35 Absolute Best Baseball Gifts for Baseball Lovers

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Batter up! If you’re scouring the internet for the perfect gift for that baseball lover in your life, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to provide you with the ultimate list of versatile baseball gifts you can give on any occasion. Whether it’s for your friend’s birthday, the anniversary date with your lover, Secret Santa at the office, or Christmas gifts for baseball lovers, these gifts are guaranteed to please any baseball enthusiast. 

Read on for the 35 absolute best baseball gifts for baseball lovers. These gifts are split into categories including, baseball gifts for your boyfriends, gifts for women, gifts for fans, gifts for baseball players, and many more for your convenience.

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List of the 35 Absolute Best Basball Gifts for Baseball Lovers

Snag one of these unique and personable baseball gifts for that baseball buff in your life before they’re going, going, gone! Our list includes a wide variety of options, from humor-based to home décor to downright functional. We guarantee that any one of the gifts mentioned below will be a home run.

Best Baseball Gifts for Kids

Often, a love for baseball starts young, and you want to nurture that enthusiasm for America’s pastime as much as possible. If you’re shopping for baseball gifts for teenage guys, a present for your kid, younger sibling, niece, or nephew, or baseball gifts for boys, here are some of the most awesome baseball gifts best suited to them. 

Any kid would feel like an MVP sitting in this plush baseball glove chair. The furniture is made of sturdy wood and suede guaranteed to last their entire childhood. It is perfect for their bedroom, but since it also only weighs 13 pounds, they can move it wherever they like. 

Give your child baseball lover that daily dose of inspiration with these motivational rubber bracelets. The phrases are supplemented with icon baseball imagery and fonts and are guaranteed to help any kid find that extra boost to overcome any challenge, sports, or otherwise. 

It’s never too early to start practicing that swing, and with this automatic ball pitching machine, your superstar kid will be smacking home runs in no time. The design is perfect for kids 5-8 years old and is a great gift to get youngsters outside and active. 

Any kid would be the talk of the team with one of these high-quality, customized baseball hoodies. There are various sizes suitable for kids from 1-12 years old, and you can add your preferred name and number on the back. 

Best Baseball Gifts for Women

That’s right, fellas, women can enjoy baseball too. Although many tend to lean more towards softball, there are still a significant number of women that will take any chance they get to watch a quality baseball game. We recognize, however, that they can be extremely tricky to shop for, so here are our top picks for baseball presents for her. 

Help her make her love for baseball a fashion statement at every game with this gorgeous but simple chiffon neck scarf. This soft and comfortable scarf depicts a classic baseball and makes the perfect baseball gift for your girlfriend or sister. 

These earrings are just what any baseball-loving female needs to complete her look. The resin earrings are simple but charming and will certainly make her love for baseball known by whoever sees her. 

Coffee cups are always a classic “just because” gift and this one is certainly unique. If your baseball-loving female has swung her fair share of baseball bats in the past, she’ll enjoy this cup. It depicts the human evolution to the diamond.

Sometimes it’s your kids that get you into a sport you never thought you’d enjoy. For all the baseball moms out there trying to keep up with their baller kids, give her a little help with this personalized baseball sports bag. She can store energy drinks, band-aids, sunflower seeds, and all the other gaming necessities. She’ll  be ready at a moment’s notice. 

Best Gifts for Baseball Players

It stands to reason that some of the most enthusiastic baseball lovers are people that play the game. If you have a son, nephew, or even a dad who plays in a league, these are great functional gifts. They could be great end of season gifts for baseball players. 

Baseball can be difficult to practice at home unless you have a significantly sized yard. However, this gift is perfect for making the most of a small space. Regardless of their position, any young baseball player can practice their pitching or throws to perfection on this inflatable catcher. 

This gift is perfect for players of any age or skill level. This pitching baseball is built with a quality speed sensor that can accurately measure up to 120 mph. Any pitcher can use it to measure their skill and set new goals for themselves.

Playing baseball means a lot of equipment to schlep around. You’ve got your bats, your cleats and your gloves. Not to mention all the things you need for fuel through the game like gum, energy drinks, sunflower seeds, and, well, you get the point. 

Make life easier for your favorite baseball player and gift them this spacious, high-quality backpack. They’ll be able to store all their necessities with ease. 

