108 Neat Groomsmen Gift Sets

It can be notoriously difficult to buy presents for men, especially from one friend to another on an occasion that’s as special as a wedding. That’s why we’ve amassed over 100 groomsmen gift sets ideas to make the process easier.

The wedding bells are ringing, and your loyal groomsmen are being assembled. Show them how much you appreciate their friendship and value their presence at this special occasion with one of these unique groomsmen gift box sets. We’ve got tons of ideas for you to add to a special gift box.

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108 Undeniably Best Groomsmen Gift Sets

No two groomsmen are exactly alike, which makes buying them all gifts can be quite a challenge. Whether your friends are sporty, classy, or comedic, we have a handful of exceptional gift options for each of them.

Additionally, we’ve added some interesting and unique categories as well, such as YETI gifts, inexpensive gifts, practical gifts, and heartfelt gifts (arguably the most difficult to shop for).

We close our list with a category for one of the most important wedding members that couldn’t quite be called a groomsman, the ring bearer.

Practical Groomsmen Gifts

When it comes to groomsmen gifts, most buyers and recipients can vouch that they almost always prefer a practical and useful gift after the wedding. As a result, we’ve chosen some of the most useful and practical groomsmen gift options you can find that any member could use time and again. 

Toiletry bags are something nearly everyone needs but rarely buys for themselves. Gift your groomsmen these personalized bags made from high-quality, durable, and lightweight materials. You can purchase them in a sporty blue and red or a sophisticated brown and black design.

Wedding attire is hardly ever cheap, so help contribute to your groomsmen’s cost by gifting them the socks they’ll need for the occasion. Not only will these socks perfectly complement a tux, but they’ll pair well with most work attire as well.

Going along with cutting attire costs, groomsmen suspenders are a nice upgrade from proposal socks. These leather suspenders can also be personalized with each of their initials and a meaningful date, most likely the wedding. They’re a great touch to any outfit, wedding, or otherwise. 

Let them know it’s time to clean up for your big day with this personalized shaving kit. You can engrave their name on the box and add a message about your wedding and friendship under the lid. The set comes with a monogrammed Mach 3 razor, shaving brush, bowl, and stand.

Hopefully, by now, all of your groomsmen have at least upgraded from the Velcro wallet of their youth, but we’d bet serious money that hasn’t purchased more than two new wallets since. Help them retire their worn-out wallet with this initialized leather one.

Never underestimate the pleasing value of a quality wool blanket. This military blanket is an exceptional gift for the groomsmen who love the outdoors or live in a chilly location. It’s incredibly versatile and will keep them cozy and warm, snuggled on the couch, in the stands of a sports game, or on a family outing. 

These leather coasters would look fantastic in any groomsman’s man cave, home bar, or coffee table. Engrave each with their name and the date of your wedding or the year you two became friends.

A common gift or attire necessity for weddings is tied, giving them somewhere safe to store all of their prized ties before the special occasion. This wooden tie case can hold and display up to four ties, so your groomsmen can stop shoving them all in the top drawer of their dresser.

Highly functional and elegant organization gifts are always highly appreciated by recipients. Now, with this wall-mounted key holder, your groomsmen can no longer be late because he lost keys. Although we’re sure, he’ll find another excuse.

Everyone’s seen the classic swiss army knife, but few have come across its multitool brother, the tactical pen. In addition to being a fully functional pen, this tool is also a glass breaker, flashlight, bottle opener, and more. All in an easily portable and sleek design.

Another great organization gift for your groomsmen is a hat and coat rack. Again, this is something they probably desperately need but never really got around to buying for themselves. https://amzn.to/3ceCzPv

This suave garment travel bag can be monogrammed with each groomsman’s initials and hold their wedding suit until the big day. Afterward, it can hold their nicest work attire when they need it on the go.

