28 Best Gifts for Boaters and Boat Owners

Shopping for the perfect gift for the boat lover in your life may be a daunting task. It can be tough to shop for those outdoor enthusiasts, fishermen, water sportsmen, and women in your life, and those who generally enjoy getting out on the water. Thoughtful gifts for boaters shows you put time and energy into choosing something special. If you are looking for the best gifts for boaters, then you are in luck. 

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28 Best Gifts for Boaters

We have done the work for you. Here is a list of the 28 best boat gift ideas. Whether you are shopping for a birthday, anniversary, special occasion, or a gift “just because,” there is something for everyone. On this list, you’ll find popular, personalized, and unique gifts. And we have gifts for couples and gift ideas on a budget, too. Read on to discover the perfect find for mom or dad, friend or colleague, or even a significant other.

Most Popular Boat Accessories Gifts

If you are looking for a gift idea that any boat owner would love, then you have come to the right place. Below you will find the coolest accessories and most popular boating items around. 

Out in the boat, you are at the mercy of the wind and waves. It can be a challenge to keep things from sliding around, or worse, breaking. 

Never worry about broken glass on the boat with a set of trendy, modern silicone glasses. Flexible and lightweight, they are the best for a day on the lake. You can even fold and fit them in your pocket! They’re also extremely durable; you can take the elegance of a wine glass outdoors, without the fuss.

When you are at the lake, the cooler is not only for keeping food and drinks on ice. Turn your ice chest into the ultimate lounge spot. Add a comfy cushion, and now you have extra seating. A durable and comfortable pad that holds up against the elements will make a welcome addition to any boat.

Chances are, the boat owner in your life treasures their boat. They likely enjoy keeping it in tip-top shape. A cleaning set specially designed for boats makes a popular gift idea. This microfiber set doesn’t contain harsh chemicals and comes with everything the boat owner in your life needs to keep the vessel tidy, looking sharp.

For boating after dark, this boating accessory is a must-have accessory for boat owners. Just about anyone could easily and quickly install these lights. They work on any boat from pontoons, yachts, sailboats, fishing boats, bass boats, and more. Owners can use these cool blue lights on the exterior or interior of their boat! This quality item comes with a warranty.

Have you ever been lounging and become tired of holding onto your drink? Or have you needed your hands for something else? These favorite drink floaties are specially-designed for a lazy day at the lake. These drink dinghies fit cans, cups, and bottles, and they attach to a lanyard for hands-free lounging.

Boaters know that keeping your deck clear and accessible is essential for an enjoyable excursion. That is why they will love this practical gift. Railing straps are an ingenious little product that will make boat life simpler. Easily snap them to boat railings to keep dock lines neat and out of the way.

Ever dropped your keys in the water? If so, you know why this gift idea is one of the most popular boat accessory gifts. This item is hands-down the ultimate gift for boaters and lakeside loungers. If you drop your keys in the water, the self-inflating key fob opens up, releasing a buoy that floats to the water surface. The floating buoy allows you to retrieve your keys from deep water before they are gone forever. Each key buoy is made for single-use. So depending on the owner, you may want to get two or three.

Best Personalized Gifts for Boaters

Some prefer personal over popular. A custom-made gift guarantees it will be different than anything else that is received. Personalized presents are also fun to give because they offer the giver an opportunity to express their creativity in the design. Here are the best personalized gifts for boat owners.

A personalized flag, known officially as a private signal flag, is custom-designed and made for the boat owner. The private flag is only flown when that person is in command of the craft. When a different sailor steers the ship, they should raise their flag. 

What better gift can you think of than one that shows all passersby who is in charge of the craft? Choose a custom made flag, and you select the colors to match the vessel’s color scheme, font, and boat or captain’s name.

Long days out in the boat require gifts that will keep boaters hydrated. Hydration is why an insulated travel mug to keep drinks hot or cold for hours is a great gift idea. A personalized tumbler is a gift boaters will use and enjoy for years of boating trips. Tumblers that are laser-engraved, rather than those with a sticker decal, last longer and are more durable for the outdoors.

Many boaters enjoy relaxing with a beverage out on the lake. Chances are they could use a bottle opener. A handcrafted oak and stainless steel bottle opener shaped as a nautical cleat is the perfect timeless gift for friends, groomsmen, co-workers, or anyone who appreciates boating.

This swanky bottle opener can be used on the boat or in the home. It is the perfect mix of style and function.

Anyone who has spent time on the lake can tell you. Sunburn can take all of the fun out of a day in the sun. Water reflects sunrays making UV radiation more dangerous on the lake. Boaters risk overexposure. When enjoying watersports, sunscreen, sunglasses, and headwear are essential. 

That is why a custom handmade cap is on the list of best gifts for boaters. Personalize your gift with the longitude and latitude coordinates of a significant location, spell out a name in the nautical alphabet, or keep it simple and add the boat or captain’s name to the hat. The options are endless.

For those late evenings and early mornings when the lake air is chilly, a cozy, personalized blanket comes in handy. A one-of-a-kind cotton and fleece throw makes a perfect lake-house warming or boat warming gift. Choose a color, personalize the design, and you have a gift that will wrap the recipient in your love.

Boaters who love to entertain will, no doubt, cherish a personalized gift that they can enjoy in the company of others. A laser-etched, high-quality bamboo cutting board featuring the captain or boat’s logo serves as a functional utensil for any galley. For hosting guests, an engraved board adds a special touch to cheese or charcuterie displays. This gift idea for boat lovers is sure to impress.

