarming Gifts

Although there is a great deal of excitement and accomplishment tethered to moving into a new location, there is also plenty of practical things you need for basic home functioning. 

Especially if this is his first house or apartment, these gifts can range from cookware to storage units to basic tools. 

For that friend that loves exploring and enhancing his culinary skills on a daily basis, he will definitely need a quality cutting board. Add a personal touch by having his name or a meaningful message engraved into this walnut or maple wood board. 

Give him the gift of quality sound for his favorite music and podcasts on demand with these smart speakers. In addition to streaming music from Amazon, Apple, Spotify, and SiriusXM, he can also set alarms, check the weather, or simply talk to Alexa when he’s lonely.

If you know for a fact that he’s a bit messy with his clothes, maybe this durable double hamper with a lid will help him be a bit more organized in the bedroom. Say goodbye to cheap netted hampers and hello to quality polypropylene with removable laundry bags for easy transport.

If you want to gift your son a quality vacuum to keep his new home clean without breaking the bank, this Bissell is the best option. The triple-action brush and swivel steering allow a powerful clean with easy mobility.

Whether he moves into a brand-new home or a hundred-year-old apartment, he’s bound to need basic tools for repairs, renovations, and alterations to make the space more functional and personable. 

This 148-piece tool set comes with anything he could possibly need, from hammers to wrenches to nails and more. 

Doing the dishes has never been easier or more aesthetically pleasing than with this dish drying rack. 

Not only does it free up counter space for cooking prep and appliances, but it’s also extremely organized. It has specified compartments for soap and sponges, knives, utensils, cutting boards, and of course, plates, bowls, and cups. 

Funny Housewarming Gifts

Picking out the new home and moving in is stressful enough. Lighten-up this exciting transition with a quirky, funny housewarming gift.  It will put a smile on his face and add character to his home. 

This is a great time to add personal touches for an inside joke or exploit some of his more eccentric interests. 

He won’t be able to help himself from cracking a smile when he reads some of these pun-filled hand towels. 

With classics such as “Don’t go bacon my heart,” and “I like big bundts, and I cannot lie,” every time he glances at one of these towels, it’s guaranteed to immediately brighten his day.

Now we all know the first thing you do once you step into the bathroom for some private time is whip out the cellphone and check your favorite social media. But wait, there’s an alternative. 

Let Uncle John take him on a magical journey of wacky stories, bizarre historical events, and comical lists. Now you won’t have to wonder what’s taking him so long.

Sometimes the first impression comes before you even step into the house. Give him a welcoming doormat that is sure to reflect his jokester personality and spark conversation. 

Personalized doormats are always a great idea, but we particularly loved this “I like it dirty” option. Certain to be a crowd-pleaser with his friends, he might want to tuck it away when mom stops by.

His brain will thank you when he receives this unique clock that clearly tells the time…if you’re up to date on your mathematics. 

Filled with some simple and not so simple equations, he might have to put a little more brainpower into telling the time from now on. Ok, so this gift might be funnier to give than receive.

Give his bathroom some character and his guests a fright with this charming raptor shower curtain. Don’t worry, and there’s nothing unsettling about a dinosaur watching over your private bathroom business. 

Luckily, this curtain is machine washable and large enough to fit most showers and tubs, so it can stay up as long as he wants. 

A pop-culture icon, Bob Ross, is revered for his unprecedented kindness and go-with-the-flow attitude that always makes you feel like everything will work out. Give his day the best start it could possibly have by buttering a nice crisp piece of toast branded with Bob Ross’s supportive face. 

Classy Housewarming Gifts

Everyone likes to keep it classy in their new home. Whether you’re giving a housewarming gift to a bachelor, a newlywed, or a family home, these next gifts are perfect for adding a touch of class. 

Coming up, classy housewarming gifts for the men in your life. 

Not only is this ashtray exquisitely decorated, but it’ll also look great in his home office or sunroom making it a great gift. With seven options to choose from, this navy-blue sphere with golden embossing patterns is a great conversation starter and perfect for his favorite cigar at the end of a hard day. 

Great for entertaining or packing for a picnic or camping trip, this charcuterie board can hold enough crackers, cheeses, fruits, and other toppings to hold him and his loved ones over for hours. 

The bamboo platter comes with four dishes, three pull-out trays for storage, and basic utensils with fitted storage. 

These antler candle holders with glass tubes will provide a rustic charm to his space as well as giving him a safe container for his favorite scents. Bundle this gift with a lavender or jasmine scented candle to really brighten up the room and allow him to relax when he gets home. 

Every home needs a quality set of dishes. Throw away those plastic plates and bowls he was using all throughout college and gift him this sleek and classy set of marble-patterned dishes for his everyday use. 

The melamine material is durable and dishwasher safe, and the marble pattern will complement any home aesthetic.

Help him organize his kitchen with a personal flair using these ceramic and bamboo storage jars. The striking black marble pattern with golden accents immediately draws the eye and makes these jars perfect for display on any open shelving his kitchen might have. 

Home Bar Gift Ideas

One of the most sought-out home features that are optimal for entertaining would be the home bar. Men everywhere get a thrill from playing bartender in their own home and decking out this private space of indulgences. 

Here are gifts that would perfectly accent bar aesthetics ranging from hardcore-partying to classy sit and sips. 

Whether he prefers a cold hard beer or a taste of the finer things, this fridge can hold it all. Perfectly sized to fit on-top-of or under the bar counter, this cooler is sure to impress, and we wager he won’t be able to wait to fill it with his favorite libations. Perfect for wine lovers or beer lovers.