Inexpensive Groomsmen Gifts

Weddings themselves are incredibly expensive, so we understand if you don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on your groomsmen’s gifts alone. To help, we’ve chosen a wide selection of gifts that are sure to impress your friends, especially when you tell them how little they cost.

Sunglasses are a fun, classic groomsmen gift. Everyone loves a good pair of sunglasses, especially when they’re personalized with their name. Not to mention the debonair group photo you can get with all the matching groomsmen.

Drawstring bags are great for convenient storage on short hikes or trips to just about anywhere. But, these bags are just as fun as they are functional as they’re humorously labeled “Shut up. Will you be my groomsmen?”

A good bottle of wine is a great celebratory gift for about any occasion. So, spice up this simple but classic gift with one of these groomsmen proposal bottle labels.

Possibly the most stylish option on our list is this extremely comfortable and cool-looking slouchy beanie. You can choose one of 18 colors to suit each friend’s tastes and buy one for every groomsman or just the most fashionable member.

People are increasingly using their phones for directions instead of navigation devices. Now you can make their travels more convenient with this 2-in-1 phone charger and car mount.

The craftsmanship of these leather lanyards is exceptional and would be a great gift to hold your groomsman’s house or work keys and other necessities. Have their name engraved for a personal touch.

Since sunglasses are a common groomsman gift, why not shake things up and get them a personalized sunglasses holder instead? Even better, you can pair this gift with the sunglasses mentioned previously.

This inexpensive nine-pack of brain teasers is perfect for the groomsman that likes to test their puzzle-solving skills. It’s a fun gift they can fiddle with around their home or use to test their friends.

Every groomsman could use a little exercise, regardless of if they’re a stereotypical meathead or couch potato. This stack of exercise cards is a fun way to get them moving for their daily dose of fitness.

Never has a waffle maker been more affordable (or adorable, for that matter). If you know some of your groomsmen like to skip the most important meal of the day, gift them this mini waffle maker for a quick and easy breakfast.

Candles are probably one of the most common gifts, but not so much for men. We think that should change, starting with this “Dark Forest” scented Manly Indulgence candle.

Never again will your groomsmen be limited to their tiny phone screens when their favorite sports team or television show is on. With this screen magnifier, their screen size will increase by 2.5 times. Perfect for the occasion when you don’t have a television screen nearby.

Heartfelt Groomsmen Gifts

If there’s ever a time to give your guy friend a heartfelt gift, it’s on the occasion of your marriage. Of course, buying and giving sentimental gifts man-to-man can be hard, so we’ve chosen some of our favorite choices to help. Show them what their friendship means to you and how much you appreciate them being there on your special day with these heartfelt gifts.

This labeled picture frame is a simple and sweet gift you could give to any groomsmen. This is a great opportunity to place a photo inside of all “The Boys” on the big day.

Not too many guys opt for friendship bracelets to share with their buddies, but these leather bracelets just might be sleek and stylish enough that they’ll never take it off.

This artistic groomsman print takes the classic printed photo gift one step further. You can customize the image to depict up to six groomsmen in addition to the groom and label each individual. The highly personal wall art would look amazing in any groomsman’s office or personal space.

A great way to show someone you care about them is to gift them something centered on their mental health. Some men might scoff at the idea of receiving a mental health box, but this box, in particular, is created with these men in mind and is filled with items they’ll actually enjoy using, like a fidget cube, aromatherapy bracelet, and sleep spray.

If you like the idea of matching jewelry with the guys, but you know they won’t wear a bracelet, see if this rectangular signet ring is more to their style. The sleek and simple design would accent perfectly with any outfit, and you can inscribe the inside for a personal touch while the outside is all about the aesthetic.

Sound wave gifts are definitely a new trend we recommend you hop on, especially if you and your groomsmen have a particular song that represents your group’s friendship. You can label the sound wave for this song on the stylish bar necklace every member will receive.

An essential oil diffuser and humidifier is a great way to mix a functional gift with a heartfelt one. These are great for aromatherapy and can help your friends relax after a particularly stressful day using their favorite scents.

