54 Funny Gag Gifts for Women

It’s time to start thinking about what gifts you’re going to give her that will ensure everyone has a good laugh. That’s right; we’re talking about gag gifts. These gag gifts for women are great because they’re often entire experiences that are funny and enjoyable for both the giver and the receiver of the great gift. If you want some laughs this year, then make sure that you get one of these 54 funny gag gifts.

Whether it’s for her birthday, a holiday like Christmas, or just for a humor-filled evening, you’ll find the perfect gag gift with these gift ideas and funny gifts. 

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54 Funny Gag Gift Ideas for Women

We don’t know when the first gag gifts were created, but we can wager humanity has been buying each other humorous and sometimes insulting presents at each other’s expense for centuries. If the traditional gifts of jewelry and kitchenware aren’t for you, we highly recommend you opt for one of our great gag gift for women ideas that will have her doubling over and her sides splitting in seconds.


It’s not a good gag gift if it isn’t funny. These gift options are hilarious gag gifts you can buy for any woman for any occasion. Many will play on the stereotypical classics like the cat lady and women’s unyielding love for coffee, wine, and ice cream. 

The classic cat lady is a figure some women revere and others avoid like the plague. We all inevitably know at least one or two of these fabulous women in our lives. If your woman is destined to be a cat lady (or perhaps she’s already there), this action figure is the perfect companion. Plus, it comes with six cats to add to her collection.

Every cat lady takes their feline love to the next level with these yarn-woven cat butt coasters. The great thing about this gift is that it keeps on giving. Not only will they get a good laugh when she unwraps them, but any future guest gets to revel in their humor as well.

This humorous gift is one that far too many people wish was real, but the gag itself makes a fun option regardless of if it works. For those women that are particularly, let’s say, moody, gift her this spray to lift her spirits instantly.

We’re not sure if this gift is overtly funny or adorable, but it’s undoubtedly humorous to watch the little tiger inside this useless box flick off the switch you flick on to annoy him. Apart from being a fun little spectacle, there is nothing else to this box, just a constant battle over a switch between the user and the box’s furry inhabitant.

The kitchen has never been hotter than when she’s wearing this sexy lace apron. It certainly satiates anyone’s imagination, and we have no doubt she’ll totally own it every time she has it on. Although we admit, this gift might be more for you than it is for her.

Cooking is filled with unforgiving techniques like separating egg whites from the yolk. With Mr. Sneezy, you can gift her a helping hand in the kitchen. This guy will separate every egg perfectly as the whites drip out of his nose, and the yolk stays golden inside the jar.

If she’s not great at keeping track of time, maybe these AM and PM slippers can help her out. They’ll remind her exactly what she needs at specific points of the day: an early morning cup of coffee and a late-night glass of wine.

Have you ever bought yourself that superb flavor of Ben & Jerry’s you’ve been looking forward to eating all day, and the moment you open the lid, you find it half-eaten? Now you can keep her out of your creamy desserts with this ice cream combination lock protector.Gift for women

A tissue has never looked better than coming out of this cat-shaped tissue holder. She’ll probably just wish it came out of the other end. Nevertheless, this kitty does its job, and it does it well. Now she can discreetly hide tissue boxes and add some character to her home.


If there were ever an origin for gag gifts, we’d guess it was here. There’re so many bathroom-related gag gift options that we declared they need their own category. So for those of you who prefer potty humor, here is the list of gift suggestions for you.

Everyone needs a little bathroom entertainment. This gag gift is great for that woman you think spends a little too much time on the toilet. At least this way, she has a reason for taking so long.

Some gag gifts are best given discreetly. Next time she takes a shower, slyly swap out her current bathmat with this red, color-changing mat for a bloody joke. Then she can use it to prank future house guests.

The toilet paper speaks the truth. In old age, nothing is certain. Not even a fart. This is a fantastic gag gift idea for your grandmother, elderly parent, or older friend to adorn their home bathroom.

This squirrel toilet seat lid is another fun gag gift option to give her or her guests a slight shock whenever they enter the bathroom. The print is so realistic they’ll have to check it twice.

Unlike men, the ladies don’t have the luxury of standing most of the time when using a public bathroom. Since we all know how sketchy some public bathrooms can be, keep her safe with this public toilet survival kit she can keep handy at all times.

For those of you looking for a more artsy gag gift, we highly recommend you gift her this wall art print of “The Thinker” statue pondering things on a more modern seat. Her bathroom will be ten times classier, with him sitting on the wall across the toilet.

If the woman in your life is a new mother or maybe on the older side of life, you should definitely give her these shittens, the disposable mittens. All she has to do is slip them on, wipe away, and toss them out when she’s done for a quick and easy cleaning.

Prank Gag Gifts for women

Gag gifts and pranks often go hand-in-hand. Most of these are one-shot gifts, so you have to get them right with her the first time, or she’ll never fall for it. But there’s definitely nothing sweeter than a well-executed prank gag gift that will have everyone chuckling for days. Just be careful how far you go with them.