If you want to give your passionate baseball player something a little more sentimental, this keepsake box is perfect. Handmade from quality wood, any player can use this box to store their game medals, old team photos, balls, and more. You can also give it a more personal touch by engraving the brass plate with their name.   

Best Baseball Gifts for Your Boyfriend

Buying the perfect baseball gift can be hard enough without the added pressure of it is for your boyfriend. Luckily, we’re here to help. These are some of the best gifts to tie your affection for your boyfriend to their love for baseball. Some of them can even be used on a daily basis.  

Help your boyfriend add a spark of personality to their everyday office outfit with this simple and elegant baseball necktie. You can order a wide variety of options. From the standard necktie to a classy bowtie. Each comes in a classic cream base with rust-colored stitches that will perfectly accentuate any suit or semi-formal outfit.

If you’re sick of looking at that same banged-up phone case he’s had for years, then give him an upgrade with this sleek baseball phone case suitable for an iPhone device. The case has raised bezels for added protection and has a classy modern appearance he’ll be proud to carry around every day. 

There’s no doubt about it; beer is the staple drink of any sports event. With this personalized beer glass, he’ll feel like he’s watching the game from the stadium’s front-row seats every time. You can have the glass engraved with his first or last name and special occasion’s date underneath. For the sneaky partner, we recommend labeling your anniversary here. 

Who says sports aren’t romantic? Sweeten the occasion by gifting your boyfriend this wooden baseball-themed sign that details exactly how he makes you feel. This gift is a great anniversary or newlywed gift you can hang on the walls of your shared living space.

It’s one thing to buy your boyfriend a necklace. It’s another to have the matching another half. This couple’s baseball necklace is probably the cutest gift you could find, and, in a way, it is a gift to both of you. 

Not only is this a highly sentimental gift, but the necklaces are also extremely stylish and unique since they’re carved from your coin of choice and can be engraved with each of your initials. 

Best Gifts for Baseball Fans

Sometimes it might seem like the baseball fan in your life already has everything when it comes to their beloved sport. Because of their die-hard passion for baseball, it might feel like the pressure is really on to find them an impressive, unique, and satisfying gift. Well, look no further because we think you’ll love these unique gifts for baseball lovers. 

Baseball fans love to collect memorabilia, and when you have a quality artifact of baseball history, you’ll want to display it safely where all can see it. This gift is perfect for that dad or uncle with a vast collection of special baseballs with nowhere to properly display them. 

The diamond-shaped case comes in a range of colors to suit their tastes, and you can even get theirs or their favorite player’s name and number painted inside. 

You’d have to be a real pitching nut to know all the grips on this vintage-retro wooden poster. So, if the baseball fan in your life loves to show you classic pitching grips on the baseballs at home, this gift is definitely for them. 

The poster can be purchased in wood or paper and artistically demonstrates all the best grips for the fastest and trickiest pitches you’ve ever seen. 

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The test of a true fan is how well they know their baseball trivia. This gift is great for parties or some pre-game entertainment with family and friends. You can even make a solid drinking game out of it when the innings stretch on.

Consistently rated one of the absolute best baseball reads, this book is a fantastic gift to your father, grandfather, or uncle who loves to read a solid sportsbook. 

The book’s content covers the baseball seasons from 1972 through 1976 and all of the historic events, players, and coaches that were a part of what is referred to as the “most significant half-decade in the history of the game.”

Okay, it’s no signed Babe Ruth jersey, but honestly, every die-hard baseball fan needs their own custom jersey. These customizable jerseys come in the classic pin-striped pattern and an array of colors to match your baseball lover’s favorite team. You can also add a team name, the player’s name, and a number. You could virtually gift these jerseys to anyone, even a whole family, to wear to every baseball game, professional or otherwise. 

Best Gifts for Baseball Coaches

It’s not just family and friends that might need a solid baseball gift. Every now and then, you want to give a token of your appreciation to the individuals that taught you everything you know about the sport you love, meaning coaches.

Without these individuals, everyone would still be playing baseball in the streets and their backyards. Therefore, here are some of the most heartfelt and unique baseball lover gift ideas you can give any coach to say thanks. 

Although we’re certain there’s a coach or two out there that don’t need a megaphone to be heard, they’re great humor gifts to give. After all, shouting all the way to the outfield can be hard on any coach’s throat. Just realize you’re dooming the next team because there’s no way a player can mishear instructions when amplified through this device, so we hope they’re paying attention. 