Another functional but caring gift would be this personalized valet tray. Now your friends have somewhere to toss their keys and other knick-knacks, so they aren’t littered around the house begging to get lost. You can customize it with their name, initials, or a more personal message.

Yeti Groomsmen Gifts

Few companies create items of the same quality and caliber as Yeti. From coolers to coffee mugs to chairs, Yeti products are some of the most sought after on the market. We guarantee any groomsman would be over the moon if you gifted them one of these exceptional products.

This Yeti Hopper is the go-to choice if you want to gift your groomsman something they can bring to sporting events or day trips that is durable but lightweight and less cumbersome than an actual cooler.

Perfectly sized for an average cup of coffee, this Yeti rambler will undoubtedly keep any drink steaming hot or freezing cold for hours. It’s particularly suited to camping or sipping a nice beverage while sitting on your porch.

This 20 oz Rambler is the optimal choice for the groomsman that’s constantly on-the-go and needs their favorite beverage with them at all times. Whether they’re heading to work or picking up the kids from the babysitter, or driving around for a day full of errands, this Rambler will be by their side the whole time.

Yeti’s 26 oz Rambler is similar to the previous gift choice, but the chug cap and increased size make this a great choice for the athletic groomsman in your life.

If you want a more budget-friendly Yeti gift to give your groomsmen, this is probably your best choice. The Yeti Can Insulator fits flawlessly around any average 12 oz and would pair perfectly with an ice-cold beer on game day.

The Yeti Hopper Backflip is an ingenious product that allows the user to carry the same amount of ice and products as a cooler but in a convenient backpack design. This is great for the hikers in your group responsible for carrying the water supply up the mountain.

That’s right! Yeti doesn’t just make coolers and cups. This lowlands blanket is durable, waterproof, and the perfect companion to keep your groomsmen warm and cozy on a chilly day outside. It’s a great gift for those who love the outdoors or sitting in the stands for sporting events or concerts.

A Yeti accessory is just as high-quality and functional as buy one of their bottles or mugs. If you can’t get all your groomsmen a Tumbler or Rambler, consider buying this Rambler sling that can hold any standard 18 oz. bottle for easy transportation.

Another potentially surprising Yeti product is their day trip lunch box. The title is pretty self-explanatory of what this product is best used for, but your buddies can repurpose them as their work lunch boxes and finally toss out that old and worn box they bought years ago.

Again, there’s nothing wrong with buying accessories, especially if you know most of your groomsmen already have Yeti products or coolers and lunch boxes that could use some extra cooling power from these Yeti ice packs.

These straws might not be a Yeti product themselves, but they’ll pair extremely well with other products on this list if you wanted to add a little more to your groomsmen’s gift bundle. They’re cheap, reusable, and eco-friendly.

Non-Traditional Groomsmen Gifts

When it comes to special occasions, people will often revert to the classic, traditional gift ideas when they aren’t sure what to buy. For Groomsmen, gifts are typically centered around liquor, watches, and knives (trust us, we’ve checked). This is why we’ve found some quality non-traditional groomsmen gifts in case the traditional options don’t really suit your style.

Everyone could use a quality Bluetooth speaker for music around the house or on the go. These speakers are even more unique than the average model because of their wood exterior and personalization options.

With all the high-tech gadgets you need to charge every night, it’s easy for your nightstand to become a disorganized mess. Give your guys this rustic wooden organizer to bring some orders back to their bedroom.

This wooden beer caddy is just as cool and efficient as any expensive Yeti cooler. Plus, it comes with a built-in bottle opener, and you can personalize each one with your groomsman’s name.

They’ll thank you one day. Or every day. The beauty of modern technology is that Tiles make sure you never have to lose a set of keys or your electronic devices again.

This customized Retro Viewer is a fun twist on the traditional gift of a framed photo. You can customize each reel with your favorite photos of you and your groomsman or the whole group.