When packing for a weekend getaway to the lake, you cannot go wrong with a large canvas zipper tote. For a full day on the boat, a large tote can stow: 

  • Accessories
  • Clothes
  • Jackets
  • Durable air mesh upper shoes

  • Towels

Custom-embroidery or monogramming on a versatile bag to show off the name of the boat, sailor, or lake house is a perfect gift idea.

Best Boat Gift Ideas for Couples

Some occasions call for a couple’s gift. If you are shopping for an anniversary, shower, or house-warming gift for boat owners or boat lovers, here are some ideas the happy couple is sure to love.

A lightweight and durable cup is a must for the outdoors. Gift your favorite captain and first mate with a high-quality, enameled couples mug set. This set is sure to please the boating couple in your life. It makes a perfect anniversary or holiday gift.

Boat owners who love a nautical theme will swoon for a his-and-hers pillowcase set. This couple’s gift adds fun and comfort to the sleeping quarters. Made of super-soft microfiber fabric and customizable, this is the ideal gift for boaters, sailors, and cruisers, home or away from home.


Most Unique Gifts for Boaters

When personalized and popular gifts aren’t the right fit, try a unique gift. Here are a few rare finds for boaters. 

Heirlooms and keepsakes can be treasured and passed down for generations. Start a new tradition with a unique gift. Every boater needs a compass to find their way. 

A compass made of solid brass and engraved with a quote from Henry David Thoreau is sure to impress adventurers and outdoor lovers. Pair it with a journal or good book to make this gift even more distinctive.

A nautical-inspired decor is a great gift idea for boaters because it is so versatile. They can hang signs to remind them of their happy place on the water. A handmade steel and metal Captain’s Quarters sign makes a cool gift for any boat owner.

The quirky, eccentric boater in your life deserves an equally original gift. A custom bobblehead in a boat is sure to bring a smile to everyone’s faces. You choose the outfit, the body position, and the head features to create the ultimate gift.

Keeping the drinks cool can be a top priority for a hot summer day on the lake. That is why most boaters own a few insulated drink koozies. But chances are they have never seen one like this. 

Protect your cans with a life-preserver koozie. This fun gift can also be personalized with a name or nickname, making this one of the best unique gifts for boaters.

Best Boat Gift Ideas on a Budget

If you are searching for boat gift ideas that will not break the bank, there are still plenty of options. Here are some steals under $25.

Recreational boaters and professional sailors alike will love this logbook to track their excursions, where they have sailed, details of the conditions, and more. Some certifications require a personal log to record the nautical miles your favorite boater has under their belt.  

But even those who are not looking for qualifications will find value in this affordable gift. This memento can give boat owners something to reminisce about past journeys. A perfect gift for a new boat owner or anyone interested in logging their voyages.

For boaters who love to cook or eat, a cookbook is a perfect gift idea. A book including recipes from top chefs and sailing legends like Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, photography, and gorgeous hand-drawn illustrations will be an invaluable addition to their kitchen or galley.

You will find a rum punch recipe, a lazy guide to filleting fish, and tips for the perfect beach barbeque.

If you’ve ever wondered what is on the boat lover’s mind all day, it is probably being on their boat. You can show them that you read their mind with this nifty, funny mug. Boaters will enjoy their morning cup of joe or other favorite beverage even more with this thoughtful gift. Make this gift extra special by filling it with a mini-gourmet coffee, hot cocoa, or tea.

A simple gift is sometimes the best. Keep it simple with a 100% soft cotton T-shirt for the fashionable boaters in your life. The moms, aunts, sisters, and friends in your life will thank you for saving them from having to figure out what to wear for their day on the lake.

Every boater needs a multi-use, practical tool. On a boat, you will likely have to cut lines or knotty ropes. A water-resistant sailor’s knife is the perfect gift for every boat owner, particularly one with a: 

  • Bottle opener
  • Honed blade
  • Marlinspike
  • Shackle key

And it is a very affordable option. 

Another reason a sailor’s tool is one of the best boat gifts on a budget is that it could save your life. In an emergency, a knife could: 

  • Cut material to bandage a wound
  • Free an entangled person or animal 
  • Be heated to cauterize in a life or death situation 

Even the Navy Seals carry a special navy knife. (

Boaters spending the day on the water can always use a backup power source. Solar power is the way to go in the great outdoors, where outlets are scarce. A rechargeable solar bank is a must-have for boat owners. 

Prepare for emergencies by keeping this handy solar-powered bank on the boat or in your bag to make sure you are never with a dead battery and no way to call for help.

After the sun, sand, and lake water, you will need a shower. If you do not have a houseboat or want a durable, portable outdoor shower that you can take anywhere, a solar shower is just what you need. 

This bag is designed for heat absorption and will heat up to five gallons of water to 113 degrees in three hours. Hang anywhere, and enjoy a relaxing way to clean up.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. That is why a picture frame is on the list of best boat gift ideas on a budget. When you capture a special moment in time and put it in a beautiful keepsake frame, you are gifting a priceless memory. And that is more than money can buy.

Final Thoughts on Great Gift Ideas for Boat Owners

We hope you were able to find a great boating gift for the boating enthusiast or the boat captain in your life. Whether you’re looking for a great birthday gift by getting them something more useful like boating accessories or home decor goods to help showcase their love, they are sure to love their gift and but boat captains will think you’re not just a good scout, but an exceptional one!