24 Best Minecraft Gifts

Do you have a family member or friend who loves the game Minecraft? Is there a special occasion coming up where you are going to have to give them a gift? If yes, you should consider giving the Minecraft fan in your life one of these Minecraft gift ideas! 

Whether it be for their birthday, Christmas, or other special occasions, we have the best Minecraft gifts that are sure to make them smile and get them in creative mode.

We have lots of great Minecraft gift ideas for their game room or to support their virtual world.

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24 Best Gifts For Minecraft Fans


Does the birthday boy or girl love to build? You can give them the gift of a Minecraft lego creative construction set that allows them to create The First Adventure in real life. The set comes with everything they need to live out the exciting play environment in real life. 

Would the birthday person prefer a board game over a Lego set? Then give them this Ravensburger Minecraft: Builders & Biomes board game – a Minecraft Dungeons creative and interactive board game to play with their friends!

Featuring multiple Overworld grids and a plethora of building and Biome strategies, every time they play the minecraft game it will be different. With an ever-changing strategy game, they will never get bored!


Are you looking to spice up your child’s birthday party with some Minecraft decorations? Why not buy them these cute Minecraft cupcake toppers that come in different designs. All you have to do is download the file and print them out to place them on the cupcakes!

Give the birthday kid a personalized Minecraft birthday shirt with their age and name on it! This fun gift is an embroidered Minecraft shirt that is customizable for children that are between the ages of 1 and 10. 

Minecraft Gifts for Adults

Every Minecraft player’s home needs Minecraft coasters for their tables. You can choose from a few different Minecraft images to engrave in beautiful wooden coasters to add a little spice to their homes. You can also have a set engraved with both Minecraft and other game decals as well. 

A great Minecraft gift to consider giving is a personalized custom name tag. This unique keychain features the creeper character from the game with your friend or family member’s name acting as the body of the character. 

These authentically licensed collectible figures come in a pack of popular Minecraft characters. 

Characters come displayed in a box that tells you which character is which (in case you know your friend likes a certain character, but you are unsure of what it looks like). Your Minecraft-loving friend will go crazy over these authentic figurines in their original packaging.

Combine comfort with Minecraft and you get these 100% cotton pajama pants for the minecraft fan in your life. Featuring a green Minecraft pattern, these pajama bottoms have an elastic waistband to guarantee comfort with classic Minecraft style.

Minecraft gifts are great for all occasions. Consider giving your loved one this mug that features a Minecraft design. This heartfelt gift for your Minecraft loving partner can be great for any occasion. 

Minecraft Gifts for Kids

Featuring a green and gray Minecraft square pattern, this book bag will make the other children at school jealous. There is a brown square-patterned front pocket that can easily store their pencils and other small school essentials. This backpack makes for a great gift. 

Perfect for any occasion, this Minecraft coloring book features 50 hand-drawn coloring pages that are unique. Kids can flip through and find their favorite characters and then color them to bring them to life! 

Is the child you are buying a gift for a bit older? Why not consider getting them a Minecraft color by number book. Featuring 55 coloring pages filled with fun and exciting Minecraft images, this coloring book is perfect for kids who like color by numbers.

Pages in the book are single sided to allow you to tear out and display their masterpiece without wasting an image on the back! With high-resolution images and a perfect carry-around size, any child from ages 4-12 will enjoy this fun and entertaining activity.


Let the child feel like they are living in the Minecraft world with this life-size, foam battle-ax. As they swing, they will hear “swoosh” and “clank” sound effects accompanied with in-game audio to make each play battle feel like a real battle.

The foam structure allows for the kids to safely battle without fear of hurting one another. Also, the multi-colored ax looks like the ax in the game, making it feel even more realistic. Thus, making this the perfect gift to give any Minecraft-loving child for just about any occasion. 

Make sleep time more enjoyable with this super soft and squishy panda plush. The panda is modeled after the Minecraft panda, with a boxy figure and pixelated spots.

This panda is 12 inches long and has beans in its legs for some added weight. Kids can snuggle in and play with their floppy ears during nap time or playtime! As they unwrap this fun and cuddly gift, they are sure to smile and immediately give it a big hug!

Make sleep time more enjoyable with this super soft and squishy panda plush. The panda is modeled after the Minecraft panda, with a boxy figure and pixelated spots.