This back and neck massager is the epitome of “the gift that keeps on giving.” The powerful 3-dimensional shiatsu nodes paired with the heat function ensure a deep and relaxing massage that can last for hours.

Add some culinary spice to your groomsmen’s pantry with “The General’s” hot sauce 6-pack. Packaged in unique glass grenade containers, your friends can try fun and challenging flavors like “Maple Mayhem” and “Dead Red.”

More and more phones are being made without headphone jacks, which means most people use AirPods or a similar brand daily. This personalized, leatherette AirPod case would be a great upgrade from the plain white standard cases most people have instead.

Books aren’t a common groomsman gift, but this one definitely should be. If your groomsmen are avid travelers and love to explore areas near and far, get them “The Bucket List,” so every day is filled with life-affirming adventures.

We can’t all afford our own personal movie theatres at home, but this mini projector gets you pretty close. You can even hook it up to gaming systems for a family or friend game night on the big screen.

Get your groomsmen a Roomba is essentially like you’ve hired a personal maid for them. These Smart devices are a luxury gift that can clean any home floor with the push of a button, so they don’t have to do a thing.

This hot dog and bun toaster is probably one of the most unique gifts you can give your groomsmen and is certainly miles from being traditional. It’s a great conversation starter, especially if they’re hosting a barbecue or sporting event at home, and depicts the classic Coca-Cola design for unbeatable aesthetics.

Sporty Groomsmen Gifts

Anything sport-related is a classic gift for men, and groomsmen are no exception. Whether they’re a fan of golf, baseball, hiking, or any other sporty and outdoorsy activity, we have a little bit of something that will please any of your friends. 

Personalized knives are a classic groomsmen gift because they’re a highly versatile and functional tool they can use for various situations. They can place it in a survival kit, pack it on hikes, or even use it for hunting. The possibilities are endless, and the quality of these knives is absolutely exceptional.

This personalized golf ball is a simple but charming way to “propose” to your groomsman to stand by your side on your big day. It’s a cool gift they can choose to use or display at home.

Fishing-related groomsmen gifts are rare, so if you have some passionate fishermen in your crew, these wedding lures are the perfect proposal present for them.

A similar alternative to the golf ball proposal gift is this personalized baseball. Again, you can label it with their name, position, and wedding date. It would look great on any home shelf or used in the field.

Hatchets are another great tool to get your outdoorsy groomsmen, especially those who like to camp and hike. This small but highly effective tool can make a world of difference out in nature and a great practical gift.

Whether they’re fishing, camping, or even tailgating, this collapsible cooler chair is the perfect companion for your groomsmen. Each chair can hold a 12-pack and is the optimal size for convenient portability.

There’s bound to be a football fan or two amongst your groomsmen, and for these guys, we recommend getting this personalized football as your proposal gift.

Although this personalized mug has the classic camping design, its use doesn’t have to be restricted to the campground. It’s charmingly decorated with a minimalist design of trees and mountains that would suit any groomsman’s style.

If you want something a little less obvious for your golfer groomsmen, consider getting them one of these engraved, high-quality divot tools to use on the course.

Everyone’s on team groom for this one. Not only do these personalized embroidered jerseys look great and would be a great piece framed on your groomsman’s wall, but they also make for a great picture when everyone’s wearing them together.

Some people might argue this gift’s standing in this category, but video gaming can absolutely count as a sport, and your gaming groomsmen deserve a little something too. This stand is a great gift that can hold their favorite headset and two controllers.

Funny Groomsmen Gifts

Weddings should be a joyful celebration filled with smiles, laughs, and unforgettable memories. Add some silly humor to the occasion with these funny gifts. Some are surprisingly functional, and others are purely for the gag.

You’ll never get another picture quite like the groom surrounded by his groomsmen donning these stylish black boxers. Your wedding is probably the only time they’ll ever wear them, but the photo will be well worth it.