Don’t let the fun stop because you’re searching the house for a bottle opener. Let Mjolnir, Thor’s famous hammer, snap open a cold one for you. With this classic piece of superhero memorabilia, you won’t need the power of Thor to keep the party going. 

A classy and refined addition to any home bar, don’t let his quality wood counter be ruined by wayward liquids. This six-pack of faux-leather coasters is suitable for any drink glass or bottle and is uniquely designed to compliment and accentuate any bar space. 

You can’t have a quality home bar without the proper equipment. Gift him these bourbon glasses crafted to the pinnacle of elegance in the highest-quality glass. The kit also includes eight natural granite stones guaranteed to accentuate the flavors of any drink. But it doesn’t end there. 

He will also receive a pair of tongs and two slate table coasters, all packaged in the finest wooden gift box. Everything he could need for a quality drinking experience.  

An awe-striking accent piece, this hand-blown globe-decorated whiskey decanter with antique ship interior sculpture sits refined on mahogany handled tray accompanied by two matching glasses. An elegant piece that is sure to reflect his sophistication and fine taste. This gift is perfect for a father or grandfather after moving into their dream home following a well-deserved retirement. 

Engrave his name or a favorite phrase on this copper, old tavern styled beverage bucket. Great for bottles of wine or glasses of beer, this ice bucket is made entirely of metal with rust-proof and leak-proof technology guaranteed to keep your drinks cold for hours. 

Novelty Gifts for Him

Gift him something that is totally unique and reflects his individualism. You want this gift to be a show-stopper, an eye-catcher, and a conversation starter, as well as something he will use and enjoy on a daily basis. 

Everyone has a French press or a flat-screen tv, but we guarantee they don’t have these. Here are a few novelty gifts that are truly unique, for those men that like to stand out in a crowd. 

In every man’s home, you want to find that one piece that is totally unique, and this light fixture is definitely that. Made of wrought iron, this cute but sleek and modernly designed little man climbing a ladder is all the character you need in a room. 

A great gift to decorate his office desk, this Easter Island-esque figure will gladly hold on to his glasses when he isn’t using them. Not only is it a unique desktop decoration, but it will also prevent him from forgetting where he last set his glasses down.

For the man with the green thumb, this lightbulb planter is a cool and original way to grow your favorite plants in a non-traditional holder. 

He can use it to brighten up the room in his home office or set it on a stand in the sunny breakfast room. This mini terrarium stand plant is sure to thrive under his care.

Give his home an artistic flair with this moving sandscape that would look great on any shelf. Simply flip the frame and watch the spectacularly colored sand form an exquisite image. 

This one, in particular, reflects a desert mountain range. The glass case is scratch-proof and durable to ensure maximum protection and product safety. 

This game board is a fantastic gift for him to whip out when he’s entertaining or to settle a bet with his partner or roommates. Sling puck is a fast-paced and easy game anyone could sit down and play. Just be careful of his competitive side. You might find yourself challenging him to more than one rematch.  

Best Gift for Single Guy

Now, if he’s moving into a new space that is all his own, the man cave is going to need a little love. Go for one of these options that are perfect for the single man. 

This is a fantastic opportunity to really tailor towards his hobbies, and the fact that the only person you’re trying to please here is him. 

Give him the gift of a quick and easy breakfast with this sandwich maker that will toast his English muffin, fry his egg, cook his breakfast ham, and melt his cheese all at the same time. Seriously, all he has to do is assemble it. This is a morning game-changer. Never again will he skip the most important meal of the day. 

If there’s one thing a significant number of men love, it’s gaming. Whether they’re seriously competitive or just go online to chat and play with friends, this rug will go perfectly with their gamin set up in their new crib. The material is memory foam wrapped in coral velvet, so it is a stylish, comfortable addition to any floor. 

A quality product by Apple, this 3-in-1 charging stand will allow him to charge his Smartphone, Airpods, and iWatch all on the same dock. This dock is sleek with a simple setup that allows each device to sit perfectly in its own charging port. 

Now he can finally do away with plugging three different devices into three different outlets, so they are all ready in the morning. 

Give him something fun to do when no one is around, like perfecting his dart skills. This dart cabinet is sleek with a black matte finish and can be easily mounted on any wall. 

When he wants it concealed for protection and to ensure he won’t lose those darts (because, let’s face it, they always get lost), he can simply close the cabinet doors, and that stay secure with magnetic locks. 

Help your friend look his best while he’s living the single lift with this luxury shaving kit. Barber style shaving methods have been a rising male hobby/interest, and this kit helps him get his feet wet in this niche. 

The kit includes anything he’d need for a smooth, clean shave, such as the Safety razor with ten razor blades, a Safety razor stand, a shaving brush, a shaving bowl, shaving soap, pre-shave oil, and aftershave balm.

Final Thoughts on Housewarming Gifts For Men

Your favorite guy getting their house keys to their new bachelor pad is a big deal!

Great housewarming gifts are a great way to demonstrate your love and support for the favorite man in your life as he enjoys his new house. The perfect housewarming gift that best suits him will always depend on his personality and your relationship. 

For a new homeowner moving into his first place, you might want to ere on something more practical to get him started. If he already has it all, then have some fun and get him a unique housewarming gift that’s a little more humorous or unique.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a coffee table, a wonderful wall art option to add to all the wonderful sights, you can’t go wrong with any of the housewarming gift ideas mentioned in this post. Out of this plethora of unique housewarming gift ideas, we guarantee he will love whichever great housewarming gift you choose for their new abode. We hope you enjoyed this gift guide.