This panda is 12 inches long and has beans in its legs for some added weight. Kids can snuggle in and play with their floppy ears during nap time or playtime! As they unwrap this fun and cuddly gift, they are sure to smile and immediately give it a big hug! 

Featuring a plethora of fun components, this fun and exciting sensory kit is perfect for any child ages 3 and up. They can build, stamp, and destroy their playdough masterpieces in a Minecraft world they build. 

The kit features many different fun aspects such as:

  • 3 diecast metal Minecraft figures
  • 8 oz homemade lightly-scented playdough with added glitter
  • Lego compatible blocks
  • Scrabble tiles that spell the child’s name

All components are recyclable, and playdough can be restored once it starts to dry out with a few drops of water or vegetable oil. As a result, the child can play with this gift for a very long time! 

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Minecraft Gifts for Her

These handmade bath bombs come wrapped up in a cute clear cube surrounded by brown crinkle paper. The bath bombs themselves are green cubes with a Minecraft symbol and each contains a special surprise inside! 

When she puts the bath bomb in the tub, there will be an authentic Minecraft figurine inside! So, as she enjoys her lime scented bath, she can admire her new, surprise figurine! 

All bath bombs are colored with food-grade colorant and will not stain her tub. Therefore, she can sit back and relax in her Minecraft-themed bath time. 

She will love these handmade pixel flower earrings that are very lightweight and easy to wear. Featuring a water-resistant design, they can wear these earrings for any occasion in any weather! They are guaranteed to get a plethora of compliments for their unique and colorful earrings. 

You can choose between a variety of flower types to give her the best possible gift specifically made for her. 

Featuring the words, “eat, sleep, mine, repeat,” this handmade t-shirt also has pictures of utensils, a bed, and the Minecraft double ax. You can choose from over ten different t-shirt colors and a few different styles to get a shirt that will best fit her wardrobe. There are also ten color options for the logo.

Made from cotton, these super comfy t-shirts will be a nice addition to her closet. Plus, whenever she puts the t-shirt on and gets compliments, she will always think of you!

These handmade scrunchies are made from cotton and fabric wrapped around elastic to create a comfy yet functional hair tie. One pattern features the Minecraft iron armor with hearts with a green background. The other pattern features the Minecraft creeper on a green background. 

She can wear these super cute scrunchies in her hair or show them off on her wrist. No matter how she chooses to wear them, she is sure to get compliments for her cute new hair accessories. 

Cool Minecraft Gifts

Add some light into their life with this creative, color-changing potion bottle LED night light. Featuring eight different colors, this pixelated potion bottle looks like you just took it off the brewing stand right out of the game. The coolest part? You shake it to change the colors!

Battery operated and licensed as a Minecraft collectible, this potion night light works great for kids and adults alike! You can’t go wrong with giving such a fun and interesting gift like this one.

This handmade table lamp features Minecraft patterns carved into a birch plywood cube. You can choose between a 5”x5”x5” cube or a slightly bigger 8”x8”x8” cube, depending on what you think your friend will like best. 

Each cube comes with a 12v power supply and has a remote control to change the coloring of the light. That way, they can determine what color they want glowing beside them as they navigate the world of Minecraft each night. 

These cool stickers are made from extra-durable vinyl and come in a pack of 50. Within the pack there are no duplicates, so your friend gets a huge variety of cool stickers to choose from to decorate their:

  • Backpack
  • Bedroom
  • Laptop
  • Skateboard

They can pretty much decorate any surface they want with these colorful and unique stickers. They are waterproof and have a very strong adhesive, making them quite durable. Plus, they keep their color very well.

Featuring Steve and Alex, this Minecraft water bottle is made of stainless steel and can hold 15.5 fluid ounces. BPA-free and top-rack dishwasher safe, this water bottle is great for anyone ages 3 and up!

The water bottle comes with a push-button top that pops up a detachable straw for easy cleaning. It also has a convenient built-in carry loop so they can carry it around with them wherever they go! Plus, it’s leak-proof, so you never have to worry about them spilling a single drop.

Final Thoughts on Minecraft Gifts For Minecraft Fans

One last gift option to add to the great gift ideas is the classic card game Uno Minecraft Card Game. This game is inexpensive and lots of fun.

For the boys who enjoy building or the gamers who love screen time and playing with iconic characters, we hope you found a great option for that special person in your life.