Everyone wants a personalized bobblehead of themselves, right? These little guys are an extremely fun and humorous gift for the crew, and you can even choose different outfits from the classic wedding suit to superhero costumes, sports attire, and more.

These hilarious shirts will perfectly describe each member of the group as you approach the aisle. The groom dons the “I’ll bring the ring” shirt surrounded by groomsmen that’ll bring “the crazy,” “the voice of reason,” “the questionable decisions,” and several other humorous sayings.

The traditional tie is so out of fashion. Now your groomsmen can add some rustic charm to their suit attire with this wooden tie. They can even use it for their daily work outfits after the wedding.

Kids or not, every groomsman needs to brush up on their dad jokes, so they’re ready the moment an opportunity arises.

Now that you’re truly spoken for, you can ease the blow by giving your groomsmen this boyfriend pillow for comfort when you aren’t there. With time, the wound of your loss will heal.

This gift might be all too real for some of your groomsmen, but we argue it only makes this fake beer belly pack all the funnier. It can hold all their little daily necessities and provides an irresistible dad bod.

Help your guys lock and load for the reception with this leather beer holster. It can clip onto any belt and hold a standard 12 oz bottle.

This blanket might be considered cruel and unusual punishment for whomever your groomsmen live with, but you can’t deny its humor.

Classy Groomsmen Gifts

For the groom that prefers the finer things in life to gift his groomsmen, here are our top picks for some classy groomsmen gift ideas. Don’t worry; there’s more to this category than “of-age” related gifts.

This gift comes with a pack of four suit-decorated glasses. Each is shaped like 12-gauge bullets and gives a whole new meaning to “taking a shot.”

High-quality and well-crafted watches are another common groomsman gift, and by the looks of these walnut watches, it’s no surprise why. The back of each watch can be personalized for the occasion and comes in a stunning wooden box you can engrave.

Another classic gift is flasks. This option ensures the ones you gift your groomsmen are as sleek, stylish, and personable as possible.

Engraved cufflinks and tie clips are a great touch to any work attire or wedding suit. Your groomsmen can wear these for your special occasion and all the occasions that follow.

Now they can finally toss out that $5 lighter they bought from the gas station and use this elegant brass lighter instead. This gift is an exceptional upgrade and can be decorated with a monograph, engraving, and it is even refillable for years of use.

Any man with his own personal man cave needs to announce it loud and proud with a classy sign like this one. Even if it’s just decorating his office, this carved plaque will have quite the effect on anyone who sees it.

For the groom willing to splurge on his groomsman’s gift, you can’t get much classier than this liquor decanter and dispenser. The piece artfully displays an antique glass ship and comes with four globe-decorated glasses.

Coffee has never been classier than when it’s created in this elegant and fully functional cold brew maker.

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Picnics are a great way to get outside with family and loved ones, and this classy picnic basket makes the process easy. Now you can carry all the evening’s necessities on your back at a moment’s notice.

Classy people love charcuterie, and if your groomsmen are really passionate about this feasting event, they’re going to need this epic charcuterie platter. It comes with a fruit tray and a platter with three drawers to hold extra food and all the tools you need.

Not only is this an incredibly cool and classy gift for your groomsmen, but it’s also super affordable. This aging barrel will allow them to make one liter of the finest spirit of their choice right from home.

Groomsmen Gift Boxes

Sometimes one gift just isn’t enough. If you really want to give your groomsmen a gift that will pack a punch, try one of these amazing groomsmen gift boxes.

This Kate Aspen groomsman kit comes in a rustic cigar box covers all the basics by providing:

  • A pair of sunglasses
  • A clear “Cheers” beer mug
  • A cigar cutter
  • A “Groomsman” beverage sleeve
  • A bottle opener keychain

Honestly, what more could they need out of a cigar gift box?

This sleek keepsake box gives you a bit more flexibility with your gifting as you can fill it with whatever you want. The smaller-sized box is perfect for a couple of cigars or a liquor shot, while the larger one can hold bulkier objects like a flask or a watch.