Another humorous gift to give any coach is this 100-page notebook where they can spill all their coaching-related frustrations in a healthy and therapeutic manner. Coaching can be a tough job, and there’s certainly a thing or two they’d like to say, especially to their teen players. Now, any time your coach seems at their wits-end, just tell them to grab their notebook. You’re only trying to help; there’s no way that can go poorly for you…right?

For the gift giver that loves to be a little more artsy and creative, try purchasing this baseball card template. At the end of the season, you can create cards for every kid on the team and gift your coach with the whole deck at the end-of-season party. It’ll be a bit of work, but it will undoubtedly be one of the most unique gifts they’ve received in their coaching career. 

The manliest baseball coach would get the manliest tear in his eye after looking at this engraved picture frame with the team’s photo inside. 

There is a huge array of engraving possibilities for this frame, from the coach and team’s name to each player’s name, their numbers, and even a personalized message. Be sure to have all the players sign the frame’s border for an added personal touch.  

Sports teams can often feel like second families, and so it is certainly hard when teammates age-up or move on. Give your baseball coach something to remind him of his favorite team by framing their jersey in this display frame. Of course, the jersey isn’t complete without all the player’s signatures, so make sure they’ve all signed before it’s framed. 

Best Baseball Themed Decor Gifts

From mancaves to bedrooms to offices and more, there are so many places you could decorate with your favorite baseball-themed items. Here are some of our top picks to gift your baseball lover that they can use to give any space and additional sporty charm. These would make great birthday gifts for baseball lovers. 

If your baseball lover has their own mancave or home bar, then without a doubt, you need to gift them this personalized LED baseball light. This light is just incredible. It has a classic, almost retro design with a baseball and crossed bats. You can add your baseball lover’s name or the name of their favorite team on the banner across the center. Be sure to pick the light that matches the team’s colors as well. 

A truly unique and impactful gift, this wooden wall art depicts a baseball created entirely out of baseball’s greatest players’ replicated signatures. Your baseball lover will spend hours studying the signatures and admiring this work of art they could easily hang in any bedroom, man cave, or office. 

Every home needs at least one interesting lamp, and this is the one for your baseball lover. The polyresin material helps this lamp look a bit more sophisticated, so any adult baseball lover could potentially use it on their office desk. However, it is such a whimsical design that you could easily gift it to a younger fan to go on their bedside table. 

Another gift that would be perfect for any office or man cave are these baseball bookends. You have the unique option of altering the gift’s aesthetic by either creating the bookends with new, used, or your own baseballs for a personal touch. This gift is a great way to help give any room that sporty touch without being over-the-top. 

Most Unique Baseball Gifts

At the end of the day, most people like to receive utterly unique gifts unlike anything they’ve ever seen and certainly wouldn’t have expected. Give your baseball lover an unforgettable experience with one of these unique gift ideas they’ll cherish forever. 

Any baseball lover would appreciate the craftsmanship and humor of having their very own bobblehead. These custom bobblehead baseball players are handmade and would look perfect on your dad’s desk, on a shelf in the man cave, or right next to the TV come game day. It’s a great conversation starter that’s guaranteed to get a chuckle out of anyone. 

If your baseball lover always pairs game day with a strong drink, don’t let them toss boring average ice cubes into their glass. Get them this baseball-shaped ice cube mold to chill any gameday cocktail. This baseball present is perfect for a home bar and entertaining guests or just relaxing while you’re baseball lover watchers their favorite team dominates the scoreboard.

This unique gift is great for a whole family of baseball lovers. The high-quality wood sign would look perfect in any man cave or living space near other sports memorabilia. In our opinion, the best place to put it is over a mantle or even above a child’s bed. You can personalize it with the individual’s first name or the family’s last name and choose the colors that suit their favorite team. 

There’s probably no gift idea more classic than the “#1 Dad” slogan, and it looks absolutely incredible on this mini baseball bat pen. This is a great gift from a child to their baseball-loving dad or as a small gift, like a stocking stuffer. If you’ve already gotten your dad a gift, no worries; these pens are customizable and offer a lengthy list of names or phrases you can have engraved instead. 

Final Thoughts on Baseball Themed Gifts

For those baseball fans who love a good home team baseball game or attending a baseball stadium to watch their favorite team, they’ll be happy to receive any of these gifts.