31 Best Gifts for Law Students

Being a law student can be really difficult and stressful. There are long hours of studying, oftentimes extending late into the night, and tons of pressure that they have to deal with every day. Law students do not have it easy, so it can be nice to get a little pick me up. We hope you enjoy this list of gift ideas for law students.

Whether you’re looking for a thoughtful gift, a funny gift, or great gifts for law school graduates our fun gifts are sure to make them smile.

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31 Great Gift Idea for The Law Student in Your Life

Holidays and special events do not have to be the only time you get a gift for a law student. Gifts for a law student in your life will be greatly appreciated year-round. Read on to get some inspiration and ideas from this specially curated list of gifts for law students! If you’re buying for a friend that is going to school far away you might also enjoy this list of gifts or this one for college girls. 

Best Relaxing Gifts for Law Students

Another stress-reducing gift to give an anxious law student is a stress relief candle.

The visual of a flame burning the candle’s wick is also very pleasing and relaxing for many people. The light from the candle also provides a calm, cozy environment that will transform even the most dreary of nights.

If the student or the lawyer in your life has a good sense of humour and is finally hopeful of their future financial stability as they have been feeling so many complex emotions after going through a failed marriage, consider getting them this Smells Like Freshly Signed Divorce Papers Soy Candle. A very complex candle is a good way to celebrate the rich parchment legal document declaring their newfound freedom!

Many nights are spent staying up late to read legal cases, textbooks, and other assignments, which can lead to tons of anxiety that interfere with a law student’s already short sleep schedule.

A weighted blanket is a must-have for the student struggling with getting quality sleep. Weighted blanket technology is scientifically proven to help someone:

  • Stay warm and comfortable
  • Fall asleep faster
  • Get better sleep

Aromatherapy with essential oil diffusers is a great way to destress and calm down at any time of day. They also make any room smell pleasant and welcoming.

There are many essential oil diffuser kits available on the market that also come with bottles of essential oils. Therefore, this gift is great for the law student or legal professional in your life. Since they have all the tools to use it and do not have to separately pick out and choose essential oils, they can get right to setting up and enjoying their new essential oil diffuser.

With this large hooded sweatshirt and blanket, they are sure to be super cozy and warm with this comfy wearable sherpa blanket

Long hours into the night studying can get pretty chilly. This wearable sherpa blanket will keep anyone perfectly warm, even if it is chilly outside.


After hours and hours of sitting in hard chairs in class and in the library, law students can suffer tons of aches and pains. Seat cushions are a great solution to back and rear pain caused by sitting down for extended periods of time.

Another great way to destress for law students is to take a nice hot aromatic bath to relax after a big course load. With Dr. Teal’s Epsom Bath Salts, any bath is upgraded to have a spa-like quality. Dr. Teal’s also includes essential oils in their bath salts, giving their products an extra boost of relaxation benefits.


Best Convenient Gifts For Law Students

Sitting at a desk for a long time in an uncomfortable chair can get old after some time. A lap desk or tray table for books and laptops is a great tool that allows people to work from the comfort of a bed or sofa instead of their desk. These trays can be adjusted to different heights and angles, providing users with a super comfortable work or recreational space.

A book stand is a great tool to have in college because you can easily sit up straight and comfortably read. Doing this eliminates the need to crane over a book or textbook for extended periods of time, which could lead to unwanted aches and pains.


Sometimes holding a book or textbook page open for an extended period of time can get difficult, especially since the pages have a tendency to move and flip around on their own. A book page holder is a super useful gift.


An insulated lunch box is another great present idea. A good lunchbox will keep meals, snacks, and beverages cold throughout the day.

Lunchboxes are not only helpful for law students at their day jobs or internships, but they are also perfect for long days spent in the library studying for midterms, exams or the bar exam.


Lots of stress over workloads and outside jobs can make a lawyer-to-be super hungry. Oftentimes they may not have the time and energy to go get food before a course.

CraveBox Care Package is a great present to give a law student. It comes with tons of sweet and salty goodies. This fun gift is the perfect finishing touch to getting them set up and saving a little bit of money.

In addition to a care package full of snacks, a law school ‘Survival Kit’ is another thoughtful and customizable gift for anyone in law school. This kit comes with law-themed stickers to decorate any box. Once you get these stickers and assemble your box, you can fill it with any of the gifts listed here and beyond! 

Yeti is the king when it comes to making a great travel mug. Their mugs and tumblers offer a spill-proof lid and will keep your drinks hot or cold for several hours. They also come in tons of different sizes and colors, so you can personalize them to suit any law student’s needs and tastes. 

There are also tons of personalized options to give a lawyer-to-be in your life. For example, any pre-law, current law student or practicing lawyer who loves wine is sure to love a tumbler that says, “Will Give Legal Advice For Wine.”