You’re a special kind of partner with a very special woman if you’re brave enough to attempt this prank. But those of you who are, there are few as shock-inducing as this. “The Moon Ring” looks just like any other engagement ring box until she opens it and finds a plastic butt farting in your face. She’ll either laugh, or she’ll leave, so this gift comes with a user warning.

If there’s any gift that’ll give “The Moon Ring” a run for its money, it’s these pregnancy tests. The pack comes with four tests that will always come up positive. Hopefully, you’re gifting this to a friend so she can prank her boyfriend, but if your girl ever asks you to buy her some…the option is here.

This gift works best outside of the wrapping paper and is strategically placed on her cherished electronic device. It’ll certainly make her heart skip a beat when she sees her favorite coffee brand has ruined her pricy laptop.

It’s a cruel joke to gift someone what they think is the newest phone model, and we fully support you testing this on her the next chance you get. Even better, this fake phone can help her overcome her phone addiction, so she stops checking the screen every ten seconds for something new while you’re spending time together.

Next time she asks that you two get a pet, gift her this. The most adorable pet in the world isn’t fluffy or furry; it’s flaky. If she can love and care for this pet chicken nugget properly, then maybe she can graduate to a more serious pet in the future.

Revenge is a fantastic motivator for a prank, and this bath bomb is perfect for that woman in your life who needs some good-old-fashioned karma. If your co-worker or sibling has wronged you one too many times, gift her this deceiving bath bomb. It looks like any other store-bought bath product until she takes a dip in the tub and finds herself covered in sticky residue that she’ll have to scrub off herself and the tub. 

Another classy prank gag gift is the brake light decal. The male appendage depicted here has never looked better than blazing in her bright car brake lights for all behind her to see. The decal also blends in so well, it’ll probably be a drive or two before she finds it. If ever.

Never mess with a woman’s favorite sugary snack! But if you must, might we recommend purchasing these Oreo-shaped soap bars. They look so much like the real thing it’s uncanny, and she won’t discover what they really are until after the first bite. The nice part is, once the prank is over, she can actually use them.

Gag Gifts for for women for Christmas

The holidays are stressful every year, especially when you’re trying to find the perfect Christmas present. Luckily, you won’t have to worry about weeding through gag gifts for her to bring some holiday cheer because we have the best options listed below.

If this gag gift doesn’t at least get her to crack a smile, we don’t know what will. Noses aren’t the only thing Jack Frost nips at. But now, she can use these festive hooter heaters to keep her precious tips toasty warm.

Don’t you just hate when the batteries aren’t included with your nifty new electronic? Not to worry, because that’s all there is to this script-flipping “Gift not included” gag present. A pair of high-powered batteries; what more could you ask for on Christmas Day?

A great piece of Christmas décor for her is this gag candle with Santa asking for his ho’s. It’s a nice gift idea for the woman who has a great sense of humor, but you don’t want to go as far as pranking her on this special day.

For those of you looking to push the boundaries of Christmas décor a little further, let’s point your attention to this fabulous toilet paper ornament that would complete any Christmas tree. It even comes wrapped in its own bow.

There’s no mistaking what mood she’s in with this “Horny” hat, complete with deer antlers. This gag gift is a great present for White Elephant Christmas parties where any lucky woman could be walking home with such a festive prize.

It’s a Christmas tradition to wear an ugly sweater at least once in the month of December. Now she has no excuse for not joining the fun, as your “Christmassy AF” gag sweater puts her in the perfect mood for celebration. You could even look at getting an ugly sweater with their custom face on it. 

Ridiculous and Inappropriate Gag Gifts for women

Depending on your humor, the best gag gifts are the ones that push the boundaries a little too far and enter the realm of being inappropriate. Of course, everyone defines this word a little differently, so we have a wide range of gift selections to meet nearly every definition possible. 

If she’s an avid birdwatcher, then this mug is a superb addition to her dishware collection. It artfully depicts all of the most beautiful birds with arguably the most inappropriate names that will lead you questioning why these poor animals were assigned such hysterical namesakes.

This gift is inappropriate in a completely different sense of the word than the other gag gifts listed in this category. In no world should it be okay for someone to actually use this absurd product to brush their cat, but we know one or two will try. If you think she’s gone overboard with her feline affections, see how she reacts to this cat tongue brush.

Adult coloring books are an increasingly popular trend, but when she needs to blow off some extra steam, she can use the offensive crayons you gifted her. This box contains all the essential colors, like
“Fake News Fuchsia,” “Taxation is Theft” yellow, and many more. There’s no doubt they’re the perfect tool to channel that aggression and anger that comes from an exceptionally trying day.

If you’re at a complete loss for a gift to give the woman who has everything, we highly recommend this absolutely absurd gag gift. We guarantee these colorful belly button lint brushes are unlike anything she’s seen before and certainly won’t have anything like it. This small gag gift is great as a stocking stuffer or tucked inside a comedic card.

The legends are real! The banana phone does exist and now it’s all hers. If your lovely lady friend has been dying for a new phone, you should definitely fulfill her wishes with this realistic and fully functional banana phone. They’re such a great gag gift you’ll buy them in bunches.

