30 Best Gifts for College Girls

Finding the best gifts for college girls can be hard. Whether it be for their birthday, just because, or any occasion, you may find yourself stuck wondering what to buy. 

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30 Memorably Best Gifts for College Girls

What are some good gift ideas for a college girl?  Luckily for you, we can help. You no longer have to wonder if she will like a certain gift you have chosen or not. We have put together a list of 30 of the best gifts for college girls no matter the occasion. If you choose from this list, we are positive she will love it.  If you have a college girl in your life that happens to be a daughter in law, a sister in law or maybe she loves knitting, make sure to check out these other gift lifts full of great ideas! 

Best Going Away to College Gifts

Are you looking for the best going away gifts for college girls? Here are a few that will help them adjust to living on their own in a dorm room. These different gifts will make navigating dorm life that much easier while making it feel a little more comfortable too. 

Adjusting to showering in the dorms can be difficult, not to mention gross, at first. Luckily this durable yet portable mesh shower caddy will keep all of her shower essentials in one spot. It even comes with a key hook, so she does not lose her keys and end up stranded in the hallway in a towel. 

She will not have to worry about leaving any items in the communal shower. Everything will fit within the large main compartment or the seven different outer compartments. 

College may be the first time she does her own laundry. If so, this durable canvas laundry bag is perfect for her. With a list of how to do laundry printed on the side of this large bag, your college girl can feel confident in the laundry room.

It also reminds her to call her mom at the bottom of the bag, making it a great gift for mothers to give their college daughters. 

Going off to college means acquiring a few essentials like towels. 

This customizable towel set lets you choose between a variety of colors as well as a monogram of their name or initials. Made of 100% cotton, these towels are not only soft but also cute to match their dorm room. 

This Asakuki aromatherapy device helps create a relaxing atmosphere within her dorm room. It features:

  • A 300 mL water tank
  • Multiple mist timer modes
  • A safety auto-switch to prevent overheating
  • Seven different LED light colors

This quiet essential oil diffuser can last up to ten hours to help her sleep through the night. Its beautiful, eco-friendly design will look great in her dorm room too. 

Who knows if her dorm room will be warm or not? Keep her prepared with a fluffy hooded blanket that is sure to keep her warm and cozy. Choose from a variety of colors and patterns to keep her looking stylish while she wears it. 

This oversized fleece hoodie will also help to keep her feeling safe and comfortable in her new room. 

Decorative Gifts for College Girls

Every girl loves decorating her dorm room. From different wall decors to cute lights, the possibilities are endless. Why not get her a gift that she is sure to hang up and enjoy? 

These 66 feet long, 200 LED lights add a calming ambiance to any room. With eight different available modes, they are sure to make her smile. She can hang them on any wall without fear of breaking any fire safety codes since they are USB-powered and do not heat up.

Bulletin boards allow her to display her pictures and different inspirational quotes easily within her room. They are an extremely popular accessory in many college girl’s dorm rooms. 

Cool Corks allows you to uniquely customize her a bulletin board using different pictures and designs. You can add her name and choose her favorite colors to make it perfect for her. Order it with adhesive strips already on the back to make it easy for her to hang in her dorm room.

With this gift, her room will stand out as “uniquely hers” when compared to other girls with simple bulletin boards. 

LED strip lights are growing in popularity amongst young girls and guys. Almost every dorm room you walk into will have some. Why not save her the hassle of trying to buy her own?

These remote control, color-changing lights are about sixteen feet long. She can change the mode to meet whatever ambiance she wants to create. These lights are great for a relaxing night in or for a party!

This unpainted wooden monogram of her initials is perfect for hanging on her dorm room wall. It is cut from beautiful wood that she can choose to paint or simply enjoy as is. With a beautiful flowy-like font, this monogram is sure to make her smile. 

Study Related Gift Ideas for College Girls

If you are looking for college girl gifts to help her with her academics, we can help. These gifts will help her focus on her studies so that you can rest easy knowing she is getting something more out of college rather than just partying. 

This is one of the best gifts for a college girl. This multi-functional desk lamp comes with:

  • 256 color-changing base
  • A calendar
  • A clock
  • A pencil holder
  • A USB charging port
  • LCD screen

This handy tool meets a lot of her needs in one small object. It will help her study and provide a mellow colored light to light her room at night.

More than likely, her desk will be covered in other things, so a desk she can use while she is lying in bed will be beneficial. 

This lap desk comes in a variety of colors with storage compartments underneath the desktop. She can use it not only for writing and studying but also for eating in bed.

Even better, it folds flat when she’s done so that it does not take up too much space in her inevitably too-small room. 

Help their notes stay organized with this easy-to-carry-around pack of sticky notes. Choose between a blue or black leather box to hold the 12 different colored pads that come in a rectangle as well as an arrow shape. 

She will never have to search for sticky notes again with this easy-to-use organizer that comes with a two-year calendar on the inside cover of the leather box. 