Law students may also not have the time to cook full, healthy meals for themselves. If you want to give a law student in your life the gift of quick, easy, and healthy cooking, consider giving them a Hello Fresh membership.

Hello Fresh delivers ingredients and recipes for full meals that are healthy and delicious. This way, the members do not have to purchase all the ingredients or worry about what to cook.

Hello Fresh also offers tons of different meals to choose from every week. There are plenty of options for special dietary restrictions as well, such as:

  • Gluten-free diets
  • Vegetarian diets
  • Vegan diets

Good health matter and for the person in your life studying law, they may not have the time to cook full, healthy meals for themselves. If you want to give a law student in your life the gift of quick, easy, and healthy cooking, consider giving them a Hello Fresh membership.

The Hello Fresh site also offers tons of different meals to choose from every week and there are plenty of options for special dietary restrictions as well.

If a student in law school does not have the time or energy to make their own coffee, or if they are an avid fan of either Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks, a food or coffee gift card is such a fun idea for lawyers. They’ll save money and think of you everything they grab a coffee.


Law students spend lots of time at school and school. What better way to keep track of time with the best gift of an Apple watch or Fitbit.  Both of these watch brands come with tons of useful gadgets, including:

  • Exercise reminders
  • Heart rate monitors
  • Scheduling reminders
  • Sleep monitoring

Apple watches and Fitbits come at different prices depending on the size and model generation of each product, but all of them are quality products.

Professional Gifts for Lawyers

Briefcases are a great gift for law students and future lawyers. Every current and future working professional should have a nice briefcase for any occasion.


An eco-friendly gift to get the environmentally-conscious student is fun a reusable lawyer-themed tote bag.


Aspiring lawyers also need nice business cards to give to potential employers and clients. A great present is a custom business card holder. 

They are tons of customizable business card holders in a wide variety of colors and materials. It is a gift that someone will make good use of well after law school ends and they become a lawyer.

 A set of law themed framed art with pictures of the scales of justice and a judge’s gavel would be a super chic addition to any wall.

Another example of a super chic lawyer-themed framed piece of art that defines a lawyer. Some come in serious and funny quotes that are sure to liven up any drab legal office.

Best Academic Gifts For Law Students

Law students have to juggle many important assignment deadlines and exam dates. Thus, a nice academic planner is a great way to stay organized and makes for great gift ideas. These planners come in many different sizes and colors, even having various additional features.

A smart highlighter is one of the best gifts a law student can receive. These new innovative devices look and feel like a traditional highlighter, but instead of marking up a page, it scans the text to any laptop or device!

Whether you know someone about to start their first year of school, or someone struggling already in law school, the book Law School Confidential by Robert H. Miller is another great present.

This book includes first-hand advice and knowledge on how to navigate those college years. Robert H. Miller’s book is also enjoyable to read, with humor and elegant writing throughout.

You can never have enough sticky notes in law school.

An affordable gift to give is a big collection of colorful Post-it notes. With tons of colors and sizes to choose from, even the most disorganized of law students can learn to neatly arrange important materials and information for their class assignments and exams. Post-it are also perfect to write handwritten notes.


Arguably one of the most important supplies to have is a good backpack. It is essential to get a backpack that can carry a heavy load of law textbooks while also giving its user the most comfort and ease. Whether they are walking to school, or grabbing a hot cup at their local coffee shop, they’ll be happy to have this comfortable must have.


There are tons of biographies and autobiographies on Supreme Court Justices for the United States. Who better to get inspiration and advice from than a Supreme Court Justice, the most powerful legal figure in the country, while you are an aspiring attorney as well.

One of the top-selling books is former Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s autobiography, titled My Own Words. 

Funniest Gifts For Law Students

The late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg had some profound and sometimes hilarious quotes in her lifetime. Quotes of hers are printed on tons of items. Any feminist interested in law is sure to love this mug with RBG’s picture on it with one of her most famous quotes.

Funny mugs make great gift ideas for those who love to consume lots of caffeine as they study for the bar exam.


With their busy schedules, women law students and practicing attorneys sometimes have to bring along their makeup and apply it on the go. Therefore a law-themed makeup bag is a perfect gift for a makeup lover in the legal field. 

When it comes to gifts for law students, giving a t-shirt to a person that embraces their career choice and offers a moment of humor is a great gift if you’re on a budget.

A shirt that says, “I Can’t I’m In Law School” or “Future Lawyer” is a hilarious demonstration of their busy schedule and their ability to cope with humor. 

If you know any law student, then you also know how much they rely on caffeine to get all their work done and have enough energy to get through the day. Thus a special mug with a hilarious message on it to sit on their desk is a great gift. They are sure to use it frequently, perhaps even using it several times a day for extra cups of coffee and tea!