If there’s anything more ridiculous than her wearing crocs, it’s accessorizing them with these croc spurs. These accessories let her pursue her inner cowgirl without spending serious cash on actual cowgirl boots. There are a wide range of colors and styles your can choose from to suit her needs and there’s even an alternative show clip option so the croc-less ladies don’t have to miss out.

We hear ya, your girl needs to tighten up her drinking game and stop spilling that precious red wine all over the place. When she’s had one too many, she can confidently count on this wine glass holder you’ve gifted her. The holder comfortably straps around her neck and can cradle any standard sized glass of wine. Not only is it spill proof, but she’ll have her drink around at all times while keeping her hands free for activities.

This is a great gag gift for the beauty guru that always seems to be doing her nails. With this little guy, the process should go exponentially faster as he dries her nails for her almost instantly.

Gag Gifts for Your Girlfriend or Wife

You’ve got to have a little fun in your relationship, and gag gifts are a great way to do that. After years of giving her shiny, useful, and heartfelt presents you spent days finding, you can easily choose one of these hilarious gag gifts in seconds. Some of them might certainly be funnier for you than they are for her, so user caution is advised.

So many women in this world are notorious for being nagging know-it-alls. Luckily, there’s medication to help with this debilitating symptom. KnowItAll is the prime choice to provide “temporary relief from smart-asses who won’t keep their mouths shut.” Sound like any women you know?

Do you frequently disappoint your wife or girlfriend with your questionable decisions? Do you know the second you’ve done something wrong that she’ll be heaving sighs of disdain? Now you can save her the time and energy of this physically exhausting expression of annoyance with this disappointed sigh sound maker.

Being a little princess can get old, especially when she has absolutely no proof of her monarchical status. But don’t worry, you can give her the validation she needs with this inflatable tiara just for emergency purposes. Blow it up for her when she’s being especially “Princessy” (or unbearable) and mark her as the royal she is.

These voluptuous butt planters will make any plant look good and add that level of charm she’s been missing in her home. They come in a vast array of colors, from gold to marble to peach and many more. Each is made from eco-friendly materials and comes in a wide range of size options to suit any plant she has.

Coffee is a life essential to many women, but this elixir always seems to run out too quickly during her bustling mornings. With the world’s largest gigantic coffee mug, she can fill her cup once and sip on it all day (or week). No more trips to the coffee machine for refills.

There’s bound to be a lonely night or two when you can’t sleep next to your lovely wife or girlfriend. However, that doesn’t mean she needs to spend the night alone. Give her a source of comfort to fill in while you’re away with this boyfriend pillow. It’ll keep her safe and cozy all night long until your return.

If your girlfriend or wife has been hounding you to buy her a new purse for the upcoming occasion, give her exactly what she asked for with the hen bag. This rubber chicken purse will perfectly accent any outfit she wears and compliment her mother hen personality.

Don’t let the flame between you die out! Keep things interesting in the bedroom between you and your sweetheart by gifting her these undies for two! Not only is it double the fun at home, but you could also use it as a couple’s costume this upcoming Halloween.


Gag gifts are great for laughs and memories, but many of them are one-time-use objects, so we understand your hesitancy to spend large sums on them. Or, maybe you have a tight budget for the upcoming holidays/special occasion, but you still want to get her something fun. If this is the case, we’ve chosen some fantastic gag gifts that are cheap but no less impactful than those listed above.

Great gag gifts come in small packages, as seen by this option here. The “Bathe & Brew” is an invention so revolutionary it would change life as we know it. That is if it existed. With this gift, you can get her hopes up about this great shower attachment, and then shatter them when she opens the box and finds your real gift.

After years of trying to find a partner, maybe her best course of action is to just grow one for herself. Now she can when you gift her the “Grow a Boyfriend.” All she needs is a glass of water and this little guy, and in minutes, she’ll have a life-long partner!

Finally, you can fulfill the wishes of all those women that claim they want nothing for their birthday or the upcoming holiday. The “Gift of Nothing.” This is an excellent gift for the person who has everything.

This happy guy is ready and raring to go at a moment’s notice. His trusty appendage can block even the tightest holes. We’re talking wine bottles, you dirty-minded readers. The Happy Man bottle stopper can securely plug any wine bottle to keep it fizzy and flavorful until her next use.

We might not all say it out loud, but we’re definitely thinking about it from time to time. This bracelet for her is the ultimate life gag as the beads write “Fuck off” in morse code. So, the next time she’s annoyed with someone, particularly you, she can just point at her bracelet to express her sentiments.

She’s never seen a cookbook or coloring book quite like this one before. This gag gift is great for the creative woman who enjoys cooking and art. It perfectly combines the two in the dirtiest cookbook to hit the shelf. Not only does it provide scrumptious recipes with racy titles and pictures, but they can all be colored for a therapeutic outlet.

The passionate yogi in your life can finally give her body a rest without giving up her daily yoga sessions. With the finger yoga setup, she can continue to complete all her favorite poses and exercises by only lifting the muscles in her hands. Hey, it still counts as exercise, right?