If you want to pair some of the classiest groomsmen gift options, you’ll want to opt for this personalized pocket watch and cufflinks box set. The products are amazing, and the set overall is a much more cost-efficient choice.

Cocktail sets are a great aesthetic piece to decorate your groomsmen’s dining room or personal bar. Of course, this gift set is also entirely functional and comes with a cocktail mixology book for endless delicious drinks.

There aren’t too many groomsmen gifts out there that center on card or poker gaming, which is why this gaming set is quite the unique pick. Inside you’ll find:

  • A personalized flask
  • A stainless steel funnel
  • A stainless steel shot glass
  • A pack of playing cards
  • Five dice

There’s bound to be a chef or two in your line of groomsmen or at least a few guys that love to spend a summer evening cooking in front of the grill. This set is a great gift for them, as it includes the three essential grilling tools: a spatula, a set of tongs, and a grill fork.

A classier gift set has never been created that could beat this stunning decanter set. Anything your groomsmen could need for a nice relaxing night with a good smoke and a cold, hard drink is right here in this box.

Keep your groomsmen looking their absolute finest with this beard kit. They can easily maintain and even pamper their characterful facial hair using the tools, oils, washes, and other elements found within this gift.

Not every groomsman gift has to last forever. Sometimes it’s about enjoying what you’ve been given for as long as you have it. The passionate tea and coffee drinkers amongst your friends will love sipping on the beverages they make with this kit until they’re gone.

Ring Bearer Gifts

Although they might not be official groomsmen, the ring bearer is just as essential to your wedding day as your loyal friends standing next to you. Usually, this task falls to the youngster in your immediate family, so all of these exceptional gifts are tailored towards the mini-ring bearer walking down your aisle.

Guarding the wedding bands is no joke, and your ring bearer will immediately know how important his job is when you gift him this security setting. With his badge and suitcase, he’ll feel like the most important person in the room.

This T-shirt is a cute gift to give your ring bearer to wear during the rehearsals and the reception. It clearly describes who he is and gives him a comfortable alternative to his fancy suit.

Gifts for groomsmen

Don’t be surprised when your heart absolutely melts after you gift your young ring bearer with this adorable teddy bear. It even comes with a shirt and carrying sack you can personalize for the event.

Gifts for groomsmen

He’ll need some heavy equipment to properly protect your rings, which is why this security toy SUV is the perfect companion for any ring bearer.

If you’re looking for a décor gift or something you can slip into his little suit, consider gifting your ring bearer this personalized handkerchief complete with a heartfelt message.

Show your ring bearer how much you love and appreciate them with this beautiful “Thank You” photo frame and poem. The cute poem thanks them for their help, and you can pair it with your favorite picture of them from the wedding.

Give the little man a gift he can use during and after the wedding with this ring security water bottle. The durable bottle has a lid and sippy straw, so it’s perfect for the young, accident-prone ring bearer.

Gifts for groomsmen

Ring bearers can sometimes be as old as 12, so if your future ring bearer is on the older side and loves baseball, this would be the best choice for them.

Alternatively, ring bearers can be as young as infants, which means they’ll probably be a bit messy before, during, and after the ceremony. This bib is a great way to keep him clean and make it clear who he is.

Once the reception rolls around, you can make sure your little kiddos are having a good time by providing this mega craft kit. They can make all sorts of creations during the celebration and take whatever’s left home.

Final Thoughts On Getting The perfect Groomsmen Gift Set for Your Wedding Party

It can be hard to find personalized gifts for a group of different people such as the men on your wedding party.

Finding the right things to add to a groomsmen gift box, whether it’s a rustic wood gift box, an engraved wood box, we’re confident you were able to find the ultimate groomsmen gift to add to get your luxurious gift box ready to offer the special men in your life the perfect groomsmen gift box set.