This two-compartment backpack allows her to store her laptop in one compartment and her academic necessities in another. The best part? It comes with a built-in USB charger to keep her charged throughout the day. She will love this comfortable and unique backpack. 

Mealtime Gift Ideas for College Girl

If you want to make sure she doesn’t go hungry, you may want to supply her with some college cooking essentials. Meal plans are great when the dining halls are open, but what about after hours?  

Also, the dreaded freshman fifteen exists. Giving her gifts that will allow her to continue a healthy eating lifestyle at college can help her feel more at home. 

Here are a few great food-related gift ideas for your college girl that will keep her fed and not thirsty no matter the time of day.

Never let her go hungry with these easy yet healthy recipes. With a hundred different recipes to choose from and foolproof directions, she is sure to make the most out of the communal kitchen. 

Each recipe only takes about thirty minutes to make and has alternate versions available to accommodate anyone’s specific tastes. 

The Ninja Nutri Pro Compact Personal Blender will allow her to blend her own fruits and vegetables easily. It also comes with lids so she can take her drinks to class with her. Help her stay healthy with this easy-to-use gift.

Ramen is the go-to food for almost every college student. Make her ramen cooking experience better with a durable and portable ramen cooker. This container can cook her ramen in the microwave within three minutes and is reusable for her entire college career. 

This small, Keurig K-Mini coffee maker fits almost anywhere. It easily brews a cup of coffee in minutes, saving her time and money. With this, she will have access to coffee whenever she needs it to help her wake up in the morning and stay up late studying. 

This bamboo tumbler with tea infuser and strainer is a good gift for college girls who prefer tea over coffee. The insulated water bottle lets her take her freshly brewed tea wherever she wants while keeping it hot. She is sure to love its beautiful design, as well. 

Have her carry her water around in a popular hydro flask. Choose from an array of colors to fit her style. This stainless steel bottle will keep her water cold, or her other beverages hot, in a slip-free container that is easy to carry around. 

Gift Ideas That Will Keep the College Girl Safe

Sending her on her own off to college can leave you feeling worried. Why not buy her gifts that you know will keep her safe? These gift ideas will leave you, and her, feeling less worried about being alone on a campus far away from home. 

This small yet effective pepper spray can be easily attached to her keychain and offers maximum strength spray to keep her would-be attacker at a safe distance. Choose from a variety of colors to not only keep her safe but also happy. 

This ear-piercing personal safety alarm comes with a flashing strobe light to deter her attacker and warn others about what is happening. It comes in a variety of colors that are easy to spot in her bag for when she needs it. The lightweight alarm also comes with a brass keychain, so she can easily take it wherever she goes. 

The Guard Dog Security Hornet is a stun gun that fits on her keychain. It comes with a powerful 3 LED flashlight and a built-in flip-out plug to recharge easily. Choose from a variety of colors of this easy to carry around keychain that is sure to keep her safe. 

Gifts for College Students Under $25

Sometimes you want to get her a gift but are not willing to spend a lot of money, and that’s okay. If you are looking for inexpensive gifts for college students, these gifts are sure to make her happy while not doing too much damage to your wallet. 

An easy gift that anyone would like is a gift full of snacks. 

This care package is filled with forty-five different types of snacks for her to enjoy. A few different types of food inside include:

  • Bars
  • Chips
  • Cookies 
  • Crackers 
  • Fruit snacks
  • Popcorn

From healthy snacks to savory ones, she is sure to love what is inside. 

These high-quality face masks are sure to help her relieve some stress while boosting the moisture of her skin. They are easy to peel off and will leave her feeling revitalized and glowing. 

Each of the eight masks is gentle on sensitive skin, making them perfect for anyone. The bamboo charcoal masks are easy to peel off while being safe for the environment.

What better way to unwind at night than to give herself a special spa treatment?

If she loves coffee, a Starbucks gift card is a great gift idea for her. Fuel her caffeinated studies with a prepaid drink from Starbucks that is sure to make her smile. 

Choose from a variety of different prices to fit your specific budget needs. No matter the amount, she is sure to be thankful for the gift. 

Funny Gifts for College Students

Are you looking to give her a gift that is sure to make her laugh? College can be a stressful time, but it is also a fun and exciting adventure. Why not give her a gift that embodies the fun of college?

We’ve put together a few different gifts for college girls that are sure to have her smiling. 

This blanket will have her feeling like a warm burrito. Shaped like a giant tortilla, this funny blanket gift is incredibly soft and warm. She will finally get to be the burrito she has always dreamed of being. 

This fun party game is great for college parties or just nights in with the girls. This game is designed to be played with three players or more, and the different minigames will leave her laughing and having a great time with her friends. 

College Girls Will Love These Gifts

Whatever your reason is for buying her a gift, these best gifts for college girls are sure to make her day. From helping her adjust to living on her own to keeping her safe, there is a gift idea here for every occasion. 

Whether you are looking for gifts for a girl who is just starting her college career or one that is nearly finished, there’s something here for all of them. We are positive she will be thankful for any of these different gift ideas.